Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Billo, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    Top Gun II has been green lit.
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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    Top Gun II has been green lit.
  4. RightOn Member

    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    he's a real Maverick all right.
    He "agreed" to take a smaller role. Isn't he humble.
  5. xenubarb Member

    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    I don't guess they'll be shooting it in San Diego, unless Maverick is outsourced to the Marine Corps.
    Parts were filmed here; at Naval Airstation Miramar and the Kansas City BBQ downtown.

    That place has traded on Cruise's presence and Top Gun ever since. Some of the memorabilia was destroyed when a fire from the BBQ pit got uppity, but it's been repaired and is back in bidness.
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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    The main scene will feature Maverick piloting an FA-18 over the Med and suddenly being machine-gunned in the back by a secret, stealthy Russian super jet fighter. Maverick has to punch out at 60,000 feet. While ejecting his head hits the canopy and he is blinded and his spinal cord severed, this an eerily chilling reminder of how Goose was killed of Top Gun 1.

    Crippled, blinded, and maimed, Maverick is sent to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to recover. While there, he uses some "special spiritual abilities" to recover his health. He is certified for combat status again in what many admirals and doctors say is a scientific impossibility. Maverick is awarded a Purple Heart with palms and ten other combat medals.

    Maverick then goes on to command a squadron of corvettes. While doing so, he is attacked by seven Chinese submarines. He salvos depth charges and sinks them all. Because it would terrify the US public, the news is withheld. However, Maverick is awarded the Medal of Honor and nine other medals. He now has 24-27 combat medals, but his US Navy records are sheep-dipped by Colonel Prouty of the US Air Force.

    Maverick next breaks up a Black Magick coven led a nuclear rocket scientist. While in the coven he has a sexual affair with the leader's girlfriend and a 2D thing with the leader where they basically do it backdoor on the Black Magick altar. This saves America from Black Magick and Ouija boards.

    Maverick then leaves the US Navy and joins the group that saved him: Scientology.

    Young movie goers who watch the movies see a massive volcano incident at the end of the film. They are put into full-blown restim and flee in terror for the safety of the new Ideal Orgs, islands of sanity on this prison planet.

    Scientology IRL 5.4X its stats, all orgs go Old Saint Hill size and the Earth is saved from both Jeff Rense and Nuclear Armageddon.

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  9. Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    Five reasons there should not be a Top Gun 2? I can only think of one: It will, most assuredly, suck.
  10. bastet Member

    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    good reason to picket this crap
  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    About a week ago I read somewhere that Hollywood has no less than fifty remakes in the works.

    As for Top Gun 2, it looks like part of the financing for it is being put up by David Ellison, who has raised $350 million to co-fund movies with Paramount.

    An example of what some critics think of the idea of making another Top Gun movie can be found here.
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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    Hey! I resemble that!
  15. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    You'd tap a guy wearing tidy whities?

    You really are desperate.
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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    I think I would go see" Weekend at Bernies III : Bernie Goes to Space "
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    Re: Tom Cruise Wants to Shoot "Top Gun II"

    Tony Scott confirms Top Gun 2 – but will Tom Cruise be back? :: Yahoo News :: 25th Oct 2010

  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise reveals Top Gun 2 talks at Mission Impossible European premiere

    Uploaded by telegraphtv on Dec 10, 2011

    Tom Cruise continues his world tour to promote his latest film, "Mission Impossible 4," attending the European premiere in Munich where he confirms plans to be "in talks" about a "Top Gun 2" followup to the 1986 hit movie.
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    It's a movie with strong homoerotic themes.

    Maybe this is Tom Cruise finally gearing up to come out of the closet?
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    Oh Looky, a preview!

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    "There, there. At least it's not Battlefield Earth II."
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    Top Gun II: Because Saturday Night Fever II worked out so well...
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    Battlefield Earth II now there's an idea, someone call John Travolta. They better make it quick though because if they leave it too soon they'll being doing a "reboot" of Battlefield Earth. Come to think of it why isn't someone doing a reboot* of TopGun.

    (*By definition Tom Cruise would have nothing to do with it except maybe for an annoying cameo role where he turns up to wish the new generation upstart good luck.)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Apparently Tom Cruise hasn't noticed that most fraudulent sequels tend to alienate fans and movie goers alike.
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    Protesting an actor because of his beliefs? Whaddayou, some kinda relijuss bigot?
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    As a child of the 1980s, which implies significant fashion baggage, I admit with some pride that I always loathed Top Gun. A sequel to that movie is an admission of failure.

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