Tony Ortega: Scientology internal videos

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    ^ such a great vid to spread to the masses.
    A sure fire way to scare anyone from joining Scientology. It's creepy as fuck.

    The lady who said "I stare at his hair and say WOW" (talking about Hubbard)
    The other lady who closed her eyes before she said " it makes you fall in love with LRH all over again"
    The Aussie lady who said "It can wake the dead"!!!!! WTF????????????????????????????????????????
    The guy who says laughingly "he was a prankster". (talking about LRH)
    He was a prankster all right. He pranked the hell out of your sorry ass!

    Wow! they are so LOO fucking LOO!!!!!!!
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    Video Leak: Rare look at Captain David Miscavige giving shipboard Scientology briefing

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 6, 2015

    On Friday, we showed you a wild five-minute Scientology testimonials video which featured actress Erika Christensen. The video included dozens of Scientologists gushing in rapid-fire manner about how some repackaged 1950s lectures by L. Ron Hubbard had changed their lives.

    “It’s straight out of this universe,” Christensen said at the tail end of the video. “It is! It’s straight out of this universe!”

    It turns out, that five-minute testimonials video was first revealed at a very special gathering: Opening night at Maiden Voyage 2006.

    If you’re new to Scientology watching, that designation may not mean a lot to you. So let us set this up a little before we reveal what we managed to track down — the entire hour-and-forty-five minute briefing from that night featuring Scientology’s leader, Captain David Miscavige, in his full Sea Org quasi-naval regalia.


    When this event was filmed in June 2006, former number two man Marty Rathbun had already been out of Scientology for a couple of years. Scientology’s spokesman, Mike Rinder, tells us he didn’t attend because Miscavige was disciplining him (Rinder would soon be tossed into “The Hole,” and many other top members of “exec strata” were also being punished and didn’t make the trip). But Rinder was surprised when we pointed out that we had spotted Church of Scientology International president Heber Jentzsch sitting in the front row. Jentzsch has spent years in The Hole, but was apparently allowed out to take part in Maiden Voyage that year.

    Others we spotted in the audience were actress Jenna Elfman, singer Stacy Francis, and singer Angelo Pagan, who is married to actress Leah Remini. Our sources tell us that Leah didn’t attend the event, and that Pagan was one of Miscavige’s favorite performers and entertained on the ship during the week. Also, we see Grant and Elena Cardone on the right side of the audience — Elena shows up in the testimonials video, as we pointed out Friday, and Grant was already a Miscavige favorite for doing some dirty work for him.

    And another face really stunned us. It was Rinder who pointed out that sitting on the left in the front row was Rena Weinberg, the Sea Org officer who ran the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), which in turn oversaw the Narconon drug rehab network for Scientology. Rena disappeared not long after this event in June 2006. She was seen in The Hole by Rinder, and to this day she’s never re-appeared at ABLE or anywhere else in public. Is she still in the Hole? Has she been shipped somewhere else to keep her out of the public eye? And what was her crime, exactly, that has required that she be vanished for nine years?

    Other luminaries that Rinder spotted in the crowd: David and Sheila Gaiman — parents to famous writer Neil. Matt and Kathy Feshbach. Sue Price, Lurie Belotti, Colm and Janet McLaughlin, Craig and Sally Jensen, Jeff Pomerantz, Terri Novitsky, Sue Moore, Jim and Tamra Meskimen, David and Benetta Slaughter, Michael Phillips, and Miscavige’s speechwriter, Dan Sherman.

    And there were other surprises besides who’s in the live audience. During his talk, Miscavige used video clips to illustrate his speech. About twenty minutes into the presentation, as Miscavige is boasting about the expansion of the Narconon network, we see the grand opening of Narconon Stone Hawk East in Michigan — which would be renamed Narconon Freedom Center, and was mentioned in a recent story we posted. At its opening, Priscilla Presley makes the scene, and we think we can also briefly glimpse Per Wickstrom.

    At the forty-three minute mark, as Miscavige is boasting about success in South Africa, he celebrates Ernest and Gay Corbett — who are now suing Scientology.
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    Thx, Tony............

    Creepy as fuck sums it all up nicely!
    My favorite comment on Hubbard: ''He was quite a prankster, he has quite a sense of humor.''

    I remember the time he ordered the personal destruction of Paulette Cooper for exposing the truth about his criminal organization, and when he developed his brutally abusive security-checks, set up his own internal prison system (RPF) and the LRH abusive policies requiring the neglect of children so that Scientology staff and Sea-Org parents could spend 98% of their time pushing his brand of Woo.

    OMG, I remember when Ron personally ordered 4 year old Derek Greene to spend 2 full days soiling himself in the Apollo's foul anchor chain lockers, pitch black for the crime of chewing on a telex.

    What a howl...............

    Such a prankster, lol, good ole Ron, what a sense of humor................

    It drives me crazy when I see these fools glowing about this child abusing piece of shit, L. Ron Hubbard.

    Scientologists? It's over, read it all and gtfo out of the child-abusing monster L. Ron Hubbard's cult:

    Google it, you fools!

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard

    Wake UP!
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    ^^ DM vid
    "6X the IQ level" reported?
    and" KSW for blood"
    Exteriorization? HOW IS THIS NOT FRAUD PEOPLE??????
    Holy Xenu on a waffle
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    David Miscavige: Scientology saved the universe from its ‘reverse point’ in 2006

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 9, 2015

    Captain David Miscavige is back! On Sunday, we showed you rare footage of what a Scientology “Maiden Voyage” event looks like inside the church’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds. We had located video of the opening night presentation by Miscavige in the 2006 edition of the celebration. And now, we’ve struck gold again — we found the video for night two!

    Yes, if you didn’t already get enough of Scientology’s leader going on and on about the church’s unprecedented expansion, get ready for a second dose! This time, the focus is specifically on the growth of missions and “Ideal Orgs” that had opened in the first part of that year.

