Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by failboat, May 10, 2010.

  1. failboat Member

    Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    This is in large part a repost
    but when I was done, I realized I'd done enough research to warrant a thread.

    Mods, this involves some speculation. Do what you need to do.

    If this is true, then Tom Cruise would hate to know that David Miscavige was laughing about it while reading his secret files
    There's a lot of well-founded speculation out there that Tom has a heritable form of holoprosencephaly. If it's true, then I can't help but have sympathy for Tom Cruise -- I wouldn't wish bad things on anyone's offspring.


    If these photos are insufficient evidence of his abnormal teeth, use your google-fu -- the pictures are out there. In early photos, his teeth are really bad, and the central incisor is Very wide.
    Obviously he's had a lot of dental work over the years to clean up his smile, but there is still an obvious abnormality.
    Holoprosencephaly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    There is evidence that this syndrome can be heritable, as a significant proportion of the afflicted have mutations in -- and I am not making this up -- the Sonic the Hedgehog gene.

    The mutational spectrum of the Sonic Hedgehog gene in holoprosencephaly: SHH mutations cause a significant proportion of autosomal dominant holoprosencephaly -- Nanni et al. 8 (13): 2479 -- Human Molecular Genetics

    The record will show that Nicole Kidman had at least two miscarriages while she was married to Tom, one early and one just before the divorce.

    Nicole Kidman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And finally, some will recall that Tommy bought a sonogram for Katie so he could get a good look at Suri whenever he wanted to. Not exactly in-home equipment -- but a good way to ensure the secrecy of your ultrasound and any films you take.
    Doctors not fans of Tom Cruise's baby gift - Women's health-
    Others will recall that there is lots of speculation as to why they haven't had another child yet, and that perhaps they are having trouble conceiving. Of course, such speculation is natural given Kidman's 2 miscarriages with Tom.

    I'll leave it there. Sorry if this was too gossipy. But since there are enough photos and other dox, I thought it worth bringing to people's attention.

    I would end by suggesting that people DO NOT speculate too much on what effect this might have had on Tom Cruise's psyche at the time IF he indeed has holoprosencephaly, and IF it did cause Kidman's miscarriages and ultimately the failure of their marriage -- e.g., whether this made him a more easy mark for the CoS, whether David has actually read about and/or laughed about this behind TC's back, etc. Instead, I'd appreciate it if people could do the following things:

    1. Gather photos of Tom's teeth, and start putting them in chronological order.
    2. Post info about the heritability of holoprosencephaly.
    3. Find out whether the disease area (the developing forebrain) can be observed in utero via ultrasound, and post that information too.

    EDIT: I realize that this has been discussed before on WWP, so I'm sorry to revisit the topic. However, if we investigate the possibility in an orderly way (getting photos of his teeth pre-dental work, finding out HPE's heritability and whether it can be detected pre-birth via ultrasound), we can put together a much stronger case than the moonbattery I just posted ;)
  2. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?


    Are you suggesting Tom may be genetically predisposed to becoming a poster boy for dangerous cults, not to mention rather rich and subjectively a complete prick?

    That he's a rabid scilon without a clue is good enough for me to make me not want to support him by paying to see his films etc.

    Despite the fact he doesn't appear to outwardly suffer from his association with the cult I still see him as a victim of it, regardless of his genetic make up; let's face it his outlook on life etc. is pretty messed up and while it hasn't apparently bit him yet it's done a lot of damage to others.
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  3. failboat Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Let's say there are a couple of possible bombs in TC's sekrit files.

    If DM laughs about TC being gay behind his back (allegedly), many of us would have a laugh right along with him. Anon is full of trolls who think homophobia is funny -- and I won't deny it :) TC wouldn't be the first or the last scientologist to be laughed at for having the gay.

    If DM laughs about TC having holoprosencephaly behind his back (allegedly), and this tragic genetic disease killed two of TC's babies and ended his first marriage, then DM looks like a total asshole. And maybe TC blows the cult over it, when he finds out.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    His teeth have always turned me off, as I've never been able to get past the lack of symmetry.
    As far as having teeth as a teenager that looked like they were thrown into his mouth by someone wearing a pair of boxing gloves, well, I won't show you a photo of my daughter's mouth before her orthodontic work, I'm just not that cruel.
    So I don't think that's much to go on. It appears that he did have two front teeth at some point.
    BUT. what I'd love to know is why the orthodontics he had done some years ago now (there was a pic of him at our orthodontists with his braces, ptooi) did not work properly. When you get braces your teeth are immediately on the march. They go where they are being forced to go. So why aren't his perfect as you would expect? Are they that stubborn, not his, or did he have the worst Scilon orthodontist ever?
  5. Vir Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    I would think that the alignment of his teeth is due to the dental work. I think it's clear that he has TWO central upper incisors, and four upper incisors total, but they're not perfectly centered.

    When I watched Being Tom Cruise, Why Scientology Isn't In Any Way Mental I didn't realize that the part about the teeth was true. Oh well. I happen to have FIVE lower incisors myself, without it looking funny and without needing regulation. Maybe because I have a big mouth.
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    How's your brain? ~.^
  7. Vir Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Fine, thank you. I had a CT scan of my head in order to examine my eyes many years ago, and no brain abnormalities were found.

