Tony Ortega: The suicide of Kristi Bouck, Orange County Scientology Clear

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    Why did a 26-year-old ‘Clear’ kill herself at Scientology’s spiritual mecca?

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, July 27, 2018


    In 2015, our correspondent Rod Keller posted at his own website a photo from Scientology’s South Coast mission in Orange County, California (see above). It featured a young woman named Kristi Bouck showing off a document indicating that she had attested to “Clear.”

    The state of Clear was the original goal of Dianetics when L. Ron Hubbard began his movement in 1950. It has been superseded since then, but it remains an important intermediate milestone for any Scientologist and can take years to obtain.

    Kristi Bouck grew up in a Scientology family in Orange County, and going Clear meant that she was on her way to L. Ron Hubbard’s promised superhuman powers. She had previously spent some time in Scientology’s “Sea Organization,” the most dedicated hardcore group in the church.

    In early June, Kristi drove across the country with her boyfriend on their way to Scientology’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, Florida. Her boyfriend reportedly was planning on going from Clear to OT 3, another major milestone for any Scientologist, by taking expensive auditing levels at the Flag Land Base.

    Along the way, one family friend says, the two of them got engaged.

    On June 6, just a few days after they arrived at a rental house in the nearby town of Dunedin, Kristi, who was just 26, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the chest.

    We have obtained a copy of the Pinellas County medical examiner’s report which determined that Kristi Bouck committed suicide.

    Her memorial at the Orange County Ideal Org on June 30 was reportedly attended by some 200 people. Kristi Bouck was well liked and admired.

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