Tony Ortega: Child sexual abuse coverup at Los Angeles Scientology daycare

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    Scientology’s day care from hell: The scandal the church managed to keep hidden — until now

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, July 10, 2015


    Ellen was driving back from an outing in San Diego with her daughter when she got the call. [“Ellen” is not her real name, but this account is exactly how she told it to us.]

    It was Julian, an ethics officer at Scientology’s “org” in Los Angeles. Julian was one of the young “masters at arms” who enforce Scientology’s myriad rules and regulations. If you heard from him, it usually meant you were in some kind of trouble, Ellen knew.

    “I need to see you right away,” he told her.

    “No, tell me what it is now,” Ellen answered. If she was in trouble, she wanted to know right away.

    “I can’t really get into it. You’re going to be getting a call from a police detective.”

    Ellen frowned. Why would a Scientology ethics officer be telling her that she’d be getting a call from the police?

    “Why is a detective going to call?” she asked.

    “You’re probably also going to be getting a call from –,” Julian said, and then he named a woman we’re going to refer to as DayCare Mom.

    “Something happened there,” Julian continued.

    Ellen could do the math. She looked at her daughter, who was just seven, and she seemed all right. Ellen tried not to show how much she wanted to scream.

    It had been two years since Ellen stopped sending her daughter to DayCareMom’s house, where she operated a business that catered to other Scientology families. Ellen had a bad feeling about the place then. And now her worst fears were coming true.

    After she got home, she dropped off her daughter and drove to the org. She went to Julian’s office and asked him what was going on.

    Julian asked her to wait as he brought in DayCare Mom. He also brought in a Scientology chaplain, and a man in a suit, who was introduced as an attorney for the the church. DayCare Mom then began speaking.

    “My son was molesting the girls at the day care, for over a year. Your daughter was one of them. We’re just coming clean about it.”

    Ellen sat stunned as DayCare Mom then went into a Scientology practice of giving “time, place, form, and event,” and methodically described what her son had done to each of the girls, and how many times.

    “That was hard to hear,” Ellen says.

    Julian then explained that DayCare Mom had revealed the crime during a sec check.

    A “sec check” or “security check” is a brutal interrogation that all Scientologists must go through from time to time. The subject of a sec check is asked to hold the sensors of an E-meter — a crude electronic device which simply measures tiny fluctuations in skin galvanism, but to Scientologists the machine is a sophisticated tool which can detect if they’re lying. With their utter confidence in the E-meter’s ability to tell when they’re holding back information, Scientologists spill their guts under the tough questioning of ethics officers.

    In this case, DayCare Mom had spent tens of thousands of dollars to go through something called “OT Eligibility” in preparation for starting the vaunted “Operating Thetan” Scientology levels. As Claire Headley explained to us during our survey of Scientology’s courses, Up the Bridge, a member isn’t allowed to start the OT levels (which themselves cost many thousands of dollars each) until passing “OT Preps” and “OT Eligibility,” which includes a sec check.

    Scientologists can’t begin these high-level courses, Claire explained, without first going through an intense interrogation to find out if they have “evil intentions.”

    During her sec check, convinced she couldn’t defeat the all-knowing E-meter, DayCare Mom had revealed the information she’d been holding back: That her teenage son was a predator, and for more than a year he had molested the girls other parents dropped off at her house.

    Julian told Ellen that as soon as he heard about that confession, he told DayCare Mom that it was her responsibility to call the police. “I told her, you’re either going to report the crime or I will,” Julian claimed. But even though the crime had been reported, Ellen was told that the mothers were being asked to keep the matter within the church.

    Ellen was told that if DayCare Son were charged (he was then 17 and still a juvenile), he’d be subject to psychiatric treatment and medication.

    “We’re begging you not to press charges because he’ll be subject to psych evals. We want to avoid that,” the attorney said to her.

    Scientologists are taught to regard psychiatry and its medications with a white-hot hate. The thought of DayCare Mom’s son on psych drugs in custody was worse, to these Scientologists, than doing nothing about a young man who had molested their daughters.

    “Julian was very clever in the way he did this. He did make sure it was reported to police, but then he turned it over to the chaplain, like it was a church situation. And it was clear that he was the one making sure none of us filed charges or filed lawsuits,” she says.

    “I told them there was no way in hell I was going to allow that.”

    After that meeting, Ellen did hear from the police detective, who called her last out of all the parents involved. Ellen’s daughter had been at the day care the least, and hadn’t been victimized as much as some of the others.

    The problem, the detective told her, was that none of other parents wanted to press charges.

    Ellen called each of them, and they told her it was against Scientology rules to prosecute a fellow Scientologist — not without permission from the “International Justice Chief,” a man named Mike Ellis who members almost never saw or heard from.

    “The mothers were concerned that if they pressed charges, they would lose their own OT levels,” Ellen says.

