Tom Cruise and Scientology in 2017

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    Why Don’t Exposés About Scientology Hurt Tom Cruise’s Career?

    By Rae Alexandra, KQED, January 10, 2017


    “Trapped in the Closet,” arguably the greatest South Park episode ever, aired 11 years ago. In addition to its side-storyline involving Tom Cruise and John Travolta refusing to come out of a literal closet, the episode concisely broke down the “secret doctrine” of Scientology for a mass audience for the very first time.

    The details about intergalactic overlord Xenu solving an overpopulation problem 75 million years ago seemed so typical of South Park’s penchant for the absurd that the creators felt obliged to put the words “THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE” on-screen, lest viewers think Matt Stone and Trey Parker were making it all up.

    After the blisteringly clever episode aired, it is rumored to have caused everyone involved a whole heap of Scientology-related problems.

    Television that exposes the inner workings of Scientology is having a moment right now. HBO’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, originally aired in 2015, is still making waves. Through a wealth of interviews with ex-members and painstaking research, the documentary made a number of startling claims about the organization and its conditions for devotees — physical and mental abuse, slave labor and enforced imprisonment in inhumane conditions, and enormous financial burdens, to name a few. Those who have left the church describe harassment, surveillance and defamatory statements made about them by the church, a policy referred to within Scientology as “fair game.”

    Then, in November, A&E launched Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, a staggering series that delves even deeper into the church, uncovering a culture of paranoia, a system that actively deceives and extorts its members, the purposeful breaking up of families (under a practice known as “disconnection”), and even claims of forced abortion. (Statements of denial from the church appear at the beginning of each episode.)

    In both HBO’s film and Leah Remini’s series, Scientology’s preoccupation with its celebrity members features prominently, with focus keenly trained on both John Travolta and Tom Cruise. But while Travolta is painted in Going Clear as a somewhat trapped and exploited figure, Cruise is represented as a power-hungry control freak; an egotist; a person willing to participate in the surveillance of his romantic partners; a suitor who will callously discard women who displease him; a man who enjoys all of the luxurious perks of being a higher-up in the church while ignoring the exploitation of those further down the food chain in the “Sea Org.”

    For even casual observers, the wealth of evidence uncovered over the last few years has made it almost impossible to ignore the goings-on within the Church of Scientology. Reports have appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 (2010), Nightline (2015), and the UK’s respected Panorama investigative series (2007). Vanity Fair published an astonishing exposé about Tom Cruise’s Scientology-influenced romantic life in 2012. The Village Voice did an entire series in 2011 titled “The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology.” Gossip magazines, including US Weekly, and TV shows alike regularly speculate on the church’s untoward influence over celebrity members’ lives. There is an entire Wikipedia page and at least five prominent blogs dedicated to documenting the church’s legal problems. In addition, there are at least 10 books written by ex-Scientologists or their family members (including Ron Miscavige, the father of apparently all-powerful church leader, David Miscavige), all of which allege a great many wrongdoings within the church.

    At every turn, facing down each controversy or legal challenge, the church vehemently denies all of the allegations made against it. Cruise himself has maintained a defensive position for years. As far back as 2004, Cruise appeared slightly manic in a Scientology promotional video, and in 2005, he aggressively patronized Matt Lauer when espousing the anti-psychiatry stance of the church on The Today Show (skip to 8:17 to see the outburst):

    In more recent years, the church of Scientology has almost entirely quit communicating with the media, except to issue denials of any and all allegations made against it. Tom Cruise has also pulled back when it comes to talking about his religion publicly. But, even without the church’s input, the evidence keeps piling up. In 2016, it became hard to ignore the fact that this organization is, at best, philosophically problematic, and at worst, potentially guilty of several major federal crimes (including tax evasion).

    With all we now know about what (allegedly) takes place in the church, how do we justify continuing to put money in Cruise’s pocket, when we know at least some of those funds are going right back into Scientology? In Cruise’s case, the exchange between the public’s wallet and his bank account is direct; the actor has a habit of eschewing a fixed payment for his movies, preferring instead to take a percentage of the box office.