    I think it's possible that Tom's slightly crooked teeth makes him look more appealing - even if you don't consciously notice it. In contrast, people who are totally symmetrical might look less interesting - more 'artificial' in a way, maybe.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Oh seriously now.. ONE brain disorder which MAY be comorbid with bad teeth and suddenly Cruise is a suspect because he's in a cult and had bad teeth?

    I have a much simpler explanation for why he's in a cult: Regular application of the same kind of failogic that OP is using.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    I read somewhere his father knocked out one of his front teeth (when he was a teenager perhaps) and he got a plate. When he was playing a tough guy in some film (with Patrick Swayze) he took out the plate. There is a photograph of that somewhere.
  10. the_cloak Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Man OP doesn't get nailed for tinfoil speculation, I'm going to be pissed.

    That aside... let's say for argument he does have it. So what? What does it really do for the cause to find out he is mentally challenged? Wouldn't be the first time the cult has taken advantage of that.
  11. RightOn Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    I remember this same subject brought up on WWP a looonnnng time ago
    I still don't care
  12. kissyfur Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    OR just give MR some ego strokin and ask if TC ever talked bout his teefs in session


  13. failboat Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    ok, so the purpose of this thread is to answer the yes or no question, "Does TC have holoprosencephaly?" So far I see a lot of opinions and no one posting an expert opinion or a source.

    Do you know how you gaise can blow a whole in my tinfoil and really /thread?

    Find out that this defect CANNOT be observed by ultrasound.

    Find out that it is NOT heritable. Or that only 1 case in 100 or something is heritable. Etc.

    Seriously. The first person who does EITHER ONE OF THESE 2 THINGS can report my OP and get this thread domed.
  14. xenubarb Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Holy shit...
  15. failboat Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    If I had the potential to produce offspring that looked like these, I wouldn't want people laughing about it behind my back. And I would want an ultrasound machine in my house; at the hospital/doctor office those films are far from secure..

    vvv I Lol'ed.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Tom Cruise has weird teeth. THIS IS WHY!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    I always thought that was a caricature of Cruise with out hair!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Internet doctor here. Based on the limited info above (photos) I would have to say the TC likely does not have holoprosencephaly. I think there are 2 central incisors and he just has crooked teeth that were fixed. He does not have hypotelorism.

    Prove me wrong, WWP.
  20. Bipolart Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    I don't care.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?


    this picture was taken before his extensive crano-facial surgery by dr. edward terino.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Well, thank Xenu for that !

    I'd hate to think he wasn't fully and personally responsible for his crazy behaviour and kooky beliefs.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise's Teeth: Does TC Have Holoprosencephaly?

    Trufax: Tom and Katie got the sonogram to monitor Tom's tiny brain as it swims around in his big water-filled skull. Prove me wrong.

    He's just a dyslexic sociopath. Everyone has a cousin just like him only without the expensive dentistry. Speculating that he might have a rare genetic defect is giving him too much credit.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Numerous studies have shown that people find symmetry to be attractive. This transcends race. Babies even tend to stare more at people who are symmetric, and deemed "attractive" most people
  25. I'm a dentist. My opinion would be that Tom Cruise is missing a lateral incisor, causing a midline shift to the left. An orthodontist would have a very difficult time getting the teeth back into a "normal" position in an adult, and given his movie-star status, TC is unlikely to wear braces for a long period of time. Additionally, moving the teeth back would also create a space from the original missing tooth, that would need some sort of replacement (i.e. implant or a bridge). Maxillary lateral incisors are the 2nd most common congenitally missing or mis-shapen teeth (after maxillary third molars), so although it could be associated with some condition, I find it highly unlikely. In general, I think he has had some pretty good dentistry to look as he does, and it obviously has not hurt his career.
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  26. I don't understand why anyone gives a shit about his teeth or HIM for that matter?
    He's not the same TC he was in Risky Biz. Never will be. Aging sucks for TC.
  27. He was a sociopath then and an older one now.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Actually, he wore braces for awhile a few years ago:

    He would have been better off getting an implant but chose to get braces to fix his missing incisor.
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member


    I very much doubt Cruise could even pronounce that.
  31. jensting Member

    it's a mouthful, alright.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I C wat U did ther
  33. Anonymous Member


  34. fishypants Moderator

    there was some hologram shite in Minority Report, does that count?
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. I'm an orthodontist, and all I can say is that there are a lot more factors involved than just "getting an implant." Creating space for an implant would create a large overbite because his bite has already been adjusted for the missing tooth. There were better solutions to his smile when he was younger, but it is very difficult to correct at this point. The orthodontic treatment that he received previously appears to have been minor esthetic work, and correcting his midline would likely involve at least 2 years (if not more) of treatment.

