Tom Cruise and Scientology in 2017

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    How Tom Cruise’s Wedding to Katie Holmes Changed Scientology Forever

    The moment that turned the tide.

    By Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast, December 2, 2019


    Even by Hollywood standards it was an opulent affair, with millions splashed on a 15th-century castle, crystal-laden Armani dresses, and a performance by crooner Andrea Bocelli; the guest list, meanwhile, was a paparazzo’s dream, boasting the likes of Will and Jada, Posh and Becks, J. Lo, and scores more. But Tom Cruise’s 2006 Italian wedding to Katie Holmes will be remembered for another reason entirely, according to Mike Rinder.

    “It was a very significant moment in the history of Scientology, because it changed a lot of the media focus about Scientology,” offered Rinder on Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Rinder would know. For 25 years, the Aussie served as a senior executive for the Church of Scientology and its fraternal religious order, Sea Organization, as well as the executive director of its Office of Special Affairs (OSA), which oversees the church’s myriad legal tussles, public relations, and internal investigations into members’ behavior. He left the controversial religion in 2007 due to, he says, the abusive practices of leader David Miscavige, and now co-hosts A&E’s Aftermath alongside another ex-Scientologist, Leah Remini.

    But back to those star-studded nuptials. While Cruise had already raised plenty of eyebrows with his Matt Lauer mano a mano and couch-jumping on Oprah, the wedding was his big Scientology coming-out party — a traditional Scientology ceremony conducted by minister Norman Starkey, the executor of its late founder L. Ron Hubbard’s estate, with Miscavige serving as best man. And it was there that Remini, who was still a member of the church at the time, began questioning the church’s officials over the whereabouts of Miscavige’s wife Shelly, who was nowhere to be found. Remini is alleged to have received a tongue-lashing at the event from Tommy Davis, a Scientology executive who acted as Cruise’s personal handler.

    “I mean, look at that famous quote from Tommy Davis to Leah [Remini] about Shelly at the Cruise wedding, ‘You don’t have the fucking rank to ask about this.’ They believe the world doesn’t have the fucking rank to ask about this; that nobody has the fucking rank to ask about this,” Rinder tells me. “It’s an interesting look at the mindset of Scientologists, and how out of touch with reality they are. They’ve lost touch with the world.”

    Remini left Scientology in 2013, and has since become the face of Scientology whistleblowing. Things got worse for Cruise in Jan. 2008, when Gawker published a leaked version of his Scientology indoctrination video where the actor claimed, among other things, that Scientologists are the only ones who can help people who get in car accidents. Then came Going Clear, detailing the church’s alleged efforts to break up Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the Vanity Fair exposé about the church’s wife-auditioning for Cruise prior to arriving at Holmes, Remini’s allegation that Cruise personally punished fellow Scientologists, etc. And still, Cruise has somehow remained an A-list Hollywood star, with his recent blockbuster Mission: Impossible – Fallout grossing nearly $800 million worldwide, and the actor currently shooting a hotly-anticipated sequel to Top Gun. Rinder feels that the press is complicit.

    “If you go on a movie press junket with Cruise you are required not to ask about Scientology, and a lot of journalists participate anyway. This is a really sad indictment of the Fourth Estate,” says Rinder.

    He adds, “I still think that too many media do treat Scientology with kid gloves, and too many media are operating on the old view of the ‘power’ of Scientology to threaten and intimidate them. To a large extent, the threats and intimidation have increasingly been demonstrated to just be a bunch of hot air. It’s become a part of the routine to expect a legal letter if you do anything about Scientology, but Scientology hasn’t sued the media since TIME magazine back in 1992. And they lost that case.” (Cruise did not respond to requests for comment for this story; the Church of Scientology, through their spokesperson, called Rinder’s claims “false,” branded him a “liar,” and accused me of “religious prejudice and bias.”)

    Cruise’s camp would argue that it’s unfair to delve into someone’s religious beliefs — except the actor, Rinder explains, “used the fact that he was a movie star to promote Scientology for years.”

    In addition to the indoctrination video, made in honor of Cruise receiving the Freedom Medal of Valor from Miscavige for being the world’s biggest disseminator of Scientology, there was the time he infamously erected Scientology tents on the set of Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, attempting to convert cast and crew members to the controversial religion.