    Cruise made $53 million last year. According to Forbes, that made him the fifth highest-paid actor of 2016. It was an increase on the $40 million he made in 2015. In 2012, Cruise was the highest-paid actor on Forbes’ list, having made $75 million that year. Cruise’s unerring popularity is something Scientology is, and always has been, proud of. One promotional video noted that: “Tom Cruise has introduced LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] technology to over one billion people of Earth.”

    As Leah Remini told Entertainment Tonight in 2015: “Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself. You are a person who is anti- the aims and goals of Scientology.”

    So why hasn’t Cruise’s career been affected yet? Tom Cruise is an undoubtedly great movie star. He doesn’t really age and he has a penchant for making movies with small plots and big effects. He does death-defying stunts and runs fast and keeps his teeth white. He takes a lot of selfies on a lot of red carpets with a lot of fans. His appeal is obvious. But so is his high-ranking involvement in an organization that seems to have done a great deal of damage to a multitude of people, over an extended period of time.

    Continued with comments at
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  2. RightOn Member

    "So why hasn’t Cruise’s career been affected yet? "

    His last movies were nothing to write home about. IMO
    Mummy? What a bad time for that to come out. :p
    Besides, I wouldn't believe any stats about anything he does. Who knows how many times the COS told sheeple to rent his movie, and write positive glowing reviews?
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  3. TorontosRoot Member

    I prefer to watch his movies for free. Guilty? No. Proud of it? Yes, he doesn't get a cent from me.

    His career won't last for long, nor will his money.
  4. RightOn Member

    I prefer not to watch them at all. He sickens me too much
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  5. TorontosRoot Member

    There was one movie where he got killed over a hundred different ways. That was satisfying.
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    Nicole Kidman will 'write a tell-all autobiography' | Daily Mail Online

    Drugs, sex, and Scientology: Nicole Kidman to 'write a tell-all autobiography' as insider confirms she could receive up to '$11 million in sales'


    Fans would be especially interested in learning more about Nicole's 2001 divorce from Tom Cruise, an avid Scientologist.

    'Even now, Nicole is still haunted by how things came to such a nasty end,' a Woman's Day insider revealed. 'But she's worked through things in therapy, and I believe telling her side of the story would be even more healing.'

    Previously, Nicole has made a point of keeping her experiences with the Church of Scientology a secret, telling E! News: 'I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists—Connor and Isabella — and I utterly respect their beliefs.'


    Nicole's memoir would not be complete without an inside look at her relationship with adopted children Connor and Bella, both of whom are devoted Scientologists.

    Last year, Bella hit back at claims she and her mother had a 'strained relationship', telling New Idea: 'Of course we talk, they're my parents', adding, anyone who says otherwise is 'full of shit.'


    It's not the first time Nicole has made headlines for supposedly penning a tell-all novel, however. Late last year, rumours spread that Nicole was in the midst of writing an explosive book about her marriage to Tom Cruise.

    'There’s no doubt she has plenty of insight about the religion and how it affected her marriage to Tom and her children,' a source told InTouch Weekly in December.

    More at
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  7. TorontosRoot Member

    If she is really going to do it, then we shall see. The more who speak out, the better.
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  8. Tom Cruise should run for president in 4 years, Americans now seem to like comic book con artists to be their president.
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    The World's Largest 'Jerry Maguire' VHS Collection | VICE

    In January 2017, a new video store opened in Los Angeles that only stocks 14,000 copies of Jerry Maguire on VHS — none of which are available for rent or purchase.

    Masterminded by video art collective Everything is Terrible, which began amassing this collection over 8 years ago, this "store" is functionally intended to be more of a hallucinatory, immersive experience.

    To bring finality to their burdensome obsession, their next goal is to construct a permanent place to house their "Jerrys"; a giant pyramid in the Nevada desert.
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    Tom Cruise’s Mother Dies: My Original Story About How Tom Turned Her Into a Scientology Nanny

    By Roger Friedman, Showbiz411


    I am very sorry to hear that Tom Cruise’s mother, Mary Lee South, has died. She was a lovely lady. But I reported back in 2007 how, after the birth of Suri to Tom and Katie Holmes, Mrs. South was yanked by Tom from her life, her marriage, and her church in Marco Island, Florida. She became Suri’s nanny in Los Angeles. I wrote on April 27, 2007:

    It hasn’t been a great week for Tom Cruise, PR-wise.

