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    - CCORP is a business and property development company with an education arm. Like any business we aim to make a profit. Profits from our CCORP course sales are injected back into the business. We have never deceived our clients, staff or business partners.
    Profits are injected into Carly’s mouth and shoe collection.

    - Carly Crutchfield teaches thousands of students the art of property development. Not everyone will achieve great things and enormous profits. Just like a university degree,

    The standard is NOTHING like a university degree and is more comparable to Hubbard
    not all students graduate with a top grade.
    But don’t feel too bad, Carly didn’t graduate into anything but a scammer herself.
    As a lecturer, it’s not your direct responsibility if a student does not deliver the desired outcome. But our students will have learnt the steps and sound strategies required to be a property developer.
    At an EXORNBITANT COST, try 1000times the cost of a book! Sound strategies that make Carly rich every time!

    - CCORP is a commercial company.
    The religious orientation of any of our staff or directors does not affect the company. CCORP does not teach or preach any form of religion, we teach property education.
    Who’s talking about ‘religious orientation’ scientology is a CULT!

    - Like any business, CCORP charges for its services.
    At no point has CCORP ever acquired money through illegal methods.
    Fraud is illegal even for CULTS
    - As a commercial business, CCORP holds its reputation in high esteem and will take due action to anyone who makes false accusations. Any disputes that require legal action will always be dealt with professionally through the courts and in accordance with contract law.
    It’s the real ones you need to worry about Carly! No lie can be as bad as the truth in this case.

    - Not all the facts and figures of developments undertaken by CCORP, which are on our website, are up to date. Our website is currently being updated and worked on by an external web development company. These figures will be updated when the new website is launched.

    They’re going to be even more vague so they don’t get BUSTED. Again!

    - CCORP never forces its students to do anything they do not wish to do. We always advise students to seek their own independent financial and legal advice, even when we do deals with them. Like any business dealing or property negotiation there is risk.

    CCORP does not teach unethical or misleading strategies at our seminars. CCORP teaches property development steps which work and are used by many other developers in Australia.

    True even CCORP isn’t thaaat stupid. They teach deception more PRIVATELY where it’s harder to prove. They save that for Elite like Hubbard it starts of innocently and corrupts gradually.

    - CCORP only sells the property development course to those who are interested. CCORP does not undertake predatory business practices.
    How can vultures not be predatory???
    - CCORP does not accept clients into the Elite program instantly. There is an interview process and CCORP screens the clients prior to us offering them a position in Elite, to ensure they are able to meet the courses responsibilities. The client then has the option to join or not. This process usually takes one to two weeks. CCORP does not sell Elite at every event as enrolment numbers are capped.

    Carly’s GREED is not capped.

    - Carly Crutchfield has a philanthropic nature and donates many hours of her time and own money to various charities, including CFoundation – the non profit organisation she founded.

    Carly Crutchfield has an EVIL nature and preys on the vulnerable to increase her media exposure!!!

    Should you have any questions or concerns please contact
    Kylee van der Torre, General Manager at CCORP directly on 02 9371 4799.
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    "FOOD AND MONEY$$$$$$$ WE'LL EAT THEM BOTH" Carly and Yza drool as they are about to gorge themselves AGAIN.
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    "Boy this sure beats masturbating!!!", Carly is such a philanthropist stopping at nothing to relieve HER frustration!
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    Looks are deceiving, she's not groping his groin she's an opportunist, who knows how much $$$$$ he has in his wallet, now where is it?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Kylee van der Torre, General Manager at CCORP directly on 02 9371 4799. Or save yourself the effort, here's Kylee's standard response below:

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    Dale Beaumont and His Partner in Crime Brent Williams are in the property market Seminar Scam Business with Carly
    as well ase write books and run a Promotional Company (Kapow Media)

    The also run Youth Seminars called Tomorrows Youth and a Camp called Empower U!/empowerouryouth?v=wall
    Carly Gave these two schmucks their start. Carly also claims they promote "Human Rights Issues" cough*
    both claim to be practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy
    and in their FAQ they go out of their way to explain the YOUTH program is NOT Brainwashing

    "Neuro Linguistic Programming" is quackery and I found the time to look up the lesser known "Time Line Therapy"
    from Time Line
    sounds Like getting rid of Engrams

    no wonder these two are Carly Pimps

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    Carly's morning tea, devoured in seconds but atleast it keep her staff safe from her snarls for a minute!
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    Where's Carly she's the one that needs the exercise! That's right she's gorging on the cake! Carly doesn't need to look good or be nice because she has $$$$$ and can buy friends!

