Tommy Gorman Responds

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by tommygormanxenu$, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Tommy Gorman Responds

    Hey most Anonymous are cool but for the ass faces that like to cry over this and make shit up get over it if someone does not like me then they can fuck off i am not mad at little post like this thread, i will be in front of the sf cult soon if anyone wants to deal with me ,we can talk face to face.

    Thank you to all the great Anonymous that sent me to Washington DC. i Don't really come on here much at all and some cool Anonymous ask me to check this thread out. I talked to four Anonymous today on the phone and they all thought this thread was funny and so do i.

    Tory is a very good friend of mine and i said what i needed to say to Bitch boy in person at the SAN FRAN picket. Bitch boy told me that every thing on the net is just talk. When i say i am going to do something i really do it. The fact that Bitch boy said he was going to Kill and rape Tory did not go well with me. If people don't like what i do and how i deal with things to fucken bad People know my number most know my address and i deal with thing in real life not so much on here. I guess bitch boy did not like to deal with real life and can't get over how people have to deal with real life if they cross a line. So for anyone that wants to write on this thread for hours a day have fun but i am not in to the computer thing like some people. I will not hide behind a computer. I did not talk to many about what happen with Bitch boy when he did that shit to Tory because i did not want OSA to use it. Anonymous who is picketing the cult every month is really cool. I said what i had to say to bitch boy in person and told him to be a man and Apologize to Tory. bitch boy Apologize to Tory in Washington DC and that was cool so i told him thanks for that when we were in Washington DC. I am not mad at anyone. If some wants to cry like a little girl have fun but i don't care at all and if bitch boys feeling are hurt to fucken bad.

    Tommy Gorman
  2. Anon123456 Member

    Re: thread about me is locked

    should we stomp his guts anon?

    you crossed a line tommy, grow the fuck up.

    PS: you are the most illiterate fuck on the interbutts
  3. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: thread about me is locked

    Wow In Before Asshattery
  4. narCONon Member

    Re: thread about me is locked

    I'm not taking sides here, but it seems to me both partys have something to appologise for. MPB has appologised to Magoo.

    We're waiting, Tommy.
  5. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    i pray this is a troll so anon doesnt have to stomp someone. please god let this be a troll.
  6. OHWOW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds



  7. OHWOW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

  8. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Thanks for posting there Tommy. Keep it real good to know who SFanons were rolling with.

    I also hope all those who donated to your paypal ling also understand what they donated to.

    Rock on Tommy, rock the fuck on.

    I'm making plans to attend SF on Aug 16th as of now.
  9. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    This is Tommy Gorman. Check his post history.

    And although he and Tory may not "get" the Dome, he's responding like a man.

    Take notice of that at least.
  10. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Wow you can edit someone's post .

    Want a cookie?
  11. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    You're expecting a lot ....
  12. captainslug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    It takes an even bigger man to know when to apologize Tommy.
  13. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Yup. And it sounded good to me too. Tommy's cool. Not sure what Tommy has to apologize for, but that's between him and MPB -- not everyone else.
  14. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I'll second that. Any threats of violence at peaceful protests are wrong >9000.
  15. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    And just to note, I read all 50 pages or so of clusterfuck that was that other thread , I don't remember MPB commenting

    Is Anon MPBs PA?

    I ain't no fuckin anon. Just a spectator. You guys do flame wars right.
  16. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    uhmmm yeah.... im gonna walk away now.... and just watch as the responces start comming in.
  17. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I'll come back in a moment and rewrite longer, but all I can say at this moment is "I am sitting here stunned."

    You're right motherfucker, there is a line and you just crossed it. If you ever threaten another Anon with physical harm, it will not be OSA who is parking on your doorstep.

    YouTube - mobsters

    There are worse people in the world than OSA, Mr. Gorman. More real and more frightening than anything you have ever experienced inside the 'church,' all due respect to your personal experience. Those people have friends too, if you know what I mean.

    Harm an Anon and find out what I'm talking about Mr. Gorman. Your behavior and complete lack of capacity to accept any responsibility leads me to state what I have. I am communicating to you directly and in a way that you should completely comprehend. You have no regard for the safety of others and inappropriate boundaries, and if you act on this compulsion of yours the police will literally be the least of your consequences.

    Your behavior and attitude is unacceptable. Protest on some other day, you are no longer welcome.

    Edit: If that was a troll, then "cocks, I suck'em" - if it wasn't, I stand by every word.
  18. OHWOW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    MPB decided to keep his mouth shut.

    Jugular learned what happened and hungered for some blood.
  19. Jugular Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    The thread I started had nothing to do with MPB, so don't bother gloating over hurting his feelings. You didnt, and he didnt even know I was going to post it.