    Perhaps inspired by Cruise’s Scientology fundraiser in New York last week, both the Star and US Weekly are featuring Cruise and wife Katie Holmes on their covers. The subject of their stories: a possible divorce, brought about by Katie’s frustrations with Scientology.

    While Cruise should be worrying about what’s left of his career, instead he seems to be digging his heels in deeper when it comes to his religious devotion. He doesn’t seem to realize that a whole new generation now associates Cruise with Xenu, aliens and science fiction.

    On top of this, word comes to us from Marco Island, Fla., where Tom’s mom, Mary Lee Mapother, lived for nearly two decades until exactly a year ago.

    As I’ve reported before, it was roughly a year ago that Tom’s mother left her Florida home for Tom’s Beverly Hills manse and never returned.

    This was a shock to her longtime second husband, Jack South, who accompanied her on a trip to see new baby granddaughter Suri. After going west with Mary Lee, South went south and east. He returned to Florida alone.

    Since then, with perhaps one exception, Mary Lee Mapother has not once contacted her many friends in Marco Island.

    “She just vanished,” says a friend. “It’s like there was a death.”

    Jack South, friends say, has been consoling himself with his children from his first marriage, and with friends who can commiserate with him.

    What happened to these people sounds a lot like what happened to Holmes’ former friends — including her “Dawson’s Creek” castmates — when Holmes went out to be interviewed by Cruise in April 2005 for “Mission: Impossible 3” and never returned home.

    More at
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    This was posted in another thread four months ago:


    By Tony Ortega, October 21, 2016


    Last year in September, a developer submitted new plans for a ten-story condo building in Clearwater, Florida that he’s been transforming for several years. That developer, Moises Agami, is a wealthy Scientologist from Mexico City whose family has donated millions of dollars to the Church of Scientology in recent years. And the building he’s redeveloping is right in the middle of Scientology’s Clearwater campus, just a few blocks from the spiritual center of the worldwide organization.

    The changes to Agami’s plans for the building, which are reflected in detailed drawings submitted to the city that we have obtained, show that the structure’s top two floors, which had once been set aside for five separate condo units and a rooftop bar, are now going to be turned into a playpen for someone very wealthy — a double-level penthouse including a private building entrance, a massive nine-car private garage, and even a car elevator.

    The Underground Bunker has learned that when a Church of Scientology official was asked by area developers about the changes, the church official admitted that the purchaser of the new super-penthouse is actor Tom Cruise.

    Continued here:

    First look inside Tom Cruise’s Clearwater double penthouse — and Scientology is not happy!

    By Tony Ortega, February 22, 2017


    Yesterday, we got our first look inside Tom Cruise’s still-under-construction double penthouse atop a building in downtown Clearwater, Florida thanks to a local business owner who took an impromptu tour of the construction site and recorded it for the rest of the world to see.

    Clay Irwin is becoming a very visible figure in Clearwater, which has been plagued by its association with the Church of Scientology and its “Flag Land Base” that takes up much of the local property. Because of Scientology’s presence, the downtown area is mostly a ghost town and has had a hard time attracting new business.

    But then, in December, Irwin opened The Lucky Anchor, an Irish sports pub right on Cleveland Street in the middle of the base, betting that his watering hole would buck the trend and help bring back some life to the area.

    Just down the street from his pub, at the corner of Osceola Avenue, is the Skyview, the condo rehab project we told you about that’s owned by a wealthy Mexican Scientologist, Moises Agami, who submitted new plans for the building that will turn its ninth and tenth floors into a super-deluxe double penthouse. Our sources learned that the Church of Scientology had admitted to a local developer that the penthouse had been purchased by actor Tom Cruise.

    Irwin says he was aware of that news, and a couple of weeks ago some of the workers from the project site were drinking in his bar when he asked them about Cruise’s condo.

    “I’ll give you a tour if you want to go up there,” one of the workers told him. So Irwin went with the man, who he says had legal access to the work site.

    “I got a tour of the whole complex,” Irwin says. “Oh god, he’s got an infinity pool that’s amazing. His master bedroom plans are incredible.”

    In the video, you can see him standing by what is going to be the pool, with an impressive view to the west over the intracoastal and the bridge to the coastal strip of Clearwater.

    Broadcasting live on Facebook at the time, Irwin walked around the penthouse, pointing out how spacious the rooms will be. He had his dog with him at the time, and he joked about his dog taking the first piss in Cruise’s condo.

