Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gizmogirl, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Thing is I bet she doesn't miss her family so much. She may not be blonde but she is totally the quintessential small town girl who got sick of it and moved to LA to make it big. Well now she's made it and she's gonna her vegetables
  2. DNAnon Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri


    Toledo, Ohio.
  3. monamia Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Musta been tough for her to get enough attn.

    Thanks. Good perspective/points above too, maybe tight attachments run contrary to the Scio-candidate. So dad's maybe a shark too...stuff to think about. Thanks. I wonder if she's very bright. Probably not a true genius to be able to stand him for more than 15 minutes. Hate to be nahsty but...actually...TRUTH BE TOLD...he has sort of held my interest for an unbelievably long time. HOW COULD HE? Twisted, that's what. Best keep our eye on him...twisted...explosive...could go off at any time.
  4. Kilia Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I can't get over the way he is gripping her wrist! Jeeez!!
  5. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    ^^^ THIS, people.

    I suppose now is as good a time to make a point as any, for all three anons out there who missed it (if this comes across as pretentious or obvious, sorry, but I think it needs to be said.)

    Some people around here have been saying stuff about the RPF like its' primary purpose is to provide David Miscavige and Tom Cruise with a slave labor force. It's not. This is a lovely side effect, but normal Staff and Sea Org serve that function pretty well and could probably just be told to build this stuff and it would get done.

    The purpose of the RPF is exactly the same as with everything else in Scientology. It is the final step in brainwashing and establishing control. It grinds you down to exhaustion, where any critical thinking skill is completely exhausted, then fills your brain with propaganda that, in this state of mind, becomes perfectly sensible, from which point you act. After a year or so on the RPF you're not going to be able to question anything at all without a good, long rest. Of course, from the RPF you're back in Sea Org, where the demands are still just at the limit of human tolerance.

    This isn't just me spouting off. The US Armed Forces (and those of most western countries) use these same techniques to turn a fresh recruit into someone who's actually useful on a battlefield. The main differences are, they do it to (relatively) consenting adults who haven't already been subjected to brainwashing, and as a general rule they stop before they do much more than instill vital skills for the job of soldier.

    Now, back to Katie (to stay on topic). Sure, no menial labor, but she's being dragged around with no sleep, poor diet, and subjected to hours upon hours of Scilon propaganda.

    It's the RPF in a nice cocktail dress.
  6. CVAnonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Never mind
  7. MsCabbage Member

  8. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Wooow. You'd hope it was a *really* nice cocktail dress, huh? /bad joke.

    Dude, the way he's grabbing her wrist freaks me out too! YEEESH! *shudders* He is such a creepy little bastard, it's freakish.
  9. dirk nimrod Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I'm a small town guy in the big city right now (hope I don't namefag myself too much) but being away from family does get to me. I love them and do miss them when I'm away. I'm sure Katie has the same kind of feelings.
  10. Mousey Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    methods of brainwashing and their comparisons are pretty on-topic with regards to scientology, imo.

    And to add to this, the largest difference is that boot camp recruits eat a high calorie, high protein diet to build muscle, and have access to free competent medical care that will treat any and all injuries equally.

    Respect for the flag and patriotism aren't vital skills. However, I'll give the military this; where they have acknowledged mistakes, they have been surprisingly open and willing to change. One of the few films I saw in boot camp that had absolutely no propaganda was about the fire on the USS Forrestal and how it changed shipboard firefighting. Contrast that with the Co$ and the difference is huge, but now I'm drifting off topic and will shut up about it.

    The important thing is that Katie has a harsh reality to face up to. Either she can dig her head in the sand and make "we're a happy family we're a happy family" her mantra, or she can realize that she needs to blow, with or without her daughter. If she has to blow without her daughter, then it's far better to blow and try to rescue her from the outside as a whistleblower than it is to stay and try to rescue her from the inside.

    There are hundreds of other options, some bad, some good. People will surprise you sometimes. Here's hoping she surprises us, and not in a bad way like what happened to Margot Kidder.
  11. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    So she deserves all this for having big dreams and pursuing them? :confused:
  12. anonitard Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    In literary terms, they call that "living in a gilded cage", but your version sounds more accurate. I think the media at large will (sadly) ignore the photos which portray her as ghastly, because that's how young starlets look.

