Tommy Gorman Responds

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by tommygormanxenu$, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    whenever an epic fthread like this comes... bring popcorn and hit refresh
  2. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    So much fail. He claims not to be angry, but calls him "bitch boy"

    He claims he means things when he says it, so we can assume he would indeed of gone to MPBs house and attacked him. So all you OG worshippers saying he wouldnt have failed and may now an hero.

    He only apologised to keep the peace, not because he meant it. He has done nothing wrong you moronic fuck

    Holiday time...
  3. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    If it was an Anon with SP shaved into their head, a "SCIENTOLOGY KILLS" shirt with OTIII on the back, personal experience in the cult that can be used against them, and everything else Tommy has, yes. I saw a video and some pics of Tommy protesting before I knew who he was, and I thought it's really effective. Obviously if anyone's actually in danger he should fuck off, but I think him being there > him not being there.
  4. Anonagi Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds


    ANYONE crossing that line, Anon or OG needs to be physically removed from the protest and castrated from Chanology as a whole.

    The only reason there isn't precedent to this is that we haven't had ANY anons pull this shit in 7 months of peaceful protesting, but if an Anon pulled anything like this, other anons would be the first one calling that person out.
  5. arithia Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I could easilly duplicate the first two. They are not special. However as I like my hairdo and my nondescript t-shirts, I'll stick with those. Does that make me any more or less of a protestor? No. There are alot of ex members who have personal experience with the cult and protest with anon. Are they any more valuable than any of the other protestors there? No.

    While I agree that the OG are a resource for anon, I still maintain this is one particular resource we can do without. None of us is any more valuable to the movement than the next person. NO ONE OF US is so valuable it is worth losing the game over. He fucked up. He's not sorry for it. If SF does not want him there after the way he acted I can't blame them.
  6. Drums of War Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Has Anon3mouse posted here yet who so valiantly tried to defend Tommy by saying as threat is just a threat and doesn't have to mean anything?

    Either way, Tommy's even more retarded than I thought. Let's boycot him, k.
  7. anonymizzz Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    he was wrong yes. tory manipulating him was wrong too. boycott as well?

    we don't stand for scientologist handling, why do we stand for ex-scientologist handling?
  8. arithia Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Tommy's behavior was unquestionably wrong. NO protestor at an anon event should threaten another with violence. Its been general concensus for a while now that kind of shit will not be tolerated AT. ALL. As far as I'm concerned he's done, unless for some reason the SF anons decide to give him another shot and over time he proves that he can behave himself.

    After much consideration I've come to the conclusion that Tory at most was manipulative, at the least hopelessly naiive. I am not sure which yet but I am seriously pissed as hell. Her chain was clearly jerked by someone, true. This is a situation where I would recommend watching and waiting. All we can do is establish a pattern of behavior. If this is an isolated incident then no big deal. If this sort of shit happens again it is WELL documented and I doubt anyone will stand for it.

    We are all human. Humans make mistakes. Some mistakes are forgiveable. Some are not. Time will reveal much in this situation, I'm afraid.
  9. XenuEtrawl Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Apologizing, and meaning it, doesn't mean that you deserved blame, apologizing just means that you're not letting your ego get in the way. I hope I'll see more of that.
  10. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    If this is the real account, why is he not b& from enturb yet for promoting illegal acts (Threats of violence) yet? This is absurd.
  11. Gardien Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I just signed up here but I've been following Anonymous for a while now. I'm not directly involved but I am a very strong supporter of Anonymous and a longtime critic of the Church of Scientology, and I have to say that this current conflict is drawing far too much attention which could otherwise be going towards far more constructive topics.

    Why not just end the conflict on the forums for now and temp-ban both Tory and Tommy, and resolve this mess through different channels? If Tommy gets out of hand in real life, police authorities can always be contacted. I really hope Tommy understands that approaching anons at a protest and starting up shit is completely inappropriate and won't be tolerated. This started on the forum and IMO should be kept on-line, and not brought into real life at all.

