Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Vir, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Vir Member

    Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    Comiket (Comic Market) is one of the largest comic book conventions in the world, largely devoted to fan-created comic books but also having fully commercial publishers. It is held twice each year at TOKYO BIG SIGHT -Tokyo International Exhibition Center- in Tokyo

    It's a HUGE event.

    and Anonymous was there, simply cosplaying into Comiket as

    Next time go as a trap, Trev6. :awesome:

    Just kidding.

    The website has gotten a few cell phone visits, but more regular computer visits from Japan.
  2. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    First Godzilla! Now Anonymous! Joyness!
  3. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    If we ever do this again, I'd love to get a bunch of people together and make a 4chan gang. Anonymous Mask, Screaming King Leonidas, and Pedobear (with accompanying schoolgirl).

    Failing that, just get a bunch of girls with huge tits and tiny skirts to wear GF masks. I can guarantee you people will take pictures of them, even if most of them are secretly angled up their skirts.
  4. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    I think 4chan-gang is the way to go. Or maybe just a group of male and female anons in suits and/or V gear. Coordinated cosplay attracts attention by sheer force of numbers plus that good group cosplays are awesome.

    Summer comiket is going to be hot as hell though, right?

    Skimpy outfit might work if it actually cosplays something. There should be enough masked female superheroes to take inspiration from - or they can just do crossplay.

    It's also possible to wear the QR code on clothing, or to get it painted on your body. The first actually works when scanned - the latter probably won't work but will look funny. Paint the girl in zebra stripes all over, but with the QR code on her belly and back? Too furry?

    Or we could build SageGaiGar. A little something like this:

    Or maybe Laughing Man cosplayers. Hot girl taken over by the Laughing Man? Modified faces on the laughing man masks? A hot woman cosplaying as the Major, while lots of laughing men reading matrix code newspapers (just like in GitS:SAC) accompany?

    By the way: I've put something about YouFoundTheComic on the front page of both the big-screen and the mobile site. It would be great to get some of the comic contributions translated to Japanese, and to get the project running again and add some Japanese to the drawfags.

  5. Anon Char Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    I'm a Weeaboo, and I approve this message
  6. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    That Anon Comic book cover art makes me feel hawt inside. MOAR!

    Seriously, tho. Group work for the next Comike would be very, very welcome. Groups get more attention than individuals at the CosPlay areas. Hell, if we had a real (Japanese) comic book to work off of, we could even apply to get a space in the dealers area as a Circle.

    Any JapanAnons want to start talking about working together for Summer Comike, this is the thread to do it in.
  7. Vir Member

  8. SpasticGum Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    If there's gonna be any cosplay in Japan, it has to be damn good cosplay!
    In China, and Japan, it's like, only the good-looking people who cosplay, and wear a professionally-hand/made costume.
    So don't stick the fugly Femanons in bikinis!
  9. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    You make me wish I was there. Fantastic. Great job!
  10. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    This should apply world-wide and to both genders, actually. I have seen hilariously bad cosplay from Japan and China, but since there are simply more cosplayers there it's easier to find good ones.

    And you don't need to be a super model to cosplay - much of the job is picking the right character. Are you a big boned female, then you probably won't do a good cosplay as Rikku from Final Fantasy X, but you might be a really good Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

    Almost any man looks good in a suit. The same goes for females in good business attire or in medieval style dresses.

    I would look terrible if I were to cosplay as Shinji from Evangelion or a Tron character, but I guess I could go as Batou from GitS.

    Pick the right character, put some effort in the costume, and then actually get into character. It's easier said than done, but if you do those things you're a good cosplayer.
  11. anonym0us Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    FFS THIS ^^^ !!!
  12. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)



    ...that's not entirely accurate.
  13. Vir Member

  14. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    Getting back to that Dianetics-using clinic in Kyoto, I had a thought. We have that Japanese article about Dianetics linked through the site. Why not print it up and deliver it to the guy's clinic? He could use some sauce. If he's a die-hard $cilon, he'll probably just chuck it, but it'd let him know we're on to him at least.

  15. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    I don't really know what to think about that. I mean, if he is given contact information, and there's a cover letter saying something like you're concerned about it, and opening up a dialogue, then that wouldn't be wrong to do. He might immediately report you to the (other) Scientologists, or he might be receptive to communicate. It might also be good to have more Yamato people involved, and not plan these things in public so CoS can be one step ahead of us. It wouldn't be good to reveal any information here if he responds positively either - respecting privacy would be important. Causing a Scientologist to be ethics handled for being a cool guy eh speaks to SPs and does afraid of being found out, would not be funny. It would be fail of the highest order. If the Scientologist was a jerk, it would have been another matter.

