Tommy Gorman Responds

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by tommygormanxenu$, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds


    I have to say I dislike the response by TG. it does not, for me respond to the reality of the situation in any positive way. Not good.

    In the words of a comic hero: "Good Grief, Charlie Brown."
  2. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Daywatch has been raging/raeped so much today, he can't even tell who's on his side anymore.
  3. D... Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Well that's better.

  4. SanFranAnon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Tommy, I know you, you know me. I was the first anon to help you post a video on Youtube. Your "brother in law", remember? I respect you, and you respect me, were cool.

    But Tommy.....

    You're not OSA anymore. That's just not fucking cool. There were reporters there, including someone that is writing a huge article in the SF Weekly about this.

    What happened, happened. It's over, but really, an apology is in order.
  5. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I disagree. Some people only comprehend "confront" to use Hubbardese. Go look at Gorman's videos on YouTube and some of the level of "in your faceness" he shows toward $cientologists. You wonder that all that rage doesn't spill out onto innocent Anons?

    Then you expect a man who could write what he just wrote to comprehend words of anything less than implicit guarantees of "Mongo act BAD! Mongo get hammered by Fist of God!"

    "Communication is the only crime." - L. Ron Hubbard

    - end communication -
  6. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds






  7. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    New rule: it is impossible to get an apology out of anyone who has ever been involved in $cientology.
  8. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    My bad . 9 posts
  9. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    michael i hearties you. must hugraid sometime !
  10. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

  11. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Sorry, Jugular, but I think that whatever happened (and we don't really know, do we?) involves two people. It seems they resolved the issue on their own.

    What was YOUR purpose in rallying the troops? Why did you think you had to bring this personal squabble to everyone else's attention? You were the one who alleged that threats were made, yet no actual proof was ever offered, no admission was ever made.

    Now, a bunch of people are pissed off over something that doesn't really concern them -- and from what I can tell, you engineered the whole thing.
  12. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    eye for an eye mother fucker. if he is going to discourage people from going to protests because there is a retard there who doesnt know how to act guess what. eye for an eye.
  13. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    The "don't take things in Thunderdome seriously" thing should be added to the agreement to read Thunderdome. For example, I want to tell people that I want to slit their throats and masturbate into their decaying eyesockets without them getting offended.

    Seriously though... Not a good reply there Tommy.
  14. Jugular Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    and something anything that he wont flip out again and jeopardize chanology just because he has a chip on his shoulder because people typed mean things on the internet.
  15. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

  16. Two Beans Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    teehee "Bitch Boy"
  17. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds


    edit: if that's what MPB wants.
  18. XenuInBrazil Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    This reply doesn't help at all.

    1k GET again? It has the potential.
  19. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    It's already there...
  20. D... Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Someone put this "threats of rape and kill" in context pls.

    Because thunderdome is filled with "an hero," "stick it in her pooper," and "That post was fail, I'm going to throw you off a cliff" type of posts.
  21. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I agree, but I think Tommy's got some issues related to his CoS experiences. Remember, his wife was raped LITERALLY by a Scientologist. I mean, that doesn't excuse his behavior in any way, but people get a weird when it comes to threats of rape and death.

    I mean think about it, if someone threatened to rape and kill someone you loved, you'd get weird too. I do NOT think non-Anons are good at distiguishing lulzy weirdness and plain RL spillover. Seriously, there's a major disconnect.

    I experienced it myself. I had no idea it was lulzy to scream the N-word in a crowded public place in a predominantly black area. I thought they were being racist, and I responded not unlike Tommy did? Why, because I had my kid with me and honestly, if you are in DC and start screaming the N-word for no good reason, people might take that as an invitation to kick your ass.

    Is it possible Tommy overreacted and feels justified to defend Tory, but is in essence not a bad person?

    I don't know, it just seems more threats of violence against threats of violence isn't very lulzy. Or productive. Again, i must be old and in the way, cuz' I don't understand a lot of what happens around here.
  22. anon1957 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Tommy may not "understand" the TD, but I don't buy that Tory didn't. She hung out there far too much before she got flamed not to.

    Interesting that she didn't chose to explain the cultural context of MPB's flaming to Tommy. In my world, I would call that pretty damn manipulative.

    Not that I am excusing Tommy's actions at the protest--because there isn't an excuse. But no way is Tory innocent in this.

    I also think it is pretty lame the way she gloated to MPB about his apology on this board after the DC protest. Though I didn't know about TG's threats to MPB, I thought it was icky.