    This is really a sad state of affairs. This mess is affecting Anonymous's unity. Tory and Tommy may be valuable assets but they can't be tolerated as liabilities.

    Remember Anonymous is LEGION. United by ONE, divided by ZERO. There is no room for drama, especially drama started by ex-Scilons, and there is no room for division. It's great they're out of the cult now, but it looks like they've brought some old habits with them!
  12. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Also, Anonymous is not your friend. Mayhaps they need a lesson in regards to this.
  13. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    How many red names is it going to take for you to understand that tommygormanxenu$ is the real Tommy Gorman? And where is he promoting illegal acts and threats of violence on the forum? Show me.
  14. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    That's not conflict resolution. That's ragebanning and you'll be ok with it, until it happens to you. We don't do that here.
  15. realitybites Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Nothing to add that hasn't been said about the grand mal brain seizure of Gormann, or the deceptiveness of Magoo. But thought this needed repeating:
  16. mickturate Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    o rly?
    "This is really a sad state of affairs. This mess is affecting Anonymous's unity. Tory and Tommy may be valuable assets but they can't be tolerated as liabilities."

    Anons unity? is a flock of birds wheeling thru' the sky = 1?
    or is it thousands experiencing 1 event birdly? (i'd say personally but that'd make me more of a dick)(you knows what I mean)

    Anon unity?
    I don't get it dude: where do i gets some? (plus pharma cash)
    I don't agree with everything here, i think i'd be a puthy if i did.

    Tommy? deal with him as he invites you to
    fuck off, as he invites you to....

    Magoo? say hi to the nice lady, but I don't KNOW her or TG, they do not impinge on this consciousness 'cept as another consciousness exploring (some) of the same issues....

    if you keep pushing this, you will get tears & thats why we can't has nice things.
  17. Gardien Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I wasn't suggesting banning them for spite. I think this issue might keep getting sidetracked with so many people talking about it in a public thread.
  18. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    It's the same thing. Think about it. Whose spite? Not gonna happen. Anyone who has read this thread knows where I stand with Tommy Gorman, but him and Tory are not going to be banned as a method of conflict resolution. Sorry.
  19. Gardien Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Criticism noted and appreciated! I'm just making suggestions, I want to see this resolved as much as you do.
  20. Gardien Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    My profession involves security work, so my instinct is to remove the source of a disruption. I apologise if I was a bit abrupt.
  21. the_cloak Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    The OSA is laughing and clapping each other on the back right now. Good job guys.
  22. mickturate Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Resolution: lets accept it as what it is: a minor diversion on the way

    accept TG's comments, accept his invitation & move the fuck on.

    can you hear this................................its, hey I''ve learned something re TG, OG & expectancies of other anons re behaviour of others, of drama queens....................and i'm closing my door to anymore of this shit.............................'/*.*\'

    move on nothing to see
  23. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    It's a real shame, but we appear to have consensus. TG is no longer a functional part of enturb, police will be informed of a potential problem at future protests and they will deal with it as required. The little cult of personality magoo had set up is largely destroyed, all by her own fucked up actions. Where she goes from here is her own choice, but if she keeps lying and stirring shit, I dont think anyone will be willing to listen. It's disappointing, but when something is fucked up within the movement, it is necessary to stop and deal with it, then move on. Trying to cover up shit just means it would pop up worse later.

    I just ask that people do not lump the whole of the "OG" in with this, there are many of them here that work tirelessly and actually seem to get what anons are about.
  24. Gardien Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    She seemed like such a NICE lady too. :(
  25. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I said this in the last thread and I'll do it again here.

  26. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Can you perhaps try to see the difference between what OSA can use, and what OSA can't? Let them clap. This helps them in no way.
  27. AnonyWolf Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    It's ok. They have so little to laugh about these days.
  28. Randomness Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    LOL this

    They are in a dying cult, they are broken, they know that they are unethical and they also have no sense of humour.

    I mean, we can be evil fucks, but at least we have lulz.
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