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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by n3uromanc3r, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Adventists live a healthy vegetarian life. The most conservative don't play cards or dance. Loma Linda University is viewed as Babylon because some of the girls wear make up.
    Linking them to Waco is like saying all Mormons are pedophiles, or all Catholics are pedophiles. Oh wait.
    Anyway, they do live longer than us alcoholic, smoking, meat-eating sluts.
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    Waiting for obvious double entendre.
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    What is your source for Scientology buying the Battle Creek Sanitarium?
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    I wish I was a slut and I wish I ate meat (the BF is sleeping).
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    How ironic would it be if a thread moved from the TD to a real topic? I would celebrate by having an adult beverage.
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    Maybe I missed it but I couldn't find any mention of Scientology buying the Battle Creek Sanitarium. The U.S.A appears to have been the owner since the start of WWII until now:
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    Reading comprehension fail on my part. The article mentions the old "San" and then moves to discussion of the new Narconon in Battle Creek which has had several owners before, and I thought this was the original sanitarium.

    That big huge federal building is the original Kellogg facility?
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    You know why those guys are wearing diapers in that pic above?

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    A good underrated movie based on Battle Creek Sanitarium:
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    Monhonk Mountain House used as a set for "The Road to Wellville above:
  18. Your attitude is the same type that blinded many doctors that failed to diagnose my son of a very deadly, but very treatable condition. WebMD is sponsored by BigPharm, so we'll let the bought and paid for physicians keep that for themselves. PubMed, and the other scientific research is widely available to just about anyone that cares to read it. Sadly, most doctors forgot to keep up with medical journals about the same time they became board certified. Patients and parents are light years ahead of these idiots that sported the fancy initials. Don't be the same.
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    You, my dear are also treatable.
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    or not.
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    So long as the information on WebMD is based on controlled studies, I'm fine with that. Because I'm flat broke myself. Haven't got a nickle to help WebMD, sadly.

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