    “He had a volunteer ministers’ tent on War of the Worlds. It’s totally crazy,” says Rinder, who was still a high-ranking Scientology exec at the time. “You know, you can’t for years be the biggest proselytizer of Scientology because you’re a movie star, and even do it on the set of movies, and whenever you’re being interviewed about a movie you have to pop in something about L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology, and when it becomes a bit more inconvenient and prickly, and the subject matter isn’t what you want it to be, to go, ‘You’re not allowed to ask anymore,’ is wildly hypocritical.”

    On top of all that, Rinder echoes Remini’s claim that Cruise is aware of the alleged abuses within the Church of Scientology, including the Hole.

    “He is very aware,” Rinder says. “In fact, David Miscavige used to tell people when he was displeased with people in the Hole — and I was there when he said this — ‘If you motherfuckers don’t get your shit together, I’m going to bring Tom down here and I’m going to have him beat you up.’ Tom is an insider. He is privy to all the bullshit that Miscavige has been up to. And many people outside of the Sea Organization are not, but he is because they are like two peas in a pod.”

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    Katie Holmes' Parents Gave Jamie Foxx Their Blessing To Marry Her?

    By Andrew Shuster, Gossip Cop, January 2, 2019


    One of this week’s tabloids claims Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are officially planning their wedding after her parents gave the actor their blessing to marry her. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

    An article in the latest issue of the National Enquirer says the actress’s parents, Martin and Kathleen Holmes, have been skeptical of their daughter’s romance with Foxx, but he managed to win them over during her birthday dinner in New York City last month. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Jamie was nervous… Not the least because Katie’s parents have long been suspicious of his motives and the fact that he was never even engaged to his two baby mamas.”

    The supposed source continues, “But Jamie assured them that he has nothing but love for their daughter and he will honor that once they’re man and wife. He and Katie have been unofficially engaged for a very long time. Now it’s just a matter of when they want to announce it. Getting Katie’s folks to approve was a big deal.” The questionable tipster concludes that Holmes is “so relieved that Jamie’s won over her parents” and now she’s “desperate for a winter wedding” in Paris.

    The tabloid’s story is flawed from the start. Although Holmes’ mom joined her daughter’s birthday celebration with Foxx, the actress’s father didn’t attend. Considering the outlet isn’t aware that Holmes’ dad wasn’t at her birthday dinner, it’s hard to believe anything else about this story. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actress, who wasn’t able to go on the record, but assures us the magazine’s article is made-up.

    Meanwhile, when the Enquirer claimed back in November that Holmes and Foxx were getting married in Paris, the actress’s rep went on the record to dismiss the report. Foxx’s spokesperson also told Gossip Cop that he’s “not getting married.” Nothing has changed in the short time since.

    It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid’s sister’s publication, Life & Style, for falsely claiming just last week that Foxx had “dumped” Holmes. That story wasn’t true either, but it shows how the magazine and its related publications can’t keep their stories straight. In reality, the gossip media has little insight into the couple’s secretive romance.

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    Tom Cruise Recruiting 'Top Gun: Maverick' Co-Stars For Scientology?

    By Andrew Shuster, Gossip Cop, January 6, 2019


    Is Tom Cruise trying to recruit Top Gun: Maverick co-stars Miles Teller and Glenn Powell for Scientology? That’s the claim in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight.

    In the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Teller and Powell play fighter pilots being trained by Cruise’s character. According to the Globe, when the cameras aren’t rolling, the movie star is also trying to groom the young actors to join his controversial religion. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Cruise has been “barraging” the actors with Scientology teachings, adding, “They like Tom and they’re thrilled to be working with him, but he does come off as too overbearing sometimes.”

    The supposed source further contends that Cruise bring books about Scientology to the set of the film, “and shares his insights and revelations with them, expecting them to be bedazzled. He hands out books and pamphlets and it’s considered rude if you don’t take one.” The questionable tipster goes on to say that Teller and Powell “don’t want to be ungrateful, but they’re pretty much forced to sit there and take it all in while Tom’s enthusiasm takes off.” The suspicious source adds that Cruise uses every opportunity on set “to promote Scientology and say how great it is and what it could do for them.”

    The tabloid’s article simply isn’t accurate. Cruise has worked on dozens of movies throughout the years, and he’s never been known to recruit his co-stars for Scientology. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with sources involved in the production of Top Gun: Maverick, and we’re told the magazine’s report is fabricated. Cruise isn’t spending his downtime on set trying to convince his younger co-stars to join his religion.

