Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: The Divorce

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by The Wrong Guy, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Random guy Member

    Doesn't seem that way to me.
  2. RightOn Member

    You don't think Hubbard would have wanted that exact "utopia" free of crime and with people who have nothing between their ears? No free thought and who are forced to stay within boundaries? And they can't ask questions?
    edited: It describes the Sea Org to me.
    Maybe it was the word "Sameness" that got me.
  3. Random guy Member

    The "sameness" state (from the trailer at least) seems to be a medically induced state, science rather than mumbo-jumbo. Hubbard would have been horrified.

    The closest i get to something clammy is that it is possible that this film can be seen as a critique of the psychiatrist profession ("drugging people into compliance"), though I think that would be stretching it a bit.

    Good science-fiction is really about our self and our fears. We are at a point in history where our understanding of the brain is accelerating rapidly, and our ability to deal mental illnesses is following suit. We also know that such cures come with bi-effects that we don't particularly care for. To me it seems the film is exploring this field in the "what if" science-fiction format. Hubbard's mumbo-jumbo is no-where in sight.
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  4. RightOn Member

    I was referring to the submissive aspect of the film
    I know Hubbard would be horrified of it and I wasn't saying it was an exact representation.
    I said "over tones".
    Hubbard used the TRS, isolation, sleep deprivation, lack of food (and high carb food) and the emeter to achieve submissiveness.
    The more "holistic" approach for "sameness" :D
  5. Sonichu Moderator

    Unless the movie is a huge departure for the book, I don't think it really fits with Hubbard's vision.

    Let's not forget, Hubbard never really believed in his dream. He was establishing something where others would produce for him, and setting himself above his creation. As I recall in the Giver, everyone is on equal footing, except for the Giver, but he's set very well aside from everything else, not above or below the others.

    Scientology works completely on the haves and have nots. Only those willing to do the work (and pay for it) can be saved. Screw everyone else. Say what you want about the dystopian in the Giver, there really isn't an entire caste of society that is scorned, ridiculed, and rebuked for their beliefs.

    tl;dr Giver sets everyone together with sameness, Scis create towering castes.
  6. RightOn Member

    thanks for the input.
    I think I will read this book
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

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  8. RightOn Member

    BALLS grew back
    and she left that moon bat
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jimmy and Katie take turns taking weird pictures with the Photo Booth iPad app and attempt to match each other.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Katie Holmes says so much about Scientology without saying anything at all in ‘The Giver’

    By Emily Yahr, The Washington Post

    It’s not too difficult to find the parallels between Katie Holmes’s role as a wife and mother in “The Giver” and her role as a wife and mother in the Church of Scientology.

    One world is a fictional film based on Lois Lowry’s best-selling dystopian young adult novel; the other is the real-life controversial religious group founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. And yet, the concept of both societies is similar. They have rigid rules that dictate a certain way of life. Freedom and choice are limited. Members have to dedicate their lives to the communities and it is very, very difficult to leave.

    Continued at
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  11. RightOn Member

    I started a thread on this and thought there was some similarities.
    But most disagreed
  12. Washington Post: Katie Holmes says so much about Scientology without saying anything at all in The Giver

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  13. RightOn Member

    already in the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes thread and I also started a thread a week ago or so
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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise shows up with his Scientology ‘Freedom Medal of Valor’ in London | The Underground Bunker

    Well, so much for those idiotic tabloid reports about Tom Cruise losing his religion. The folks over at ESMB spotted a photograph posted on Saturday on Instagram that shows Tom in London and wearing his Freedom Medal of Valor.

    He’s posing with Ruddy Rodriguez, who was Miss Venezuela World in 1985, has worked in Venezualan telenovelas since then, and has been a Scientologist since 1997.

    According to the caption on the photo, posted by Ruddy’s manager, he took the picture in London where there was a “spectacular celebration.”

    This is the weekend of the annual celebrations of the International Association of Scientologists in East Grinstead, England. On Friday night the IAS had its gala. On Saturday it held its Patron’s Ball for the church’s big donors.

    And it looks like Tom Cruise attended one or both of those celebrations.

    But what’s really stunning to see in the photograph is not just that Tom is at a Scientology event, but that he’s wearing the medal (or a new version of it) that is such a legendary artifact of its own.

    Continued here:
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  16. ThetanBait Member

    I guess that's like a has-been rock band playing their hit song from 20 years ago?
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  17. 372

    From Tony Ortega:

    (Additional: In 2012, Cruise was spotted at the IAS Patron’s Ball wearing the medal, according to a British press report at the time. So, most likely this photo, which was posted Saturday afternoon, showed Tom at his hotel about to go to that evening’s Patron’s Ball and Rodriguez’s manager corralled him for the photo before the drive over to East Grinstead. As far as we know this is still the first actual photograph of Tom made public showing him with the medal since he first received it ten years ago. And here’s what Roger Friedman had to say about it over at Showbiz 411: “Cruise is wearing the same Freedom Medal of Valor award he got 10 years ago right before he met Katie Holmes. This means that nothing that’s happened since then — ridicule over the couch jumping, Katie Holmes, losing his marriage and Suri, etc — has ever sunk in. Not even the Miscavige Clinic for the Criminally Insane on General Hospital.”)
  18. 00anon00 Member

  19. RightOn Member

    "Wearing his IAS medal"
    So cool Tom!
    I crown thee King Scilon Nerd
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  20. Hugh Bris Member

    tacky, Tom, really tacky.
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  21. Sonichu Moderator

    I am so Offended Right On

    That is a slander of the highest order to Nerds.