    And once again, we get a look at interesting people in the audience. As we explained last time, this is a small, exclusive gathering of “OTs” and celebrities that takes place in the “Starlight Cabaret” on the cruise ship. This time we managed to spot Debbie Cook in the front row, as well as some of the folks who were seen on opening night — singer Angelo Pagan, the Cardones, and Jenna Elfman.

    Miscavige once again makes use of video clips during his talk, and this time a segment about the work to create an “Ideal Org” in Pasadena included the help of celebrities. Specifically, Miscavige showed two brief clips that featured Simpsons actress Nancy Cartwright and Traffic actress Erika Christensen.


    We also briefly glimpse Anne Archer helping to open a mission in Santa Monica (which is now closed). Also, among the Ideal Orgs he touts, the Atlanta facility is still, nine years later, not completed for lack of funds. D’oh!

    We’d love a rundown of all the missions that Miscavige says were opened just in the first months of 2006 — how many are still open today?

    And after running down all of the gleaming new buildings, Miscavige then finishes up the hour-long presentation with his version of a pep talk for his crew.

    “We are, at this instant in time, at the reverse point of this universe. We are the ones who can make it happen,” he tells the enthusiastic crowd.

    The reverse point of this universe. That slogan is almost as nifty as the captain’s fake-navy outfit.
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    Another rare Scientology video leaks, and this time we see its long vanished president

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 9, 2015


    It’s night three of the Maiden Voyage event that took place on Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, in June 2006. Recently, we brought you videos of the first two nights, and explained how rare it was to get a glimpse of a Maiden Voyage shindig.

    Now, we get to see night three, which was dedicated to the International Association of Scientologists and its campaigns for 2006. And in this case, it’s not just an hour-plus of Captain David Miscavige droning on and on. To present Scientology’s anti-drug and human rights campaigns, Miscavige brings on a couple of other people to drone on and on. He has Gail Armstrong handle the drug program, and we’d enjoy hearing from our insiders what they know about her. But it’s the next person that we’re really interested in.

    Miscavige has Church of Scientology International president Heber Jentzsch talk about Youth for Human Rights, and it’s the longest we’ve ever seen of Heber, who was once a major presence in the organization.

    In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Heber was the face of Scientology as far as the press was concerned. He was an excellent spokesman for the organization, fostering good relationships with individual reporters and making some really effective television appearances. But at some point in the later 1990s, Heber’s role began to diminish. He held on to his title as president of CSI (and still does, as far as we know), but more and more he was kept out of the public eye by David Miscavige.

    Mike Rinder was surprised to hear that Heber had been brought to Maiden Voyage 2006. Miscavige, Rinder told us, was banishing top executives to “the Hole” and otherwise punishing his lieutenants, and raved that he was going to have to do everything at Maiden Voyage that year. But apparently, he relented enough to have Heber read his lines (which are clearly written by Miscavige’s own speech writer, Dan Sherman — you can tell by the diction).
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    The most sedate Scientology “testimonials” video we’ve seen

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 3, 2015

    We can’t get enough of the hyperactive testimonials videos that Scientology leader David Miscavige puts together for big church events. But of all the ones we’ve seen, this new one that turned up has a strangely slow quality to it, even with the pounding, thumping soundtrack that you will no doubt find familiar.

    This video is from 2006, and we’ll have more to say tomorrow about where it comes from. For now, enjoy how much the Congresses — reissued lectures L. Ron Hubbard gave in the 1950s and early 1960s — are changing lives!

    Source, and open comments:
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    VIDEO LEAK: Scientology’s New Year’s Eve 2006, when Leah Remini was still a front-row celeb!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 5, 2015

    Our video source came through with another gem for us. Prepare for a trip down recent Scientology history as we present, in its entirety, the New Year’s Eve event which welcomed in the year 2006! Not only will you get to marvel at Captain David Miscavige as he gushes about the successes of 2005 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, but there are some great surprises for the student of Scientology.
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    My head exploded. Here I thought I was living but I've been backing out of the universe all this time??? Cool beans!
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    Leaked Scientology video: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes front and center for ‘psych busting’!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 8, 2015

    Our video source has come through for us once again. Cast your mind, Scientology watcher, back to October 2006. This was a year after Tom Cruise had made his weird splash as Scientology’s awkward ambassador on Today with Matt Lauer and as a human jumping bean on Oprah’s couch.

    Although those events had resulted in major pieces by the Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone, this was not the major media storm Scientology would experience later. For now, things had calmed down, and events like the black turtleneck video and the rise of Anonymous were still more than a year away.

    You could forgive David Miscavige for thinking he was just about at the height of his power. It was the annual meeting of the International Association of Scientologists in East Grinstead, England under the big top of the IAS tent, there were thousands in attendance, and Tom Cruise with the comically large “Freedom Medal of Valor” he received two years earlier was front and center in the first row.

    As you watch the opening portion of the 2006 IAS gala, note the tone as Miscavige is feeling so triumphant, he even runs down Christianity and other faiths.

    “What ails mankind is the reactive mind, and we’re the only ones with the tech to treat it,” he says. “…You come to where we stand tonight, as the only world religion that’s never engaged in a shooting war and so moves in to fill the void.”

    But first, you’ll marvel at the truly over-the-top 10-minute introduction, which quickly runs through the triumphs of Miscavige and the IAS, shattering suppression in Portland (1985), fending off Big Pharma-backed TIME magazine (1991), gaining tax exempt-status (1993), and obliterating the Cult Awareness Network (1995).

    And, of course, spreading Scientology’s influence to children around the world through the stealthy front group, Youth for Human Rights. (Legoland, please take note.)

    Once Miscavige takes over, he does some interesting riffing on the Iraq War. In 2001, Miscavige had seized on the 9/11 attacks to tell Scientologists that it was a “wake-up call,” and a motivator for Scientology to increase all of its planetary salvage campaigns.

    Now, he says, Scientology has 10 million members in 163 countries. Karin Pouw these days refers to “millions” and we’ve noticed that the church has become less specific about numbers. But here it is stated plainly: Miscavige claims 10 million. (The truth is not even on the same order of magnitude, with closer to about 40,000 members today).

