Tony Ortega - Why Do Scientologists Accept the Xenu Story?

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why Do Scientologists Accept the Xenu Story?

    By Tony Ortega - July 21, 2012

    For going on 17 years I've been writing about Scientology, and over that time there's one question that has come up again and again.

    Why don't Scientologists, when they've been in the organization long enough to reach the legendary material in "Operating Thetan Level Three" -- the stuff about Xenu the galactic overlord which made for a great 2005 episode of South Park -- bust out laughing and walk away?

    Tom Cruise and John Travolta and thousands of other Scientologists have moved on beyond the space opera stuff in OT 3 (Cruise, for example, has moved up to OT 7), and for some reason, they accepted the Xenu story and never looked back.

    When I've been asked that question, I had a ready answer that I'd put together after talking to many ex-Scientologists who told me their own experiences.

    But now, I realize that the answer I was giving was wrong. The reason why Scientologists accept the story about Xenu and disembodied alien beings infesting this Earth is actually much simpler, and much more mindblowing, than I ever realized.

    Article and comments:
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  2. eddieVroom Member

    Tony's knocked it out of the park this time.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Tony has it right. I would add that if you accept;
    - the premises of Dianetics regarding engrams and relieving charge
    - that you have experienced past lives
    - that you, your thetan, are an immortal spiritual being

    then space opera is not a giant leap to make, and it almost follows directly from these premises.
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  4. Tony is pretty amazing.

    The Hubbard cult generates crimes and foot bullets weekly which Tony investigates and covers in detail, and he still manages a painstaking analysis of the the ecclesiastical side of Scientology.

    Tony does this with absolutely no assistance from the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology, who is a small and terrified hermit unable to address simple questions from society at large.

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  5. Scientologists aren't the only ones who believe in this delusional magic.
  6. Ron B DED Member

    Yep, past life incidents and Space Opera engrams and incidents are normal events in auditing sessions for Scientologists.

    Hubbard wrote in some HCOB something about if pcs were not recalling whole track (past life) then something was wrong.

    "This lifetime" incidents which are addressed in auditing sessions inevitably get linked to earlier-similar incidents in previous lives, hundreds, thousands, billions or trillions of years ago.

    A simple incident for illustration for non-exes wondering about this. Yes, I actually audited this in session, although I forget some of the details.

    I was in auditing session with auditor. During session, I felt uncomfortable pressure on both sides of my head. I recalled various head accidents and injuries that happened during this lifetime. For example, banging my head by accident when I was a little kid.

    Auditor asked me for earlier-similar incident, I recalled some head injury when I was a baby.

    Auditor asked me for earlier-similar incident, I recalled falling off a horse and banging my head on the ground, during the middle ages.

    Auditor asked me for earlier-similar incident. I recalled some battle on a spaceship millions of years ago, where my head got badly wounded by some kind of energy sword, kind of like the light sabers in Star Wars.

    Auditor asked me for earlier-similar incident. I recalled being a disembodied thetan hanging around a line of thetan-less meat bodies on an assembly line. The thetan-less meat bodies were suspended from a cabled with a set of tongs firmly grasping the head. Think of picking up a hot dog on a BBQ grill in order to turn it over. The head was securely grasped by a set of tongs. The I got sucked into the meat body by a burst of energy, and couldn't get out of the meat body, because I was so focused on the incredible pain of the tongs suspending the meat body by the head.

    Incident resolved, my needle was floating on e-meter, my pressure on my head was gone, and I felt very happy.

    Yes, this was actual auditing I had, although details are fuzzy all these years later.

    This type of whole-track past-life auditing happened routinely to me in auditing sessions.
  7. Etain Member

    Tony... you are brilliant.

    Hats off to you and may you receive a Pulitzer.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Subject not yet suitably indoctrinated, and/or possibly a sceptic. Get him/her out of her now, before the scam is up!
  9. Anonymous Member



    A History of Man is a book by L. Ron Hubbard, first published in 1952 under the title What To Audit. According to the author, it provides "a coldblooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years." It has gone through many editions since its first publication and is a key text of the Church of Scientology.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Rockyj Member

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  12. fishypants Moderator

    Interesting article.

    In my view he neglects the possible explanation that people attracted to Scientology are particularly credulous - there's a kind of self-selection of credulous fools going on, in that those of us who see the 'stress tests' as just so much bullshit are unlikely to be the people buying OTIII 'courses'.

    In the 'wog' population it's not particularly unusual for people who are mentally ill to believe themselves to be (or to have been) Jesus or other historical figures - there's no reason not to expect this within Scientology.

    Still, Hubbard's myths are no more intrinsically unbelievable (to me at least) than a lot of other myths...


