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  1. What is that ?

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  2. Twinkle Member

    Nithyananda-Tom-Cruise-2.jpg eurovision.jpg

    Are they related?
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  3. WWP Capture Competition !!!

  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  5. tom-kruz_19945606_orig_.jpeg

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  6. KNMF at Tony Ortega's central news outlet:

  7. Observer at Tony Ortega's journalism centre:

  8. media_lush at Tony Ortega's school for Journalism:

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Have any players of Half-Life 2 noticed that the head crab zombies that have been shot with the 12 gauge shotgun, the 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol or the Sub-Machine Gun look like Tom Cruise?

    Zombie Tom 14.png

    Zombie Tom 13.png

    Zombie Tom 6.png

    Zombie Tom 9.png

    Citations from Wikipedia:

    Half-Life 2 (stylized as HλLF-LIFE2), the sequel to Half-Life, is a first-person shooter video game and part of the Half-Life series. Developed by Valve Corporation, it was initially released on November 16, 2004, following a protracted five-year,[8] $40 million development cycle,[9] during which a substantial part of the project was leaked and distributed on the Internet.[10]

    In April 2005, Cruise began dating actress Katie Holmes. On April 27 that year, Cruise and Holmes – dubbed "TomKat" by the media – made their first public appearance together in Rome.[60] A month later, Cruise declared his love for Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show, famously jumping up and down on Winfrey's couch during the show.[61] On October 6, 2005, Cruise and Holmes announced they were expecting a child,[62] and their daughter, Suri, was born in April 2006. On November 18, 2006, Holmes and Cruise were married at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, in a Scientology ceremony attended by many Hollywood stars.[63][64]

    "Trapped in the Closet" is the twelfth episode of the ninth season of the animated series South Park, and the 137th episode of the series overall. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on November 16, 2005.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Creepy Tom Cruise Interview Redone As Creepy Half-Life 2 Interview

    Luke Plunkett

    Filed to: Half-Life 2
    9/03/08 12:30am

    You remember those Tom Cruise Scientology interviews? Creepy stuff. They've been remade countless times by comedians, we know, but this is the first time we've seen them remade in the Half-Life 2 universe. Which makes it just as creepy, if not more so, because it's not too big a stretch imagining the Thetans being a part of the Combine. Which would make Tom Cruise, big-name Hollywood star, the harbinger of our ultimate destruction. Food for thought, no?

    I think this video is cool but I prefer thinking of Tom Cruise as a zombie.

    Zombie Tom 1.png
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Tom Cruise continues to cling to Scientology...

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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a classic from 2006:

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  13. Tom Cruise finds true love;

  14. DeathHamster Member

    From UB:

    media_lush3 hours ago
    I get most of my pics and gifs from imgur... it has a very young demographic and can have a lot of influence... anyway, this pic came up 15 hours ago and has been viewed 781 thousand times already

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  15. RightOn Member

  16. Makes you think important Tom cruise is if something happened to him on mission impossible that would be end of it .
    Bad Accident doing one of his famous body double stunts .Money for Scientology soon dry up , bots connected to Scientology reporting people to Germany twitter some people have got account suspended or block .
    They are trolling people again stopped for few weeks because Danny Masterson Conviction. Tom cruise New film Mission Impossible Elon Musk trip to Mars with rest of Scientology one way only .

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