Tom Cruise stiffed his wedding caterer.

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Sep 13, 2012.

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    There were security procedures, certainly. You're not supposed to talk to reporters. If there are any people with subpoenas, you're taught how to handle it. There were also rattlesnakes at that time, so we were told how to kill rattlesnakes. In 1977 there was an FBI raid in Los Angeles, so this was 1978. It was basically a secret base. We all had to use fake names.
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    INUREMENT (how much evidence and how many witnesses does the IRS need before it revokes the tax exemption?)

    In 1990 when Tom Cruise came by I was assigned as his personal chef. He was doing training, doing courses, he was also getting some auditing. He came with his assistant, Andrea Morris. He had a nice luxury apartment renovated for him. Miscavige set up a whole bunch of facilities for Tom Cruise. He even made a couple of tennis courts. There was a rifle range operated just for Tom Cruise.
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    comments are clammy
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    Tom Cruise is a deadbeat scumbag? What a surprise.
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    Stiffed his freinds for dinner recently so this doesn't surprise me one bit.
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    O rly? Doxies, ploxies?
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    It was a thread here a week or so ago about how he had tried to payt his huge restarant bill with an AMEX, and had to have his friends pick up the tab. i don't really feel like going back to find it right now because I don't have time. It was mostly an aside comment to fill pixels anyways.
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    Should'na opened your yap, then.
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    way to stay classy Tom!
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    PS: I work as a cook/caterer. The man not getting properly paid by the richest man in showbiz pisses me off. A grand or so probably would have been sufficient from the sound of it for him to break even.
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    I'm no fan of Marty Rathbun, but here's his take on this.

    Short version: "Ron never would have done that."

    “Who Cares Bullshit” – Tom Cruise Rep

    Posted on September 13, 2012 by martyrathbun09 | Leave a comment

    “Who cares bullshit” is what Tom Cruise’s press rep says to Sinar Parman’s noting that the multi-millionaire utterly stiffed him. That was after Tom’s bff David Miscavige promised his bff would pay Sinar for this five star week-long service. Sinar catered not only Tom’s wedding but the entire several day wingding surrounding it at Telluride.

    “Who cares bullshit” for the Scientology monk having to incur debt himself to service Cruise.

    The story was recently carried in Business Insider, Business Insider on Sinar Parman.

    When the Huffington Post picked up on it and asked Tom Cruise for a response, his rep (who obviously hasn’t been stiffed yet herself) responded, “You are asking about something that happened 20 years ago — I don’t know anything about this and need more time to find out. Any reason you need to post this who cares bullshit now?”

    Not just David Miscavige, not just his bff Tom Cruise, but not even Tom’s lowly press rep can be bothered by such riff raff raising such “who cares bullshit.”

    Huffington Post

    It is not as if Sinar just came out of the clear blue. Much of this story was published previously in the second most avidly read news source of David Miscavige, second behind Moving On Up A Little Higher, of course. The Tampa Bay Times let the world know how Mr. Parman was treated nearly three years ago - see, Chased by their Church.

    Maybe a significant percentage of the readers of Huff Post might have considered it ‘who cares bullshit’ until Tom’s reps had to give yet another public display of the arrogance and disdain that is the world of his bff David Miscavige.

    What a commentary on the lives of the rich and famous and the arrogant and infamous.

    Do you think L. Ron Hubbard ever treated Sinar Parman with such disdain? Do you think Ron ever forgot about Sinar Parman and his service?

    I doubt it.

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Yes and Yes.

    L. Ron Hubbard gave a fuck about one person and one person only: L. Ron Hubbard. Corroboration: too many instances to recount.

    Hey, Rathbun, do you recall the name "Mary Sue Hubbard"?
    Yeah, your limp-dicked guru forgot it also, at the first sign of trouble.
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  16. So when is the IRS going to actually start to pay attention to all the freebies that Tom Cruise gets at tax payers' cost?
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    Business Insider is the Independent's PR outlet - they feed Jim Evans old stories with a new twist - DM=Bad/LRH=Good - filled with happy happy joy joy stores about the old days - and then quote back from the stories they have planted as if they represent DOX. All we have here is one of Marty's minions saying David Miscavige promised Tom Cruise would pay - perhaps Miscavige did, but what's to stop anyone saying someone else will pay? An interesting way to irritate on the cult, using the Tom Cruise name ensures increased media but, overall, proof of nothing except how easily the media can be played when you've got a "big name" for lure.
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    I'm glad to see this kind of coverage. Coverage about Cruise being a weirdo was okay, but coverage showing him for what he is, that is, a complete fucknozzle scumbag, is much better. He is a scumbag because he is a member of a cult of scumbags that sells nothing but courses to teach you how to be a scumbag.
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    It was just a simple mistake! Tommy didn't understand that it wasn't slave labor this time.
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  21. Sonichu Moderator

    Exactly. When you are surrounded by Sea Ogers all day, you forget that the minimum wage isn't $50/week
  22. Agreed. What we need are more stories about Tom Cruise accepting free goods, labor, and services. It doesn't matter how old the stories are, we NEED MORE PRESS. It will take many loud collective voices/stories about TC and inurement before the US Gov't acts. And they won't act until some struggling politician (we are close to election day, after all) decides to take this up as a cause celebre. MOAR.
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