    What she means is that when the mothers, like DayCare Mom, also reached their “OT Eligibility” in order to go into the high-level courses, they would also be interrogated, and if they had sued or prosecuted a fellow Scientologist, they’d lose the right to spend tens of thousands of dollars per level to reach the top of Scientology’s spiritual attainment.

    Ellen was infuriated. She said they didn’t need anyone’s permission to press charges. But the other mothers didn’t budge.

    Each of them, and Ellen, had been instructed by Julian how to talk to the police detective to convince him that DayCare Son should not be prosecuted.

    But Ellen didn’t go along with it. She not only helped the detective with his investigation, she personally rounded up the four other mothers and took them to meet with a prosecutor at the district attorney’s office.

    “I actually got the other mothers to the DA’s office, and got the kids interviewed by the police detective, using the doll. But the mothers decided to let the church handle it,” she says.

    With the limited cooperation they received, the DA’s office charged the young man with a crime that only resulted in a sentence of probation.

    “I at least wanted him on the sex offender’s list, but we didn’t even get that,” Ellen says.

    Ellen was so disgusted with how the affair had been handled, she decided to leave Scientology, after having grown up in a rather prominent church family. Once she did, her parents, who remained in the church, cut off all contact with her as they followed the Scientology policy of “disconnection.”

    Ellen shared with us a lengthy document she wrote to her father, explaining her reasons for leaving Scientology. In the document, she tells her father that not only had DayCare Son escaped the punishment he really deserved, but that Scientology’s way of handling the manner had involved the young man spending time in the homes of his victims, doing a “liability formula.”

    When Scientologists are considered to have committed a transgression of some kind, they can be assigned a “lower condition” to reflect their lack of status. “Liability” is one of the least severe lower conditions, and making up for it requires an involved program of contrition, including asking permission of others to rejoin the non-liable population. DayCare Son had reportedly spent time in the homes of his victims so he could accomplish this program, Ellen told her father.

    When she found out about it, Ellen says she was shocked. “I thought sure the church was going to declare them all,” Ellen says, referring to Scientology’s practice of excommunicating members by “declaring” them “suppressive persons.”

    “But the mom is still in the church, and so is the kid. They let them do the conditions to make up for the crime, and they’ve even let him babysit. That’s when I never went back,” Ellen says with disgust.

    But there’s more to the story.

    Continued here:

    There's a related thread here:

    Scientology = Child Abuse
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  2. RightOn Member

    this needs to be put there a LOT more.
    Tweeters please tweet this story.
    Yet ANOTHER crime covered up and they still have their tax exemption.

    Scientologist mothers believe it is MORE important to not hurt the cult over the safety of their own kids in exchange for going up the bridge. Are they going to say their daughters pulled it in? Oh this is so sickening!
    And what about the fathers? They had nothing to say either?
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  3. RightOn Member

    thanks to the one mother who came forward to tell this story
  4. anon8109 Member

    A female homo novis ran a daycare where her 17 year old son sexually molested the girls.
    Scientology found out during a sec check of the mother where she confessed.
    In classic cult fashion the cover-up started by coaching the victims' parents on what to tell the police so that no charges could be made against the predator.

    The mom in the news story did not follow the plan and was declared an SP.

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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Chris Shelton posted this below the article:


    This story deserves national attention and I hope against all hope that it goes viral on major media lines like so many of Tony's other stories do, even though no celebrity's name is connected with this one. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Scientology has very bloody hands and it is very much to Ellen's credit that she stood up to them and took it as far as she did. Unfortunately that is so rare in Scientologists.

    Someone asked me on my Q&A show recently about sexual violations and harassment in the Church and I answered honestly that the only incidents I knew of were a handful - actually three - of statutory rape in the Sea Org which were dealt with pretty much exactly like this one Tony is reporting on. In each case, the offender was sent directly to the RPF and the victim ended up out of the Sea Org and any other details were simply on the rumor line because things of that nature were never discussed openly. It was by pure accident that I even knew about any of them, mainly because I had some connection to the offenders through working at CLO WUS. I don't know that its appropriate here to name who they were, but I remember them all.

    No one I ever met in the SO was happy about it and no one thought the offender deserved anything less than getting their balls cut off, but went along with the "internal justice" because it would have been unthinkable to let "wog law" handle the offender. The good name of the Church was just an implicit consideration always given senior importance, so much so that we might shake our heads at the offenders and hate and revile what they did, but we knew there was nothing else that could be done. I can only look back on that with shame now but of course when you are in the cult and are under the cult indoctrination, your common sense might as well be on Mars for all the good it's doing you. Were there anything I could do about it now other than continue to expose the evils of Scientology, I would.

    As bad as I know Scientology is, the depths of its depravity still surprise me. I had uncovered so much in my studies and talking to other ex's and nowhere did I learn more than at the Toronto Conference, which is why my tune has changed a bit since then in regards to what Scientology actually is and why I do not support any of it or try to defend any of its "good parts" anymore. There simply are no good parts to Scientology. It is an institutional evil which sucks good people into it and makes them do horrible things similar in so many ways to North Korea and Nazi Germany.