    Miscavige also claims that Scientology is the most searched for church online. Which, yeah, we can see that. But not for the reason he probably thinks.

    Scientology is literally “reshaping the destiny of earth,” Miscavige concludes, and so it must eradicate psychiatry and the “evil psychs” from the planet.

    And for an update on how that war is going, he introduces Mike Rinder.

    Mike’s looking very slender. By late 2006, we’re pretty sure that he had already spent time in The Hole at the compound in Hemet (we left him a message and we’ll update this when we confirm that with him). Rinder has told us that he would get yanked out of the Scientology prison in order to put on shows like this one. (See our series of videos with Rinder talking about The Hole and escaping Scientology.)

    Mike explains all of the “psych buster” activity that the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) had accomplished in the past year, including the opening in December 2005 on Sunset Boulevard of the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum, for which all lanes of Sunset Boulevard itself were shut down.

    As Mike explains, CCHR and Scientology won’t rest until “Every last psych [is] scorched from the face of the Earth.”

    Rinder ends this portion by preparing to introduce a video about psychiatry, but you’ll have to wait for that on another day.

    So give it a go, and tell us what else you find notable in the opening portion of the 2006 IAS spectacular!

    Continued here:
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    More leaked video: Watch Scientology welcome 2007, a year David Miscavige would regret

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 12, 2015

    Our video source is back to help us keep tripping through Scientology recent history. Last time, we showed you the first portion of the 2006 IAS gala in England. We would show you the rest of that celebration, but it melted our brains in boredom, so we’re going to spare you.

    Instead, we’re moving ahead to the next big date on the Scientology calendar, and today we have the first portion of the New Year’s Eve 2007 party in Los Angeles.

    After another patented 10-minute intro reviewing Scientology’s accomplishments in 2006, leader David Miscavige once again comes out on stage to soak up the adulation of the crowd at the Shrine Auditorium.

    Ah, the good old days, when Scientology could actually fill a hall as big as the Shrine. One thing we kept thinking as we watched Miscavige brag and boast: This is the year of “The Basics,” and the start of the real exodus from the ranks of the longtime disaffected. You’re watching a group on the brink of major decline.

    Miscavige is in classic form as he announces with typical machismo that Scientology is “about to stuff and mount another year on the wall, so lock and load!”

    He then goes into his usual spin about how 2006 was the greatest year ever, yadda, yadda, yadda. But we found his boasting about an increase in press coverage particularly interesting. Look closely at the imagery that flies by, and you can see that what Miscavige considers positive press for Scientology was actually coverage of “the wedding of the century” — the November 2006 wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

    Miscavige calls it “More coverage of Dianetics and Scientology in the last year than in the last decade.”

    So if you ever had any doubt what Scientology wants from Tom Cruise, now you know.

    Continued here:
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    A great peek into how Scientology uses fronts to love-bomb a public official

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 12, 2016


    ...we want to thank reader QBird, who took it upon herself to follow up on one of our recent stories.

    You might remember our piece on Scientology claiming that it got $5.7 million from Google in the form of advertising grants. We first reported the story in 2014, but just recently it blew up again when it got picked up by other media. So on Thursday, we posted for the first time the audio recording of Scientology official Brandy Harrison talking about Google’s largesse at a Los Angeles “Ideal Org” fundraiser.

    Brandy talked about other things as well. She quoted from a letter that a police chief in a small Minnesota town had written about the success he’d had with Scientology’s anti-drug campaign, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

    “The Foundation for a Drug-Free World has put together one of the most comprehensive drug education programs in this country, and their commitment to drug education is clearly admirable,” wrote police chief Chad Loewen of Babbitt, Minnesota, a burg of about 1,500 people some 230 miles north of Minneapolis.

    QBird, also a Minnesota resident, decided to call Chief Loewen and ask him if he realized that he was being used as an advertisement by the Church of Scientology as it tries to get donations from its members.
  14. RightOn Member

    You betcha!
    Well I hope that police chief tossed those pamphlets. Doesn't sound like he has though. And if he hasn't that is VERY troubling.
    56,000 is an awful lot of pamphlets! What he said about the materials being better than D.A.R.E.S is also troubling and they should be made aware that their materials were passed up for Scientology crap. Also saying the materials are good is like saying, I know Hitler was an evil man, but I liked playing golf with him.
    I still think this police chief needs poons and urged to toss the rest. Now that he knows they are from the COS, to hand any others out would be not only complicit, but pushing a religious agenda. Even tho the COS is not religious, they claim to be! (that is, when they need to be)
    Toss 'em Chad!
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    The Church of Scientology of Latter-Day Dolts: Video evidence of the fall

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 20, 2016

    For a few years, we’ve been telling you that Scientology is in a poorly way. Many different sources of evidence suggest that the 65-year-old movement has been suffering from a mass exodus of longtime, loyal members. Many others remain in the group but hold back from participating as they react to leader David Miscavige’s ever-increasing desperation in the form of hard-sell begging for donations.

    We hear constantly about empty facilities, dwindling attendance at events, and withering stats. Meanwhile, the desperation is so palpable, Scientology has reached out to another struggling group, the Nation of Islam, for a bizarre partnership that seems little more than a last-ditch effort to count a few more bodies in the shop.

    But how does that weird mashup work in practice? Recently, an advertisement for a Nation of Islam/Scientology event caught our eye. “Give Birth to a God,” it said, and promoted a joint presentation by Nation of Islam member (and Scientology Super Power graduate) Sister Nayyirah Muhammad and midwife and Scientology Clear Heather Moll.

    One of our tipsters noticed that a video of that event has now been posted online. It features Sister Muhammad explaining that giving birth to a “god” apparently refers to creating a new civilization (something that both NOI and Scientology claim that they are doing), and midwife Heather Moll talks about Scientology’s concept of silent birth.

