Tony Ortega: Scientology internal videos

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    Video Vault: Another dose of L. Ron Hubbard wisdom you aren’t supposed to see

    We have another “quote video” that normally you can only see inside a Scientology “org.” In this case, it’s an excerpt that is used to entice church members to fork over $125 for a set of lectures that L. Ron Hubbard gave in Johannesburg in 1961.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    It has "Otters..."

    Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 3.27.37 PM.png

    Also, at 1:14, this bizarre statement by the madman....

    "The whole field of knowledge is born out of one thing, and that is the power to observe and what you can observe IS, and what you can't observe probably, ISN'T."

    L. Ron Hubbard ~ Nuclear Physicist
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    CCHR Florida Indiegogo Campaign Video

    The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is Scientology’s rabidly anti-psychiatry front group. These two young members of the Florida chapter really look worked up, don’t they?

    So far, the indiegogo campaign associated with the video has failed to take in any contributions.

    Could the word be out on CCHR and Scientology? Hard to believe they couldn’t wrangle something from the local whales.

    Thanks to the tipster who pointed out that anemic attempt by CCHR to fire up the Florida base.
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    L. Ron Hubbard describes infiltrating a veterans’ hospital in a lecture only for Scientologists

    Our source has really come through for us this week with one of the best “quote videos” that we’ve seen so far. This is another clip that you aren’t supposed to see until you’re actually a member of Scientology, and after viewing it we can certainly see why.

    This is L. Ron Hubbard at his best, spinning a series of tall tales about how, while he was a patient at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in 1947 for his war “wounds” (an ulcer and conjunctivitis), he infiltrated the hospital’s medical library and then showed up the scientists there with his amazing discoveries about the thinkingness of thought on the way to publishing Dianetics three years later.

    He told this version of the tale in 1958 at what is now known as the London Clearing Congress, and Scientologists are encouraged to buy copies of the lectures at $125. Here’s how Bridge Publications describes the package…

    “The long search for truth, the tortuous journey from culture to culture, the perilous quest into realms few had ever glimpsed, much less ventured — L. Ron Hubbard’s most renowned lecture of all time, The Story of Dianetics and Scientology. And that’s only the first monumental lecture! Beyond is the epic view of Scientology — past, present and future. Beginning with the past, from his current vantage point of Clear, Mr. Hubbard looks back through each previous discovery all the way to the first Clears he made in 1947. What that revealed is the answer to the question: “What happened to the rest of the bank the moment they achieved Clear?” And if the question was startling enough, what the answer revealed was the solution for total stability. Here, then, is not only the discovery of what prevents a preclear from “erasing” his mental image pictures, but a revelation that quite literally answers what life was like at the moment of creation. All of which opened a new panorama of doingness, extending across every dynamic, and summed up in the phrase “Bring Order.” So, yes — while L. Ron Hubbard began with a monumental look to the past, by the time this Congress was over, it was the creation of a story that continues to unfold every day, The Future of Scientology and the Western Civilization.”

    The future of Western Civilization!

    Well, as you’ll see, Hubbard comes off less like Plato or Aristotle and more like that guy at the local bar who always features himself as the know-it-all star of his tall tales. Get a load of this whopper…

    Continued at
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    Carla Moxon, planetary savoir

    Back on January 25, we thanked Jeff Jacobsen for bringing to our attention this amazing video of Carla Moxon giving a Toastmaster’s speech about saving the Earth from alien attack. Carla is a longtime Scientologist who was a member of the Guardian Office, and was, along with her husband Kendrick Moxon, named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Snow White Program of government infiltration, for which 11 top Scientologists were convicted and sent to prison. And wow, she spins a helluva yarn.

    A week after we posted that here, Angry Gay Pope reported that attempts were being made to pull down the YouTube version of Carla’s speech. But it’s still there, as is this off-shore version, which will probably exist forever.

    We’re not sure why this has suddenly come back up again (it was a subject of a lot of talk in the comments yesterday), but for whatever reason, it’s always good for another look!

    Continued at
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  7. vaLLarrr Member

    How come the videos themselves are not linked from Tony's site?

    Need to put this crap up, somewhere, because it hurts the cult.
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  8. anonysamvines Member

    What I really liked about her carefully crafted rubbish was how only she and dear Ken could tell which way round the laser/gun thing was supposed to be!

