today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    A Ponzi Scheme!

    Ponzi scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire


    ...widda pocket fulla shellz
  5. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Carly does all these property investment boot-camp seminars then steers her prospects to one of her companies for financial advice, or financing or to one of her many affiliates. or sells them a bunch of crappy books and CD's

    She has Tony Melvin and Gareth Jekel of Performia both Scientologists who Train Businesses in Hubbard Management Consultants and LRH mumbo jumbo working every one of her seminars. also Mårten Runow

    Marten Runow - Scientology Service Completions
    Marten Runow - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Performia (proxy up) Here is what Preformia is (Scientology Recruitment through W.I.S.E)
    Performia | L. Ron Hubbard | Personel and Recruitment

    Performia Australia – Success Summit 2010 Performia word press
    Performia Australia – Success Summit 2010 « Performia Australia

    Cfoundation Carly Crutchfield

    Performia (cache) WISE asia pacific ANZO Hubbard Management Consultants
    Hubbard Management Consultants

    Performia Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System
    Performia Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System | Personnel Package | LRH Management Packages | Business Ethics Services - Modern Business Books Store

    Performia facebook
    Performia Australia | Facebook
    Performia facebook

    Wealth seminar a front for Scientology recruitment, say ex-members ›

    Introduction to Hiring and Performia by Mr. Mårten Runow Performia CEO
    @ 1:50 Marten talks about Suppressive persons when all else fails BLAME IT ON SUPPRESSIVE'S

    Tony Melvin, Mårten Runow and Gareth Jekel are frequent experts at Carly's Bootcamp Seminars
    also Greg Paul and Yulia Sidorenko all are Hubbard Management Consultants working for Performia.

    add Greg Paul and Yulia Sidorenko Scientologist to the list
    Greg Paul Performia ESMB

    Yulia Sidorenko

    Performia Kazakhstan OCMB

    this is at Carly's Bootcamp seminars

    Tony Melvin buying businesses

    Melvin Magic Channel You Tube

    Tony Melvin Doppleganger
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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    It probably depends on the stage of their negotiations. If they close some kind of deal before the news get to people that make the decision, they'll probably be stuck with her.
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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Pandora doesn't go back in the box. She only comes out.

    Also... Get money. Don't snitch.

    You're welcome.
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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    An earlier doppelganger:

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    son of doppleganger
    daddy doppleganger
  10. Rockyj Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    LOL Johnny! My first thought!!
  11. Anon99 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Beyond yummy :) Great pic of Brian-thanks for sharing.

    I find it hilarious and typical that this chick would hide under her desk. Does a person have to be a sniveling coward to be a member of the cult or does it just help?
  12. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    The types of Get rich quick schemes only make the ones pulling them rich in the long run

    Brian Seymour's Telephone is more than likely ringing off the Hook this morning with calls flooding in...

    CCorps Graduates facebook page
    CCorp Graduates | Facebook
    CFoundation Carly Crutchfield Charity
    didn't spot the clam speak the first time around.
    Other Charity activities of CFoundation
    Foundation for a Drug Free World (Scientology Front)

    Human Rights (Parrots Youth For Human Rights )

    Disaster Relief Volunteer Ministers(Scientology Front)

    Youth Projects Link broken
    P'S; Carly The Aborigines don't want your stinkin Drug Rehab Books!

    School Building (same Locations Scientology was active building schools)hmmm.
    Pushing Hubtards Applied Scholastics and Study Tech isn't much of an edumication ...mkay

    CFoundation: What We Do and How You Can Help
    @2:42 Carley in Scientology Minister Garb during photo OP

    Most people that go to here Seminars and booty Camps aren't there to for Scientology course work..when more are made aware of the definate Scientology Connection to Carlys Boot Camps ..there are going to be some angry customers.
  13. Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Yes it helps. Shatter that supression
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    She wasn't hiding, she was just sleeping there like a good sea ogre.
  15. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    well ..Carly does push Hubbard Business Tech and Scientology course work using the Scientologist who run Performia (A WISE Scientology Recruitment Company that pushes the garbage to unsuspecting business owners) at ALL her Seminars..a few people may demand their money back..when they become aware. a thousand here a couple thousand there,.. that $hit ain't cheep...there is a possibility (especially if there is some kind of class action suit in the future) they may want to reimburse some of the ill-gotten gains quiet the PR flack.

    but not without Davy putting the smack down on someone.