    Judging by the sound of the applause, the audience at this presentation at the St. Petersburg Life Improvement Center may have been in the double digits. Is this a glimpse of Scientology’s end?

    Continued here:
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    L. Ron Hubbard’s magic chalk, and other Scientology miracles at the 2007 Birthday Event

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 30, 2016

    Our video source has come through again, and we have something for you today that hasn’t previously been online. It’s the 2007 LRH Birthday Event, held in Clearwater, Florida, the holiest day on the Scientology calendar (March 13), when church leader David Miscavige throws a celebration of L. Ron Hubbard on the anniversary of his 1911 birth.

    Of all the annual Scientology blowouts, we especially enjoy the Birthday Event because it means that Miscavige will trot out the Silver Mullet, Scientology’s official Hubbard biographer and writer of Miscavige’s speeches, the man with creative ideas about English sentence structure and who always tells the biggest whoppers about Hubbard’s history. We’re talking, of course, of Dan Sherman.

    Dan is in fine form at this event, and as we watched him recount the early days of Dianetics and Scientology, 1948-1954, we realized we were watching Scientology’s own course in miracles. Scientologists will deny that they consider founder L. Ron Hubbard a god, or that they worship him. But it’s hard to conclude otherwise after watching this vid.


    In 1951, Dan tells us, Hubbard headed off to Cuba because it was well known as a writer’s retreat. How quaint. No mention, of course, that 1951 was a nightmare year for Hubbard as his second marriage fell apart and he absconded to Cuba while kidnapping his own child, Alexis, and then told his wife Sara that he’d cut up Alexis into little pieces. Somehow that all escapes Dan’s attention. Dan also doesn’t mention that a rich Kansas oil man, Don Purcell, saved Hubbard’s bacon as the writer went to Wichita to try and put things back together. Dan digs up another set of folks to talk about the fun times they had with Ron in Kansas. These old folks really are precious.

    As Hubbard regroups in Phoenix and pushes on to “Scientology,” embracing past lives, he performs “more verifiable miracles than in the previous 200 years,” Dan Sherman tells us. (And you can see why they keep these videos under wraps. Why doesn’t Karin Pouw make boasts like that to the press?)

    Our favorite miracle, and the one that Sherman really tries hard to sell, is that two separate, independent observers saw Hubbard put a broken piece of chalk back together with the powers of his mind. The Great Thetan was giving a lecture during the vaunted December 1952 Philadelphia Doctorate Course when he was writing on a blackboard and his piece of chalk snapped in two. But two separate attendees swear they both saw the chalk pieces bounce back up and fuse together in Hubbard’s hand, with no sign of the break.

    It’s a miracle!

    Hubbard eventually went back to Phoenix in 1954 and gave his ACC lectures, and then one of the great moments — Dan has dug up an eyewitness (again, not named), who was present when Ron stepped out on stage in a western get-up after talking about the R2-44 process of exteriorization. Ron said he now wanted to show them the “R2-45 process,” which involved pulling out a .45 pistol. Ron then fired his pistol into the air, right there on stage. It was loaded with blanks, the man tells us, but Hubbard explained that R2-45 was one way to exteriorize a thetan from a body — except that it was currently frowned upon by society.

    That Hubbard! He may have been joking that day, but in the future, he would use the threat of R2-45 to intimidate people who dared to leave the church. That’s also something Dan doesn’t mention.

    But we hope you enjoy Dan’s course in miracles, and we look forward to your own observations.

    Here's one of the article's comments that's worth sharing:

    TexasBroad2 hours ago

    I've tried to watch the video 3 times. The first 2 times, my phone suddenly stopped and kicked me out of this post back onto Tony's main page and on my 3rd attempt, will play the video but without audio.

    Wow, it really IS a smart phone!
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    When David Miscavige was riding high with ‘The Basics’ — Scientology’s 2008 New Year’s event!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, February 4, 2016

    Our video source came through for us again with another Scientology event that hasn’t previously been online. It’s the 2008 New Year’s Event, and has church leader David Miscavige got a lot to celebrate!

    Miscavige is riding high, reviewing the year 2007 that saw perhaps his biggest gamble and his biggest mistake: “The Basics.” That year, Miscavige re-released the early texts of Dianetics and Scientology in new editions, claiming that previous editions had contained “transcription errors,” including excess semicolons (we’re not kidding). The upshot was that all Scientologists were expected to purchase complete collections of these books and lectures, totaling about $3,000. And they were pushed to buy multiple sets. Many people were put under incredible pressure to sell the books, and even to longtime, loyal Scientologists, it looked like little more than a naked cash grab by Miscavige.

    Disillusion and anger over the Basics push was one of the key forces producing Scientology’s major exodus in the late 2000s. Many people we’ve talked to who have left the church say they became disaffected because of the Basics debacle. It was perhaps the number one reason driving people out of the church until Debbie Cook’s infamous 2012 email.

    But here at the dawn of 2008, Miscavige is celebrating the Basics as his latest triumph. We get a review of the OT Summit event during the year when the Basics had been announced, and we’re reminded that among the people in the front row at that event were Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, and Kelly Preston.

    And now, a few months later, as 2008 dawns, Miscavige is claiming the Basics as a great triumph. Other highlights of the night:

    — A great musical opening. You’re going to love this rendition of “We Stand Tall.”

    — About 17 minutes in, does Miscavige say that every org will be ideal by 2010? Oops.

    — At the beginning of segment two, a great testimonials video for The Basics. In it, we spotted Jim Mathers, Ale Calcioli, and Angelo Pagan!

    — ABLE president Rena Weinberg was pulled out of The Hole to give yet another happy update on Narconon, Criminon, and Applied Scholastics. Poor Rena. Is she still in the Hole? Where have they disappeared her to?
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    Scientology is the bomb diggety, and here’s proof, starring Leah Remini’s husband!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, February 5, 2016

    We have found that readers, particularly our newer ones, love the wacky testimonials videos that the Church of Scientology puts out about once a year. Featuring dozens of Scientologists in rapid progression, they gush about whatever new lecture or book has been released while a cheesy sped-up infomercial soundtrack jangles behind them.