    All those aliens creating and using it all this time .... And yet they can't tell which is the pointy end they don't want to be caught looking down when it goes off?

    Homo novis superior dipshit beings indeed are our dear Carla and ken!
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  9. vaLLarrr Member

    That would be the same Carla whos daughter killed herself by grabbing a high power line after being told by the cult she couldn't see her new husband yet again. And the cult destroyed her suicide note & Kendrick never found out.

    The Moxon Family. Complete and utter cunts.
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  10. anonysamvines Member

    They really valued their daughter ?

    Really makes one think about the value of human life huh?

    Guess it was way too hard for either of them to recognise what CUNTS they are
    Continue to be by the stance they take

    I gotta say
    Thank the FUCK that I can feel that dissonance!
    Know when that discord happens and the discord between PERSONAL and for the greater good

    Carla and Ken will NEVER allow themselves to see that discord!
    Because admitting that will show how they betrayed and didn't live up to the difference between what they think they espouse and what they actually do espouse!

    They have fucked up too much too often
    EARNED every bit of shit they haven't received so far! (An unindicted conspiritant in the SNowWhite case

    never heard of Ken's daughter , Stacy Grove Meyer!topic/alt.religion.scientology/IYwgx14_8ZY
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  11. Anonymous Member

    But their shocking charm will always be their electrifying personalities!

    electrical yellow puddle@0.jpg
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    Scientology Hip Hop: Is there anything better in the world? | The Underground Bunker

    The Underground Bunker is proud to present another example of Scientology hip hop so new, it was sent out to church members today.

    Yes, our tipsters are amazing, and we are grateful that they take the chances necessary to bring us this amazing material.

    We have, in the past, marveled at amazing examples of Scientology hip hop — we have never really fallen out of love with the Copenhagen miracle, but we will forever bemoan losing the awesome Melbourne Day Rap Battle Team. If only someone would turn up a copy of it. We’re also huge fans of Scientology in-house rapper Chill EB (pictured), and we only wish he’d been involved in this newest joint. Oh well.

    But for now, the talented folks at Golden Era Productions have a new number to get you West U.S. folks amped up for turning over your last dollar to build unneeded new churches! Let it wash over you!

    And here’s the e-mail it came with, including the lyrics!

    Continued at
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    Sydney’s on fire!

    Yes, just a day after we plagued you with a new release of Scientology Hip Hop, today we have another glossy production by the organization that loves to celebrate its impending planetary takeover.

    And now that the Sydney Ideal Org is open, it’s bursting with energy to clear Australia! Come one, come all!

    Continued here:
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    When Scientologists sell each other Scientology: ‘I’m me for the first time in trillions of years’

    We can’t get enough of Scientology success stories, and this newest video, gushing about the ‘Golden Age of Tech Phase II,’ is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

    Internal e-mails smuggled out of the church (particularly those showing up lately at Mike Rinder’s excellent blog) have made clear just how desperate Scientology leader David Miscavige is to get the church’s dwindling masses to embrace the changes he made in GAT II. The Orwellian twist in his marketing scheme is to convince Scientologists that they will ‘rocket’ up L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Bridge to Total Freedom’ by paradoxically going back and re-doing low-level coursework that they initially experienced (and paid for) many years ago.

    Also, Miscavige can’t really introduce new material: Hubbard is still ‘Source,’ and no real new ‘technology’ can be added since his 1986 death. So Miscavige is left with ‘streamlining’ existing material, and selling members on the idea that they’ll move more rapidly through courses.

    And since it’s against the rules to go into any real detail about their experiences on these levels, testimonials have to rely on hilariously vague exclamations about being in “present time” or some similar silliness. You’ll see what we mean when you watch the video.

    Best of all: the promo is bookended by the most awesome Scientologists in the world, Grant and Elena Cardone. Who wouldn’t buy a Bridge from this couple?

    Continued here:
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    Three videos the Church of Scientology would rather you not watch

    Our video sources came through again this Friday, and we have a collection of fun things to watch.