    He is the perfect example of why it is often best to seek treatment as a child or early teenager.
  37. Ok I will tell you what went wrong with Tom Cruises teeth .. they are not centered because he has his 23rd K9 missing , so his 24th tooth took place and moved forward to compensate for missing tooth, that is somewhat normal in some cases , other teeth tend to separate when a front tooth is missing , but in this case his back molar (1st molar took place of his k9 and that is why his teeth can never ever be completely centered , even though they look much, much better now..
  38. - Oct. 5, 2005, original comment deleted, thread mentions holoprosencephaly - Oct. 6, 2005, written in response to Metafilter discussion. Unredacted, but missing photo. - Dec. 19, 2006, oblique reference to Metafilter incident - Dec. 19, 2006, article referenced by OP originally, fleshes out the argument most thoroughly and retains a record of the Oct. 5, 2005 comment deleted from Metafilter mentioned above.

    Retaining a copy of the Gene Expression blog here:

    A common aphorism in the legal world is that the worst thing for a libeled celebrity to do is sue and spread the alleged falsehoods even more widely. So my thanks to Tom Cruise's legal team for bringing the subject of this post to my attention. (For a more pithy and very amusing take, please see Overlawyered.)

    As first brought to my attention here, in the wake of the Cruise-Holmes pregnancy announcement a neurologist and Metafilter participant argued in a since deleted comment that Tom Cruise might suffer from mild symptoms of holoprosencephaly. Someone recently started a new thread noting that at some point this comment, apparently a relatively famous and well regarded one by the Metafilter community, had been deleted. By this afternoon, that entire thread had been deleted after the original claims had been reposted and much speculation ensued that Cruise's infamous legal team threatened Metafilter into removing it.

    The original claims, which I saw reposted this morning before they were once again deleted, were contemporaneously recorded here:

    The wonderful photo of the grinning Cruise illustrates beautifully the reason why I think this report might not be true, or at the very least, might be premature. Check out his teeth. That's right, Cruise has only three incisors - he was born with a fused, midline incisor. He's had dental work, including reshaping and adult braces, to minimize the abnormal appearance of this tooth - in early photos you'll find he almost never smiles, and when he does you can see that the middle incisor is freakishly wide.

    Midline incisor can be a forme fruste of holoprosencephaly, a syndrome which in its more severe manifestions can lead to cyclopia, fusion of the frontal lobes, a primitive proboscis instead of a nose (located above the fusion eyeball), and other grisly abnormalities. [Caution: disturbing medical photographs.]

    The babies are usually aborted or stillborn, which if you recall was the fate of Nicole's first couple of preganancies (after the first one, she clammed up about it.)

    Further evidence of this heritable trait comes from Cruise's history; his biological father was mildly retarded and beat him severely as a child. Mild retardation, with or without violent behaviors, can also be part of an incomplete holoprosencephaly syndrome.

    Amusingly, one of the genes found to be mutated in holoprosencephaly is called sonic hedgehog. It is a human analog of a gene first described in Drosophila fruit flies; embryos with the gene knocked out develop a spiky appearance and are non-viable. More than one gene knockout produced this 'hedgehog' appearance; some wag dubbed this member of the hedgehog family "sonic."

    In any event, I suspect Cruise might carry one or even a pair of these holoprosencephaly genes, and if so, this pregnancy might not make it. I hope I'm wrong, though; no matter how you feel about Tom Cruise, genetic diseases really suck.

    Could this, and not the gay/sham marriage rumors, be the secret about Tom and Nicole's marriage that she's seemed to be keeping? Is this why Tom bought a sonogram machine for personal use - to prevent leaking of rumors or photos if any abnormality had been been discovered? More speculatively, was there some minor cosmetic problem that led to the blackout on Suri appearances for months after her birth while it was corrected? While withholding pictures was hardly strange behavior, I recall that even many close friends had not seen her.

    Tom Cruise has been a quasi-popular topic among GNXP contributors and commentors before, most relevantly here, when Nicole Kidman's miscarriages with Tom Cruise were used to eliminate her from speculation over what Oscar winning actress might suffer from what sounded like Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Ironically, those miscarriages look like possible evidence for genetic abnormalities on the other side of the relationship.

    Finally, I note this post from last year commenting on the original claims of holoprosencephaly. It includes what is apparently the picture that launched this theory, as well as this interesting observation:

    What does it say about beauty as a marker of reproductive potential that hardly anyone seems to have noticed Cruise's potentially sterility-denoting genetic anomaly until now? When you also take into account that some of the most strikingly beautiful women are actually genetically male, you have to wonder how much stock to put into the claim that looks tell you anything about reproductive fitness. It isn't exactly as if the typical mother of 10 is or ever was a potential Hollywood starlet either.

    [And on an unrelated note, an introduction - I'm GNXP's newest guest blogger. My educational background is actually in economics and law, so my contributions will tend to take a "lay" approach to issues of potential interest to GNXP readers. They will also, at least in the near future, be few in number - I am entering the Army to attend basic training and then Officer Candidate School shortly after the new year.)
  39. RightOn Member

  40. No, Tom Cruise was NOT born with holoprosencephaly. All people with holoprosencephaly, mild or sever, have large, close-set cat-like eyes & a single incisor, Cruz has two; they just look askew because his nose is crooked & bends sharply to the right.

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