    “That was just a joke. My dog is very well trained,” he says.

    Irwin told us that during the tour, the construction worker told him that one of the bedrooms was set aside for Cruise’s mother, Mary Lee South.

    Irwin was unaware that in the time since he had taken the tour, Ms. South, 80, had passed away.

    We told him that in our previous story we had discovered plans not only for the infinity pool and other amenities on the ninth and tenth floors, but also a private 9-car garage with car elevator next to the building that will be attached by a private air bridge. Irwin told us he toured that site as well, and that construction was moving quickly. “Work on the garage is going fast now. You can see a big difference almost every week,” he says.

    “We’re all excited that he’s coming here,” Irwin says about Cruise. “I’ve never met him but I’m looking forward to it.”

    We asked him if he hopes Cruise will stop in at The Lucky Anchor for a drink. “I’m putting a special wine list in for him and the other celebrities. I’ll have some choice stuff,” he says.

    Irwin says he has had good relations with the Church of Scientology since he took a chance on opening a business amid the Flag Land Base. “It was a little scary at first. But once I found out they’re good people and the city is excited about me being here, I’ve had no problems. You just have to network and advertise and educate people about the whole situation.”

    Irwin’s video sat on Facebook mostly unnoticed for two weeks until one of our readers spotted it yesterday and shared it, tagging us. Soon, another of our readers had posted the video in our comments section here at the Underground Bunker. We then tracked down Irwin’s number and gave him a call.

    After our phone conversation yesterday afternoon, Irwin removed the video from his Facebook page. Later, we heard from him through Facebook messenger.

    “The church just asked me to take down the video,” he messaged us.

    Irwin told us that shortly after our phone call, a man came to his bar who said he was with the Church of Scientology and called himself Patrick. We sent him a photograph of longtime Scientologist Patrick Valtin, and Irwin confirmed that he was the man who came to his bar. Irwin said Valtin watched him take the video down from his Facebook page.

    Irwin wondered why Valtin and the church suddenly cared about the video, since it had been online for two weeks. We told him it was probably because the video had showed up in the comments section of this website.

    We also pointed out to him that the Skyview is not owned by Scientology. But Valtin made sure that Irwin removed the video anyway.

    By the time Irwin had taken down the video, however, it had been mirrored a couple of times. Here it is if you haven’t already seen it.

    Continued with photos and video at
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    It's been awhile since we heard from "a source".

    EXCLUSIVE - Katie & Jamie SPLIT Over Scientology

    Foxx is "sick of the drama" with Holmes.

    By Radar Staff, March 1, 2017


    Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are over — and Scientology is to blame! can reveal that Foxx, 49, dumped Holmes, 38, after her $35,000/night birthday trip because of her “paranoid” fears about the Church of Scientology.

    “Jamie is upset with Katie’s constant paranoia about Scientology,” a source close to the actor told Radar. “He feels like if he can’t protect Katie, then she’ll never feel safe. So at some point he had to give up.”

    “She’s looking out the window all the time, and when she’s not with Suri, Katie’s checking every message,” the insider added of her daughter with ex Tom Cruise. “It’s controlling her life, and affecting her professionally. Katie doesn’t want to be away from Suri for more than a day. The paranoia is causing all kinds of issues!”

    An insider explained that the Dawson’s Creek star is scared the church will turn the 10-year-old against her — especially since Nicole Kidman was cut out of her children’s life after she divorced the actor.

    The source added that her fears grew after Leah Remini’s anti-Scientology TV documentary aired, saying, “Katie was happy Leah’s show exposed what Scientology puts people through, but she’s still afraid the church will entice Suri to be on ‘Daddy’s side.'”

    Radar previously reported that Fox was “sick of the drama” with Holmes, as “this isn’t what Jamie signed on for.”

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    Why Tom Cruise once felt ‘persecuted’ over Scientology beliefs

    By Mara Siegler and Emily Smith, Page Six


    Tom Cruise will go to extreme lengths to defend Scientology — the superstar even intervened in the divorce of a top Hollywood studio exec when his religion was cited.

    In the upcoming book “Leading Lady,” about former CEO of Paramount Pictures Sherry Lansing, author Stephen Galloway describes how Cruise — Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible” franchise star — was infuriated when John Goldwyn, the studio’s then-president of production, mentioned Scientology in his divorce papers.