    First up, we have another “quote video” that you normally can’t see outside of a Scientology ‘org.’ It dramatizes a segment from L. Ron Hubbard’s 1957 “Freedom Congress,” and the video’s intention is to get you to shell out for the full set of lectures, at $200.00

    Here’s how Bridge Publications describes the Freedom Congress:

    “While only a few months since his previous Congress, this next one just couldn’t wait. L. Ron Hubbard called it the Freedom Congress because it began on July 4th — America’s Day of Independence — and because the Congress would address freedom from human confusion. Specifically, the application of CCHs was achieving a new level of case gain. With it, a skilled auditor could process a day-old baby, a person in a coma, a total psychotic and most importantly, a person in very good shape.”

    Well, we could certainly use some case gain around here. So hold onto something and press play.

    Continued here:
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    I need coffee before I can handle more Hubbard video.

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    60 years ago and today: Scientology in its heyday, and now not so much

    By Tony Ortega

    Ah, 1954, the days of wine and word salad. Our source has come through with another “quote video” that you normally can only see inside a Scientology “org.” In this case, it’s a segment of an L. Ron Hubbard lecture from the “Phoenix Lectures” of 1954, and it’s meant to encourage members to pay $350 to Bridge Publications for the full lecture set.

    Before we show it to you, here’s how Bridge describes this exciting breakthrough in midcentury literary sleight of hand…

    “Here is the panoramic view of Scientology complete. Having codified the subject of Scientology in The Creation of Human Ability, L. Ron Hubbard then delivered a series of half-hour lectures to specifically accompany a full study of the book. From the essentials that underlie the technology — The Axioms, Conditions of Existence and Considerations and Mechanics, to the processes of Intensive Procedure, including twelve lectures describing one-by-one the thetan exterior processes of Route 1 — it’s all covered in full, providing a conceptual understanding of the science of knowledge and native state OT ability. Here then are the bedrock principles upon which everything in Scientology rests, including the embracive statement of the religion and its heritage — Scientology, Its General Background. Hence, this is the watershed lecture series on Scientology itself, and the axiomatic foundation for all future research.”

    Well, here’s the thing itself. Put on your seatbelt and press play.
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    L. Ron Hubbard’s mesmerizing lore, and tales of Scientology’s secretive Int Base

    Our video source came through again with another short film you normally can only see in a Scientology “org.” It’s another “quote video” that features a short segment of an L. Ron Hubbard lecture that’s meant to entice you to purchase the full set of lectures.

    In this case, Bridge Publications is asking $175.00 for the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress, given in Washington DC in 1955.

    Here’s how Bridge describes this monumental product:

    “Culminating five years of steady advance, the Founding Church of Scientology had just been established in Washington, DC. Summoning Scientologists to the first International Congress in the nation’s capital, L. Ron Hubbard opened with the lecture, The Hope of Man. And the title was more than apt. For what he presented were the results of advancing technology — results that could only be accurately described with a single word: miracles. Physical in nature — deaf children suddenly hearing, crippled children shedding crutches, and sight restored with eyeglasses discarded — and yet all of it accomplished by exclusively addressing the thetan.”

    Whoops. Those health claims would get Hubbard in trouble with the FDA eventually, but for now, faith-heal away, Ron! Listen to this portion, in which Hubbard tells us about self-determinism:

    Continued at
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  19. RightOn Member

    as usual can't get through it to even 2 mins
    babbling idiot is babbling
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    I have never watched any of these! I just don't care. What's more important is that with all these being leaked, the cult's craziness is reaching a wider audience, and without any money changing hands.
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  21. RightOn Member

    a thing of beauty it is!
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  22. Another little insight into the authenticity of video clips of filled orgs - from the people who were told they'd be 'extras' in an 'advert' for Scientology. Quotes from Twitter:

    Video clip from one of the extras:
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    For anyone interested, this has been mentioned in several threads, including these from 2008 and 2009:

    Scientology hiring extras to fill empty seats at events?

    Gold Needs Actors - Aug 5th and 6th

    Another casting call: 15th & 16th of August

    Scientology Casting Notice

    Casting Call – Golden Era Productions–-golden-era-productions.6923/
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  24. vaLLarrr Member

    Video clip from one of the extras:[/quote]

    That Asian chick doesn't look to impressed with her beans & rice gruel.

    Clearing the planet? lol they can't even clear their plates.
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    LEAKED: The slick campaign Scientology had planned for UK expansion!

    We have a real treat for our regular readers today, particularly those of you who enjoy our “Sunday Funnies.”

