Tony Ortega: YouTube permanently shutters channel that exposed Scientology’s bigotry

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    YouTube permanently shutters channel that exposed Scientology’s bigotry

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, June 24, 2019


    A researcher who goes by the moniker Independent Scientology News has learned that YouTube rejected his appeal and permanently shut down his channel for posting videos that were “severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Hate Speech.”

    Those videos were recordings from lectures by Nation of Islam and Scientology figure Abdul Malik Sayyid (Tony) Muhammad, who regularly expresses bigoted ideas, particularly about Jewish people.

    As we pointed out previously, ISN was caught up in a wave of channel suspensions resulting from a recent crackdown by YouTube on extremist speech. The online giant was making a long overdue clean up, but because it relied on automated software, it had caught whistleblowers in its nets along with the extremists it was trying to fumigate.

    With his appeal, ISN hoped to get an actual human to look over his work, to see that he was exposing the bigoted speech of Muhammad, a Scientology Freedom Medal winner as well as the most prominent Nation of Islam minister on the West Coast.

    Instead, YouTube doubled down, shuttering ISN’s channel without any real explanation.


    Was the material in ISN’s videos offensive? Yes it was. But ISN was careful to label his videos, making it very clear that he was posting the segments to show that a highly decorated Scientologist was spreading vile untruths about Jewish people while “preaching” at a Nation of Islam facility. It was more than clear that ISN wasn’t endorsing those views.

    “I am a journalist who covers Scientology and the Nation of Islam. As I state in the description of each video, my purpose is NOT to promote the anti-Semitic, racist & homophobic statements by Scientology Freedom Medal Winner Nation of Islam Minister Tony Muhammad, but instead to report on and expose his statements. The description of each video also includes numerous links to stories that report on and are critical of his statements,” ISN wrote in his appeal.

    “Removing my channel serves only to censor news reporting,” he added.

    But YouTube killed the channel, as well as one of ISN’s videos which we had hosted on our own channel.

    Meanwhile, YouTube has left untouched the smear videos posted by the Church of Scientology that target Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Valerie Haney, the latter a video which has been submitted as evidence in a new lawsuit accusing Scientology of libel and slander.

    Scientology has boasted in the past about how much help it gets from Google, YouTube’s owner, in the form of free advertising. In turn, Scientology spends huge amounts for Google advertising, including persistent and dedicated ads that target Remini, Rinder, and your proprietor.


    “Clearly it is idiotic that someone using video of hate speech in order to highlight it as something to be decried is censored by YouTube,” says Rinder, who had featured some of ISN’s videos at his blog.

    “What’s next — are they going to shut down the Southern Poverty Law Center channel for exposing hate groups and sites because they contain hate speech and symbols in their listings?” Rinder adds. “This is the same twisted sort of think scientology applies — if you expose their abuses, you are a ‘bigot’ and ‘hater’ because you are ‘attacking ‘religion.’ Same logic YouTube is applying here. I wonder if the ‘STAND League’ was behind this, trying to protect Tony Muhammad from exposure because it embarrasses them so much?”

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