    As one middle aged woman to another, I say that Tory needs to grow up or GTFO along with Tommy.
  23. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    You just did.
  24. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds


    Bring it on I will be at the next picket I will be there at 11 in San Francisco.. Dont be crying to your mommy afterwards though. Again your one of those little bitches hiding behind your screen as I said bring it on hope to see you soon in person. If you dont show that just shows what a little bitch you really are. Keep typing on your little computer since your in your moms basement jacking off on your little computer.

    Tommy Gorman
  25. XenuInBrazil Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    From what I've read on ED, the whole TD was purged at some point. I can't find any posts from Magoo there.
  26. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    See... here's where we get into the once again repeated issue of personal responsibility. Analogy time:

    I hand you a loaded gun and say "DO NOT TOUCH THIS GUN, FOR IT IS LOADED MY SON! There, on yonder wall is a list of rules and expectations that one must have before one picks up a gun. Now I must go out and buy the groceries, BUT REMEMBER! Do not pick up that gun until you have completely read the directions or you might wind up shooting yourself."

    TD culture <> outside TD culture GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.

    TD = urban network crucible of ideas where bad ones go to die and new ones are born far more often than any of you braindead "there is no value here" people who can't get past the hurdles see. The reason for gore on 4chan /b/, at least so it was explained to me, is to tell people who can't handle it to STAY OUT!

    tl;dr - accept some personal responsibility for staying out of the TD if you can't handle the nature of the intellectual exercise as well as complete and utter ass-hattery that goes with it.
  27. myspace_sux Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    TG, fail. GTFO, and take her with you.
  28. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Eye for an eye makes both people blind.

    Considering that the prevelant theroy is that Tommy's attitude and behaviour stems from his time as a Scientologist , we now have Anons that want to behave like Scienos. Isn't that what Anonymous is supposed to be fighting?

    Like some fries with that failburger?
  29. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    listen to this fuck. you telling me he doesnt need a wake up call?

    your human tommy, do NOT act invincible.

    im out of this. if you pussies wanna let this mongloid threaten you, go for it.

    dont let me see you on the street tommy. smooches.
  30. Massive Arity Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Seriously, this has to stop. This is so stupid my head is spinning. Tommy, cool down. This is why we're concerned in the first place. This is why.
  31. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    HOLD ON HOLD ON. THAT was WAAAAAAY to coherent for TG. Suspicious Anyone?
  32. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    what are you tommy's mom?


    hes enough of a man to make threats, he should be man enough to take them back.
  33. Jugular Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I asked questions: Gorman chose not to answer until now. I can't control what people choose to say in the vacuum of time Gorman chose to put in the place of the facts, the answers to my questions.

    I felt Anonymous ought to know that one of their figureheads allegedly intimidated one of Us into complying with his wishes.

    I wanted to know if it was true. All I did was ask questions and ask anonymous to consider that if in fact it was true (which now we know it is) what a very likely endgame would result from thuggery, and challenge anonymous to differenciate this behaviour from Fair Game and bullbaiting tech.

    I could care less if you or anyone else agrees with me.

    the facts are out there now.

    And thats what we do here at anonymous.

    Expose the truth.

    No one is exempt.
  34. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Is this a troll or really Tommy Gorman? You realize what you just did was escalate an already bleak and troubled situation in the face of very concerned Anon saying "if you ever threaten an Anon again, I will make a phone call to friends in gangs?"

    You do realize that you just sort of DID what it is I am so worried about and the REASON why I said what I did?

    Are you completely stupid or has your mind been so corrupted by the stench of $cientology that you know neither your left hand from your right, nor that this is the planet Earth and NOT Teegack!
  35. raziel Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds





  36. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    well he said crying mommy and bitches again so i think its him. hes to dumb to respond intelligently.
  37. AnonLenore Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    No questions asked, any physical violence at ANY of our protests means you will be no longer welcome to come to them. Tommy if you strike an Anonymous protester don't doubt that chargers will be filed and you will be escorted off the premise.

    Get your ego in check. You are not as special as you think you are.
  38. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    You know if the quote was taken completely taken out of context ( a post in thunderdome ) then it's reasonable enough to go spastic, was Tommy even aware that this came from TD, let alone does he actually know what TD is?
  39. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    If you are the real Tommy, responding this way is not helping. kthnx.

    Do us all a favor and don't show up to the protest. If you are going to react this/that way, you can end up FUCKING THINGS UP FOR THOSE THAT HAVE PUT EFFORT INTO THE PICKETS BY BEING VIOLENT. I for one, as a long time critic, don't want you to screwing things up with aggression and mess things up for those that are actually interested in bringing down the shitty Hubbard cult.
  40. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    This is a frickin troll you guys.

    The Game. You Lost It.
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