    One of those 5-minute extravaganzas was part of the hour-plus of video that we posted yesterday from Scientology’s New Year’s Eve 2008 celebration. But we thought we ought to pull out the testimonials spot on its own. It’s such a hoot.

    Most of the time, we don’t recognize the testifiers in a given video. But recently, we posted the video from 2006 and pointed out that it was punctuated at the end with an appearance by actress Erika Christensen. This time, we recognized three familiar faces in the cavalcade of woo.

    There was Scientology whale Jim Mathers, for example, who these days has been traveling in Ukraine looking for new minnows to lure into the Scientology net. In 2008, he looked a little younger and thinner, and he was pumped about The Basics.

    The Basics had come out in 2007, and they were one of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s biggest and boldest initiatives in recent years. Miscavige had many of the original books of Dianetics and Scientology re-released in new pricey editions. Even though most Scientologists had earlier editions on their bookshelves, they were required to buy the new set of books, plus lectures, for about $3,000 a set. They were also under incredible pressure to purchase multiple sets, and to convince others to buy them. Miscavige justified the new editions by claiming that there had been transcription errors in earlier versions of the books. He also complained that there had been too many semicolons. Scientologists knew not to ask too many questions about it. Privately, many of them resented being forced to buy books they already had in what seemed like a naked cash grab. We’ve talked to many ex-Scientologists who date their disaffection to The Basics.

    But Ale Calcioli was thrilled. He’s not only the nephew of international fantasy and science fiction superstar Neil Gaiman, who grew up a Scientologist before putting it away some time in the 1980s, but Ale also became a news story for his landmark wedding in 2014.

    But the star of the video, for us, is Angelo Pagan. We had a chance to meet Angelo last year in Los Angeles, and he’s every bit as charming and genuine as you’d imagine if you’ve been watching him on his wife Leah Remini’s reality show, It’s All Relative. Pagan, a singer, told us he was one of David Miscavige’s favorite entertainers, and he was often enlisted at Scientology events to perform. In this video, he’s adorably over the top.

    Continued here:
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    Bomb diggety! It’s more Scientologists high on L. Ron Hubbard and the everloving ‘tech’

    By Tony Ortega, July 23, 2016

    One of our tipsters came through for us today with some hilarious screenshots from the latest testimonials video that was sent out to Scientology members. In that past, we’ve had the video itself, and we hope eventually to get this one. But for now, we’re just really happy to get these glimpses of Scientologists high on L. Ron Hubbard. What a gas.

    The video appeared on a DVD which came with the new issue of International Scientology News, the magazine that documents all of church leader David Miscavige’s claims of expansion. Over at Mike Rinder’s blog, the former Scientology spokesman has been breaking down those expansion claims from the new issue.

    But we always love the testimonials video for its driving beat and the wacky claims that Scientologists make about whatever product they’re pushing this year — it’s always the bestest ever.

    So let’s take a look at the glimpses of Scientology nirvana that were included in this year’s video.
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    ‘Finally, I am myself’: Scientologists talk about Scientology in a video not made for the public

    By Tony Ortega, September 2, 2016


    In July, we showed you some wacky screenshots from Scientology’s newest “testimonials” video, which gets shipped out each year with a new issue of International Scientology News. Well, now we have the video itself, and we think you’re going to love this new entry in this wonderful genre of Scientology filmmaking.

    Our readers in Australia will enjoy seeing singer Kate Ceberano show up in this video, talking about how she’s completed OT 8, the top of Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.” (Blink and you’ll miss her.)

    We especially like these videos because they are made not for us, the general public, but for Scientologists, in order to get them amped up about forking over even bigger amounts for more courses and donations. And for what? Well, as these videos demonstrate, even Scientologists struggle to describe exactly what it is that Scientology does for them. Often, they have to resort to sound effects to give a sense of what’s impossible to describe.

    Give this new video a good look, and let us know what you think about it.

    Continued here:
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  21. RightOn Member

    And it's so easy to join!
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    LEAKED AUDIO — Scientology’s New Year’s event 2017: ‘Welcome to Scientology forever!’

    By Tony Ortega, December 31, 2016


    Once again, our tipsters have come through. The Underground Bunker has obtained a secretly recorded audiotape of the New Year’s event that Scientologists around the world will be watching tonight to bring in 2017.

    Scientology leader David Miscavige presides over several big events each year — L. Ron Hubbard’s March 13 birthday in Florida, the anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) each October at Saint Hill Manor in England, and “Maiden Voyage,” held on the ship Freewinds in the Caribbean in the summer. But New Year’s is perhaps Scientology’s biggest annual bash, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Usually, the event is taped a few days early. This year, it was held on December 17, for some reason. But the result is the same. At various times, and particularly tonight, video of David Miscavige’s three-hour speech will be shown at Scientology “orgs” around the world.

    Some of those video replays have already taken place, including a recent gathering at the New York “org” on 46th Street. When the video was played for the local members, one of the attendees secretly made an audio recording, and it’s made its way to us.

    What you’ll hear when you play it is David Miscavige, for more than two hours, giving his usual spiel about “expansion,” interrupted a few times by the playing of a video segment. Near the end of the program, one of those video segments is the new Super Bowl ad which will be five years in a row that Scientology has run an ad during the game (but usually with local ad slots bought in certain cities for a total of about $1 million, not a national ad spot at about $5 million). Expect the ad to show up at Scientology’s YouTube channel around midnight tonight.

