Tony Ortega: Scientology’s new Sea Org application

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    Ahoy, matey: We have Scientology’s new Sea Org application!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 29, 2018


    We want to thank the tipster who sent us a very interesting new document. We’re not at liberty yet to tell you just how our correspondent got their hands on this particular item — but that may change in the near future.

    Anyway, what we’re talking about is a most fascinating item, a brand new, 2018, “pilot” application for Scientology’s Sea Organization, the folks who are so dedicated and hard core they sign billion-year contracts and promise to work around the clock for the church, lifetime after lifetime.

    Before they can get to that point, however, they have to fill in an application and begin the process of turning over every bit of information about themselves to a very nosy Church of Scientology.

    Now, things aren’t too crazy in this initial application. Eventually, besides signing the billion-year pledge, all new Sea Org recruits also have to fill out what’s known as a “life history” which is incredibly invasive, and requires a complete inventory of every sexual encounter the applicant has ever had.

    But in this initial application, the prospective swabby is being asked the basics about whether he or she has any financial entanglements the church needs to know about. And then there’s this set of questions, our favorite part:

    30. Have you or anyone in your family or friends ever threatened to sue or sued a Scientology church or persons working in a Scientology church or organization?

    31. Are you here to obtain news stories?

    32. Are you here to disrupt the organization?

    33. Have you ever viewed websites or information that was antagonistic to the Church of Scientology or affiliated programs?

    34. Have you ever considered, threatened or attempted suicide or other self-destructive actions?

    Good stuff. But what really caught our attention this time was that Scientology is making new technological strides, and this application is actually a fillable PDF! Knowing Scientology, however, they probably call in the answers to the home office to have them telexed to Miscavige.

    But hey, what a fun glimpse we have once again into the process of finding the next heroes of Scientology’s quasi-naval inner corps.

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    A lot has been written here about the Sea Org. Here are a few threads:

    2011: Scientology's Tendency to Exploit Children in the Sea Org (USA)

    2011: Sea Org contract dissected by contract lawyer

    2012: Sea Org Requirements

    2012: Young girl imprisoned, beaten and abused in Sea Org Headquarter, Dundas, Australia

    2013: Carol Nyburg Exits Scientology Inc and Sea Org after 26 years

    2013: The Sea Org Launches the New OT VIII Ship - The Freewinds

    2015: New Book - Swim To Get Out: A Soldier's Account Of Scientology's Sea Organization

    2016: Former Sea Org architect Paul Burkhart on Hemet, The Hole, and Shelly Miscavige

    Here's a search for more mentions of the Sea Org on this site:"Sea Org"
  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s new survey is a hoot — we’re itching for your answers!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 1, 2018


    On Monday, we told you that we’d gotten our mitts on a new Sea Org application that Scientology is asking marks to fill out before they sign billion-year contracts and start working around the clock.

    After seeing us post that, another of our tipsters sent in something else really fun. Our correspondent tells us that way back in the 1970s, her husband visited an org and picked up a copy of the Scientology book “Self-Analysis.”

    You probably can predict the next part: In the decades since, Scientology has hounded the poor man with letters and literature, spamming him about getting involved in the church.

    This is just one of the things that Scientology does mindlessly because L. Ron Hubbard told them to decades ago. So they pump out metric tons of crappy fliers and letters, considering it a “win” just to dump the stuff on the US Postal Service.

    But our tipster noticed that among all the crap the church usually sends to her husband was a new come-on, a survey, that she thought we might want to see. We have to admit, it is pretty entertaining.

    Can you imagine thinking this kind of thing is going to be effective?


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