Tom Cruise’s ‘strict criteria’ for potential new girlfriends

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Tom Cruise has reportedly launched a search to find a new girlfriend.
    The Hollywood star has been single since splitting from his ex-wife Katie Holmes last year. It seems he is eager to settle down and is looking for a new relationship. However, Tom is apparently choosy when it comes to love. According to British magazine Grazia, the 51-year-old actor is looking for someone who has been a member of the Church of Scientology for at least five years and is involved in the entertainment industry.
    The lady also apparently has to be brainy and in her mid to late 30s.
    “Tom needs to be strict about his criteria because he wants to avoid a disastrous match and he needs them to understand his hectic lifestyle and all that comes with it,” a source told the publication.
    A dating service has reportedly been set up within the Church of Scientology to help Tom find the perfect partner.
    So far it seems that one possible candidate has been found. She is described as an “unidentified actor” who is friends with Orange Is the New Black actor Laura Prepon.
    Modal Trigger jessica-white.jpg?w=231.jpg
    Jessica White
    Tom was apparently introduced to the lucky lady at a recent gala event at the Scientology center.
    “Tom seemed impressed but he’s keen to see who else might be out there,” revealed an insider.
    The star was recently linked to actor-and-model Jessica White, who is also a Scientologist.
    Last month, former Scientologist Anette Iren Johansen claimed she had been “auditioned” to be Tom’s wife in 2005.
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  2. Run <your name here>, run!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie Alley Cruise has a nice ring to it.
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  4. anonamus Member

    Sorry, David Miscavige. That rules you out I guess.
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  5. blownforgood Member

    Mr. Cruise Potential Girlfriend Checklist:

    (To be verified on meter by RTC prior to video submission to COB)

    1. Must be under 30 or be gotten rid of by 35 (based on statistics)
    2. Willing to give up high heels for duration of "relationship"
    3. No past (or current) same-sex relationships
    4. Must not be "just barely" pregnant with last guy's kid (especially anybody whose name rhymes with Piss Swine)
    5. Must never have had or plan to have an affair with say, Ewan McGregor while shooting musical type movies.
    6. Dumb like Luke
    7. Crazy in bed like Chewy
    8. Invisible like Obi-wan (Alec Guinness one)
    9. Short like Yoda
    10. No Yoga or Witchcraft (mixing practices)
    11. Willing to have teeth ground down as needed
    12. Must not be afraid of front middle tooth syndrome
    13. Must be willing to be "third wheel" on dates and/or honeymoons.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Checklist to be be verified and approved by COB before accidental meet-cute is arranged and scheduled with Mr. Cruise.
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. CHECK !


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  8. Remember the redhead in this Video ?

  9. Anonymous Member

    Have these strict "Tom criteria" worked very well in the previous instances?

    Frankly, he is kidding himself about where the problem lies, I suspect.
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Kilia Member

    Oh, I'd LOVE to see that one!!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Kirsty alley Cruise would be perfect, there is SO MUCH to love...

  13. Anonymous Member

    We all know what happened to the last person who tried to help him find a girl. Move over Shelly, you might be getting some company very soon!
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  14. Chipshotz Member

    Poor Tom. All 'Big Being' and no where to go.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Well, at least the world has been warned. No woman in her right mind would want to go through what Katie did. I suspect that this latest leak about him looking inside the cult for his next wife - is because no one on the outside wants to be seen with him.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Last night she was on paid programming selling colon blow-outs, he should give her a call.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Big beings take up all the available room
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  18. BlooAnon Member

    What problem? He is in control of Matter, Energy, Space, and Time! Nothing can stop him!

    Except surprise filings of divorce by his wife. She doesn't fall under those categories.
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  19. The Internet Member

    Maybe the next babe should hear about Hubbard's electricity tech. So if Tom starts talking about building a machine to make the clusters blow once and for all, she'll understand where that's going.
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  24. AnyOldName Member

  25. nevarmore Member

    Brainy + Scientologist = Oxymoron
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  26. Anonymous Member

    The perfect match-up for Tom:

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  27. AJ waldron Member

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