    Continued at
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  23. RightOn Member

    Dec 17th?
    Damage control much?
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  24. Quentinanon Member

    This comes across to me as extreme paranoia from David Miscavige. No pre-announcement of the production and fourteen days for post production.
    I will offer that the attendees sitting at the front appearing on camera pans were all vetted scientologists and those near the back are contracted extra actors who have to sign a non-disclosure agreement about this gig. Davey cannot leave anything to chance anymore. Now he can spend his New Year's Eve nursing a bottle of Laphroaig in his bunker behind the razor wire and security of the Int Base, safe from Chanology protesters, Psychs, and agents of the Marcabian Fleet.
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  25. ^^^^^^^I agree, Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland of Scientology - 12-17-16^^^^^^^

    Scientology 2017 will mark the Golden Age of Cowardly Retreat. Grand Abusive Coward (GAC) David Miscavige will march this Abusive 'Church' backwards and lead L. RonHubbard's Abusive, Controlling Scam into the Dustbin of History as he tries to hide his sorry little ass off the grid somewhere (Columbia) with his embezzled funds.

    Here's a toast to the arrest of this cowardly, abusive, little criminal David Miscavige and the rest of his miserable days to be spent in prison.
    Happy New Year 2017!

    Filmed 3 hours ago @ Scientology Gold Base
    To Every Scientologist:
    'New Years Day - I'm About To Break You'
    by 'Lil Dave and The Ecclesiastical Leaders'
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  26. RightOn Member

    Someone over at Ortega's blog said they went to the Portland Oregon ideal org and only 100 people showed up for the New Years video showing.:rolleyes:
    Actually they didn't know at first that was why the people were there. :p
    Like I have said way in the past...
    If Scientologists would just take the time and visit some different orgs randomly and see how empty they are, it will prove a very valid point.
    Instead of spending their next chunk of change on auditing or another course, take that money and book tickets to different orgs in the US and show up unannounced so they can see for themselves. Wouldn't that be what Hubbard would have wanted? Wasn't it his written policy that said go see and touch for yourself? Not verbatim of course.

    And then RECOVER!

    hey, I like that!

    I would love it if people OR the media (stealth of course) did an unannounced tour and went by TONS of orgs world wide and then reported back with a video at the end.
    And then spread that report and video far and wide.
    It would have to be done on the sly and totally unannounced and done by unknowns to the COS. Even have different people collaborate across the US and Europe and visit as many orgs as possible.
    Man! what a slap in the face that would be to COS.

    Expanding and bustling you say?
    I can dream can't I?
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  27. I share your dream, RO ...........

    (1985) Back in the Day when they had many fooled, long before Scientology's Abusive Corporation was exposed they actually attracted 1,000's at times including former Scientology President Heber Jentzch when they actually allowed him to walk around in public.
    Heber upset David Miscavige about 13 years ago and has been loccked up in the Scientology Prison 'Hole' at Gold Base in Hemet, Ca.

    Fast forward:
    Wow, Portland, Oregon Scientology 2017 New Year / Same Old Lies Event draws 100 people to welcome in the New Year! Ok, Ok, 68 people.............
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    I remember the "Battle of Portland". I stayed away from it, because the original verdict against the cult was just and, at the time, I thought that would force a reform of the organization. I was very wrong.
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    Some battle! They lost twice and settled the third time.
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    What Scientology is telling its members: Things have never been better!

    By Tony Ortega, January 16, 2017


    A big thanks to reader Rasha for tipping us to the new issue of International Scientology News. This is a large-format publication that we always enjoy seeing. It’s one of the magazines that Scientology puts out trying to convince its members that the organization is doing better than it ever has.

    For the most part, it’s a print version of the same address that Scientology leader David Miscavige gave at the New Year’s event, whose audio we were leaked and posted on New Year’s eve. And, like the New Year’s event, for the outsider it’s just so much hard-to-believe propaganda about how Scientology’s various initiatives are saving the planet.

    But the pages that we found most interesting were the ones that were simply slick ads. This is Scientology advertising to Scientologists, who are completely familiar with all of these products and initiatives. Put yourself in David Miscavige’s place — how do you create enthusiasm for going ‘Clear,’ for example, the intermediate goal of Scientology and something every church member has heard about a million times already?

    Continued at
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  31. Scientology's 'Ecclesiastical Leader' David Miscavige's solemn eulogy for LRH

    You all recall that L. Ron Hubbard went permanently exterior by willingly discarding his foul, vistaril-laden, bloated meat body in 1986 to do his own brand of <ahem> 'research' on the upper levels of Target II in outer space.

    We all now realize that his original <ahem> 'research' on the the human mind (Dianetics: The Modern Science errrrrr Religion of Mental Health) has been laughably debunked just like his farcical fake biography of utter bullshit.

    Don't let these facts destroy your faith in Ron's 'Research', we have an update for you all:
    Ron has finally returned here to Planet Teegeeak!

    LRH 'Research' Update from another Guhlaxy:
    Scientology is expanding faster then ever.
    Everything is going swimmingly.........
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    “Fastest-Growing Religion in the 21st Century” Debunked

    By Mike Rinder, January 16, 2017


    This is the report on how scientology is “making planetary clearing a reality” from the MODEL — nearly double SH Size-Ideal Org in Tampa.

    This is the best of the best. Where all Flag public go to hide from the FSO regges, where the children of the “huge” scientology field are sent to begin their careers of dedication to the church by joining staff, where you can theoretically get your OT Levels for free at Flag by just joining staff there and where all the rejects from Flag are sent to do courses. Yes, that org – propped up by Flag and held out as the shining beacon of Class V organizations that stands above all others.

    Here is what they have accomplished since March of this year — and they are damned PROUD of it. FIFTY SIX Clears (about half of them staff…). Yes, 56 in 9 months. Or 75 a year. Woohoo.

    The population of Tampa Bay is just shy of 3 million. The population is increasing at 2% per year. Unfortunately for scientology, that is 60,000 people. Yes, 800 times more than the total clears made in a year by the best org in the world.

    To put this another way, Tampa Org would have to increase its production EIGHT HUNDRED TIMES — and STILL NOT MAKE A DENT in the 3 million current residents of the area (and realize I am not including all of the area Tampa Org is responsible for, all the way to Naples in the south and Tallahassee and Pensacola in the north (we will leave Jacksonville and Daytona to Orlando “org”).

    There is no new org opened in Florida since the 70s. There are no new missions. Though some have CLOSED DOWN.