    Didn't notice that till you mentioned it, but I don't know how anyone could look at a picture like that and claim they're a lovely Hollywood couple. She looks more like a puppet controlled by Cruise than a wife.
  13. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Also, if you wash out of the army, you don't get hit with "freeloader debt" bill for the training. And parents can't sign their 13-year-old up for the military.

    Let's see, what else... Navy ships don't have asbestos everywhere. And no military uniform in the world looks as stupid as what "Commodore" Hubbard wore.
  14. MsCabbage Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    .........Or, she might be pregnant with morning sickness.. pregnancy would also explain the dizzy spells.

    The wrist grabbing is weird though...
  15. gizmogirl Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    No, Tom would be treating her like a princess again if she were pregnant; he would do nothing that might harm his spawn. No food, no sleep, and hours in a sauna would not be good for developing baby. Part of his anger at her seems to come from her not getting pregnant again right after Suri.
  16. D... Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Seeing as a lot of this is just unconfirmed celebrity gossip, I still don't understand why this is stickied.

    Although, and this is going to sound really shitty for capitalizing on a horrible situation, if there is a custody battle then it would be a good time to out the instances of child abuse about Scientology.

    But, strictly speaking; celebrities=/=staff. They are probably treated as gods.
  17. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Actually, we are hoping that Katie or her family stumbles across the board and realize how many people are willing to help her out... I think that's why this is stickied. If we helped Katie, imagine the implications.
  18. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Even if this is never confirmed, we can still use the gossip. Lots of people will hear of it, we can use it in our campaigns and play into the sentiments...
  19. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    For her sake... The first time I saw the Oprah video, and the way he ran backstage and jerked her out in front of everyone, I thought so... It scared me in a way that even now, I can't really pinpoint. I've just got a really bad feeling about things, and I'm scared for her.
  20. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    If she can't snap out of it and see her "dream" for what it is than yes, she does. Right now I can't blame her because she is still desperately holding out hope that somehow this is all worth it. But I don't think she's going to a year, 2 years, 3 years from now. Barring her untimely death of course, which I would never blame her for
  21. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Well, that is the $6 Million Dollar question, isn't it? To all $cientologists! Or anyone who has ever been involved in ANY cult! Why don't they just "snap out of it"?

    Take a look at this thread, and the two books that I've linked to.
  22. Magoo Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Very true! Thankfully she hasn't been "in" that long, and I have a feeling
    for some time she's wanted "out". How, with the baby in between, is the million dollar question.

    If you're friends with Katie, it's time to really step up to the plate.
    She NEEDS some *real* friends.......and right now she is no doubt feeling
    quite alone.

    I'm happy to help her, if she wants to talk with someone who was "in"
    for 30 years, and did the levels Tom has done.The levels, themselves,
    drive people NUTS.

    My best to all :wink:

    Burbank, CA
    (818) 588-3044
  23. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I sound heartless, but I do think she'll bail at some point. Again the video of her not clapping very enthusiastically at the Scientology gathering speaks volumes.

    She wanted Tom Cruise the dreamboat, not this scientology nightmare
  24. ahnonnymaus Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I can't hope to predict what she'll do, but I guarantee you that it won't be as easy as 'snapping out of it' without some kind of outside influence or help. And it's not her fault, and I really don't think she deserves it.

    As others have stated, if things are as we believe they are, then that is an abusive relationship, and I dare you to tell a beaten woman to her face that she deserved to get beaten and abused because she didn't leave her abuser. That kind of thinking is absolutely ignorant.

    Humans are predictable in that they would rather face a known threat and pain than face the unknown. They say 'well I've dealt with it already, I can get through this again, and it's probably going to be much worse if I leave'.

    Yes, she will need to ultimately make the decision to escape, because nobody but her can make it for her-- but she would need help to accept that decision as a choice, and then to follow through on it.
  25. 5feet6inches Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I often wonder if Tom had replaced his grief from Nicole's betrayal for passion towards the cult, since they came right on time. As I understand, he was truly in love with her and grieving is not done in scientology. Auditing and whatever else they use is a mere patch on the wound that doesn't heal. - It seems like he's speeding full time in denial, never settling down. What leads to a total breakdown down the line.

    It's unfortunate that Katie had to have her dream fulfilled in such a lie, and as such a painful experience. One can only hope that she will come out stronger and wiser from this.
  26. Randomness Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Link plox.
  27. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I believe it's the medal of freedom video, it pans across the crowd showing her briefly next to tom cruise clapping like a retard
  28. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Touching briefly on why Katie's family isn't trying to see Katie / why Katie hasn't touched base with her family, remember that not all families are happy ones.