    It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop has called out the Globe for coming up with similar storylines in the past. A few months ago, the magazine falsely claimed that Cruise was trying to recruit Barbra Streisand for Scientology. That article was equally false, and the singer hasn’t joined the church.

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    Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology?

    By Andrew Shuster, Gossip Cop, January 31, 2019


    Exactly one year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for wrongly reporting that Tom Cruise was leaving Scientology to reunite with his estranged daughter Suri Cruise. We debunked the story as soon as it emerged. Time has proven it false.

    On January 31, 2018, Star published a cover story claiming the movie star was quitting his controversial religion so he could reconnect with his then 11-year-old daughter, who he hasn’t seen in several years. An alleged insider told the outlet that leaving Scientology “would be the toughest decision he’ll ever have to make,” but it was his only option if he wanted to have a relationship with his young girl.

    The supposed source went on to say Cruise feared the Church would come after him if he left, “since they’ve probably got all sorts of dirt on him from his audit sessions.” The questionable tipster added, however, that the actor was trying to cut a deal “where he would be left in peace as long as he doesn’t speak out against Scientology.”

    When the magazine’s article was published last January, a source close to the situation assured us Cruise wasn’t quitting Scientology. Now that it’s one year later, it’s clear he never did. Last July, in fact, Cruise bought a house in Clearwater, Florida, just one block from the Church of Scientology’s international headquarters.

    According to People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Star, the movie star sold his Beverly Hills mansion and moved into a two-story condo in Clearwater, nearby his 23-year-old son Connor and other members of his family who practice Scientology. Florida has since become Cruise’s new home base when he’s not working. As for Suri, the young girl continues to live in New York City with her mom, Katie Holmes, who has primary custody of her.

    Despite the tabloid’s story never panning out, that didn’t stop Star from pretending to have insight into the actor’s relationship with his daughter. Last June, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting that Cruise was working out a deal with Holmes to reunite with Suri. A rep for the actress told us the story was untrue, and no such deal was ever put in place.

    The magazine has also continued making up Scientology-related stories. Last September, Gossip Cop called out the publication for falsely claiming Nicole Kidman was fighting Cruise to save their son Connor from the religion. No showdown ever occurred. We look back at claims from a year ago to show how tabloid stories rarely age well. Last year’s report about Cruise leaving Scientology is another example.

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    It’s move-in day for Tom Cruise in his new Scientology Town penthouse!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, February 7. 2019


    Our friend Clay Irwin is on the spot and alerted us to the joyous news that today is move-in day for Scientology icon Tom Cruise!

    We broke the news a couple of years ago that Tom, after selling off most of his other properties around the world, was paying for a double-penthouse to be built on top of the Skyview project in downtown Clearwater, Florida.

    The Skyview is a development project by wealthy Mexico City Scientologist Moises Agami, who has transformed what was an unsightly bank building into a luxe condo tower, with Tom having the top two floors, as well as a 9-car private garage with car elevator next door — and a private air bridge connecting the two.

    But perhaps most remarkably, the building is smack dab in the middle of Scientology’s spiritual mecca, the Flag Land Base that makes up much of downtown Clearwater. From his spacious balcony, Tom can look south to Scientology’s holiest sites — the Fort Harrison Hotel and the Flag Building — or look north to the Sandcastle and other places where the vaunted “Operating Thetan” auditing is delivered. Tom is surrounded by woo!

    Irwin, who used to own a bar just down the street, noticed that workers were lifting crates directly into Tom’s penthouse and snapped some photos for us.

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    Only Tom will live there. Nobody else. Lonely fucker.
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    Jesus. He’s a fool but it’s still sad to see him place himself in a honey trap. I’m sure they are already inheiring his estate, I’d wonder about untimely death when his career tanks.
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    Shocking Photos: Tom Cruise Demands Extreme Privacy At Scientology Penthouse

    His top-secret lair boasts a 9-car private garage and around-the-clock security

    By Radar Online Staff, February 19, 2019


    Tom Cruise officially moved into his multi-million dollar penthouse directly across from the Church of Scientology headquarters in Florida this month. Now, has exclusively obtained photos of the actor’s secret lair outfitted with a private entrance. According to Clearwater resident Clay Irwin, the high-ranking scientologist has recently taken extreme measures to demand privacy in his new living space. Click through the gallery to get an inside look into Cruise’s top-secret digs and find out all the precautions he’s taken to attempt to stay out of the public eye.

