today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Narcolol Member

    Copious amounts of cake will be consumed if her business empire dies shortly after announcing how awesome Co$ is.
  2. Anonymous Member





    Carly pushes a CCHR agenda in her anti-drug message
  3. Triumph Member

    this was on the carlycrutchfield exposed page


    what the poster is referring to is "A Message to Garcia" written by Elbert Green Hubbard-

    while its not exactly Scientology material.. Hubbard did recite in in one of his lectures in the early 1950's and Bridge publications published it around 2000. I hear its one of the mental midget DM's favorites..

    that Carly Crutchfield would ask people to sign a declaration saying that no scientology was spoken about at the seminar..and turn around and hand out "A Message to Garcia" is a hoot.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Kylee van der Torre with Carly Crutchfield

  5. Anonymous Member

    you can find the same image on the CFoundation page

    From Scientology News Page (above picture of Carly accompanys story)
    Scientology lets thier psudo-celubtards rase money under the guise of a fake foundation because what they have learned is-if they disclosed that the money was going to Scientology most people would avoid donating. so they creat fake charities like Carly's CFoundation to funnel the money colected from Non-Scientologists back to Scientology.

    just one of the many deceptive practices. of the Scientology Volunteer Minister

    you'll see the exact Same reports on any VM site relating to the disaster that Carly shows up at with the same pictures and storys promoting it

    these are clever photo-ops. with no schools will be built, and used as an opportunity to recruit and exploit the vulnerable

    only for the price of a couple t-shirts they pull off this "flim flam" bait and switch Confidence Game.

    the blood—$15 to save a life more than likly came out of the pocket of and individual and NOT from Scientology

    From CFoundation site-


    from CFoundation/Scientology photo Op

    CFoundation=Scientology=Volunteer Ministers=Scam

  6. Anonymous Member

    Dale Beaumont and Paul Blackburn
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    When and Where?


    Loction: Sydney
    Date: Tuesday 22nd March 2011
    Time: 9am - 5pm
    Venue: TBA


    Loction: Brisbane
    Date: Tuesday 12th April 2011
    Time: 9am - 5pm
    Venue: TBA
  8. Anonymous Member

    Back By Popular Demand its Carly and Her "CCorp Spruiker's " In Da Hizouse

  9. peterstorm Member

    LMAO too good to be true

    Sorry if that was already posted...
  10. Anonymous Member

    ^^ Better Copy of the Video
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Stuff your Elite Memberships with CCorp buys
    Projection screen to produce Hip Hop Videos for Carly Crutchfield and Her BoyToys

    failed Aussie Idol Carlos CMajor struts for Carly
    expensive Cameras Lighting and film equiptment
    In House Audio Production and Digital recording equiptment and Vocal Booth because every property developer should have one one

    disclaimer: batteries not included with the BoyToys
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    time to meet some of Carlys Staff

    Norrie Wirihana Manager of CProperty for CCorp

    Carly introduces him as a Property Expert
    Norrie Wirihana says about 10 words the entire video.

    just not and agree Norrie.

    dosen't seem to have an overwhelming amount of experience
    not much to go on since the years from 2002-2008 are unaccounted for

    Norrie Wirihana Manager of CProperty
    Organic Liaison can help with dat.
  15. Anonymous Member

    an expert opinion expressed by Norrie Wirihana Manager of CProperty

    *cue crickets*
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    read more here
  18. Anonymous Member

    CCorp receiving Org instructions on Toilet Paper Rationing
    CCorp- Queen for a Day
  19. Anonymous Member

    Carly has a couple of repulsive videos on her CCreate web site titled On the couch with Carly
    in the first she plays interviewer to fellow Scilon Tony Melvin (notice the collection of Hubbard crap)

    in the second she interviews Brent Williams these videos are shot in the CCorp offices
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member


    this is on Carlys Cfoundation PR video
    Building Roads and Bridges..there are no roads and bridges being built.. its a typical CULT propaganda
    Lie to the people your bilking for donations-Scientology keeps all the money it collects
    Scientology keeps all the money Carly Collects through CFoundation
    Scientology and Carrly publishes propaganda like this because its necessary to lie to keep the con going.

    there are no roads.bridges,schools or community centers. ever built.

  22. Anonymous Member

    Can you prove that? (I doubt that they're careless enough to say where these are being built, amiright?)
  23. Anonymous Member

    come on its Scientology! they have a track record a 1000 miles long
    they are careless enough to lie in almost every press release they have published.
    they have told bigger fibs than this.. lurk more.

    pretty easy to debunk the bogus claims.

    can it be proven? should be your question... the answer is yes.
    and She will at some point be asked to prove it.

    NYPA you go and find the bridge..send pictures and Caek
  24. Anonymous Member

    No u.

    Of course they're probably lying about the bridge (Why take down the video otherwise?), but saying "they didn't build that bridge because omg they're Scientology" is a moonfoil argument and screeching to the choir. Why would someone who doesn't know jack about Scientology be convinced?
    Okay, dox or gtfo.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Get it right now.

    the video is still up-didn't say it was down-dont know where you came up with that fail logic.

