Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gizmogirl, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri


    (how did you know? that's a fine piece of detecitve work unless i am breanded)
  2. monamia Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    In the photo TC looks like he is pointing out the answer to "Where's ... ?" possibly in reference to her 24/7 guardian, whomever that may be. Suri is def keyed in on the little kids in movies, who look slightly off-cammy to find moms.

    "Suri, don't worry, Looks, there's Bessie, right over there. It's OK. You're with Daddy right now. Bessie won't go away...She's here for you...she's just like have two Mommies and two daddies"
  3. cannedonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Oh, now stop poking on Oonanonymous... she/he did, after all, confirm that Tom Cruise bought his kids. I doubt that she likes him anymore than us!! ;-)
  4. Randomness Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

  5. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Oh, it is all in the language, lol. When she posts in that "I don't know how to post English well", you can easily tell but when she decides that s/he can indeed post in English, it can get a bit confusing, lol. Wherever Tom Cruise's name pops up, you will see one of those aliases commenting. Quite entertaining, I must say.

    My bad, lol.
  6. anoothernon Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    bump for great justice
  7. anoothernon Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri


    Look at that sequence in slow motion. She goes up to oprah and whispers in her ear. Oprah's face changes and she imediatly calls for a commercial break. Oprah was joking i'm sure or just responding to the circumstance but it was tom that introduced his new love to the circus and that says something a) about his love and respect for her and b) that he was there on someone elses orders or did not listen to his own reasoning and was very much wanting to put on a show. That's just my personal opinion.
  8. gizmogirl Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    It's not a matter of bedrooms. If Tom is up, Katie must be up, going to a nightclub or restaurant, or hanging in yet another Hollywood party. It is only recently that he did not insist that Suri be with them. (Suri started to get cranky and cry.)

    He insists Katie is there even if she has one of her headaches. Check any of the celebrity photos, she is there at every night with Tom, usually with him grabbing her arm or hand and hauling her around.
  9. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    What's the deal with the headaches? Are they migraines? Cluster headaches? Does anyone know? I've dealt with cluster headaches since I was 28, and they are called, "The worst pain known to mankind." If she has cluster headaches, OMG...

    Here's a glimpse of what they're like.
  10. 5feet6inches Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Told her she was pregnant? - I honestly can't think of any other reason for the couch jumping incident than the knowing of Katie's pregnancy.

    It's all happened really fast, and then people were speculating that she wasn't looking well and that scientology handlers or body guards followed her even into the bathroom, how creepy that was. It just made the pregnancy idea all the more clear to me.

    Seiously, the girl walked into a nasty trap..
  11. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Good god...I suffer from migraines, but compared to these things, they're a walk in the park. I can't even begin to comprehend that level of pain and my migraines usually knock me right out for the count - needing to be in a dark and quiet room, take a ton of meds and try (try being the word) to sleep.
  12. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Same here. The fact that she went through labor unmedicated is enough, but migraines and cluster headaches WITHOUT medication... the very thought makes me sick.

    Generally I do not give a rat's ass about celebs, but I am very, very scared for Katie. Am I sensing a protest theme for an upcoming month? I know it seems highly unfair to focus on one person when there are so many who are in danger because of the Co$, but the high visibility of this particular case might just do wonders for our cause. Could we work it into Op. Reconnect?

    Not only that... if we CAN save her and we DON'T... what then? The lady is on the verge of a physical and mental breakdown, if any reports are to be believed. I agree with those who have said that this might be the next Lisa M., and if that can be prevented, it sure as hell should be.
  13. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    ^This. I simply could not agree more. I am honestly afraid for her...
  14. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    If Anons want to work it into Reconnect, or maybe Psychout, then fine, but devoting an entire month's protest to "Free Katie Holmes" (or similar effect) comes dangerously close to "protesting the people, not the practices."
  15. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Or it puts one victim of the cult above the many hundreds/thousands of others. But Katie is high-profile, and she's becoming the poster-child to the largely apathetic public of the abusive nature of the cult. I wouldn't base a protest around her specifically, but it would be nice to see the public and/or Hollywood at large, begin demanding that something be done. Yeah yeah... I'm an optimist... :huh:
  16. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Doing a protest specifically on Holmes would also likely put her at risk. If TC went into hiding for a peaceful protest, what would they do to Katie if she was the focus of a protest? It would be awefully convinient if she went into hiding and didn't come out, or an "Anon" did something to her. I'm not putting anything past TC or Co$ when it comes to them trying to save face.