    In any even Carly "pulled it in" its Scientology's turn to hide under a desk..while Carly takes a Hit.
    Most of the PERFORMIA info is in Post #15 -#45 They attend and Speak at almost all of Carlys seminars..
    PERFORMIA is Hubbard Management Consultants Selling Scientology Courses Books..etc, to unsuspecting Boot Camp attendees.

    Brian Seymour may be interested in that info..
    contact Today Tomorrow here:
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Yes ^^

    Do any of the front groups that scientologst Carly Crutchfield has involvement in receive public money?

    Do any of the corporations she has set up supply 'services' to public/government run projects?
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    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    any chance the PI is working for Carly and Co?.

    Internet 1-Carly 0
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    any chance the PI is working for Carly and Co?.

    Internet 1-Carly 0
  19. mangotango Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    How dumb is this bimbo???? She's sucked in heaps of people, made her millions, you'd think the imbecile would realise the couple are going to destroy her if she doesn't pay up!

    I've known about her for awhile, good to see her being taken down. Can't see how she's gonna get out of this without paying up and gagging them.

    Let's see who else comes forward!
  20. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Hi everyone, my wife and I appeared on Today Tonight. We really want to thank you all for your comments and interest in our plight.

    Until recently the only thing we knew about scientology was, as my wife put it bluntly, that it is a cult.

    The more we look into it the more shocked we are that it is even legal in Australia?
    We are thinking this isn't just about us being ripped off or even others, although it's important. This is so much bigger, isn't it?

    I hate to think what pain you former members have gone through. You are all amazing to have got out, it obviously takes a lot of courage to leave. We now have a very dear friend who is an ex scientologist and we are outraged by his disclosure re the cult.
  21. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Grab a copy of the Sun Herald this Sunday to read more about Carly Crutchfield. If anyone here knows how it would be great to post it on the internet!
  22. Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Hey Jimmy welcome aboard. I too was shocked when I first heard how much stuff these guys have got away with over the years.

    good on you for coming forward, information is the best weapon. Hope it all works out for you.
  23. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    your welcome jimmy75...Scientologist by nature don't play well with others.

    didn't know alot about Carly, myself till recently. if you look on this thread I did quite a bit of digging. I looked at all kinds of things. amazing what you can find if you know how to dig.

    the one thing that stands out like a sore thumb besides her Scientology connected charity (Has Less to do with charity- more for Cult PR)

    Was her connection to PERFORMIA the are professional Cult Recruiters for Scientology's business arm W.I.S.E Carly used them on most of her seminars
    they would be selling Scientology related Coursed disguised as business advice.

    they never disclose its for Scientology- because NOT Many people would bother with it and would be very suspicious of it because of its relationship to Scientology.

    So they are very dodgy with it.

    the recruitment of what they call FRESH MEAT is more important than the boot camp itself (also its a money grab)

    I think if more knew the courses they sell at those seminars are Scientology related and the cult gets rich off those crappy books.

    they publish them for pennies and sell them at grossly inflated prices. and make enormous profits from them.

    and they will string people along for a long time without disclosing the Scientology connection. all while selling them a pie in the sky

    its very a manipulative, and they can be extremely deceitful

    Not all of Carlys associates are Scientologists. but a good portion are.
  24. BLiP Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Welcome aboard Jimmy75. The only constant in relation to Scientology is that its always worse than you think.
  25. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Thanks for your warm welcome!

    This was posted on another site and from what we've been through rings of truth... although Carly told my wife it's not her fault this woman is now homeless...what do you guys think??? Remember Steve Fagan is Carly's mentor and they work hand in glove...not sure which one is which!!!;)

