TO: Mosey Rathbun files multi-million dollar lawsuit against CoS for harassment

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    Not surprised that Rathbun flipped back to the scientology criminal enterprise. He continued to be a scientologist who is emotionally unstable and narcissistic, thus vulnerable to manipulation by his former/current oppressor.
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    Paul Haggis: Marty Rathbun is using private info I gave him against Lawrence Wright

    By Tony Ortega, June 17, 2017


    In the latest video that Mark “Marty” Rathbun posted to his website as part of his general attack on Lawrence Wright and his 2013 book Going Clear, Rathbun calls Wright’s book a “phony narrative,” and accuses Wright of deceiving readers about the way that director Paul Haggis came to investigate and leave the Church of Scientology. Rathbun claims that he deserves credit for putting Haggis on that path, which is left out of the book.

    Paul Haggis tells us that Rathbun is right about that, and Rathbun does deserve credit — but that it was Paul’s own decision to keep that from Wright.

    Last night, we described to Haggis what Rathbun had said in his latest video (“Going Clear, Part 15”), about Wright omitting Rathbun’s role, and a claim about Haggis asking Rathbun to hold back something about his daughters.

    Haggis then sent us this message, his first public statement about Rathbun’s accusations.

    I am afraid I have been busy working on a new feature documentary and haven’t watched Marty’s videos, but from what you say, Marty is likely telling a truth. At the time of Larry’s article and book I withheld the fact that Marty had reached out to me by email. I had already started questioning a lot of things about Scientology — had my confrontation with Tommy Davis about Prop 8, the church’s hidden policy of encouraging homophobia, had found Tommy Davis lying online about the policy of disconnection, and was feeling I would have to resign. And at that time I received an anonymous email that directed me to take a look at the St. Petersburg Times article. I did, was horrified by what I read, and responded to the email — which turned out to have been sent by Marty, at the suggestion of Jason Beghe. I did not know Marty at the time, and to the best of my knowledge had never met him, but I knew and liked Jason, having worked with him a few years before. Shortly after that, I had breakfast with Jason and he directed me to someone else he thought I should meet.

    I withheld that information from Larry Wright. I had already decided to speak my mind and take what came, but I did not want Marty or Jason to get into even more trouble for helping me. Marty was being followed by private detectives and Jason was already under fire from the Church; they’d sent PI’s to harass and bait him, and he was tied up in a criminal case and struggling to get work, and was worried about losing his house. I appreciated his help, and Marty’s, and did not wish to give Scientology any more fuel to attack them.

    I should add that I had a number of really good and helpful conversations with Marty during the months I was researching and writing my 2009 letter of resignation. He was very supportive and I considered him a friend. I always felt that if he wanted his role in my resignation made public, if he wanted to take that heat, he would do it himself.

    Since that time I have talked about this, assuming that the secret no longer need be kept, and thanked Marty and Jason for opening my eyes. In fact I sent Marty a note to this effect just a month ago, though did not receive a reply. I will be forever grateful to both of them, and anything Marty says now will not change my mind.

    Before Marty published my resignation letter on his blog, I sent him an edited version, deleting about a page, which involved something personal that my daughters would not want to have shared with the world — not about them personally, but about a friend and Scientologist who said some cruel things about them. They wanted to protect their former friend, despite her despicable behavior: that’s my daughters and I’m very proud of them. Marty agreed. And later I called him and asked him not to reveal the deleted portion to Larry Wright, to honor my daughters’ wishes for privacy. Perhaps that’s what he is referring to now; it’s all I can think of.

    I similarly did not tell Larry Wright the names of five other people with whom I spoke as I did my research, people who helped me see the cruel truths about this organization and how it functions. These people were all afraid of the Church’s wrath should their role be disclosed. Some would have faced disconnection, one would lose a father, one would have lost a job, and all of them would certainly have been harassed. Three of those people I even kept secret from Marty and Jason. While my request to keep my daughters out of it was certainly personal, to the rest I felt I owed my silence. When threatened by the phalanx of officials from the church who came to my office, I similarly did not reveal Marty and Jason’s name, or any of the names of others who had been so helpful.

    I am concerned about Marty. I have no idea why he would seek to discredit people he respected — like Mike Rinder, yourself, or Larry Wright — or in my case, someone he helped. I won’t speculate as to his motives. I wish him well. He has my eternal gratitude.

    Previously, we had shown that Rathbun has accused Wright of inventing material or lying about facts in his book, when it was easy to find the original source material that Wright was relying on. In this case, Rathbun again accuses Wright of dishonesty, and it turns out that Wright had left something out of his book because Paul Haggis had not told him about it. Lawrence Wright is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and investigative reporter, but he’s not a mind reader.

