today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Carly's Pappy Peter Crutchfield
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    Carley Crutchfield cohort Steve Fagan
  3. thefatman Member

    I've seen this guy at the AOSH ANZO building numerous times at raids. He's there pretty much every month.
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    Where Carly Invests your Money
    1) Rent a Fleet of Limousines
    2) Charter an Expensive Luxury Yacht
    3) Assemble 100 Freeloading Friends and Employees
    4) Time to Party
    5) and Party
    6) and Party
    Hey its OK its some other Suckers Money! Thanks Carly!!
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    Needs SEO halp.
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    this site is a forum that has the Scientology Volunteer Minister info for Disasters in Indonesia and other places India-Sri Lanka Thailand as well as some pretty Lutzy success stories(Proxy up)
    VM Disaster relief Info Center Forum Index
    Contact Barb Dakin at 213-413-4221 for any questions
    Carly Crutchfield is listed

  10. Anonymous Member

    Cache version of CCHR web page
    where Libby Selep Carly Crutchfield's former Business partners is listed as Dr. Libby Selep
    not that shes a doctor- typical CCHR phony credentials claims to try and suggest legitimacy to bogus claims

    Libby Selep gives her educational background on her LinkedIn page as "School of Hard Knocks"
    I found nothing to suggest She has a Medical degree of any Kind.

    (proxy proxy proxy)
    http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...sion of Human rights&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  11. Anonymous Member

    Carly Crutchfield an Insult to Native Americans
  12. Anonymous Member

    Carly Crutchfield cronie Tony Melvin who runs seminars featuring Carly known as the
    "Knowledge Centre"
    Had updated his LinkedIn Page with New Info
    Division 6 is a Scientology term that basically means recruitment

    these clams can't do anything that isn't a shady excuse to push Hubbard or Name their companies after some made up Hubbardidian mumbojumbo
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    From a Dale Beaumont web site
    How Does Co-Authoring A Book Work?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yza Canja
    Carly Crutchfield
  17. Anonymous Member

    its a wax dummy-Tony is Real

    Tony's perpetual marketing scam

    part of the disclaimer

    TKC= Knowledge Centre Trust
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  21. Anonymous Member
    'We are more than just this body and this life' by Jacqueline Maley January 23, 2010

    a puff piece but Tony Melvin is quoted as a consultant who sells Scientology management techniques to businesses


    Carly Crutchfield Censorship FAIL
  22. Triumph Member

    Carly Crutchfield, CEO of Ccorp PART 2
    Wednesday, 12 January 2011 12:00pm

    a slick PR video posted online a few days ago...Carly promoting herself and her charity work....using her volunteer minister connection
    and promoting her pals Tomorrow's Youth program with Dale Beaumont and Brent Williams also talks about now pushing human rights agenda to the kids taking the seminars
    (more than likely Hubbard's Scientology Youth for Human rights BS) talks about promoting a school in Nepal (will just be Volunteer Ministers program there In Nepal)

    Shes a slick little fast talking con-artist....

    all her charity endeavors are Scientology flavored Kool-Aid

    she really should be made to disclose that on Her crummy web site...

    any sites like Guidestar or Charity Navigator where you can check the tax and charity ratings for CFoundation in Australia? or better yet Charity Watchdog organizations Down Under
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Hey they're just bragging about knowing their numbers!!!!
  24. Anonymous Member

    He must have learnt all this from Carly or vice versa!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Living it up at everyone elses expense! Wouldn't you like to date one of these phonies!!!!
  26. DeathHamster Member

    "Discover how to accumulate property using little or none of your own money."

    Did they learn that from Davie and his Idle Orgs?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't she sound so sincere? I mean for a pathological liar and socio path? If you didn't know the truth you could easily be convinced. That's what makes her so evil and dangerous. It'd easy for me to see how her victims got sucked in.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Using YOUR MONEY!!!
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Is Yza Canja a scientologist?

    Is Libby Lombardo/Selop? (currently?)

    Is there anyway to know for sure?

    Is Chris Gordon?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Is Yza Canja a scientologist?

    possibly, She does mention that She was at the secretive W.I.S.E business conference on Hamilton Island, those conferences are attended by NON-Scientologists..the Aussie Reporter in the video booked himself in the conference... but the Scinos did a background check on him and sniffed out that he was a Evil Suppressive Journo..and had him kicked off the island.

    Is Libby Lombardo/Selop? (currently?)
    it appears that at one time she did drink the Kool-Aid attended at least on event. and did speak at a CCHR conference and they listed her as a Doctor Libby Selep..thats probably the CCHR telling that white lie and not Libby Selep/Lombardo
    currently probably not, but who knows.

    Is Chris Gordon? his name is mentioned he was in on some shady business with Steve Fagan where they recorded Lorraine one of Carly's victims. there are some unsubstantiated posts elsewhere that claim her employees to study Scientology 1 hour a day so its possible.


    the person on the left in this photo is Kylee Van Der Torre an employee of CCORP according to her facebook page

    some of her favorite facebook pages
    Several Carly Crutchfield related pages
    Success SummitWISE
    Say no to Psychiatric Drugs
    CCHR International
    L Ron Hubbard
    Narconon International
    Youth For Human Rights

    thee facebook pages of a few of her Employees I was able to check have similar interests

    So Yes some of Carly Crutchfield's are Scientologist
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    And I'm thinking, "No way was I that drunk! How did those parasites get inside my tent. Could the Xists please do some early cleanup? (Before frying all the Pink Boys.)
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    Thetan Removal Expert Carly Crutchfield

    After grief comes intrigue at the Old Gossip Shop

    By Lindsay Murdoch, Herald Correspondent in Banda Aceh
    January 13, 2005
  36. Anonymous Member


    Dolly magazine is interviewing Scientologist Carly Crutchfield, who has teamed up with the Drug-Free Ambassadors and the Foundation for a Drug Free Australia to get out the word about the danger of drugs.

    Govt anti-drugs campaign's 'worrying' link to Scientology

    Kate Dennehy September 12, 2010

    The Propaganda Files - Foundation For A Drug Free World
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    who says you can't buy Loyalty
    Boozing the Night away time for another purification rundown
    CCorp Staff Humiliation Day
  40. Anonymous Member

    Carly Crutchfield, Ccorp and Larraine Bell - part 1 of 2

    Carly Crutchfield, Ccorp and Larraine Bell - part 2 of 2

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