  9. xenubarb Member

    This thread makes me feel all...funny. Like Camelot Castle Hotel funny, where scamulous clammies operate their con without oversight until they stray across our bow.
    I love it that CCORP et al is frantically scrubbing the web. It shows we're having an impact. (btw some stuff *might* have been sent to a seminar signup with a note, "changed my mind. Ms. Crutchfield's ethical standards are unacceptable." Something like that.)

    I wonder what it feels like? One day, you're just humming along ripping of widows and single mothers with special needs children, the next, the knowledge that somebody is checking out your business practices. If she's a psychopath, she wouldn't be tearing down links and pix. A scam artist would.

    If that repulsive little bug eyed clown had the sense god gave seafood, she wouldn't be sleeping too well. She'd be worried about her seminars being targetted by masked avengers, standing up for the widders and chillunz. She'd be worried about information harvested from the web reappearing in the media. She'd start worrying about legal issues and visits from the law. And she'd start issuing statements just like the above because she is well aware that her little empire is about to have the cover ripped off to expose the filth underneath.

    Her religion does indeed have a lot to do with her business. If ever there were a religion for con men, scam artists and snake oil purveyors, it's Scientology. And Carly's soaking in it.

    I love that we grabbed as much info as possible before she even knew we were watching her. By the time she started scrubbing, it was way too late. The cat's out of the bag, longcat is long, ceiling cat is watching.

    Now, there is HUGE money to be made in development, and even more money to be made in ripping off property owners. You can damn betcha they're watching this thread.
    O hai CCORP, enjoy your fail. You pulled it in by scamming the vulnerable. We really have no issue with honest Scientologist businesspeople. Pity there are so few of them.

    Well, CCORP, enjoy the ride. That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach is dread. At the very least, we are gonna shut you down. Some of you may enjoy a stay at Club Fed, or wherever Australia keeps its most noxious criminals. No moar high living, or drinkies, or piles of cake and money for you.

    By the time we're done, nobody will buy so much as a Chiclet from you scum. You get that? Pass it on to the nasty little twat at the top of your pyramid. None of her mugging or playing the "tee-hee I'm just a cute blonde" is gonna help. You're into philanthropy? How bout you help that woman you defrauded? You know, the one with the Special Needs child you've condemned to a horrible life on the streets when his broke, aging and ill mother dies.

    Or the widow from whom you took EVERYTHING. You wanna talk about philanthropy? Put your money where your cake hole is!

    I wonder how long it'll be before your whole racket is a footnote in history books. Too long, if you ask me. You can't be destroyed soon enough.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Tad James is the creator of "Time Line Therapy"
    once I found that a whole river of quackery opened up

    James Arthur Ray the sweat Lodge Death Guru is a practitioner
    James Arthur Ray, is awaiting trial on three counts of manslaughter.
    Yet he continues to peddle wacky Scientology Flavored beliefs

    Brett and Dale your in good company.

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    Now that's the real carly crutchfield exposed!
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    I notice they've removed the rap video has anyone downloaded a copy?
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  15. xenubarb Member

    Yeesh. Ray lives in Carlsbad, about 30 minutes north of here. Your post got me wondering what Ray is doing these days. I came across a reference to Journey Expansion Pods Teams, "small groups of like-minded people..." yadda yadda. They had a local pod in San Diego with a FB page. Unsurprisingly, activity ceased right after the death lodge tragedy. Last activity was Oct 2009.

    After that, it just stops. It wasn't a very active page, mostly this Jim de la Luz (if that IS his real name) quoting Ray offering discounts on his media. "You'd be crazy to ignore this offer!" There were a few comments regarding the sweat lodge and mention of a conference call, all are invited. In one post, de la Luz quotes one of Ray's big fish sellers, the Rev. Meredith Ann Murray:

    So wow, narrow escape, huh? I googled her name to find out more about why "it could have been her" and discovered this quote from MSNBC:

    Gawd, you start turning over rocks and IT JUST NEVER ENDS! Liars start crawling out of the woodwork.

    LOL further looking into de la Luz (about Jim) produces this gem:

    This takes web shilling to a whole new level. It's a drift net for idiots.
    DISCOVER THE HIDDEN SECRET OF LIFE, give us your contact information, read our flash testimonial and get our free video!