    Right now I think the most we can do without putting her in too much danger is to keep doing what we're doing. Though perhaps someone could come up with a small pamphlet on what's happening to Katie and some information on Co$/ TC for people to print out and stick into magazines/ tabloids that mention the pair? It wouldn't be as high profile as a full-blown protest, but has the potential to spread the word pretty far given the nature of some of the people who read tabloids and celeb gossip.
  17. char2008 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Well now, that is where dna might come in handy
  18. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    And worse, somehow managing to put on that very thin act of still enjoying herself. My admiration for Katie's ability to tolerate this just went up another notch, and I say that as someone who has suffered migraines.

    A Cluster headache...uhm...that sounds a little like the time someone smacked me in the head with a C130 flight simulator (don't ask), 'cept that stopped hurting after three or four minutes. Gah.
  19. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    A cluster headache... Fuck... How to even describe it...

    It's like the worst migraine you've ever had in your entire fucking life, compressed down into a 40-minute pain-fest, where it feels like someone is slowly pushing a screwdriver into your eyeball and digging it around in your eye-hole, and this little treat is served to you 4-6 times a day, every single fucking day, around the clock, for a period of 8-12 weeks. And that's if you've got it GOOD and you're episodic.

    If you're a chronic sufferer, you've got it every fucking day and night, and sometimes it's more intense than others, but you are always living with an anvil hanging overhead. If I were chronic, I would blow my fucking head off.
  20. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Kidman and Urban buy $7m nest in LA | The Australian
    Supposedly its minutes from Tom and Katie's place so she could see her children.

    I wonder if the current hype has made her a little more balsy and who knows, maybe she'll go and rescue Katie. No one probably knows what she's going through better than Nicole.
  21. char2008 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    You know it is going to be so difficult for her as they now live in a house that is secured like a prison with cameras and mikes everywhere. And from the looks of it Tommy is trying to pull something by now being photographed with just him and Suri, Katie sightings are fewer lately. And that DM fellow is a control freak just like TC so my main hope here is that she gets out with Suri and gets out alive.
  22. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Gyah. Yes, worse than the flight simulator incident by a wide margin (I didn't think it could get much worse than a ton of hydraulic machinery smacking your skull at full power, guess I was wrong.)

    The only thing remotely comparable I can think of that I've, personally, experienced, is the worst migraine I've ever had (and I'm only an occasional sufferer of those.) That one particular incident had me willfully confining myself to a mattress that was on the floor so I wouldn't roll off and cause myself harm. I couldn't stand up (nausea) but if I had been able to I would probably have been doing most of the shit from that web site.

    And if I had to wager a guess, I'd probably pin it at about a 6.5 or maybe 7 on the Kip scale, probably the absolute worst a migraine can get. I can't imagine someone in that kind of pain being able to do much more than stagger in a particular direction and speak a few words.
  23. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Man.... Wouldn't that be awesome?

    I was thinking about this yesterday, too: Tom could instantly catapult his stock into the stratosphere if he blew from the cult, exposed it, and rescued Katie and Suri, himself. Interviews, documentaries, world applause, an outpouring of sympathy for his couch-jumping incident, a public apology to Brooke Shields... Holy crap... It would be The. Biggest. Win. EVAR! I think people would forgive him, do their best to understand it, and he could use his star influence to help other people out of cults... And if they threatened him with his auditing folders, he could thoroughly discredit all of it, or minimize any potential damage from it with ease. He would go from being a creepy-assed sell-ebrity to being a fucking HERO in one fell swoop.
  24. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Well, the hellish part of migraines, although I've never had one, is the nausea, light-sensitivity, and the duration of them. At least with migraines though, there are effective preventatives, and narcotics can often help. With cluster headaches, there are no triggers, (other than the changing seasons and barometric changes, for some reason...), and narcotics don't do a thing. The medications are even worse. Topamax, Verapamil, injectible Imitrex (as an abortive), other triptan drugs... The side effects and rebound headaches from those drugs, make them a non-starter, as far as a therapy.

    When I'm in cycle, I make do with taking two 750mg tablets of kudzu extract three times a day. It takes about ten days to fully load into my system but when it does, then it dulls/prevents the majority of the hits. The ones that get through, I end up with an ice pack jammed into my right eye, lots of swearing, and writhing around on the bed until they pass.

    Not nice. Not nice at all.
  25. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    DUDE. That's like... THE best case scenario in the history of HISTORY. "And I owe it all to those tenacious, tireless Anonymous protesters!" would be the icing on the oh-so-proverbial cake. *sigh* If only, yeah?

    Sometimes I think that if I could just sit down and TALK to some of these folks.... but meh. Pipe dream.

    Tigers: I have a MASSIVE amount of respect for you. My migraines were so bad that I'd vomit (a lot) and then pass out. Prescription drugs and all. Yet I cannot IMAGINE living with your hurt and surviving. YEESH.
  26. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Thanks... Like I said, I'm fortunate that I'm not chronic. I would seriously check out.

