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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. DanX Member

  2. thank you

    I appreciate your effort, and thank you for updating with the crowd shot.
  3. This is really getting out of hand, I really hope something good comes out of all this though.
  4. DanX Member

  5. If you are in one of the large crowds, remind everyone that there are more of you than there are of them. You know that they are going to eventually head into the crowd. Try to draw them in then turn on them. If you can get 5 or 6 guys to go on the offensive, grab the cop and drag him further into the crowd and away from his back-up. Do this with enough of them and they will have second thoughts about attacking the crowd. If you see them grab someone and start to beat him or her, MOB them, don't just stand and watch. YOU are each others back-up. Fight for your brothers and sisters along with your freedom.

    If you are at a smaller gathering they will have the upper hand. Do what you can to take a stand, but be smart. It's better to run away and be around to fight tomorrow!

    You have my utmost respect and admiration for what you are doing. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have friends around the world who are pulling for you. We are doing our best in getting these pictures seen. We are everywhere, and we are watching.

    Good luck!
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  7. DanX Member

  8. Richard, since you are such an expert at riot warfare why do you not go over there and help them?
  9. I'm sure many of us would if we could, believe me.
  10. DanX Member

  11. DanX Member

  12. Tony C Member

    My god, these are unbelievable heart goes out to all people of Iran seeking freedom and peace.
  13. from-iran Member

  14. ...

    nvrmnd -- saw it above
  15. thank you richard and thank you to all iranians getting these images and videos out for the world to see. we are with you in mind and i wish i could be there and help in any way i can.

    solidarity from chile!
  16. DanX Member

  17. Dammeton garm bacheha!
  18. Ling Live Islamic Republic of Iran

    Nejad won. stop agitating people and pushing them to play your game for you.
  19. from-iran Member

    god be wit my sister ......

    we dont hav words for poeple like u , ur friend are killing our brothers n sisters on the street n fuckers like who dont hav balls to come to street sit behind their pcs n say bullshit ,someday soon its ur pay back time , so u think u can do this forever , if they killed ur family wat would u do , go to ur boss n suck his ball n tell him , i wrote another comments for u , n ask for another pay check
    we wont give up n destroy ur bubble government
  20. Amadinejad won fair and square.

    Even Western media polls showed that Ahmadinejad had a two to one lead before the elections. It's totally senseless to provoke people to lose their lives for a lie. I see bloodied people in the pictures. They should have stayed home.
  21. links or gtfo
  22. Who won

    Who won is not a relevant question.

    Those of you arguing over who won are missing the point entirely.

    This is, despite what you may think, not about an election's results.

    It is about the absence of an election and the absence of legitimacy in the government of the people of Iran.

    The people of Iran have been lied to by the Ayatollah's - the supposedly "divine rulers" of Iran - and they are now pissed.

    How would you like it if you thought God's ambassadors to mankind were really just a fraud, and were simply using religion as a pretext for oppression?

    The Ayatollah's in Iran are corrupt, and feed off the hard work of others so that they may live in comfort at the expense of the dignity of the people of Iran.
  23. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    hey we dont need ur suggestions , comments or ideas ,
    keep them for urself , we kno wat to do ,ok, so jst go some place esle n say ur bullshit there, i dont kno wer u from n i dont give a shit to people like u , my brothers n sisters kno wat u do , n they do that , this is our life n we wanna make the decision , u better think about ur shitty life , n go suck their ball whoever u like ,n dont say do this or that
  24. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    the same goes to u , ball sucker

    hey we dont need ur suggestions , comments or ideas ,
    keep them for urself , we kno wat to do ,ok, so jst go some place esle n say ur bullshit there, i dont kno wer u from n i dont give a shit to people like u , my brothers n sisters kno wat u do , n they do that , this is our life n we wanna make the decision , u better think about ur shitty life , n go suck their ball whoever u like ,n dont say do this or that
  25. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    sorry for my language , bt u dont kno how i m feelin after watching her death
  26. Tony C Member

    Please use the triangle icon at the lower left of these ignorant posts to report them, and beg the moderators to remove them. This site is to help the people of Iran, and not have ignorant people come on to post against the brave people of Iran.

    Report these post of stupidity please!
  27. Tony C Member

    Your emotions are valid, do not apologize for standing up for yourself and the people of your country. We are behind you 100%.

    I am glad you are still with us and still posting. Please be safe.
  28. salam agha, asabani nasho

    salam "from-iran"... manam asabani shodam.. be admine email zadam ke in postaye mozakhrafo ashghale in hammala ro pak konan... manam kolli shaki shodam... rahesh ine ke nakhune adam... faghat ax bezare o benevise chi migzare o bere...
    dont read their bullshits; they re ignorant; they've lived comfortable lives; they know nothing about the world; and their news agencies are corrupt and censorship is there in their countries too! So dont read whatever they post; just write what is happening and post photos and links and whatever, and lets hope that their brainwashed brains will get clear.
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  31. DanX Member

  32. Basiji

    My mom has traveled all over the world. She said if we blew up the faces of the Baiji and posted them on the internet for all to see, their families & neighbors might turn on them. They would be ashamed to be seen as beating unarmed people and women, esp.

    So if anybody can figure out a good way to get those photos of Basiji out, it might help.

    I know once I started Tweets that said stuff like,

    "Basiji are cowards. They beat unarmed and women. Throw down your arms. Murder or Freedom. Your choice."

    I think they disabled my Twitter account because my Tweets don't go out anymore. I guess I scared them, LOL!!!!
  33. I live in America, and every time I watch the news and they bring up the Iranian protests, my dad instantly says "all they do is fight, all they do is want power, and they never stop arguing". ):

    I just want to say, there are mixed feelings on this issue. Me on the other hand, I support you completely, and I think America could learn a great lesson from you all. In our country there are things happening behind the people's eyes, and our government is slowly taking over, while most Americans are too afraid to speak up. Iran's people finally have a chance to get freedom and expose what their government is doing to the rest of the people outside of Iran. In America, I feel like people who protest, or "go green", or become vegan for a cause are considered weird and annoying. I would love to start protests here where I live, but I'm only 13 (and I live in a small, mostly elderly community who could care less).

    Yeah, long rant on america xP

    You are all an inspiration and out number whoever is trying to stop you (cops, regime, pro-govt, ect.) so don't give up. Peace to all of you, and god bless.

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