    Here's his blog:
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  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Name of pedophile and moms business if possible please.i need to find records and it might be hard if he was tried as a juvenile. I don't need the names of the victims or their families.
  7. Bridgette Gerholdt/Wechsle Child Care Facility
    Multiple Alleged Children Molestation cover up
    by Scientology employee - Julian Schwartz

    Daycare owner = Bridgette Gerholdt
    Now Bridgette Wechsler
    Married to Gene Wechsler since March 28, 2008

    Bridgette & Gene marriage success story on Scientology Dating site

    Scientologists Marcia Powell video regarding her dating site (she is single)

    Scientology completion under Bridgette Wechsler

    Bridgette was at Flag as recently as 2010

    Gene has accounting company in Northridge

    Bridgette is office manager at husband’s accounting company

    Bridgette’s Attorney 2002- Randy Keen

    Original Daycare Location =
    706 N Priscilla Ln,
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Daycare Opened in 1998

    Bridgette Phone Number = (818) 848-6133
    Current Address = Northridge, CA
    Bridgette’s Plug for Hubbard College
    Bridgette Gerholdt
    Robin Bridgette Gerholdt
    Bridgette R Gerholdt
    Bridgette B Gerholdt
    Brigette Gerholdt’s Scientology completions

    Article from 2002 about her trying to expand daycare to 14 kids

    Family Members:
    Past Husband - Bob Gerholdt

    (Bridgette and Bob both did the Scientology marriage course in 2002 and then got divorced…)

    Bob’s Work Location - Copymat Hollywood
    6501 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    323) 461-1222

    Rob & Bridgette Are Both Patrons of the IAS

    Carmel Gerholdt – Daughter

    Carmel (Gerholdt) Torres Facebook –– Lives in Clearwater Florida

    Stephanie Gerholdt – Past Sea Org member - Left in Early 2008

    Now Stephanie Killeen
    Lives in Sunland

    Married to Jon Killeen

    Works at Management Success & Survival Insurance
    Has two kids - Braelyn & Liam gerholdt.html

    Used to work for Norm Taylor Associates

    Currently works at We Buy Cars

    Nathan Gerholdt – Son (alleged/reported Child Molester)

    Nathan Santoro
    Nathan AntiSound
    Lives in LA

    Worked at Freebirds Burritos in LA
    Nathan is the cook as of Thursday August 1, 2013
    Brand new Cell # as of Wednesday July 31st 818-939-9962

    Nathan changed name on Facebook to Nathan AntiSound

    (He still has many scientology public and staff as his friends as of July 1st 2015)

    Nathan Gerholdt MySpace page

    Nathan Gerholdt’s Scientology completions

    Nathan Gerholdt old Facebook profile

    Nathan was in a Band – They broke up in 2011-12

    with Eddie Frencher (former boyfriend of Bella Cruise)
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  9. hey, I though WWP was against namefagging people?!? Oh wait … that’s right …double standards much?
    This message by wtfdude has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  10. Ersatz Global Moderator

    There is no policy against doxing a Scientologist. It is an important tool to our cause. Doxing innocent people, children or other anons is a not permitted.
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  11. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Can't find any CoS connection for one of the daughters. Do we have a link?
  12. amaX Member

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  13. sallysock Member

    This disturbs me on many levels:


    He is friends with a handful of scilons- this one jumped out at me:

    anti fb.JPG

    Edit; Sorry missed the Eddie connection in previous post above.
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  14. Quentinanon Member

    Not surprising. Scientology engenders and validates anti-social behaviour. In my experience, the precursor of anti-social personality disorder, conduct disorder, is not unusual in these "scientology kids", who I have seen commit vandalism, theft, prostitution, and dealing in illegal drugs. The cult considers it mainly "out-PR", when the cause is parenting kids with scientology.
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  15. I am just wondering why we take what an anonymous poster (ehem!) said about some clams. it is pretty fucked up to throw around names when we don't have any evidence that is THE person.

    Once it is verified by a reliable source or police record then let's go for it. Meantime this fuck anon poster might have been someone with an axe to grind with those people and they might not be the perpetrators!

    TO didn't post any names and he had them. So maybe he should verify this are the real people involved before we accuse someone of child molestation.
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  16. The word alleged is there.
    We are not TO, we are anonymous.
  17. Ersatz Global Moderator

    ^^^This. Also there is enough information given in the TO article to dox the idiots. As for "alleged" dudes don't get probation for "alleged" crimes.
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  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  19. How interesting this is to run across when something so very similar also happened in the mid 90s with Ann Zanier's son "Sport" when he was about 9 yrs and some very young children/babies at her daycare. My understanding is that this was not allowed to be reported to the authorities . It would be 'handled' within the church. I wonder if it continued. That is what I thought of immediately that it was the same people until getting into the comments. Crazy!

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