    “Only once did Cruise’s beliefs affect his professional relationships: during a confrontation with Goldwyn,” says the book, out April 25 from Crown Archetype.

    The incident took place in 2003 after Goldwyn had filed for divorce from his Scientologist wife, Colleen Camp, and was fighting for custody of his daughter.

    Reached by phone on Wednesday, Goldwyn told Page Six that he had said in the court papers that he believed that Scientology was “being applied to alienate the affection” of his child.

    Goldwyn also came out as gay as he divorced Camp, an actress who handed the divorce papers to Cruise via Scientology leaders.

    Goldwyn said Cruise had asked for an urgent meeting with him and Lansing. Goldwyn said, “Tom got very upset because he thought I was launching a campaign against Scientology, and he felt I was persecuting him for his religion. Tom was rabid about it and said, ‘It’s because of people like you that I have to ride in a bulletproof car and why I cannot practice my faith openly.’ ”

    The situation was particularly tense because at that time (and to this day) Cruise was crucial to Paramount. Goldwyn added: “Sherry was amazing as an executive and a friend. She stepped in and saved the situation by saying, ‘I’ve known John for years, and he isn’t a bigot. This is about his daughter.’ Tom immediately calmed down” as Goldwyn discussed Scientology with him.

    Cruise asked if Goldwyn had made his wife a settlement offer, then said, “ ‘Hold tight’ . . . Within 24 hours we were done. Tom Cruise was responsible for bringing my divorce to a close. It is a great Hollywood story,” he added.


    In December of 2013, the book's author, Stephen Galloway, wrote an article about Cruise that was quoted here:
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  14. TorontosRoot Member

    Tom blames people for why he has to ride in a bullet-proof car? Oh my cock! Like is he totally insecure or what?
  15. GibbousWaxing Member

    The incident took place fourteen years ago. No reason to believe he's changed since then, but I'd still use past tense.
  16. TorontosRoot Member

    Probably gotten much worse.
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  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    After reading, all I could think was wow, in order to save face for Scientology and themselves,Tom and the church compelled Colleen Camp to moderate her possibly well founded position in Divorce negotiations. That is using undue influence on her which makes her divorce settlement an agreement signed under duress. Where I come from that renders that contract pretty much void. Should Colleen Camp become a disaffected Scientologist at any point and wish to re-negotiate a more generous settlement for herself, the implications are pretty interesting for both Goldwyn and Scientology.
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  19. TorontosRoot Member

    Conflicting info is conflicting...
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    Scientology Showdown! Katie Holmes & Jenna Elfman Caught In Awkward ‘GMA’ Run-In

    Tom Cruise’s ex ‘was literally hiding’ from her former fellow church member.

    By Radar Staff


    For once, the drama at Good Morning America wasn’t involving Robin Roberts and her new arch-nemesis, Michael Strahan. has exclusively learned that devote Scientologist Jenna Elfman had Katie Holmes cowering in fear behind the scenes when the two both appeared on the Mar. 29 broadcast.

    “Jenna was doing the show live to promote her new ABC show,” Imaginary Mary, revealed an onset source. “She was happy and charming and the audience loved her.”

    Too bad another scheduled GMA guest wasn’t so thrilled to see her!

    “Backstage Katie was terrified,” the source noted to Radar of Holmes, who was on the show to talk about reprising her role as Jacqueline Kennedy. “She was literally hiding from her and she seemed scared.”

    “They had to change Katie’s dressing room because she wanted to be nowhere near the famous Scientologist,” the onset source added.

    As Radar has reported, in the past, Elfman has been known to denounce those who denounced Scientology.

    “It was one of the ugliest and nastiest things I’ve ever seen a human being do and to this day I just can’t stand her,” recalled one former Scientologist who left the church and claimed Elfman confronted her.

    Holmes, 38, was labeled a suppressive person and shunned by the Scientology community, including 45-year-old Elfman, following her bitter divorce from the religion’s highest star-powered devotee, Tom Cruise.

    Katie got out of the religion and knows everything, and she wants nothing to do with Scientology,” an insider explained of the awkward morning show situation.

    Thankfully for Holmes, said the onset source, “producers choreographed everything to make sure both guest felt safe and comfortable.”