    Over the years, we’ve become very familiar with Scientology’s marketing methods, so when something different comes along, it can really get our attention. One of the best examples is the energy and fun of Scotland Scientology’s newsletter — “Scots Wha Hae…!” — which has been put out by a man who lives near Edinburgh named John Gourlay.

    He’s become something of a mascot in our Sunday Funnies pages of late, and so we were interested to hear that he was part of a slick marketing campaign that Scientology came up with last year, and then apparently abandoned.

    Luckily, one of our best tipsters managed to locate a copy of the campaign’s centerpiece — a nicely-made video that features Gourlay and a few other people of note in UK Scientology. Give it a look!


    Here’s what our tipster said about some of the people who appear in the video:

    John Gourlay — Everyone seems to know he’s the ED of HAPI Org in Scotland. Prior to the GAT II onslaught, he had been stalled on the Bridge; one of the very few Scottish OTs told me he’d been stuck on NED for over 15 years. He used to be a fisherman before he picked up Dianetics.

    Ros deLacy — She was very long-term Saint Hill staff (since the 1970s, I believe). She passed away last month.

    Rebecca Grant — an actress.

    Best we can tell, this video was made late last year, but wasn’t put online by the church itself. Perhaps it was used only in the orgs to get people amped up?

    More at
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    Listen: Rare tape reveals how L. Ron Hubbard really came up with Scientology’s space cooties

    The Underground Bunker has been leaked a rare 1952 L. Ron Hubbard recording that surfaced online only briefly five years ago. When it did, some longtime Scientology researchers were astonished, saying they thought it was mere legend.

    Despite the secrets it unlocks about the formation of Scientology’s beginnings, you won’t see a mention of this recording in any of the most important books on Scientology — not in Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear, not in Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah, or even in Jon Atack’s A Piece of Blue Sky. Even Arnie Lerma’s vast online archive contains only a very short portion of the full transcript of what you are about to hear.


    If Scientology’s con has a smoking gun, it may be this recording.
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  27. Random guy Member

  28. The Wrong Guy Member

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    Scientology has a new recruitment video to get you to sign up for a billion years!

    We have another video for you that wasn’t supposed to be seen outside the Church of Scientology. This one is a recruitment pitch for young Scientologists to join the Sea Organization — the church’s hardcore elite, who sign billion-year contracts and work 110-hour weeks for pennies an hour, with never a day off or a chance to spend time with their families. Sea Org members can’t have children, and live in dormitory settings with no privacy. Their existence is spartan and tough and, as we’re told in the video, it’s a lot of fun!

    Well, if you say so. The pitch is delivered by David Hodkin, a lifer who grew up in Scientology and whose sister, Louisa, made news earlier this year with the first-ever religious Scientology wedding in England. (David himself had to go to Edinburgh to get an official Scientology wedding in 2007.)

    What we find most remarkable about this video is how unguarded it is. Compare it to the slick spots made for public consumption — such as the most recent Super Bowl ad — which are intended to make Scientology seem cool and mysterious by telling you nothing specific about it. Here, Hodkin is much more plain — he thinks he’s talking only to other Scientologists, and expects them to agree with him when he says, “I came to the conclusion that the biggest problem that actually is on the planet is the tone level.”
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here’s a reminder of Scientology’s Cold War origins — L. Ron Hubbard on radiation!

    We have another video that you normally can only see inside a Scientology “org.” It’s another “quote video” that the church uses to convince members to purchase L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures.

    In this case, we have quite a doozy. It’s a clip from Hubbard’s December 1956 “Washington Congress on Anti-Radiation & Confront,” a set of lectures which Bridge Publications sells for $150.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s secret plan to take over the world — here it is!

    Scientology has a plan to take over the world — would you be surprised to learn that it involves you sending them a lot of money?

    We have another video that Scientology only intended its own members to see. It’s the latest appeal to members to send in cash so books can be sent to libraries around the world. See, Scientologists believe that if enough L. Ron Hubbard books are on shelves in the world’s libraries, nothing will stop them from “clearing the planet” and taking over this small, precious world.