    Cults thrive on individuals who had unhappy childhoods and want the sort of belonging that a closely knit 'spiritual' organization promises.

    Whether this is Katie's case, I don't know... but gosh has it kept me up at night thinking "What about the victims for whom there's nothing but abusive relatives and painful memories to reconnect with?"


    I just made myself verra sad. :sad:
  29. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I grew up in just such a household, Gnome. "But for the grace of God..." :(
  30. monamia Member

    Suri and dad defamed

    Defamer, the L.A. Gossip Rag

    A Call To The Bullpen: Not Now, Sweetie -- Daddy Needs To Repair His Image

    Serious Suri observations.
    Whoa. She's just a little kid.

    Where's Momma?

    Save Katie.

    From the blog article:
    A Call To The Bullpen
    Not Now, Sweetie -- Daddy Needs To Repair His Image

    In attempt to cheer him self up after learning that his latest film's release date has been pushed back for a second time, Tom Cruise played with his toy robot at a local park. At first, Cruise had difficulties in engaging in traditional activities with the animatronic girl; case in point, when Cruise forgot to bend the legs before sending it down the slide and tumbled down face first. Cruise asked other parents at the park about the model number of their particular "children," but then Cruise got distracted by how dirty the Suri-Bot was getting. Cruise quickly dragged the robot by hand to a near by SUV explaining that he doesn't want mommy to be at them for having so much fun without her.
  31. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Rehosted pic from defamer article:


    And the comments are lulzy too.
  32. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    while i agree that when the times comes, we must act as a strong and supportive backup for kati. TILL THEN we should not make alot of public fuss about this.

    Any sort of intevention we offer, may only make the situation worsen, FASTER for her. The last thing we need is for "them" to try and indicate US in the breakup.

    That said, i dont think the time is long now, and when id does, that would be the most effective time to act. The most devestating blow we could make would be to hand out ex scientology kids pamphlets at any sort of custody hearing that may come up.

    Most judges who read how "the faith" treats children would not be inclined to allow the child to grow up in "the faith"

    Any sort of pre-emtive attack in this case may be our own foot bullet.
  33. holdemm Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    wow she really looks like a robot in that last pic.
  34. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    ^^TRUTH So for now... There's nothing we can do. As long as we stay on-target with bringing down/exposing the corporation, the rest will follow, including help for Katie and Suri, hopefully...
  35. Oonanonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I thought they slept in seperate bedrooms? :huh:
    tabloids can't made up their minds!

    And who is the source anyway? Tom or Katie?:idunno:
  36. Oonanonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Indeed, which is what we discussed on Kidman sold her kids to Tom, that she earned a huge portion of his fortune and many houses.
    There she had all the time to shoot her 17 movies since her divorce. Tom? 6 movies to date.
    So don't be so afraid for Suri, at least he favor his kids to his fortune.
  37. cannedonymous Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Oonanonymous brings up a good point... it's pretty sick that Tom would 'buy' kids. I agree with you Oonanonymous - Tom needs to be stopped!!!
  38. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    I think he really loves her in a creepy Tom Cruisy sort of way. It's gonna be really hard for him when she realizes she was born into a cult and blows and becomes an exscientologykid.
  39. Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    i'm afraid that tom actually believes this crap. look at him in the pic. he looks more like clark kent than any hollywood image of tom cruise...
  40. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: Tom Cruise threatens to take Suri

    Hi, ITC, SnappyCruise, zohelene, OonaStillBeleive, IAmInYourHead, Atchoum. Have I missed out any of your other aliases? It is always nice to see you all over the web, fighting the unwinnable Tom Cruise battles. Has Tom written you yet to say thanks for all your efforts or are you still waiting? Oh dear, don't worry, I hear Valkyrie will be opening soon, so there is a redcarpet for you to go stand by and wave, I am sure he will remember you from the last one.

    Everytime you want to defend Cruise, you can't so you attack someone else because it is always their fault, I mean, Cruise is a saint, isn't he?

    His kids are so going to need therapy. I bet they can't wait to leave once the reach the legal age. Poor Katie, she should have read his press to know about the madness she was about to enter.

    Despite his best efforts to be "the best", he is failing miserably. At least, he has you ITC.

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