Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by The Wrong Guy, Jun 29, 2012.

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    But WHY is he selling all this?

  4. Could be any number of reasons, but I would guess that he's downsizing his real estate portfolio because luxury properties are at an all-time high and he bought low. Real estate in Los Angeles recently reached a zenith because the number of Chinese investors buying property significantly slowed down.
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  5. RightOn Member

    I can't help but think it is COS related since DM and TC are "thick as thieves"
    Sorry, I guess I am jaded by his over zealous love for his cult
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Going Clear: Tom Cruise Looks Even Crazier In Slow Motion (Video)

    By Dan Zinski, Lightly Buzzed

    The HBO Scientology documentary Going Clear has blown the lid off the mysterious wack-job pseudo-religion, exposing it as a twisted scam that extorts loyalty and cash from famous people by tricking them into coughing up their darkest secrets then holding that stuff over their heads. I defy any rational person to view Going Clear and not conclude that Scientology is a pyramid of bulls–t with David Miscavige sitting at the top clutching bags of money in both hands while a naked and oiled-up Tom Cruise gives him a hummer. And that’s before you even get to the hack science fiction “creation myth” L. Ron Hubbard cooked up in his efforts to pass his scheme off as a genuine religion.

    And what about Tom Cruise, mega-movie-star and obvious Scientology true believer? Unlike Miscavige and the rest of the secretive church power structure, Cruise is a public figure who is in danger of suffering actual personal consequences as a result of the HBO doc’s many, many disgusting revelations. Some are urging Cruise to leave the church now and speak out against its abuses rather than continue aligning himself with a group of people who are clearly just trying to bilk as many suckers as possible under the guise of new age holy warriors.

    Of all the people profiled in Going Clear, Cruise arguably comes off the worst. L. Ron Hubbard looks like a con artist and a semi-deranged pathological liar, and David Miscavige like a sleazy megalomaniac…but Cruise just looks like a wild-eyed nincompoop who enjoys having his ass kissed and is willing to kiss other asses if it will keep any dirt about his personal life from being leaked into the public sphere. The clips of Cruise as he talks about Scientology, showing all the vacant-eyed zeal of a Charles Manson follower, are truly disturbing. Slow them down and they become mesmerizing displays of pure madness. Tom Cruise’s face loses all hint of handsomeness and becomes a maniacal cackling clown face. Maybe HE should have played The Joker instead of Jared Leto.

    Source and video:
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  7. TrevAnon Member


    Compare that story to what got in newspapers and on the net in 2008.

    Times have changed. :)
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Yes It's True, Katie Holmes Had Her Own Secret Entrance Into The Chelsea Whole Foods

    After Katie Holmes split from superstar husband Tom Cruise back in 2012, she took up residence in the Chelsea Mercantile building with the couple’s adorable daughter Suri. Naturally Holmes desired privacy from the swarms of paparazzi that constantly surrounded her. A search for normalcy after such a public split was all the actress was after.

    While Katie Holmes lived in the Chelsea location, there were reports that she had somehow been granted a secret way to enter into the Whole Foods that was on the building’s ground floor. By times Holmes and Suri were snapped by photographers when they exited the grocery store, however, no one ever seemed to witness the pair enter the establishment.

    Until yesterday, the claims were all merely speculation. However, as NY Racked notes, “thanks to a Gawker tipster, we now know that the rumor was entirely, 100% true.” The tip that confirmed the rumor to be true came by way of a resident of the Mercantile building in the form of a note.

    “I’ve lived in the Mercantile since [redacted] and have it on excellent authority that there is indeed a way to enter Whole Foods from the basement of the building. Now, I haven’t entered that way myself, but a very good source with the building tells me that it is possible.”

    The source followed this up by indicating that gaining access through the basement is only possible with permission from the Whole Foods’ managerial staff.

    A municipal engineer also confirmed with the publication that Holmes would have easily gained access without having to step foot outside. He, however does not recommend attempting to go this route without permission, as a fire alarm would sound if the building’s superintendent or a Whole Foods staff worker were not aware.

    As Page Six recalls, Katie was not just concerned about paparazzi snapping pics of herself and Suri. “Holmes also said at the time that she thought members of her ex-hubby’s cult-like religion, Scientology, were watching her after their breakup.”

    Continued here:
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    How Scientology almost ruined Tom Cruise’s career and 'Mission: Impossible' saved it

    By Jason Guerrasio, Business Insider

    Last two paragraphs:

    Cruise is not back to his pre-Oprah couch jumping glory, as evidenced by disappointments like "Knight and Day" and "Jack Reacher," but he's trying. Following “Ghost Protocol,” Cruise came out with “Edge of Tomorrow” and though it had a slow start when it opened in the spring of 2014, it ended up passing the domestic $100 million mark. That makes it the first time in nine years a non-“Mission: Impossible” Cruise film hit that landmark number.

    Now with the excitement for “Rogue Nation,” Cruise's mission of returning as a top action star is likely possible. That is, if his fans are willing to forgive HBO's explosive new Scientology documentary, "Going Clear," in which Cruise is criticized for remaining the face of the controversial religion.
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise - Katie Sources Say He Hasn't Seen Suri in a Year | TMZ

    There's been speculation Tom is distancing himself from Katie and Suri because they've been declared SPs in Scientology, but we've checked with the Church and we're told that is simply not true.

    Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in a year and it won’t happen anytime soon | Cele|bitchy

    Is Scientology Keeping Tom Cruise From Seeing Suri? | E Online

    Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri In A Year. Is Scientology To Blame? | Inquisitr

    Does Tom Cruise see Suri Cruise? Is she a Suppressive Person? | Starcasm

    Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri In A Year | The Superficial
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  11. Well, if the CoS says it isn't true it couldn't possibly be true.
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Out of almost 1,400 comments below the TMZ article, this one is the most popular:

    Cookie Lady 10 hours ago

    In the lead for best TMZ sentence of the day: "There's been speculation Tom is distancing himself from Katie and Suri because they've been declared SPs in Scientology, but we've checked with the Church and we're told that is simply not true." So the conversation must have gone like this:

    Scientology (picking up the office phone): "Good afternoon. The Church of Scientology. Clara Clear speaking. How may I help you?"

    TMZ: "Hey Clara! This is Joe Smarmy from TMZ. Are Katie and Suri SPs?"

    Scientology: "Hey Joe, long time! No, that is simply not true."

    TMZ: "Thanks, Clara. Have a nice day."
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  13. tippytoe Member

    Tom Cruise and son Conner were at a Basketball game in Tampa, Florida this week (April 6, 2015). Tom must be getting some heavy-duty BT clearing and special handling at the Clearwater, Florida headquaters of our favorite cult. Why the hell else would he be in Tampa?!?

    Here is a photo for some of the clever photo-shoop Anons out there. The expressions on their faces just beg for some thought bubbles!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    CONNER & TOM in Tampa.jpg
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Alan Scherstuhl @studiesincrap · 24 hours ago
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  18. RightOn Member

    Mimi's gag order = :(
  19. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Hey guys, since Tom and Katie are long since divorced and most of the posts here are about Tom or Katie
    I'm going to close this thread. Please continue to post about Tom or Katie or both in this sub forum.
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