    No doubt, some cranky old critic will tell you that this is just another David Miscavige money grab because members are asked to pay cover price for books that Scientology manufactures themselves (presumably at a much lower cost), and there’s never any real proof that your donations end up putting books on library shelves. (In fact, librarians tell us they’re in the habit of throwing away anything that comes from Bridge Publications, Scientology’s printing arm.) And of course, targeting libraries with physical books seems rather anachronistic in a digital age.

    But never mind the cynics. Bathe in the optimism of this short film as it beseeches you to help with such a noble goal — total planetary takeover!
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    That time L. Ron Hubbard was hit by lightning while wearing full armor: It’s science!

    Hubbard tells us about a couple of specific past lives he experienced, one of which ended when he was struck by lightning while wearing a full set of armor. It happened when he was an English knight, some centuries back, and his disembodied spirit then traveled to Bavaria for his next life.
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  33. failboat Member

    It turns out that it's not enough to just post links here. Someone's going to have to start archiving these videos as they appear - I hope Tony or some other researcher already has had that foresight, because if not, then I don't know how we're going to recover some of them. That probably isn't a job for one person, and this may warrant starting a new thread to get discussion & eyeballs.

    I intended to spend some time catching up on videos, but the problem is, the vast majority disappear shortly after Tony Ortega publicizes them. I've clicked all the links to Tony Ortega video vault posts on this page and the most recent ones from the previous page, and most of the quote videos and internal videos are gone with a few exceptions. The YouTube videos - probably Scilon public or staff accounts - are now private, and cannot be viewed. I had hoped that the fact that most of the Tony Ortega internal/quote videos are posted on RuTube might help keep them around, but that was not to be.

    Only the Paul Haggis video (hosted by HuffPo) remains of the 5 from this post:

    Video from today's post is still available:

    Space cooties audio is still available:

    This one is still available:

    And this one is still available:

    The following posts talk about their videos, but contain a blank spot and no video at all - including one from as recently as Saturday:

    I don't have time to do any more, IRL is calling, but you guys can hopefully get to work making up a list of what's missing & what's available, and then start downloading and archiving these things.
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  34. Rutube put up an online DMCA complaint form earlier this year and a large number of Scientology videos went down shortly thereafter.

    A list of all the channels where Ortega's videos can be found for archiving or mirroring:
  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology tries to psych out Florida — and Chill EB is back!

    Even as more people leave and Scientology continues inexorably to dwindle, the church never gives up trying to spread its message, sometimes in subtle ways.

    The latest example is a campaign we learned about before Scientology has even been able to launch it. It’s the newest ad from the Florida chapter of its anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR.

    Scientologists are being encouraged to donate money so CCHR can put this on Florida’s airwaves. Give it a look and let us know: How effective will this ad be in recruiting the unsuspecting to Scientology’s anti-psych fun-party?
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    Video Vault: The Philadelphia Doctorate Course!

    Our video source has come through again, posting another “quote video” that you normally can only see inside a Scientology “org.” In this case, it’s a brief excerpt from a lecture that is part of the vaunted Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

    Jon Atack has set the scene for us in past columns: It was December 1952, and Hubbard was beginning to make his gradual comeback with “Scientology” after the Dianetics craze of 1950 had died down and Hubbard’s own life had become a mess. Now, with just a few dozen loyal followers, he began to climb his way back.

    Bridge Publications, Scientology’s publishing arm, wants $1,150 for the full set of lectures. Here’s how it describes the package.
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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Video proof that Scientology makes you a stellar communicator

    There’s nothing quite like a Scientology testimonial, especially when it’s delivered by an organic date farmer from the banks of the Jordan river explaining how he’s going OT!

    We have yet another Scientology internal video that’s been leaked to us by our great tipsters, as well as a couple of other short films the church might not be thrilled that you’re getting a chance to see. In this first one, we learn that Kevin, at Saint Hill, no longer feels the need to restrain himself.


    And finally, our special source came through again and we have another “quote video” that you normally can only see inside a Scientology org. It’s the set of lectures L. Ron Hubbard gave in 1957 that are known as the Ability Congress, and Bridge Publications is selling copies of the series for $125.

    We kid you not, this is from Bridge’s description of this vaunted series:

    “Here then is the Congress where L. Ron Hubbard moved Scientology, as a whole, three feet behind society’s head.”
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  40. Incredulicide Member

    So that's what happened to Bastian!
    You wouldn't know he was in Scientology's RPF from his wiki page.

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