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  21. Quentinanon Member

    Except when he rides his un-bulletproof motorcycle.

  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise Secret Romantic Meetings? | Gossip Cop

    Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise are NOT having “secret romantic meetings,” despite a bogus tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

    According to the National Enquirer, the actress visited Cruise at the Scientology headquarters in England earlier this year to discuss a film project, and they hit it off. A so-called “source” tells the magazine that the pair continue to meet up, but “Angie’s been super stealthy about it all.” The outlet’s dubious insider adds, “Angie’s attracted to Tom’s masculinity, power and wild side. She likes that he’s a little different… He’s being groomed to take over Scientology’s top spot and desperately wants a wife beside him.”

    The tabloid’s seemingly phony source goes on to purport that Brad Pitt is furious about the situation because he and Cruise have allegedly been feuding since butting heads on the set of Interview with the Vampire more than 20 years ago. “It definitely sweetens things for Angie that by getting with Tom, she’s getting under Brad’s skin,” adds the publication’s supposed insider.

    But Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close to the situation, who exclusively assures us that Cruise and Jolie haven’t had any secret meetings together, and the magazine’s claim about a budding romance is simply “not true.” Of course, we’ve repeatedly busted the Enquirer for publishing false stories about both stars, so this latest one comes as no surprise.

    Gossip Cop recently corrected the tabloid after it wrongly reported that Jolie was “fleeing the country.” We also debunked the publication’s tall tale about Cruise quitting Hollywood and moving to the Scientology headquarters in Florida. There was no truth to either of those claims, and the same goes for this latest one.
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    There's nothing new here:

    Hollywood’s first female studio boss on Angelina Jolie's daily drug tests, defending Mel Gibson, supporting Tom Cruise and Scientology, and how her breakup inspired 'Fatal Attraction'
    • Sherry Lansing, the former head of Paramount Pictures, has a new biography being released next month, 'Leading Lady'
    • She shared stories about her success in the industry and her relationships with a number of high profile A-list stars
    • The biography reveals that Angelina Jolie agreed to daily drug tests in order to secure her role in 'Tomb Raider'
    • Lansing, 72, called Tom Cruise kind and said: 'I know he's a Scientologist, but I never saw him do anything that made anybody uncomfortable'
    • She also reveals that a break-up with a boyfriend in the early 80s inspired her to get the film 'Fatal Attraction' made, which was her first big hit
    • Barbara Hershey, Isabelle Adjani, Debra Winger, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Melanie Griffith and Jessica Lange were considered for Fatal Attraction
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Katie Holmes NOT Telling All About Tom Cruise Marriage, Despite Report | Gossip Cop

    By Shari Weiss, April 17, 2017


    Katie Holmes is not preparing to “tell all” about her marriage to Tom Cruise, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the untrue tabloid story.

    The National Enquirer claims in its current issue that Holmes is going to make “confessions” about “Scientology, her marriage and her secret sex life.” These “blockbuster secrets,” contends the supermarket tabloid, will “destroy” Cruise, whom Holmes divorced in 2012. A so-called “top-level source” tells the outlet the actor will be “exposed” as a “controlling egomaniac,” and the “truth” about his estrangement from their daughter Suri “will come to light.”

    The magazine’s purported tipster even alleges Holmes could “single-handedly take down” Scientology with her revelations, because she “knows where all of the bodies are buried.” And, “out of revenge,” the publication’s “source” maintains that Holmes is ready to “talk about what happened to her, and how much better off she is now.” Notably, though the tabloid claims the actress is “set to spill” all the “explosive detail” of her marriage to Cruise, it’s never said where or how.

    The outlet doesn’t seem to know if Holmes is planning a memoir or a sit-down television interview or what. That’s probably because no such plans exist. The “Dawson’s Creek” star has no intention of dishing on Cruise, their relationship, or Scientology. Asked about the claims Holmes is going to be “telling all,” an impeccable insider exclusively assures Gossip Cop, “None [of it] is true.”

    The National Enquirer has spent years printing falsehoods related to Holmes, from the silly (Holmes is spending $20,000 to fix her teeth) to the serious (Jamie Foxx is adopting Suri). Gossip Cop’s busts of these untruths have stood the test of time, and even Holmes has spoken out about the misinformation. In an interview published last month, Holmes said of the tabloids, “What they print isn’t true.” And that’s the truth.

