Tom the Sciloon Presenting at Oscars

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by OldLadyLulz, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Aurora Member

    Any chance someone will ask him about recent Sci events?
    Oh, I'm dreaming again.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Someone should get close enough to put Tony Ortega's letter into his hand.
  3. JustNoise Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Paging Mr Cruise, you have an email from Debbie Cook. Paging Mr Cruise!
  5. Another fix
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  6. SPRTT Member

    He only deigns to appear at such events if he has a role in the proceedings. Last year, had his feelers hurt.

    His spendthrift wife had something else to do other than wear one-shot jewelry and finery, and didn't want to go. Yeah, right.

    You can always tell when news articles are trying to make someone look good. Here's a great example; all about Jolie, with a made up bullshit line about Cruise.

    Use of the word "likely" is the tell here. How 'bout this, it's 99% more likely I'd rather see a documentary on the design, construction, implementation of the man's shoe-lifts than watch his 30 second furrowed-brow "taking this seriously" line followed up by his "wur mah Oscar" tooth-gritting behind his "1000 watt smile."

    /rant off
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  7. MisterSir Member

    Clearly this means the oscars are bought and paid for by scientology
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  8. I would love one celebrity to publicly ask Tom Cruise if he has seen Shelley Miscavige alive since 2007?

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