    They don't even tell you who they are, lol. It's like if Scientology quit trying, they'd wind up posting a million pages just like this.
  16. Anonymous Member

    With Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy
    I will erase your "reactionary imperialist mindset" Ni shi bai chi
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Andy Hopper CDevelop employee fake Testimonial for Brent Williams
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. xenubarb Member

    Please can I read about Karly's Kingdom falling down nao?
  21. Anonymous Member

    CCORP is a Client of Performia. which means she uses Hubbard Tech in Her Business practices
  22. Anonymous Member

    Since CCorp is a client of Performia
    all potential employees would have to take the "stress test" before being hired or under its "Performia disguise" as a "Personel Potential Anilysis Testing System"

    all employees would have to sign an employment confidentiality agreement similar to the ones diskeeper employees sign.
    with a confidentiality agreement. that basically states to go along with "Ron the Con" and keep your mouth zipped at all times.
    all employees would have to do Scientology course work. And things like L Con Flubbard's administration tech and management tech
    all employees would have to learn things like the tone scale and ARC and every other silly "pseudo religious" dogma they pimp.
    CCorp would have to be a Corporate Member of W.I.S.E and funnel 10% of its gross income directly to Scientology
    Carly and or Performia would get a FSM commission for all the employees paying for course work.

    Oisin Grogan-Tony Melvin and Gareth Jekel of Performia will push Hubbard and all his trapping onto CCorp employees giving lectures and handing out coursework under the GUISE of EMPLOYEE TRAINING-And those that don't swallow the stink cheese,hook line and sinker-will be unemployed.

    for Carly and Co. to Claim Scientology has nothing to do with her running business to an outright lie.

    in the green volumes of the ADMIN Tech and MGT Tech books it states the material within its pages IS religious text.
  23. Anonymous Member

    CCORP Where the only development happening-is the development of serious alcohol problems
  24. Anonymous Member

    It's raining punks, haluxenula!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Carly Crutchfield NAKED!
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Yza Canja is not listed on the Australian Financial Services Registers of Licencees and Authorised Representatives.
    nor Carly Crutchfield
    or CCorp
    or CDevelop
    or CMoney
    or Steve Fagan
    Australian financial services licensing
    authorized representatives register

    CMoney site
    giving mortgage and financial advice arranging loans without being registered with the Australian Financial Services Registers
    or being a Licencees and Authorised Representatives.
    is that Legal? ethical?
    Yet they pass themselves off as experts.
    Yza Canja web site
    No Money and No License?
    helped thousands? without a proper license?

    YZA CANJA site (WEAR A CONDOM Proxy )

    and gives out financial advice
    OH RLY steering customers to under regulated lenders? with higher than normal interest rates. how ethical of you.
    Wheres the disclaimer? Yza?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Should Read Yza Canja is NOT LISTED (mod edit: ftfy)

    at Ccorp we juggle balloons so you don't have too
  30. Oisin Grogan (he of WISE Melbourne fame) was recently bragging about how he's now staff at Melbourne org (his wife's been a "senior executive" there for years) and how his life is going so much better and how he's making so much more money.

    I'll try to find the email (sent out by Melbourne Co$) and put it up - it's a standard cult crapfest of "I'm doing soooo wonderful now I'm on staff, why don't you join me on the winning team"
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  32. For people who don't do 'drugs' they sure drink a lot of alcohol.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    its all one big party on the CCorp elite members dime at Ccorp

    a recording studio financed by development investments so Carly Crutchfield's Boy Toys can play Hip Hop mogels
    C Breeze Shane and Carlos CMajor whadup!

  35. Anonymous Member

    CSounds TV
    video tour of CCorp and it's employees


    see all the employees of CCorp.

    one of Carlys employees tells the camera man- "your the one who needs to do a course" we know what those courses are.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to CSCAM Carly Crutchfields Latest breeziness

  37. Scatman Member

    I have never seen scientology produce anyone with "OT powers", but I have seen it create many psychopaths and narcissists. A practice that employs mind games and ego inflation techniques called "auditing" while advocating "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause" can produce some very anti-social states of mind in some people.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Stuart Zadel deleted his videos Praising Carly Crutchfield whats up with that Stu?
    Don't worry he hasn't quite disconnected entirely from Mz Development Queen Carly Crutchfield Yet
    She's still scheduled to scam at his upcoming "Think and Grow Rich" Seminar

    This is on Stuarts Wealth through property Blog
    stuclam.jpg crutchfield

    3.5 million donated ? O'RLY! does the TAXMAN know of this? because He will!
    David Miscavige would be having a Tizzy..not getting his cut!

    Don't worry this is just typical Scientology BS fake PR exaggeration
    Scientology would be jumping up and down and fapping all over itself if it were true.

    I predict a 3.5 million dollar footbullet in Carly Crutchfield Future

    You might say She Mappinend Herself
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