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member



    Holmes has done an incredible job shielding Suri from the spotlight over the years, considering she was born to the actress and Tom Cruise back when their marriage was under heavy scrutiny.

    To this day, people question the legitimacy of the Holmes-Cruise union and wonder whether it was arranged by the Church of Scientology.

    Eventually, Holmes filed to divorce Cruise, taking sole custody of an adorable little girl that Cruise has reportedly not seen in years.

    It's hard not to think this has been to Suri's advantage, though, as she's had the chance to grow up under the supervision of only one, very responsible and loving parent.

    More at$hit/
  26. TorontosRoot Member

    Staying clear of her mentally ill narcissistic father was and is the best thing for her own sanity and any skills, education she picks up.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    This was posted back in January of 2016:


    New Scientologist Devotee ‘Tan Mom’ Calls Tom Cruise ‘Midget’

    But the New Jersey woman says the religion helped her with substance abuse.


    Forget tanning! Patricia Krentcil, also known as “Tan Mom,” has found a new passion.

    “I have a lot of stress at work and home and I was trying to find a better, healthy way to live,” Krentcill told In Touch of her newfound belief in Scientology.

    Krentcil, 47, claimed that nothing but good has come from her decision to follow the controversial teachings of the late L. Ron Hubbard. She’s now a recovering alcoholic — and she gives credit to Scientology’s Narconon program for her getting clean.

    “It woke up my eyes,” she said. “I feel so alive. I’m on absolutely nothing anymore.

    Krentcil shot to infamy in 2012 after it was claimed she allowed her then-5-year-old daughter to bake in a sunbed. Now the Nutley, NJ resident may be stirring up some more drama thanks to her admission about Scientology honcho Tom Cruise.

    “I don’t like him at all,” she sniped. “He’s just a midget. He does nothing for me.”


    This was published yesterday:


    Tan Mom Claims She's a 'Level 4' Scientologist | Howard Stern

    Wack Packer says belief system helps her deal with “weird” people


    Tan Mom is now a scientologist and has been for six or seven months, according to new conversations she's had with Stern Show correspondent Shuli Egar.

    The Wack Packer called in Tuesday and clarified her position on the belief system for Howard, divulging that she's "probably a four" on the thetan scale but still isn't quite sure who founded the church or which higher power she's supposed to believe in. She said she hasn't even had an E-meter reading yet.

    "You have to forgive me. I'm not stupid," Tan Mom said. "Everywhere I go, for ridiculous reasons, people are weird. And I don't know why. So that's why I went to Scientology because I thought it would make it better."

    Shuli clarified that Tan Mom believes she has had a curse since age 16 where all guys are sexually attracted to her and can't control themselves.

    Per Tan Mom, the Scientology teachings have been very helpful thus far. "I learned that instead of getting angry and picking up, like, a drink or a cigarette or something like that, you go home, you pray, and you read," the Wack Packer explained. "And there's a lot of great herbal teas out there, which have made me de-stressed," she added.

    Tan Mom is allegedly currently in the midst of co-writing a book about her life with a journalist from ABC News, she told Shuli. So all things will be revealed in good time.

  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh my! That is some crazy shite up thar ^^^ WG, holy-frikken-hell in-a-CostCo-bikinni , nothing quite like recovering from trauma, only to end up in a cult that loves drama/thieving/perpetuating stupid...

    *face-palm 101*

    I highly suspect nothing good will come of this allegiance, just defeat, shame, feeling derp. If it works for her, more pwAz, but I am highly suspicious, almost sounds like some sort of weird shit cult would come up with for publicity, like, "See!!! See dat there! We helped someone!" Claims to be in for 6 months, how long will that last until the money is gone, then in true culty fashion, will be rejected and kick to the curb as thousands already have.
    . Hey, its scientology... woo-fucking-hoo.

    anyhow, sounds like a pretty far-fetched story, we will see what transpires I am sure.

