Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by capricious, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. capricious Member

    Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!


    But dearly humorous, nonetheless.

    So let's humor that 2% chance he actually has any sort of an idea. Could $ci do that and do so successfully ? Has anyone really thought about that, in terms of how many layers to the "onion" of the organization there are? Meaning, could it shift all its funding to, say, CCHR for example, while "CoS" itself "falls" and pays "all" its money to back taxes, refunds, etc (if ever imaginably possible, again).

    Humor me. ;)

  2. Marc Abian Member

    Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    For that matter, does the CCHR pay taxes?
  3. null Member

    Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    Assuming the post isn't complete bullshit, if the new organization in no way resembles the CoS then didn't we win? I mean, let them use their e-meters or whatever, so long as the abuses and suchlike end. Sounds good to me.

    If the post if bull, on the other hand, we win anyway. Still sounds good to me.
  4. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    Exactly, if it quacks like a duck, and acts like a duck, I don't give a shit if it calls itself a pig
  5. Clamosaurus Member

  6. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    Their are definitely enough people researching $cientology and people on the inside giving us enough info that we would notice a parallel cult emerging elsewhere, especially if it was enjoying any amount of success.
  7. Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    I think this scenario would be Fail - because the Co$ would think it is Fail. They don't have the humility required to say, "Hey, look - they're doing it better. Let's change!"

    Then again, if this were an actual RELIGION we were talking about, hell - anything is possible. But $cientology IS, HAS BEEN and always WILL BE a PYRAMID SCHEME. The Scam that Hubbard set up and Miscavige is carrying on is in far too deep to duck and run in another direction now. For such an elaborate ploy, as laid out above, to work, it would take YEARS to implement - I mean beyond the lifespan of anyone currently laboring in the hig-ranks of the Co$.

    This is just a bit of Fan-Fiction, if you ask me - or another attempt at trying to second-guess what OTIX & X might be.
  8. Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    This sounds absurd even for Scientology, and that says a lot. Either this is a mock-up used to feed the tinfoil hatters and conspiracy theorists among us...

    ..or it is true, and this cult will emerge from the shadows years after we have dismantled the Church, ready to take revenge upon those who once tried to thwart its plans. They will have secretly gathered all information about every last Anon, and will swoop in to dismantle our lives, just like we dismantled the Church so long ago. And then, it will be up to a new generation of Anons to take the banners and renew the epic battle against the cult in Project Chanology II: L.Ron's Revenge.
  9. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

  10. Me Member

    Re: Tom Newton - AT IT AGAIN!

    Agree with the b%%sh?t.

    Whichever way you look at it, it does nae stack up.
    It's impossible to believe that in 1984, any of the then leadership would have even had the ability to carry out this action. Hubbard had already lost the plot, and the people who were running the show, were too busy posturing for the starring role post-Hubbard. Even if the date (24 years) were to be wrong; crediting Miscavige with either sufficient foresight or self-awareness that he'd have calculated that either the "church" or his own leadership would fail as they have, seems so unlikely, that it can only be fantasy.

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