    Larraine was part of a small business group, and it was through a member Jill N in this group that Larraine was introduced to Steve Fagan 2008 in the hope that Fagan and CCorp could develop Lorraine Bell’s property. Jill N was also a member of a property development group who had recently completed the Elite Property Development course run by Steve Fagan through CCorp.
    From this period in 2008 until April 2010 (this year) Fagan continuously promised Lorraine Bell that he himself was ‘Personally’ going to develop Lorraine’s property himself. Steve Fagan, also spoke often about trying to find a way of getting Jill Nixon out of the development process and possibly not even pay her a site finder’s fee.
    Steve Fagan’s dream he shared for Lorraine Bell’s property was to develop 30-35 luxury resort style units on the property, selling for $675 000 each. Fagan verbally agreed to develop Larraine’s property himself and mentor her through it, providing it was rezoned. However, council kept delaying the rezoning approval of the property.
    During this period from 2008 to 2010 Larraine consulted a mortgage broker to obtain a short term loan of $290 000 for 5 months, as the re-zoning was taking longer than expected. Larraine was only able to obtain this short term loan from Oceanic Security, Surfers Paradise, on the condition that Steve Fagan agreed to develop the property, so a phone call was made to Steve Fagan, who verbally confirmed over the phone to Oceanic Security’s that he was going to develop this property of Lorraine’s into luxury town houses, in a ‘Resort style setting.
    After this, Steve Fagan then took out an Option Contract on Lorraine’s and three other properties. These were property owners which Lorraine had introduced Steve Fagan too. It was always understood that these developments would only go ahead providing it was rezoned.
    From the time when Steve Fagan had signed his option agreement in 2009, with not only Lorraine Bell and two other property owner’s (the forth property owner did not get a signed option by Steve Fagan as he has chosen at that time that he did not go through with this option) until in April, 2010 Steve Fagan, constantly ‘stated verbally’ over and over again that he Steve Fagan was personally going to develop these properties. Hence now this verbal agreement, also followed by emails’ and Christmas cards, stating the same, now puts the verbal agreement, to now over ride the “written option contract’ which Steve Fagan signed in 2009.
    There is also documentation to support this and the testimony of the other land owners who Steve Fagan was going to develop their properties. On the day that Lorraine got a phone call from the Redland shire council stating that all these properties were now rezoned, Lorraine was relieved, excited, now she was finally going to see her way clear of all these past five years of heart ache, she contacted Steve to let him know about the re-zoning. However, a week later, Steve Fagan’s Option Contract expired. Larraine was contacted by Steve Fagan’s solicitor Brett, to inform her that the deal was not going ahead.
    Any agreement between two people which commits the parties to something is legally binding. Signatures and paperwork do not make the agreement more binding; they just make it a lot easer to prove in a court of law that there was indeed an agreement.
    A verbal agreement is legally binding when it can be proven in court.
    Ten days later, on 19 April 2010, Oceanic Security took Larraine to supreme court for $1 100 000, for the compounding interest on her $290 000 loan for the twelve months, this being five times greater the original loan amount. An out of court settlement was agreed upon at $865 000 (three times the original amount). This amount had to be paid within 100 days, thus the deadline being 29 July 2010, or Larraine’s property will be repossessed.
    Larraine has contacted Steve Fagan and Carly Crutchfield of CCorp and has tried to negotiate with them with no success. It was the verbal agreement and the promise made by Steve Fagan, which allowed Larraine to obtain the loan in the first place through Oceanic Security, and thus the devastating position Larraine is now in was caused by Steve Fagan breaching his verbal agreement to develop her property.
    Carly Crutchfield has made several arrangements to meet with Larraine but cancelled at the last minute. Larraine then agreed to meet Carly Crutchfield in Sydney to negotiate the matter; the email sent to CCorp is attached. Here, Larraine was greeted by Steve Fagan and Chris Gordon (employee of CCorp) and a tape recorder. Carly Crutchfield did not meet with Larraine at all as agreed. At the commencement of the meeting Larraine asked for a copy of the recording (not typed conversation), of which Steve Fagan agreed too. At the completion of this meeting, Steve Fagan then said that he would send Larraine a typed transcript of the recording. Larraine insisted on getting a copy of the tape, however Fagan refused.
    It was also during a telephone conversation which Carly Crutchfield made to Larraine Bell, before she went to Sydney to meet with Carly, that Carly stated to Larraine on Saturday 10th of July 2010 morning that, she (Carly Crutchfield) knew that Larraine had been made an offer, on her property for the amount of $1 860 000, Larraine corrected Carly Crutchfield by telling her she had two offers on her property but only for the amount owing, she would be getting nothing and Larraine will still lose her house.
    Larraine wants to know how is it that Carly Crutchfield has knowledge of her offers made on her property! Is it that in fact maybe Carly Crutchfield is making these offers of a lesser amount, so that Larraine is out of her property, with debts which originally occurred through ‘fraud’, and have continued to escalate through no fault of her own? Given the previous conversation which Steve Fagan has had with Larraine Bell wanting to do these property developments deals, with out his former Elite CCorp student Jill N, who had brought the deal to him in the first place, is further under handed, manipulating and scamming going on with the staff including Steve Fagan and CARLY Crutchfield going on?
    Carly, stated to Larraine she would not do this development unless she made money from this development, and after doing a feasibility calculation she (Carly Crutchfield was not going to make any money). What so Carly has come to this conclusion after two years of leading Larraine Bell on? A copy of Carly Crutchfield’s, feasibility Calculator is enclosed with this statement of what could be made out of this development.
    One of Carly Crutchfield favourites’, is to get students of her’s on stage, work out their feasibility on their property developments, then offer to help them by, ‘being an overseer’. The student is to find all the money, do the whole development, and Carly Crutchfield will put none of her own money in and for being an overseer, she wants up to 80% of the net profit! Carly Crutchfield has at every boot camp and Results boot camp stated that all of this money which she gets from doing these boot camps all 100% goes to her charity she make none of this money for her self, really?
    Yet, Carly Crutchfield asks all over her facebook and through twitter that she wants everyone to vote for her business CCorp to be the winners of Sydney’s small business award of the year.
    Larraine is counting down the days until she is kicked out of the home she built and made so many memories in. All this is due to the breeching of the verbal promise made by a property developer, Steve Fagan (CCorp). Steve Fagan had verbally promised, and there are documents to back this up, that he would develop the property, as well as three other couples properties in the area. Even though an Option Contract does not have to be exercised, a company who boasts how much they do for charity, legally must fulfil their verbal agreements and promises, and not be the cause of leaving an innocent woman destitute.
    Larraine is in debt of over $1 300 000, which should never have happen, the she has lost more than her husband the day he died, five years on she is losing everything. There is no more money to fight, however the Australians, who buy CCorp courses or who are involved with developing property, should be made aware, of the CEO and its staff, and they should be the Judge and Jury.
    Address where this all happen
    address: 35-43 Beveridge Road, Thornlands. Queensland…..
  26. Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Jimmy this is a typical story. This woman is going to lose her house as a direct result of their conduct while the most important thing for Carly is donating to the CULT and getting people to vote for her business in an awards ceremony. They cant see anyone but themselves and this all as a result of Scientology training.

