Tomorrow is a day of destiny

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  1. Tomorrow is a day of destiny

    Poem for the Rooftops of Iran - June 19th, 2009


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    YouTube - oldouz84's Channel

    Please help me spread this video. It is my hope that every person in the entire world hears her voice. Do not stop at just your own news, make sure foreign news stations hear it as well. Translate it into every language, and broadcast it so that the whole world can hear her.

    The only weapon they wield is their voice,
    the only armor they wear is their courage.
  2. Poem

    Thank you for this poem.
    It makes us sad and angry to see your sitation in Iran.

    We are all with you.

    Regards from Europe.
  3. best wishes and success for all friends who participate in today's rally.
    guys in abroad! please double your efforts today, we need great media support for today, today is different because the leader has threatened to kill. let's see if he dares!
    long live liberty!
  4. Good luck

    Good luck from all around the world. We are watching.

    But remember, the police got heavy armor and weapons. I know this a peacefull demo, but the masses that storm if someone is getting beat will scare them away. Look for a weakness in the armor. Like back of the knee. Do not kill! That will make you a murderer like them.


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