    Migraines sound absolutely horrible. Headaches suck... (Almost as much as $cientology... Almost...)
  27. Phil-Anon Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I would caution people against taking the Katie/Suri angle too far right now - we'd end up with a HUGE footbullet if we did a lot of "Free Katie" and/or "Free Suri" signs for Reconnect and then on 4/13 TomKat announced that everything is peachy-keen and showed that a lot of the gossip has been unfounded. Remember, the $cinos have a habit of dangling out readily disprovable bait stories to trap unwary critics so they can go "See? They're a bunch of lying crazy religious bigots!"

    As great as it would be if Katie blew and took Suri with her, basing anything around unconfirmed gossip has the potential to bite us in the ass big time.
  28. Randomness Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    This is why we will win, hivemind = genious entity.
  29. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    The reports are false. Los Angeles Times, the original source, put out a retraction yesterday.
  30. Anonheeeemous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Agreed, we should wait untill there is clear unrefutable evidance that katie/suri are in immediate danger before acting. At which point the police should be invloved.

    I'm not being overly harsh, but katie is a grown woman; if she wants out she needs to make the first step herself. Then we can help her make the rest. The same goes for any other scientologist who wants out, they have to make the first move...
  31. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I agree. Put the Katie/Suri thing on the back burner, for now. That's something to do with one/two specific people, and AFAIK, Anonymous is protesting the criminal actions of the cult. It may be the roundabout way of helping Katie and Suri, but if the cult is dismantled, all of their victims win.
  32. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Look at the way he's grabbing her wrists! Control freak much?

  33. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    first, it's straining the tendons that run from the ulna across the metacarpals to the pinky and ring finger carpals...

    second, that is actually a decent aikido wrist lock that could be used in many offensive ways... not that he knows aikido, he's just had a lot of practice bullying girls...
  34. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    So this is the shallowest most snark-tastic bit of observation evar*, but it bothers me that she hasn't been fugged on GoFugYourself in forever. She used to be a worthwhile source of finger-pointing and snarking insofar as clothes went. It takes careful management for most of these starlets to be talked out of 'trend-setting' fashion blunders.

    Can't leave the house without a Miscavage-approved fashion squad making sure she looks as blandy acceptable as possible.

    Or has she disappeared so completely and isn't going to movie premiers at all? I only keep up on celebrities' fug-fashion and notsomuch the other stuff, so if they look sensible I don't hear about it. :wink:

    * Oh the fun of addictive gossip-threads!
  35. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    It does look very much like he's handling her and hauling her around like she's a doll. Also, the way she's standing is very defensive, her free hand slightly in front of her body, as if to protect herself. The way she's looking at the camera, sort of looking up at it, that's a submissive attitude. And not the Katie Holmes BT (Before Tom) you'd normally see in interviews.

    Those cluster headaches sound like hell. I honestly don't know you sufferers cope with it. Migraines are bad enough, but geeze.
  36. anyjane Member

  37. 5feet6inches Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    This. Reminds me of:

  38. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    It's Cultpuppy Cruise with Kung-Fu Grip!
  39. A-non-y-moose Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    He might have learned some "Tricks" while shooting "The last Samurai"
    And you dont use Aikido in offensive ways =)
  40. Oonanonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Are you serious? You don't buy the crap tabloids story, right? :(
    Cruise didn't get out of the house for a month, Katie always does; she did three steps out of a restaurant into a car swarmed by paps, she look at her feet not to fall with her 10inches heels and: clic! picture and Boum tabloid cover Star mag: "Tom is threatening Katie's health!!! omigod!"
    Using a wife to destroy and husband by telling crap is sick, and if you want to buy this, you should not go with a Free Katie sign but a: Anonymous: "Operation: disconnect families" sign.

    Don'tdiscredit the protest with this crap please, I am one of them and I don't want a tabloid stink to screw my participation and put me to shame. It is serious, no laughing matter.
    My friend Zorro from Operation Clambake got a rough time with his trial against them. He lost it last week (see OCMB french section), lots of money too! grrr

    So why do you think Katie always look like 100M$ all smiles and laughing on red carpet with Tom?
    She is treat like a QUEEN IN THE CO$!
    You should look into RPF to understand what it is and how people look like when they're out.
    It's nothing funny mate, it's nothing to do with Holmes. It's difficult to get out of this.

    Don't use a 30years old spoiled multi millionaire for informing people, they won't connect;
    They want to learn about the REAL FACT OF TRAGEDY.

    You should see the interview of Jenna Miscavige or read the ex scientologist board, it is very informative.

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