    See to normal people this is unacceptable. To the CULT Carly and her pals are the definition of success, I mean a self made millionaire at 29- fantastic right?
  27. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    jimmy75 you may already know this but Steve Fagan is card carrying member of the Fuzzy Bunny Club (Scientology)

    Steve Fagan - Scientology Service Completions
    Steve Fagan - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    Steve & Megeara Fagan - Scientology Service Completions
    Steve & Megeara Fagan - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Steve & Megeara Fagan donated $100,000 to Scientology for whats called the super powers project its a massive building in Clearwater that has been under construction for 20 years.. it is far form completed . it is a BLACKHOLE a real estate money pit.

    its a Carrot that Scientologists have donated of somewhere to the tune of $150,000,000 plus and thats a conservative estimate

    its the real estate scam to end all real estate scams.

    thats $100,000 Steve and his wife willingly pissed down a rabbit hole.

    its a money driven group. and if they play the game long enough and become thoroughly indoctrinated some don't care how they come across it.. by hook or by crook..

    quite a few the majority ...become bankrupted-suffer financially-or WISE UP and LEAVE THE CULT long before they can donate that kind of money.

    or they Leave Because of the abusive nature of the group-the reasons are many.

    they get bombarded constantly for money..hell they have been know to lock the doors and keep people inside till they capitulate every dime they can spare. it can be ruthless money grab.

    not all Scientologist are out to cause havoc or run scams. most believe they are helping mankind.

    on the other hand "thick as thieves" with quite a few -comes to mind - phony resumes-fake testimonials-questionable business backgrounds- some tend to exaggerate their business acumen. with the help of others in their group. some of it has to do with narcissism,ego,greed

    it comes back to Their founder l Ron Hubbard being a charlatan a phony and a fraud. and the tech was designed around Hubbard's narcissism and greed.

    they are emulating the greedy Fat Bastard Hubbard to some degree.