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    Ahh, he is going the Hitler route. Shutting himself in.
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    Tom Cruise, John Travolta and some other rare celebs made Scientology event in Florida | The Underground Bunker


    We noted yesterday that Scientology posted images from its L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event which was held Saturday at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. And now we’ve had a closer look at those images and found some surprises.

    Tom Cruise and John Travolta were in the front row, for example, along with the usual group of enthusiastic donors and Freedom Medal winners.

    The involvement of both Cruise and Travolta is really a surprise. We haven’t seen either of them at a Miscavige event in many years.

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    Maybe miscavige paid them to be there?
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    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 24, 2019


    We were stunned this morning to receive a copy of an email sent out to Scientologists on March 19 that contained a bizarre “success story” from a parishioner encouraging other Scientologists to do an “internship” to become an auditor at the London org. We did a real double-take when we realized that the Scientologist in the photo was none other than Tom Cruise’s daughter, Isabella.

    We’ve been writing about Bella for years, so we recognized her instantly, even though she looks a bit different than the last time she was featured in the tabloids. Her hair is darker, but it’s definitely her, with some tell-tale tattoos on her arms that we remember.

    And what a success story! This is one of the longer and more meandering success stories that we’ve seen, but it’s typically spacey as Bella talks about the difficult moments she had getting through auditor training so she’ll be able to quiz other Scientologists using an E-meter.

    “I became that annoying girl in the org who would just talk endlessly about how incredible training is and how phenomenal the internship is,” she says at one point. But as challenging as the experience was, she urges her fellow Scientologists to go through the experience as well: “We all need to do this. It’s hard work…but it is worth everything because you will get through.”

    And then the best part, she thanks her famous actor father and Tom’s sister, Cass Mapother: “Thank you to my Dad for everything. To Cass. To Tash. I would have drowned in my own problems if you hadn’t been there to sup me or get me through the preliminaries.” We don’t know who “Tash” is, and if you do please let us know.

    For years, the tabloids have spilled oceans of ink claiming that Tom Cruise or his daughter had left or were thinking of leaving Scientology. When Isabella married Max Parker in London in September 2015, reporters asked us if Max’s lack of history with the church was a sign that Bella was defecting. Not at all, we said, and pointed out that Max’s best man was from one of the most prominent Scientology families in the UK. And now, Bella herself is extolling the virtues of training to become a Scientology auditor.

    Just nine days ago, meanwhile, we found evidence that Tom Cruise attended the latest major Scientology event, the L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event in Clearwater, Florida, a celebration of the holiest day on the Scientology calendar. And between the two of those two things, there really should be no doubt that the Cruise family is still fully on board.

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    Tom Cruise’s son Connor to marry Scientology staffer in the church’s Florida mecca

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 26, 2019


    In yet another sign of just how dedicated Tom Cruise and his older children are to Scientology, Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine is reporting that Cruise’s 24-year-old son Connor is preparing to marry Silvia Zanchi, a Scientologist from Bergamo, Italy who is a staff worker at Scientology’s mission in Belleair, Florida.

    Continued at

    Nicole Kidman not invited to Connor Cruise's wedding | Woman's Day
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    Tom Cruise's children have become 'rock stars' in the world of Scientology, following in the footsteps of the church's most famous member
    • Tom Cruise's children appear to be stepping up within the world of Scientology
    • Isabella Cruise, 28, took a new position in the church and wrote about it
    • Younger brother, Connor, 26, is also well-known on the Scientology scene
    • Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted Isabella in 1992 and her younger brother Connor three years later before the high-profile couple divorced

    Tom Cruise's children appear to be stepping up within the world of Scientology and are actively promoting its teachings.

    Isabella Cruise, 28, recently took a new position as auditor in the religion, with the job of interviewing members to get them to reveal their secrets and confess their shortcomings, Page Six reported.

    Three weeks ago, in a post for a church newsletter, she said: 'This IS what I had been searching for. The missing piece. Suddenly everything began to make sense.'

    Her younger brother, Connor, 26, is reportedly well-known on the Scientology scene and is said to be dating a rising star of the church, Silvia Zanchi.

