Tom Cruise and Disconnection by Mike Rinder

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    Tom Cruise and Disconnection

    November 9, 2013 By Mike Rinder 29 Comments
    cruise.jpg?resize=193%2C261.jpg There is a rash of media articles following the disclosure of parts of Tom Cruise’s deposition in the lawsuit he filed against a magazine for saying he “Abandoned” Suri.
    The media is of course focused on the sensational aspects, including the fact that while he apparently didn’t have time to visit Suri he flew from the US to the UK for the annual IAS Event to show his support for his BFF.
    I read the excerpts of his deposition that are on the internet and was struck by the arrogance he displayed in responding to the questioning. Very reminiscent of his BFF. He snapped terminals with Dear Leader a long time ago (see the now infamous Matt Lauer interview for the classic demonstration and compare to Miscavige with Ted Koppel). He apparently remains completely in his valence.
    Based on what I read, it is my opinion that the likelihood of Cruise winning the case is about the same as the likelihood of his BFF standing on stage and admitting he did anything wrong. And I would guess that a jury hearing Cruise testify like he did might award costs and fees to the magazine. He went a long way to confirming their story — at the least for them to make the argument there was no actual malice. But more significantly he made himself look like a spoiled, holier than thou creepy cult person. Not the sort of plaintiff likely to be favored by a jury.
    But the really significant thing about all this story to those who are interested in Scientology is what is NOT being mentioned in the media. It’s too “inside baseball” for the general public, but it sure as hell is important to a lot of people that read this blog.
    I was prompted to make this post by the first comments on Tony Ortega’s story yesterday from Kevin Tighe and Bernie Headley. Two men who have had their daughters disconnect from them entirely. I feel their pain as I am in the same position.
    While Tom Cruise is fighting what he claims are false allegations that he has abandoned his daughter, he does not dispute that he did NOT see her for many, many weeks. Yet, there are many that are NOT ALLOWED to see their daughters and sons and would give up almost anything for that right. He is given special dispensation, and he DOESN’T see his daughter. (He does NOT need the money so badly that he cannot take time to be with her….) Why?
    There can be NO doubt that in the eyes of Tom and his BFF, Katie Holmes is an SP. She left the church and publicly disavowed it by not defending it when every media outlet in the world said she left Tom because of Scientology. She has totally distanced herself from the subject and in doing so “black PRed it.” This IS how the BFF’s view things.
    There are numerous others who have done FAR LESS than diss TC and DM and they are assigned SP “untouchable” status and disconnection is ENFORCED.
    There is no doubt Tom is a hard core Kool Aid drinker. He left his shoot and flew to the UK to attend the IAS event. How does any dedicated Scientologist deal with an SP (despite whatever they say about confronting and shattering suppression)? They avoid them like the plague. No card-carrying member of the RCS wants to have anything to do with a “DB SP.” MANY who read this blog have experienced running into an old “friend” who now refuses to talk or even look at you because you are “an SP.” I know, Sea Org members literally hide if they spot me in a store in Clearwater. Starbucks empties out. They leave movie theaters. They cower and run if they even SEE an “SP.”
    Based on my experience with Miscavige, the natter sessions about Katie have been extensive. Tom would be viewed as “weak” by his BFF if he didn’t act “tough.” Miscavige sent his own wife to purgatory never to be heard from again, no doubt because like so many others before her she was an “SP” who was trying to destroy Him.
    Tom hinted at this when explaining that one of the reasons for not seeing Suri is “of course respecting Kate’s wishes in terms of Suri’s scheduling.” I read that differently as a euphemism for “I am not going to kowtow to an SP by letting her tell me what I can and cannot do.” I can imagine his BFF giving him a pat on the back for “refusing to cave in to an SP.”
    But then there is the REALLY interesting question.
    Why HASN’T Cruise been forced to disconnect from Katie (and thus Suri?) like so many other parents who have lost their children because one half of the marriage is no longer in “good standing” with the church and disconnection HAS been enforced?
    Everyone know the answer. The rules are bent because the public scrutiny would be a terrible thing for “church PR.” The church would be accused of breaking up Tom Cruise’s family (funny, that is what is happening in any event). Tom cannot even say that he doesn’t WANT to associate with Katie based on his strongly held religious beliefs. Why not? Of course because if he did that would generate a massive avalanche of “entheta” about Scientology. Even though it is 100% true and it is what he, as a good Scientologist not only believes, but practices.
    The inexorable conclusion is that the criteria for whether someone is required to disconnect (or even hint at it) depends on how high profile you are and how close you are to Dear Leader.
    Thus if Kevin Tighe or Bernie Headley were international tabloid fodder, they would not be suffering enforced disconnection from THEIR daughters. Just like Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach were not declared when they left the Sea Org.
    This opens the door to ending this particularly cruel abuse.
    Because it PROVES that the ONLY thing that alters the application of “disconnection” (or any other abuse in the RCS) is media scrutiny.
    The “we do this as a matter of religious belief and conviction” is of course hogwash. The religious belief and conviction suddenly become all wishy-washy and unmentionable when it might create bad PR.
    Thus, we can conclude that the more media exposure of this practice, the sooner it will end.
    So, to anyone that has a “disconnection” story — make it known. Shout it from the rooftops and to the media and elected officials and anywhere else you can. It will eventually end this inhumanity. A special shout out to Lori Hodgson, Claire Headley and Cindy Plahuta for tirelessly persisting along this line (there are many others, none of whom I intend to slight by not mentioning) as it IS the only way to bring about reform of the RCS.
    Right now Tom Cruise is unknowingly performing a public service. He is not only highlighting all that is wrong with the fundamentalist Scientologists with the “dedicated glare”, he is highlighting the way Corporate Scientologists treat familial relations. And that exposure is invaluable. It also creates media interest. Way to go Tom!
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