    He was adept at "pulling cons"and being a "Big fat Liar" and he designed his phony pseudo-philosophy around his faults and foibles

    Hubbard was a Jack of All trades and a Master of None. other than being a slick conman.

    His followers try and cast themselves in his image. even his failures.

    Super Powers List 2009
    $142 million plus given to Super Power Scam - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    Love bombing is the deliberate show of affection or friendship by an individual or a group of people toward another individual. Critics have asserted that this action may be motivated in part by the desire to recruit,

    ever wonder why they are so nice at first?
  28. alex2y Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Hubbard Tech: All About Dealing with Natural Disasters

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Something to realise is the "charity" could only be either one of the many front groups for recruiting people into Scientology (as well as funnelling a good percentage of the donations via creative accounting to Scientology management) or the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) which uses those donations to fund their lawyers and private investigators to pursue ex-members and critics (the purpose of their litigation is not to win, but to draw out the legal process to bankrupt their target)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    This is very standard, deliberate scientology behaviour - it's done to put you into a state of confusion and onto the back foot.
  31. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Carly and Steve did this to my wife ...they asked her to fly to Sydney for lunch...Carly didn't turn up and Steve took her into a closed office and "got serious" with her. Their mind games and ploys seem obvious now but at the time they are so unfamiliar and distressing. The most calculated and effective ploy they use is to 'build relationships" with their victims and once they have their guard down the knife goes in. Pretty low but you probably knew that huh?

    Do they give people a handbook on how to manipulate, deceive, betray and abuse people???

    We've tried to find this woman, even searched the electrol roll but nothing. According to Steve and Carly they didn't do anything wrong! Are they in denial, completely corrupt or clueless???
  32. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Sorry but it's incomprehensible to me that it could be seen as acceptable! The terrifying thing is Carly and Steve are teaching their "ethics" to hundreds of people that nod their heads dumbly without questioning their's like a dangerous virus!
  33. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    short answer YES

    they Have a number of Training Routines and Courses that covers this

    KiwiAnon s?? keep a eye on This^^^

    I e-mailed a bunch of info along to Today Tonight..and heard back from them ..this is a good sign.
  34. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    You guys really understand... they are so nice at first, you're their best friend, they need to know EVERYTHING about you so they can do a deal that works for YOU. The hugs and kisses, the lunches and coffees etc etc. Then, when they know all your vulnerabilities(finances) they pounce like a pack of blood thirsty vultures...meanwhile you're in shock wondering what the hell happened????
  35. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Two words

    Love Bombing

    Love bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Steve Fagan
    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQuBAQZAdr2TMSpaqgyKiF17Fi2NGJEM
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Let me guess, it was lovebomb, followed by personalized promises which kept you (via their manipulation) from seeking or heeding legal advice until the advantage was theirs, then suddenly phone calls stopped being returned, emails not being answered, and lawyers on their side getting pushy and demanding instead of nice and accommodating?

    because slight variations of the above formula are how cults operate, suck in, cut off, take advantage, discard
  37. Zhent Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Thanks for the heads-up, it will be done.

    I should also add, Steve and Megaera Fagan have donated over $200,000 to the Sydney Ideal Org fund, and Steve is a regular at fundraisers. Theres another event coming up next week, perhaps someone will confront him about this then? :)
  38. jimmy75 Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    I'm embarrassed to admit I really liked Steve, thought the world of him and was devastated by his deceit!

    He comes across as a gentle caring man who is sincere and wise...again that's what makes him so dangerous!
  39. Triumph Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Blog Post Realise Your Dreams
    Friday, August 29, 2008
    It's official ... I've been accepted into Elite!

    Realise Your Dreams

    this was written in 2008 no other blog posts after it ...this blog and the other web site are is dead end

    Helping you achieve financial freedom through wealth creation - Realise Your Dreams!
  40. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: today tonight nov 22nd: secrit millionaire

    Most of us here aren't exes. (I wasn't sure if you thought we were, from just that brief comment.) If you haven't already, you can find the mother lode of exes at this link: Today Tonight Exposes Scamming Scientologist - Ex Scientologist Message Board (thread about your TT episode)

    "Sincerity is the key; once you can fake that, you've got it made."

    EDIT: I see your wife had posted on that thread already, so way-to-go me giving you something you already had. :-p

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