    I am saying they didn't build it because they didn't build it.

    just like claim of building a the community center in alice dosent exist never hapened.didn't stop Carly from using it as PR.

    contact the athorites in Alice Springs I have. will you? doo eet faggot!

    there going to tell you the same thing they told me.

    there is no Commmunity center Never was-no plans/permits approvals sorry. get to it prove me wrong.

    guess when you claim you spent 3.5 million dollars on charity in a years time
    that Charity better be registered.legally and its usually a requirement to provide where the money went.

    Check with the Austrailian Tax office see if CFoundation has claimed any Tax concessions-I have-

    find the phone #number like I did and call them!
    ask if CFoundation is legally registered Charity Its not! don't say I didn't tell you so..

    while your at it contact the Austrailian Securities and Investment Commision
    inquire to see if Carly,Yza,Steve or any other employee is registred to give out investment advice see what they tell ya. I have (Pro Tip make shure when you call you have all the names of employees) don't want to leave anyone out! Reports?openDocument

    the charity aspectis being looked at by the athorities.thats where any dox I've collect go to.

    Not to satisfy your whims. posting dox for your satisfaction would be a waste

    is CFoundation? a registered chairty. I know the awnser to that do you?

    I'm expressing an informed opinion. I don't give a rats ass who is convinced.

    you don't agree -your not convinced get off your lazy ass and prove i'm wrong.

    Mkay you do that Lee Harvey Oswald.

    get back to me.
  26. Anonymous Member

    So why post this?


    Incoherent frothing is hard to follow. Take it calmer, slower and more organized, and you'll get more done.
  27. Anonymous Member

    read what it says smart ass


    dial down your full on retard mode
  28. Anonymous Member

    Washes hands. Unwatch.
  29. Anonymous Member

    yep take the easy way out

    go find and watch the video-

    then go look at the Tags (NOTICE VOLUNTEER MINISTER?) should give you a clue on who the video's target audience is.

    next google Scientology rebuilding roads and bridges or Volunteer Ministers rebuilding roads and bridges
    and just to be efficent try other variations and see what you come up with.

    even Scientology is not dumb enough to claim they rebuilt roads and bridge's (and they don't)

    But Carly does in her video.

    the only refrence you find on a Volunter Ministers site about rebuilding roads and bridges is in refrence to the US Marine corp of enginners

    CFoundation provide engineers? not hardly.

    what you'll find is CFoundation is a total of 2 (Carly and Kaylee) and they show up with the Volunteer Ministers

    there is no other CFoundation volunteers no engineers or Roadbuilding equipment for that matter

    check all the Volunteer Ministers web pages for Austrailia and Asia

    what you see are photo-ops (and Carly and Kaylee and a handfull of VMs)

    and also Check this VM forum
    (Proxy UP)

    you can see exactly how many Aussie and Asia Pacific VM's actually show up to each disaster
    it damn near impossible to build a bridge with a dozen VMs (and Carly and Kaylee names included included).

    pro-tip (Carly dosen't even get a mention of a donation)

    use the serch function.

    Carly is doing what they allowed other Scientologist to do and like they did in Haiti
    raise money for Scientology under the guise of a phony charity and funnel the money raised back to Scientology

    you want Dox on this(search this forum) try (Sarah Ehrlich and "Help For Orphans" just one example) and go look at her web site.

    or the Schneider sisters and "Future of Haiti" and look up their web page
    or Kerri Kasem
    or Casandra Hepburn

    or and look at thier and copare thier web sites. you'll see they all use the same staged photo-ops

    for the price of a few T-Shirts you can run this scam too

    The reason they all do this is to raise money from people and Hide the fact its for Scientology

    or don't and rage quit.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Bill Zheng
    another name that keeps popping up on these property spuirker seminar pages with Carly Crutchfield ,Tony Melvin.Ed Chan,Oisin Grogan is a Bill Zheng
    He is the Executive Chairman of Property Investors Direct
    Property Investors direct is a WISE company
    and a customer of Performia

    Kane Hooper is also a clam and is the general Mgr of PID
    who was for a time on Staff at the sydney Org with Oisin Grogan

    Bill Zheng has been a speaker on some of Carly's spuirker seminars
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Carly Crutchfield's former business Partner Libby Lombardo aka "Dr" Libby Selep is the latest to scrub a video to distance themselves from the CCorp stench

    its the CCHR who claims shes a "Dr" Libby Selep maybe Libby Lombardo should ask the CCHR to scrub that bit of false info.
  33. Anonymous Member


    Not a Doctor but that dosen't stop the Cult or CCHR from portraying her as one on their stupid web site

  34. John Fox Member

    Carly-toilet-roll-head.jpg Takes herself waay too seriously. As you know.
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Megaera Fagan Scientology Service completions

    one of the people I noticed in the CCorp employee pictures and crummy rap videos-that looked out of place
    because she is much older than the usual cast of CCorp Toddlers
    turns out its Steve Fagan's wife Megaera

    if Carly decides to $hit-Can Steve because he pulled it in
    I guess his wife unit Megaera will be out of a job too?

    View attachment donald%20trump%20you%27re%20fired.jpg?1289840376.j
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Triumph Member

    The proof you've been asking for ...
    read more here:
    PDF dox$250k-Offer.pdf

    yea right
  40. Brilliant. Slam dunk docs right in her face. Sorry Carly you cant lie you way through the information age. Its really Hubbard era stuff where you can bullshit til your hearts content without anyone calling you out.

    Interesting that she left all the explainin' to her underling. Maybe she is under the desk again...

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