    (nice link, Rockyj!)
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. anonamus Member


    — A. Nonamus 2012
    The Internetz: WWP
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    It's amazing how many times people jump in with the "other religious are just crazy" defence of Scientology when no one asserted those other religious in the first place. I suspect that it's either a knee-jerk conditioned group of people or Scientologists themselves.
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  17. CarterUSP Member

    I agree.
    When someone says they don't like murder, do these same people jump up with "robbery and fraud and vandalism and assault are bad too?"
    Knee jerk crap.
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  18. fishypants Moderator

    It's certainly not a defence of Scientology. You're seeing "a knee-jerk conditioned group of people or Scientologists themselves" where there are none.

    In thinking about the question Tony poses - why do Scientologists believe in the whole Xenu thing, when it's so patently ridiculous - it's not unreasonable to make a comparison with some other physically impossible and ridiculous things which non-Scientologists believe.

    This doesn't take away from the anti-Scientology arguments based around disconnection, the RPF and its abuses, the fleecing of everyday Scientologists for their cash, the Cadet Org, Scientology-kid-in-australia-living-in-a-garage etc etc...

    I think it would be unreasonable to expect that the human drives which cause Scientologists to believe in this - for want of a better term - 'crazy shit' - are unique to Scientology.
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  19. fishypants Moderator

    Not a fair comparison. I'm not making the argument that Scientology is ok because other people (or other religions) do bad things - that would also be patently ridiculous.
  20. anonamus Member

    I agree totally.
    As pointed out countless times, christianity don't charge you $300K+ to reveal what it's about.
    And they do not fight & harass critics, nor do they practice worthless and dangerous quackery.
    AFAIK at least. PMW.
    That's some of the main facts that makes scientology a sinister CULT, and not a religion.
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  21. CarterUSP Member

    Yes it is.
    Then why bring it up?
  22. fishypants Moderator

    Right. But I was discussing Tony's article, about why Scientologists believe in the Xenu story.

    So maybe it's possible for us to discuss that without the possibility of reasons beyond "Scientology is BAD BAD BAD" being mis-interpreted as a defence of Scientology?
  23. fishypants Moderator

    Because that's the argument to which your comparison would be fair.

    edit (my sentence doesn't make sense):

    Because that's the straw man argument which you seem to be arguing against.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah? Every damned article about the abuses of Scientology (not their beliefs), someone pops up with a lame "other religions are just are crazy" post. Prove me wrong.
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  25. fishypants Moderator

    OK then, there is no reason for Scientologists to believe in the Xenu story except that they are BAD PEOPLE! BAD BAD BAD !!!



  26. CarterUSP Member

    The point I'm making is whybotherbringingitup? Read posts 20 and 24 then let's leave the matter alone.
  27. anonamus Member

    I just have to chime in if Scn is called a religion. Get used to it.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I have to call utter bullshit on this. This thread is not about the Scientology organisation, it is not about the abuses and it is not about the 101 other aspects that would make the comparison invalid.

    The thread is about an article titled “Why Do Scientologists Accept the Xenu Story?”. It is about beliefs, making this graphic completely relevant:
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  29. anonamus Member

    Scientology is not marketed as a 'belief'.
    It is promoted and sold as an exact science, but is hiding as a "religion" to avoid scrutiny and taxes.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    That cartoon is crap.

    I don't see anyone making fun of the LOLXENU ever asserting that their own religion is factual--If they have one. I'm not even an atheist.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I get it all the time at protests. Srsly.
  32. DeathHamster Member

    Get it from whom? Protestors, passerbys? Do you picket with the Westboro Baptists or something?
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  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Getting a Being to OT-X is a team effort. If you're any part of that team then you know for sure that Scientology is less of a religion than it is a lifestyle.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    U Fucking What.jpg
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  36. Rockyj Member

    Me thinks the cartoon was just sayin if you think your religion is working for you in a positive way that's COOL but JUST keep it to your f-n self!Don't oppose it on me or if I believe differently its none of your f-n business & I am not less than as a result!
    I have no doubt Scientology is a dangerous cult! I base MY belief (which may not be yours) on the history of the cult that's been revealed by original followers of Hubbard that he did not intend his beliefs to be religious but rather a self-help philosophy, and realized he could make more money calling Co$ a religion.
    Sadly, many of Co$ members & even ex-members have bought in to this lie.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Sorta OT, but those wishing to observe another cult in action please observe window B: Damanhur.

    I don't see a direct connection to Hubbard (except possibly thru black magic) but this kind, eco-friendly commune in the Italian mountains is not much different than Gold Base.

    The hypnosis to achieve 'time travel' and 'past lives' is analogous. And it also builds up to ridiculous levels of alien claptrap.

    As much as things change, they stay the same.
  38. Anonymous Member

    FFS, learn the difference between the two words - OPPOSE and IMPOSE - Thank you.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Just seems the lay of the land out here.
  40. DeathHamster Member

    OMG! The land itself asserts its religion is factual while going all LOLXENU?!

    It's a miracle!
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