    I wanted to find out if you really think starting fist fights in the middle of media saturated protests is a good idea.

    Now we know you do.

    Think about that.

    What you just admitted to here presents a bigger threat to anonymous than anything else.

    leave the fucking ego at home tommy.

  20. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds


    you wanna fuck with us tommy?, do you reeaaally wanna do that?
  21. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    GALD0S spoke on MPB's behalf.
  22. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Why, why is it so hard to get ex-$ci's to say they are sorry?
  23. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    WTF? MBP is ALL over that thread.....
  24. Daywatch Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds


    I think YOU are an apologist....
  25. SamJac55 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    TD seems to be some straight up bull shit.
    You going to say "kill and rape" someone and not expect a response and bawww when you get the response you would get from 99% of people in the real world?
    threats of violence is not acceptable wether in TD or in real life.
  26. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I know I am risking massive flaming, but I would like to interject some non-biased, third party input.

    I was alerted to this by a respected Anon-type, otherwise I wouldn't have likely noticed. I did read much of the other thread and it seems to me a lot of people are upset, and rightfully so. Tory means a lot to a lot of people. Not to mention, she's a mature woman who's been through massive troubles in her life. Tommy clearly felt protective of her, and while a noble intention, he clearly allowed his emotions to supercede his good judgment.

    I did the same thing this week when I threatened to beat the shit out of whoever screamed the N-word at the DC rally. I didn't know that was Tuesday, not that it changed my outrage at the situation, but I felt bad talking smack about an Anon whom I like. I apologized and I think Tuesday and I are cool. Was is right? No, not at all. Was it right that Tommy threatened an Anon in real life? No, not at all, but we (non-Anons) are not familiar with the nuances of Anonymous and sometimes this spills over in RL.

    I am not making excuses for Tommy, but the one thing we can all agree on is the CoS fucks up people minds. Seriously. I have interviewed more lifer-Anons than I can recall and while many of them are some of the kindest people I've met, they are all scarred and some amount of compassion needs to be taken in account when judging their less than civil moments.

    That said, while the Thunderdome is no place for us non-Anons, but occasionally what happens there spills over in RL and the non-Anons are confused by this behavior. Threats of rape and death are taken seriously to us non-internet folks and we get all squirrelly and seem to forget reason.

    Is it possible at this point we all take a deep breath and refocus on lulz and destroying the cult? Sometimes it's better to just shrug your shoulders, scratch your head and move on.

    Just my two-cents.
  27. OHWOW Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Uh... I think he's calling out the fact that Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman has YET to make an apology.
  28. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    you misunderstood his statement.
  29. Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Quoted for the motherfucking truth. After reading that shitty response, I have no respect for Tommy Gorman. And I've never even fucking met him. To quote someone else who won't be named "Tommy Gorman? He's a fucking thug".


    With that, I'm off the internets for a while.
  30. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds








    "threats" in thunderdome ?

  31. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    let me guess , you want Tommy to know that threats of personal violence are wrong by ... Threatening personal violence

    Nicely failed.
  32. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    I call troll on this one. Deep psyops. TG's account is "tommygormanxenu" not "tommygormanxenu$", correct?
  33. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Of course. It's just I don't think everyone is ready to let it go just yet.
  34. Jugular Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Anons, be careful around these people.
  35. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    The Eloquence of this thread is astounding.
  36. momISanon Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Well, he's posted and said his peace. Can we get back to assraeping DM?
  37. captainslug Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    No, he didn't apologize worth a damn. Hence my statement.
    The bulk of what he says was "A Real Man says these things to my face." which is a gay sidestepping on what he should have said which was: "Sorry, I was a complete idiot and deserve to be trolled right now because of it."

  38. Daywatch Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    No Dawn you are dead wrong

    Tory came into the dome and LITERALLY after many warnings to leave said " I was an OSA troll I can take it "
    so gloves came off
    it wasn't until MPB accused Tory of using BLACK DIANTETICS did Tory go completely batshit and get on the phone with every OG and ANon on the east cost accusing MPB of being OSA

    Tommy has proved his intent with the what I shall dub the "Bitch Boy" apology

    gloves off...

    to shreds I say
  39. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    if we are gonna play the " things on the internet have IRL repercussions" then we also have to play the "IRL shit has IRL repercussions" cant have one without the other. fuck public image. if some cocky douche threatens you at a protest, you step away, consult other anons and then proceed to make that person regret stepping to you.

    MPB did the right thing for chanology but tommy didnt learn a lesson.
  40. Jugular Member

    Re: Tommy Gorman Responds

    Spend about 20 seconds brainstorming headlines for an anonymous on anonymous brawl, with OSA shutterbugs everywhere.

    Just 20 seconds.

    Then think about what you just said.

    Maybe you can talk some sense into your friend.
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