    No nerd would ever be caught believing in Scientology over The Path of the Jedi.
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  22. RightOn Member

    you are so right
    lemmee change it up fer yah
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise and his Freedom Medal of Valor: Where’s the tabloid press? | The Underground Bunker

    The outlets that remark on Cruise’s every move are surprisingly silent on this, and now the photograph has been up (and it’s still there) for more than three days. What are they waiting for?
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  24. tippytoe Member

    I thought the same thing. I kept expecting something to show up, especially on Gawker at least, but nothing.

  25. Gawker has changed quite a bit and see themselves as some hoity toity purveyor of what they think is news and literature. I gave up on them long ago.
  26. RightOn Member

    Tom Cruise is finally irrelevant when it comes to celeb news?
    Say it isn't so! :cool:
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  27. Anonymous Member

    This memo has been circulating... :)

    stop making stupid people famous 72ppi.jpg
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  28. RightOn Member

    Time for a Risky Business or Rain Man reunion to try to scrape together some of his fans back?
    Whoops! did I just give him an idea?
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  29. BigBeard Member

    Yahoo Celebrity has a piece up about Katie's interview for the November People magazine at:

    Short quote:
    Pretty obvious $cilons and "I love Cruise" idiots running loose in the comments.

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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Katie Holmes' People magazine cover came with a requirement that Tom Cruise get minimal attention | NY Daily News

    Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes had several non-negotiable demands with People magazine before giving a recent interview, a source tells Confidenti@l. Holmes, who graces the latest cover of the weekly, wanted to be assured she wouldn’t be presented as simply Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, and didn’t want the interview to be based around her marriage to the A-list actor. “Tom’s name could not appear on the cover,” says our source. Instead, the cover story is called “Katie Holmes: My Own Story.” “The magazine was allowed one question about Tom, but Katie wouldn’t say his name when responding. The coverage had to be positive and there also couldn’t be a picture of Suri on the cover, because she wanted to protect her daughter.”

    Our source adds that in the interview, Katie had to be positioned as a “private” star, not an attention-loving celebrity. “I don’t want that moment in my life to define me, to be who I am,” she says of her post-split persona in the mag. “I don’t want that to be what I’m known as. I was an actor before, an actor during and an actor now.” Holmes is back in the news because she is reprising her role as Jackie Onassis in a Reelz network miniseries called “The Kennedys: After Camelot.” She’d starred in the same role in 2011’s “The Kennedys,” which also aired on Reelz.

    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise – Two Years Later | FishbowlNY
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  31. RightOn Member

    Tom Cruise "the A-list actor"

    BWA HA HA!!
    What year is this?
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  32. RightOn Member

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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise & Miranda Kerr: Hollywood s shock new couple

    The power pair are finally ready to go public with their romance.

    Is Miranda Kerr dating Tom Cruise? Rumours emerge that Hollywood megastar and Aussie model are 'enjoying a romance'

    Since announcing her separation from husband Orlando Bloom just over a year ago, rumours have been rife that Miranda Kerr has been dating James Packer.

    But a new report in New Idea magazine claims the former Victoria’s Secret model is now being courted by Tom Cruise, and the pair aren’t far off going public with their romance.

    ‘With James out of the way, Tom and Miranda have exchanged several phone calls and have even met up in secret every time she’s flown into London,’ a source told the magazine.

    Tom Cruise Is Dating Model Miranda Kerr

    By Elena Gorgan, Softpedia

    They’ve been seeing each other in secret while in London
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  34. TrevAnon Member

    Inb4 Tom Cruise & Miranda Kerr thread situation room. :p
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  35. meep meep Member

    But but but what happened to Linsay? They made such a cute couple.
    Bald-Lindsay-Lohan-with-Tattoos-73796.jpg cruise-431x279.jpg
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise Dating 22-Year-Old Assistant On Mission Impossible 5 Set - His Creepy Ways Continues!

    By Siyana Riley, Celeb Dirty Laundry

    Even though most of Hollywood’s former Bachelors are getting engaged and married, Tom Cruise remains single. It’s not for lack of trying on his part, but after the Katie Holmes debacle, no self-respecting celebrity wants to come within five feet of him. I guess that’s why he’s now [supposedly] resorted to hitting on 22-year-old assistants.

    According to US Weekly, Tom is always flirting with his 22-year-old assistant, Emily, on the set of Mission Impossible 5. And by the way, this story is coming from US Weekly, so it’s probably been verified by multiple sources before appearing in the magazine.

    US Weekly’s sources also add that Tom asked this Emily to go on a date with him after filming wrapped, explaining, “Most people on the film have noticed how into her he is.” Ok, creepy much? Tom Cruise is 52 years old, and I don’t care if he is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, dating a 22-year-old and even hitting on a 22-year-old falls into the realm of creepy. I mean, I know it’s standard norm for Hollywood, but does Tom Cruise’s reputation really need to suffer more? Granted, the older women are probably savvy to his tricks, so he might just be going for the only age group who still cares that he’s Mr. Tom Cruise. But even then, this poor Emily is probably just flattered by the attention, even though it’s a completely inappropriate workplace relationship.

    Plus, you know his assistant is cool with all the crazy Scientology talk, since she agreed to be his assistant. Tom probably thinks that’s his cue to go hit on any female, so long as she’s not scared by his cult-like religious affiliations. One can only hope that this Emily doesn’t feel pressured into dating Tom, even though Hollywood pressure will probably force her hand on that one.

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  37. RightOn Member

    "and I don’t care if he is WAS one of the biggest movie stars in the world"
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