Tom Cruise PAYS Indians to cheer for him in India

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    OH the irony...HEY TOM, WHERE'S MY CHECK?

    mod edit: additional coverage:
    Junior artists paid $3 to play screaming fans of Tom Cruise at Mumbai airport! – TruthDive
    Likely duplicate(s): Google News/Deccan Chronicle, Yahoo! News/, Google News/Newstrack India
    Tom Cruise denies rumours he paid fans $3 for rousing applause – The Province
    Tom Cruise denies reports he paid fans $3 to cheer for him – Calgary Herald
    Tom Cruise Denies Reports He Paid Fans $3 To Cheer For Him (Didn't Pay Them
    Mumbai fans of Tom Cruise have to be paid –
    Junior artists paid 3 dollar to play screaming fans of Tom Cruise at Mumbai airport! –
    Tom Kaun? - Cruise fans 'paid' –
    Tom Cruise Paid Fans In Mumbai (Photo) – earsucker
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Ha ha what a deluded wanker - if he wants to be a top celebrity again he needs to quit the cult
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  3. PodPeople Member

    That's probably more than scientology sea org crew make. What, Travolta couldn't have flown them in?

    Think how many cigarettes the slaves could have bought. Tabasco sauce for the rice and beans. Luxuries like toothpaste and the ever scarce toilet paper. Or toothbrushes for the RPF.

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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. subgenius Member

    Hope its picked up by the celeb sites.
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  6. RightOn Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Awww never mind Tom...

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  8. socacity Member

    Haters be hatin'.

  9. DeathHamster Member

    Share the love!

  10. 3rdMan Member

    You think he'd pay Anonymous if we promised to cheer him on?
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  11. muldrake Member

    Pathetic. Either Cruise insisted on arranging this, or his handlers know he's such a narcissistic girly-man that he'd burst into tears if he showed up anywhere in the world and people were like "Tom WHO?" No wonder this Bubble Boy is in the dumbest cult in the world, where they worship him like a god. He really needs that or he goes all to pieces and starts bawwing.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I pity little Suri.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Shit, thanks, there goes another computer screen....give a person some warning next time!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I am amused at hearing that someone had a sign that said: Tom Cruises.

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  15. Anonymous Member

    SIGN POST, to the nearest white, courtesy phone, please!
  16. Anonymous Member

    He looks so happy and gay in that photo, unlike this where he looks ... awkward. And short.

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  17. Anonymous Member

    She looks pretty hot there. That's an old picture.

  18. Chipshotz Member

    That's nasty
  19. Saul Goodman Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    I love Bollywood music...

  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Who put the goat in there‽
  23. RightOn Member

    Tom Cruise is open to ANY stradom these days, even if he has to pay people who don't know who he is to show up to cheer him on?
  24. Sponge Member

    Tom Cruise Paid Fans In Mumbai (Photo)
    Earsucker via First Post Reports 6th Dec 2011
    Tom kaun? Junior artists paid Rs 150 to play screaming fans of Tom Cruise at airport!
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  25. Triumph Member

    Tom Cruise was greeted at Mumbai airport by hundreds of paid “fans”
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  26. RightOn Member

    once agian Katie's clothes are cringe worthy
    Looks like gym shorts with a turtleneck with a trench coat.
    Red tipped heels Katie? Really? Why bother in this get up?
    And Tom even in his shoe lifts is dwarfed by her once again
  27. xenubarb Member

    With those heels, she should be wearing one of those Idle Org Dracula swing coats.
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  28. Strixcoil Moderator

    Why you had to do that, Barb?
    Why you have to recall that horrible swing coats? :(

  29. xenubarb Member

    How could you look at those shoes and NOT think of swing coats?
  30. Strixcoil Moderator

    ...Ok, you have a point.
    But why THOSE horrible swing coats? Why?
  31. xenubarb Member

    According to the reports at the time, that outfit was influenced by the input of Katie Holmes, a known hot couture afficionado.
  32. RightOn Member

    I thought the same thing

    But even that would be too stylish for Katie
    sorry, but she has the worst taste in clothes evah!
    A COS swing would have been a big improvement lol
  33. socacity Member

  34. TinyDancer Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    sorry not a swing coat
  36. Anonymous Member

    Spelled haut. French for high.
    Pronounced ho'.
  37. Triumph Member

    Tom Cruise Denies Reports He Paid Fans $3 To Cheer For Him (Didn't Pay Them $20, Either) Denies Reports Paid Fans Cheer Didn+Them+Either/5825126/story.html
    ofcourse he Hired them
    its Bollywood and what Wizcraft does
  38. Anonymous Member

    I've raided multiple TC Film Premieres.

    His PR crowd hand out relevant signs for people to wave.

    I cannot confirm/deny if any of them were paid.
  39. Cheappassion Member

  40. Smurf Member

    All of the publicity junkets are paid for by Paramount Pictures Distribution. The stars don't pay the costs which is why the OP and media articles are misleading. I can just imagine some bigwig at Paramount telling TC he has to use his own money to publicize a film where he is the star. LOL.

    If, in fact, Tom paid these "fans", you'd expect his handlers demanding Paramount to reimburse him.

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