    *popcorn & beers*

  30. White Tara Global Moderator

    I dunno Ogs, shes a pretty nutty old nutbar, Birds of a feather and all that.
  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yuppers Tara, I actually hope the story is true, all the Orgs should have at least one, but given the cult's charitable nature and such, and as so many of us already know, the fun ends when the bank is drained.
    Like, wtf, 'level4' scilon?, and hasn't even been on the cans yet? Nah, I thing the story smells funny and goofy, like something one of DM's publicity people might deploy. ;)
    What is so sick is that the cult has been taking advantage of mentally fucked, even physically fucked (RIP Ui), vulnerable people for frikken years, probably/likely right back to the old fuctard's origins.
    Getting rid of the cooked meat, that's been their biggest problem forever. :p
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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    They have tons of it still!
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  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh yes they do! But it doesn't go to the crows until the bloody juices stop dripping, the fangs unlatch and the victim just floats on away, la-la-la-la-la, just another day in the good ol' cult of LRon.
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  34. GibbousWaxing Member

    She thinks she's a Scientologist. Doesn't mean she is.*

    It's easy to get confused when you've been out in the sun too long.

    *Although I'm sure somebody is fighting over who gets the stat.
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    It's been 31 years. Where is the 'Top Gun' cast now? | Los Angeles Times


    Cruise has had a pretty eventful three decades since "Top Gun" launched him to superstar status. Between 1990 and 2000, Cruise won three Golden Globe awards and earned three Academy Award nominations for his performances in "Born on the Fourth of July," "Jerry Maguire" and "Magnolia."

    But Cruise soon ran amok of the tabloids after a high-profile marriage and divorce from Nicole Kidman, another high-profile marriage and divorce from Katie Holmes, an angry screed about the evil of psychiatry and that whole Scientology thing.

    More at

    With ‘Top Gun 2’ in the works, here’s where the stars are now | New York Post


    Cruise nearly flushed his career down the toilet in 2005 when he jumped on Oprah’s tan couch to proclaim his love for Katie Holmes. He became a full-blown Scientology evangelist, picking fights with Matt Lauer over mind meds. He married Holmes, but she divorced him in 2012.

    Perhaps Cruise and his toothy grin are in need of something genuine to smile about.

    More at
  37. TorontosRoot Member

    Top pun isn't going to be going anywhere
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri in 1,346 Days, Source Claims

    By Tyler Johnson, The Hollywood Gossip, May 25, 2017


    There was a time when the name Tom Cruise conjured images of a megawatt smile and a stack of phone books to make him appear less Hobbit-like in stature.

    These days, of course, when we think of Cruise, we're more likely to imagine the Sea Org members chained up in his basement or the ultra-luxurious spaceship that they're scrambling to finish building in time for the second coming of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Yes, at this point, Cruise is less "bankable movie star" and more of "prophet of the Spacelord Xenu." His role as the face of Scientology takes up a lot of his time, and we're sure it's demanding work.

    Take one hard look at the husk of a man that is Sean Spicer, and you can see the toll that's exacted by constantly trying to sell total BS to an increasingly skeptical population.

    But hey, Cruise can do what Cruise wants to do with his time. If he wants to spend his days having his thetans read and avoiding Suppressive Persons, that's his deal.

    Unfortunately, it seems one of the SP's that Tom's been dodging is none other than his youngest daughter, Suri Cruise. As you're probably aware, Tom's divorce from Katie Holmes was a profoundly ugly one, as the actress sought not only to escape her marriage, but also the Scientology community, which tends to hold its adherents' lives in a Mafia-like vise grip. She succeeded, but only because Cruise agreed to an arrangement in which he and Holmes would completely cut ties. Unfortunately, it seems that also means Cruise has cut ties with Suri.

    Last year, In Touch reported that Tom hadn't seen Suri in 1,000 days. Now, the tabloid is reporting that that number has reached 1,346 days and counting.

    Cruise is currently traveling the globe to promote The Mummy, and his promotional tour recently brought him to within just 23 miles of Suri, who was in Calabasas when Tom was in LA. Sadly, the actor reportedly made no effort to see his daughter, instead hopping a plane to Australia to continue promoting the film.

    “Tom could have easily made the trip to see Suri. It only takes about 30 minutes without traffic. It would’ve only added a few hours to his busy schedule,” a source tells the magazine. The same insider notes that Tom has not been photographed with Suri since September of 2013.

    Source, and open comments:
  39. TorontosRoot Member

    It's good she hasn't seen the narcissist. Keep her clear of the cult.
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