Tommy Davis & the Karma Police

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Don't sell yourself short; choose the Ft. Harrison. Famous for its impeccable room service, nice hot baths, and a breathtaking view from the 10th floor.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Does this mean we're going clear, since our reactive minds no longer store engrams?
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  3. Anonymous Member
    +61 4211 98786

    Do it.

    Shut this horrible women down, she is playing with peoples lives and livelihoods.
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  4. xenubarb Member

    There was this horrible woman Hulda Clark, who flogged bogus cancer cures. Her clinic in the US was shut down so she set up in Tijuana, Mexico. They even kicked her clinic out of Mexico. She finally died of something or other but, damn. Bitch shoulda died in prison.

    And so should Wendy Honnor.
  5. Smurf Member

    Hulda taught me I have aluminum in my brain.

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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. DeathHamster Member

    But where's the ARBCOM delete button?
  8. Wendy Honnor and her fake Scientology claims to cure cancer would be illegal in the UK under the 1939 Cancer Act:

    In the US, the FDA takes a dim view of the type of fraudulent claim to cure cancer that Wendy Honner and Scientology are making:

    Is there an Australian equivalent regulator or law which could act against this Scientology medical quackery, including Wendy Honnor and her fake claims to cure cancer?

    Update: It looks as though the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission could be the relevant body:
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Any updates on Jessica's condition?
  10. Quentinanon Member

    Ya, she is dying.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Tsk. That pesky Xenu.
  12. Diablo Member

    hopefully it is quick, xenu willing...
  13. xenubarb Member

    Death is always quick. It's what leads up to it that can take forever.
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  14. subgenius Member

    "And when you die, you stay dead." --Hazel Motes in Flannery O'Connor/John Huston's "Wise Blood".
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    I speculate that some scilon is giving her touch assists and Cal-Mag, which is a Hubbardian form of palliation. Maybe Tommy could get Dr. Minkoff to prescribe her some Vistaril. Send her out in style.
  16. Dr. Minkoff prescribes Valium and Chloral Hydrate to his dying patients, it is Dr. Denk who prescribed Vistaril for his.
  17. Quentinanon Member

    Interesting. According to ex-sea orger Scott Campbell, Megan Shields and a british doctor on the Freewinds prescribed him Chloral Hydrate and Diazepam. And he was not dying.
  18. DeathHamster Member

    The Late Dr. Denk.
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  19. Dr. Minkoff also prescribed them:
  20. Smurf Member

    Resting comfortably at uncle Matt's home in Belleair.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Does the Cult have a formal policy on euthanasia? If someone's terminally ill, wouldn't they recommend an end-of-cycle so the thetan can get back to serving its 15 billion years?
  23. Not to bitch, but that letter was painful to read. I reckon its really easy for Wendy to dismiss this as just another random hate-mail. In fact, she might even use this as evidence that she┬┤s onto something, causing reactions because shit works. I suggest a re-written mail, something like:

    "Dear Wendy,

    It has been brought to our attention that you offer guidance to people with serious medical conditions such as cancer. We have also noticed your claim that spiritual guidance is far more effective in preventing and curing serious illness than modern medicine.

    Although you might believe this with all your heart, it is simply not true. You might believe that it works, but belief is simply not enough when you dispense medical advice and tout such utter confidence in your own ability to coach patients out of their cancer. We suggest that you word-clear "quackery," and understand why it is considered to be a heinous crime.

    We take great offense to your operation, as you actively prevent people from seeking medical assistance by offering an undocumented alternative. This gives the cancer time to spread, and your words will eventually kill people who would otherwise have lived. Maybe you already have.

    We ask you to cease and desist your pseudo-scientific alternative to modern medicine. Knowing that your own ignorance has killed people who did not need to die is a heavy burden to carry. Please consider this. We are watching your operation, and if a single cancer patient meets their death because of your alternative cure, we will make sure that the whole world hears your story. You are potentially killing people, your beliefs are based on the lies and ignorance of others, and the world is watching. Stop this before its too late.

    Anonymous. "

  24. Squirrel King Member

    only in the event of a power grab by a midget,
  25. Squirrel King Member

    sorry I meant violent midget.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    No letter anyone writes to her will make her stop, she's in it for the money. Only the law can do that, save your effort for writing to authorities.
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  27. timthephoto Member

    it wasn't supposed to be nice for a minute, just short & to the point. to date no reply
  28. Smurf Member

    Jessica's family are wealthy cash cows for the cult. Policies are routinely waived to keep the donations coming.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Not to mention the fact that money spent on expensive medical bills is money that the company will not be able to get its hands on.
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  30. timthephoto Member

    or Squirreled according to income:

    sea-org = "just you wait here" (abandoned in car park, babbling about body thetans) <funeral costs avoided>
    poor public = "end cycle" (stop spending your wife's Bridge Fund on doctors)
    Rich Public = this way to the registrar (Guards - stop that family interfereing)

    stinks to high heaven ; puke ;
  31. xenubarb Member

    I wonder if Jessicas bff katie holmes has sent a get well card.
  32. Anonymous Member

    "Get well soon...but how about signing over your estate, just in case?"
  33. Anonymous Member

    Just stumbled over the name of our beloved leader Tommy D - any news? News about Jessica?
  34. I was wondering the same, Smurf is in "close contact" with Tommy, maybe someone with an account at OCMB could ask him.
  35. Diablo Member

    ^^her soul has been dead for years!^^
  36. Anonymous Member

    Seriously? In close contact with Tommy or Tommy's lawyers? Last I heard Smurf was in trouble for talking shit about Jessica and had to retract everything.
  37. subgenius Member

    Dox on that.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I think Smurf's contact is Tommy's half brother.

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