    This is how scientology is “making planetary clearing” a reality.

    There is absolutely NOTHING happening anywhere in scientology that demonstrates they are having any impact on society whatsoever. The only thing they can do is give cliche’d catchphrases claiming how much they are expanding/growing/taking the world by storm, and offer up “statistics” that everyone is supposed to swallow without thinking (and most do). Those statistics are so infinitesimal to not even register on any scale of anything and yet they appear to be so proud of them.

    It would be like someone getting all excited and telling their family they are on the way to becoming a billionaire because they made 1 cent. Technically, it’s a true statement. But in context it is stark raving mad.

    Welcome to the world of scientology.

    Source, and comments:
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    I've added this article to this thread even though there's no video.

    David Miscavige’s dark vision for Scientology: ‘What did you think you were joining?’

    By Tony Ortega, July 12, 2017


    We have a pretty remarkable document for you today, which was sent to us by a member of the Church of Scientology who recently attended a Maiden Voyage event at their local org.

    Each summer, Scientologists are expected to come down to their org in order to watch video presentations of what happened a few weeks earlier aboard Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, where a celebration is held each June to mark the anniversary of the ship’s launching under church ownership in 1988.

    During that weeklong celebration in the Caribbean, church leader David Miscavige gives numerous presentations to a select number of wealthy Scientologists about the organization’s new initiatives and past successes. Then, after the shipboard event, the rest of the Scientology world is expected to watch video of Maiden Voyage at their local church. And at one of those orgs, which we are not going to identify, a church member decided to photograph and send to us the opening and closing statements that were included in a pamphlet that every attendee was given.

    These statements by David Miscavige on the current state of Scientology struck us as some of the starkest statements yet by the organization’s “ecclesiastical” leader.

    To help put these statements into a little context, we’ll provide just a little more background. When founder L. Ron Hubbard ran Scientology, his followers were under pressure to spend lots of money. But in general, they were paying for courses, for auditing, and for training to become auditors. In other words, Hubbard wanted them to believe that even though they could be spending large sums, it was for making progress up the “Bridge to Total Freedom” and to improve themselves.

    At the very end of Hubbard’s life, and after Scientology had gone through two bruising court battles in Los Angeles and Portland, in the mid-1980s a new initiative was started called the International Association of Scientologists. Church members were asked to donate money to the IAS in what was clearly a defense fund for the organization itself. They didn’t receive any courses or advancement for donating to the IAS, it was simply a way to turn over money in what became a massive slush fund for the church.

    Thirty years later, as Scientology is mired in controversy and hemorrhaging members, donating money to the IAS has become the very definition of what it is to be a Scientologist under David Miscavige. Take a look at how apocalyptic Miscavige’s vision is, that the very survival of the planet depends on his followers turning over money to the IAS.

    As for the planet itself, if you had any affinity for it, you might not be on the same page with the pope of Scientology. Prepare for his grim vision of where Scientology is going, and let us know if you find this language as disturbing as we do.

    Here’s the opening statement from the pamphlet that Scientologists were given this week:

    Maiden Voyage IAS Event 2017 Opening Message

    Tonight we celebrate the IAS at the moment when the IAS means everything: global survival, long-term survival, elemental survival — for seven billion human beings.

    Let’s face it, without the International Association of Scientologists, this planet is damned.

    So tonight we consider that IAS objective for survival. As such, we will track all vectors of IAS advance with respect to this slaughterhouse civilization: our plea for Human Rights, our bid for a Drug-Free World, and our invitation to literacy, morality and rehabilitation. These are gifts from the IAS, for which we ask nothing except that people survive.

    Although quietly, confidentially, this is also where you can tell one another: “Just because you inherited this planet, doesn’t mean you have to like it.”

    And here’s the longer closing statement from the same pamphlet:

    Maiden Voyage IAS Event 2017 Closing Message

    And with that, we come to a final word on this evening’s event, and a moment to consider your role as members of the IAS. And while you’re at it, you might also consider your place in planetary history, your whole track journey to eternity, and your greater destiny as physical universe rebels.

    So, not to put too sharp a point on it, but this is the moment you have to ask: “What did you think you were joining? The local bowling league?”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with bowling. But let’s face it, when you join the IAS you become part of an intricately woven equation, wherein all life is cooperative and interdependent. Which means everyone plays an integral role in the survival of everyone else. And which, in turn, means if you fail to help even one human being, the ripple effect can be devastating. The center cannot hold. The foundation begins to crumble. And the walls are spider-webbed with cracks.

    While if only to complete the parable — and this from LRH: neglect even one dynamic, and “chaos starts to walk across the land.”

    But, let’s now work that equation another way — with LRH technology — as powered by your contributions to the IAS. Whereupon, survival potentials multiply exponentially, as people adopt that technology and pass it on to others. At which point, one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, half a million and more, are suddenly cooperating for the mutual survival of all.

    Wherefore, that technology becomes a way of life in the most meaningful sense of the phrase. And foundations re-solidify. The center coalesces. And chaos discretely makes an exit.

    While for those who make it happen against the “best advice” of “authorities” — this becomes the most meaningful phrase of all: Don’t break laws of the physical universe, when you can laughingly disregard them.

    While beyond that, let it be said: there are people to free, kingdoms to liberate and empires to win. But you have to turn rebel before you begin — which you did. And from which there is no turning back.

    In 1950, when L. Ron Hubbard published Dianetics and declared that he had discovered the meaning of life and it was “to survive,” it was a pretty comical statement by an obvious crackpot. But now, in these statements, when David Miscavige uses Hubbard’s familiar maxim, it takes on another, darker edge.

    Scientology really is fighting for survival at this point. And Miscavige is sounding downright apocalyptic.