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    Anonymous Message To Tom Cruise And Scientology (NEW)
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    Katie Holmes Fears Tom Cruise's Daughter Bella Will Recruit Suri For Scientology?

    By Andrew Shuster, Gossip Cop, April 8, 2019


    A tabloid claims Katie Holmes fears her daughter Suri is going to be recruited for Scientology by Tom Cruise’s 26-year-old daughter Bella. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

    According to Woman’s Day Australia, the actress is disturbed by recent reports that her former stepdaughter, who’s Suri’s half-sister, has been rising in the ranks of the controversial religion. An alleged insider tells the outlet, “Bella helped raise Suri when she was a little girl – they adored each other. Katie knows Suri will never forget the bond they shared when they were a happy family. She’s concerned Bella and Tom might make the most of that bond now that Suri’s older.”

    The supposed source adds, “Katie has nothing against Bella but she went to the ends of the earth to get Suri out of Scientology.” Holmes won full custody of Suri in her 2012 divorce from Cruise, but the outlet’s tipster says the actress believes the church will come after her daughter now that she’s about to become a teenager. “The church isn’t going to forget in a hurry how she beat them,” adds the seemingly phony source. “She wouldn’t put it past them to use Bella to lure Suri back… She wants to keep her girl especially close during her crucial and impressionable teenage years.”

    The tabloid’s report is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “insider,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ spokesperson, who tells us on the record it’s all untrue. The magazine hides behind an unidentified “source” to sell its phony story, but a rep for the actress confirms it’s complete fiction.

    It’s worth noting, Suri has been estranged from her father for several years and there’s no indication she has much of a relationship with her older half-sister. Additionally, Suri won’t exactly be an adult when she turns 13 later this month. Holmes still has full custody of the young girl, who doesn’t appear to have seen Bella in many years.

    Just last week, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day for wrongly reporting that Holmes was adopting a brother for Suri. The tabloid contended the actress was taking home a seven-year-old boy from a Syrian refugee camp in Greece. Not only was the story completely untrue, but this latest article makes no mention of the actress preparing for the arrival of another child. If Suri were getting a little brother, one would think that development would be worth mentioning.

    Back in December, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for making up a story about Holmes and Jamie Foxx adopting an orphaned girl from New Orleans. That obviously didn’t happen either. It’s evident at this point that the publication has zero insight into the actress’s personal life.

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    Scientology Is Looking Abroad for New Stars and Vulnerable Recruits

    Besides courting foreign celebs, the church has been showing up in the wake of natural disaster and other tragedies

    By Hailey Eber, Los Angeles Magazine, May 10, 2019


    Last March Isabella Cruise made a rather controversial debut. The formerly press-shy daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman appeared in a much-talked-about recruitment email for Scientology London. The message included her smiling face in a photo and her gushing about her auditor training. “It was exactly what I needed. … We all need to do this,” the email read. “Thank you to my Dad for everything.”

    “I was shocked,” says Tony Ortega, coauthor of Battlefield Scientology: Exposing L. Ron Hubbard’s Dangerous ‘Religion,who found it startling that the 26-year-old had received such an advanced level of training—and was being so public about it.

    Cruise’s testimonial comes as the church is struggling with a dwindling flock and an increasingly negative reputation in Hollywood thanks to high-profile defectors like Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis and actress Leah Remini. According to Ortega, Scientology’s numbers peaked in the early ’90s with roughly 100,000 members worldwide, but membership has recently dipped to about 20,000. (A Scientology spokesperson vigorously denies this, claiming the church has “millions of parishioners in 167 nations, a third of whom are in the U.S.”)

    In the ’90s and early aughts, Tom Cruise, who Remini has said is “considered a deity within Scientology,” used to regularly proselytize for the church. Several years ago he encouraged the children he adopted with Kidman—Isabella and her 24-year-old brother, Connor—to become deeply involved with the church, alienating them from their mother. (Kidman is reportedly barred from Connor’s upcoming wedding because she isn’t a Scientologist.) These days, while Cruise remains closely connected to the church, he isn’t as vocal about his beliefs as he once was. “[Cruise] is much more careful about how he talks about it, if at all,” says an industry insider who has worked on several projects with Scientology-associated stars. “People have gone underground. Once you’re labeled a Scientologist, you run the risk of it defining you.”