    Respect, privacy, OPSEC.

    Edit: One more thing: In case he suspects that your letter is an OSA operation trying to catch him speaking to SPs, it might be good to not just have contact information for getting back to you privately, but also suggestions to use the internet and other open sources where his identity can't be tracked, in case he wants to communicate anonymously without saying who he is. That might result in you getting no answer, but him becomming Anonymous, which would be a win - just one we wouldn't know about until some time has passed or maybe never.
  16. Vir Member

  17. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    I am very, very sad to say that I did. He's why we can't have nice things. >_<

    I'm reading over this application page, but I'm still not sure exactly what to do. And bloody hell, but that's a short span of time to apply within. Fortunately, my friend who applied for a circle last year (and failed) will probably be more than interested in helping, given that there's an early access ticket in it for him.

    More bulletins as events warrant.
  18. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    That is indeed why we can't have nice things.

    Looking at some photos and videos, I see that group cosplays indeed get noticed. Example: The Touhou cosplayers, Japanese WWII military uniform cosplayers, Gundam group.

    There are too many Haruhi groups to get any particular notice. At least man-Haruhi was somewhat original.

    "Anonymous" has lots of characters to draw from, by the way.
    - Standard suit and tie/woman's business suit + EFG mask
    - No-picture-available anon in suit and tie (with green bodysuit)
    - Laughing Man
    - Other GitS characters
    - Denno Coil charaters
    - Gas Mask Girl: Goggles + respirators + cyan Hello Kitti blouse
    - New Zealand Fail Guy: Home-made guy fawkes mask + black overall
    - Sea Org uniform
    - Sea ARRRRGH uniform
    - RPF uniform, with scrubbing and cleaning equipment
    - Tom Cruise lookalike
    - David Miscavige lookalike

    In addition to handing out cards to those who photographed you so they can send you their photos - is to have a newspaper like in Ghost in The Shell with barcodes in it, and a huge QR code and a photo on the front page, instead of a sign.
  19. Relyt Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

  20. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    It's moonspeak for "I LOL'd".
  21. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    Okay, friend is on board to try and make a circle for the Summer Comike.

    Assuming we get in, there's the problem of content. YouFoundTheComic has submissions, but have they been collated into something coherent yet?

    Then there's the problem of printing. If I'm going to be bankrolling this operation all by my lonesome, the best I'm going to manage is home-printed black-and-white pages stapled together. Fucking Big Pharma probably isn't going to pony up for this one. It's a pity, because that cover page of the Anonymous mecha deserves to be glossy, and in colour.
  22. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    WWWWWW is like LOL, and it sounds a lot like FFFFFFFFFF.

    Yeah guess it's best to wait to participate as a circle until there's content. Cosplay FTW!

    So we need more cosplayers, more translators, and more comic artists.

    of everything
  23. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    Or, well, we could ask /a/, /h/ etc. if they'd like to contribute stuff. I think it'll be too little time personally.
  24. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    It's not out of the question. We'd have until August to get something together, and it doesn't even have to be perfect. I've seen plenty of hand-stapled booklets for sale at the Comike. That being said, better quality = more win.

    Of course, if we're going to translate and then re-letter it, that'll take a lot more work, and August would be difficult if not impossible.

    If we can't make the summer Comike, we can always shoot for the Winter one. Or there's always Comic Treasure, a slightly smaller but no less significant event in Osaka. The last one was held just this past weekend, but I /think/ it's a bi-annual event.
  25. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    The deadline for the Comiket application is February 24th, after checking it out in detail. My friend has agreed to help, not only with the application but also with translation of material. So we might not have /lots/ of material, but I think we can get enough together by August to be presentable.
  26. Vir Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    Oh, OK.
  27. Trev6 Member

    Re: Tokyo, Japan December 28-30 (Comiket postgame)

    This is a report to all members of the JapanAnon cell:

    Thanks to the tireless efforts of one of our local contacts, we have successfully completed Operation Weaboo Festival: Stage One. Stage Two is currently underway. Although the chances for success here are slim, they are not impossible. If we can enter Stage Three, then there will be potential for extremely large amounts of Win and Lulz down the road.

    All time and resources are now being directed towards the Operation. Should we succeed in entering Stage Three, all centralized protest activities will be suspended until further notice.

    Stay posted for further reports.

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