    Continued at
  34. Quentinanon Member

    It sounds to me that Miscavige has advocated breaking laws in a euphemistic way.
  35. fishypants Moderator

    Not that there’s anything wrong with bowling.
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology hip-hop continues to amaze us, and we hope it transports you as well

    By Tony Ortega, July 11, 2018


    Although the Church of Scientology has veteran rapper Chill EB at its beck and call, once again the church has put out a video by some young pale members who don’t appear to have Chill’s chops. But that just means more Scientology hip-hop for us, and we can never get enough of it.

    As Scientology continues to crater, at least we have these moments of levity to punctuate the ignominy. So immerse yourself in this video, “Bring it on,” which is aimed at all of you SPs:

    Continued at
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Who Wants To Watch A Creepy White Guy Rap About Scientology? | Wonkette

    By Robyn Pennacchia, July 14, 2018


    It is probably not so easy to be a Scientology recruiter these days. In this post-Leah Remini defection world, there are scant few people out there who haven't at least heard something about how they are a destructive (and incredibly expensive) cult. Unless you are Amish, in which case you have your own shit going on. Everyone else is going to say "Yeah, no, I'd really prefer to not give you all of my money and then maybe end up in that weird detention camp where you are maybe keeping Shelley Miscavige!"

    Thus, they must find a way to rally those who are still around, somehow, and rally they have. With a music video that will make you die in your face from second hand embarrassment!

    "What time is it? What time is it? Don't anybody know what time is it?" It is time for a lot of weird Scientology lingo to be put in a rap song like they are normal terms that everyone uses. "SPs ain't nothing" is especially good. For those not in the know, IAS is the International Association of Scientologists, which former Scientologist Mike Rinder has suggested is pretty much nothing more than some kind of money scheme meant to scam the IRS, and which claims to do a bunch of good things that it does not actually do.

    It is kind of sad, honestly, that a Scientology music video could not really get any fancy celebrities. I mean, that's kind of their main thing, right? The only person Scientology expert Tony Ortega recognized was actor Michael D. Roberts, who was in Rainman and some other stuff. I think the awkward lady in the one shoulder dress and baseball cap might be someone? Like, I think she is maybe a person I have randomly seen in a couple things who kind of has the same face as Ricki Lake, but also it might not be that same lady. I cannot exactly Google "Lady who was a therapist or something in a show I watched one time, can't remember what it was? I want to say it was either Revenge or Criminal Minds, but not sure what episodes!"

    But really, that just shows you what a dire position they are in. It's like, a dude who looks and raps like Vanilla Ice and wears a lot of khaki, some lady I might know from somewhere, ten thousand ladies who would like to speak to your manager RIGHT NOW, and a few of their kids.

    Bring it on, indeed!

    [Tony Ortega]

    Wonkette is not Scientology, so we do not FORCE you to give us any of your money! However, if you can spare some, we'd sure love it if you could click here to tip us!

  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Please Don't Kidnap, Beat, Harass Or Stalk Us, Church Of Scientology! | Wonkette

    By Rebecca Schoenkopf, July 17, 2018


    The Church of Scientology had some thoughts about Our Robyn's piece, Who Wants To Watch A Creepy White Guy Rap About Scientology? We had some thoughts about their thoughts.
    Thanks for writing in, Scientology! As you doubtless realized when you didn't demand we take down our story, but requested it instead, our opinions of your weird cult and that poor young man's rap skills are protected by the First Amendment. (I learned about libel law in college and grad school but also on the job: I was in newspapers so long that I was actually colleagues with Tony Ortega -- about whom you sound quite "venomous" and "biased" -- at the very same newspaper chain you can't believe he defended! Next up, please show your due diligence by talking trash about a woman you didn't know was my mom.)

    Also, a lot of your former members say on the record that you kidnap people, and stalk them, and harass them, and sometimes beat them up good, and I request that if so, fucking stop it.

    The rest of you click the headline, if you want your OPEN THREAD.

    Rebecca Schoenkopf is the owner, publisher, and editrix of Wonkette. She is a nice lady, SHUT UP YUH HUH. She is very tired with this fucking nonsense all of the time, and it would be terrific if you sent money to keep this bitch afloat. She is on maternity leave until 2033.

  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    If it’s wrong to love Scientology hip-hop, we don’t want to be right

    By Tony Ortega, August 6, 2018


    Peter Bonyai asked us if we’d seen a three-year-old video put out by Scientology which features one of our favorite performers, Scientology’s in-house hip hop giant, Chill EB. We told him we weren’t sure, but we really didn’t need much excuse to visit it again as long as the Chillmaster was in it.

    Unfortunately, you have to sit through a lot of really boring scene-setting by the masters at Golden Era Productions in his video as it tries to build a mood and cast a spell over its intended audience — Scientologists who are likely sick and tired of forking out their hard-earned cash to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS). But once it gets going, not only are we treated to a few glimpses of Chill, but the hard rap line is laid down by none other than Rev. Alfreddie Johnson — yes! The Literacy King himself!

    Alfreddie may be Scientology’s most visible African-American figure, and he’s been in the middle of a lot of Scientology history, including the strange merger of Scientology and the Nation of Islam. But perhaps his greatest exploit was somehow escaping criminal charges when just about everyone else around him at his former literacy center was caught up in a state insurance fraud prosecution. Alfreddie made himself somewhat scarce after that first went down, but we’ve noticed in recent months that he’s starting to make a comeback as a man on the scene. This video reminds us of just what a big deal he was considered at one time.

    And maybe that’s the best reason for revisiting this video, to remember how things were just a few years ago, right when Alex Gibney’s Going Clear and Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath arrived and put some serious hurt on the church, which seems to be in a real tailspin. So let’s remember these Scientology quasi-celebrities giving it their all as the ship SS Miscavige began heading into stormy waters.

    There’s Chick Corea, of course, who has done OT 8 twice. People often ask us if bassist Stanley Clarke is still involved, and here’s your answer. Australia knows OT 8 singer Kate Ceberano, but she’s really not known in the States. David Campbell is the father that Beck so rejected from his life he took his mother’s last name, Hansen, instead. Jim Meskimen is the son of actress Marion Ross, and seems to work harder than ever on behalf of the church..

    Continued at

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