    Celebrities have long played an outsize role in Scientology’s rise. The media-savvy Hubbard recognized early on that famous people were a potent lure to attract new members. He assiduously catered to stars and established well-appointed “Celebrity Centres” in various cities, including one housed in a grand Hollywood hotel that once hosted Bette Davis and Clark Gable. Not long ago the church’s roster of A-list converts, like Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley, gave it a certain showbiz cachet and was crucial to its recruitment efforts. But these days those stars aren’t nearly as bright as they used to be. Travolta’s last four films were critically panned, while Alley is now best known for her weight struggles. Younger celebs like Elisabeth Moss, Juliette Lewis, Beck, and Erika Christensen, all of whom grew up in the religion, aren’t as vocal about their involvement. “There was a perception at one time that young actors could advance their careers if they got involved with Scientology. That’s not the case anymore,” says Ortega. He says public opinion of the church began to plummet around 2005, during Cruise’s manic press tour for War of the Worlds. The actor’s sometimes bizarre advocacy on shows like Oprah made headlines and damaged the church’s reputation. Nowadays, Ortega says, being associated with Scientology is considered a career liability, even among fervent believers.

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    EXCLUSIVE: Daughter-in-law of opera singer Plácido Domingo reveals Scientology celeb secrets, claiming Tom Cruise's kids were 'indoctrinated to hate Nicole Kidman, John Travolta tried to bring his son back to life and Jada Pinkett Smith WAS a member'
    • Sam Domingo, 51, is the daughter-in-law of the world's most famous opera singer, Plácido Domingo, and spent 22 years with the Church of Scientology
    • Now she reveals what life inside the Church was like for the stars and their children in a bombshell interview with DailyMailTV
    • Domingo claims Tom Cruise's children Connor and Isabella were 'indoctrinated to hate' Nicole Kidman after she split from Cruise
    • She says John Travolta tried to command his 16-year-old son Jett's Scientology spirit back into his body after he suffered a seizure
    • Jada Pinkett Smith, 47, is 'lying' when she says she was only dabbling in Scientology courses, as Domingo witnessed her recruiting other celebrities
    • Kirstie Alley, 68, was 'humiliated into begging over 100 low ranking Scientology members to forgive her for breaking the cult's ethics code after having wine
    • A spokesperson for the Church has denied Domingo's claims, saying she has been making false allegations about the Scientology religion
  21. TorontosRoot Member

    Shocking, all they do is DENY EVERYTHING
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Forced His Kids To Disconnect From Ex Nicole Kidman: ‘They Had No Choice’

    Actor's kids have been 'brainwashed,' ex-Scientologist Sam Domingo claims.


    In a bombshell interview with, former scientologist Sam Domingo claimed that Tom Cruise is the reason Nicole Kidman no longer has contact with her adopted children.

    Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24, were adopted by the former A-list stars during their marriage. Now, years after their tumultuous 2001 divorce, Sam, 51, revealed how Tom, 57, manipulated his kids into never speaking to Nicole again.

    “Tom made the decision to disconnect from Nicole and have his children disconnect,” the courageous survivor who escaped the church of Scientology in 2004 told Radar.

    Sam – who now refers to the church of Scientology as a “cult” – said she held various roles within the corrupt organization for 22 years. Her former marriage to Placido Domingo Jr., son of the famous opera singer who shares the same name, granted her the opportunity to rub shoulders with Scientology’s most high-profile members.

    “I put my kids in scientology school in Los Angeles because I wanted them to get a better education,” Sam explained of her three daughters. “Tom Cruise’s kids, on the other hand, weren’t given a choice about school or about disconnecting from their mother. That’s wrong.”

    The Mission Impossible actor walked around the church premises with a certain air about him, she added.

    “Tom Cruise has a very narcissistic personality, which suits the cult,” Sam explained. “I feel very sorry for his family because they’re nice, but when I used to observe him walking around the building, he was always VIP.”

    Sam claimed that the adopted son and daughter of the Big Little Lies actress, 52, have been “brainwashed” due to Tom’s high status within the church. Nicole’s father, Antony Kidman, has also been deemed a “suppressive person” by Scientology, meaning Isabella and Connor can have absolutely no contact with him either.

    “Those kids have grown up without choices,” Sam explained. “They’re being used as leverage for the church and it’s not right.”

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