    Thank you, Paul, for speaking up. Like you, we’re puzzled as to why Rathbun is trying so hard (and so ineffectively) to discredit people like you and Lawrence Wright.

    Meanwhile, in another video (“Going Clear, Part 14”), Rathbun attempted to smear two more people that we’ve written about in the past, attorney Graham Berry and his one-time client, former Scientologist Michael Pattinson.

    We asked Graham Berry if he had any comment about Rathbun’s video, and boy, did he:

    I have listened to Marty Rathbun’s “Going Clear, Part 14” with utter bemusement, and some disappointment. Bemusement because Marty mistakes and conflates different events. Disappointment because I had considered Marty to be a good acquaintance. In 2011 I had spent five very enjoyable days in Hamburg, Germany with Marty, his lovely wife Monique, Ursula Caberta, and others. Over one meal I asked Marty to talk about circumstances of the IRS’s sudden U-turn and granting of tax exempt status to Scientology in 1993; only a few years after the IRS had totally defeated the church in Hernandez v. Commissioner (1989), where the US Supreme Court had held that “payments made to the [Churches of Scientology] for auditing and training services are not deductible charitable contributions” for income tax purposes. The subsequent IRS tax settlement agreement with Scientology reversed that holding. Marty declined to discuss the matter at all. He said, “Watch Primary Colors. That answers the question.” Anyone care to explain? [Well, we have a guess, Graham. — Ed.]

    Marty has singled out Michael Pattinson’s case for seemingly homophobic ridicule and attack in an OSA-like attack. In fact, the Pattinson v. Scientology case was filed in mid-1998 at a time when OSA’s “Fair Game” activities against me were reaching their zenith. Some of those operations were run through Karen de la Carriere, who has since left the church and become a very kind, generous and dear friend. However, Marty Rathbun has declined to provide me information as to his knowledge of the church’s activities against me even though he was David Miscavige’s deputy. “Ask Mike Rinder,” he wrote most recently. In an article entitled “Double Crossed,” Tony Ortega detailed in 1999 what he described as “one of the most hellacious cases of fair game in recent years, the smearing of attorney Graham Berry.”

    Before filing the Pattinson case, I had been litigating against the Church of Scientology in a number of matters. For example, the Joseph A. Yanny cases (against the church’s former lead trial attorney), the Fishman & Geertz case (in connection with the 1991 TIME magazine cover story), the Henson I and II cases, the Factnet case, the Jason Scott case, the motion to reopen the L. Ron Hubbard Probate case, and other matters. I was extremely empathetic to the plight of former Scientologists under attack from their former church and had chosen to resign as a capital partner from Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, and then Musick, Peeler & Garrett, in order to continue this work after each of those firms were finally spooked by unrelenting harassment and intimidation by OSA. I was under 24/7 surveillance and stalking by OSA operatives wherever I was or went in the world. The church, through its attorneys and other stooges, had filed at least nine unsuccessful state bar complaints against me. “Dead Agent Packs” were being distributed around the world.

    In early 1998 I had finally located the most scurrilous defamer, Robert Cipriano, and I filed suit in an effort to obtain a retraction from him, which he ultimately gave me after he finally broke free from the church’s corrupt clutches. Two months later Michael Pattinson came to me with a horrifying story of abuse and betrayal that is detailed in the first and third amended complaints. A number of lawyers had given the thumbs up to this lawsuit being right on the money with its allegations and causes of action.

    The church responded by escalating their Fair Game activities against both Pattinson and myself, and bringing in lawyers from two New York law firms, a Washington DC law firm, and a number of Los Angeles law firms. In particular, attorney Moxon (who had also been named as a defendant) located a Scientology Sea Organization member in Copenhagen. Moxon then filed the case of Michel Reveillere v. Michael Pattinson alleging no-payment of a promissory note for a loan made when both were church members in Paris. Pattinson was unable to effectively deny liability and Moxon took a quick judgment against Pattinson which he then proceeded to execute upon. Pattinson was forced to declare bankruptcy in an effort to avoid Reveillere and Moxon, as a judgment creditor, interfering in Pattinson’s case against his former church.

    Simultaneously, the church was endeavoring to dismiss the Pattinson case and was seeking sanctions against me for having named Moxon as a defendant (which did not prevent him from serving as an attorney in the case). Eventually the church’s efforts were successful. New York attorney Samuel D. Rosen, Esq. of the giant Paul Hasting’s law firm obtained sanctions against me for Moxon’s attorneys fees (which were paid of course by the church) in the amount of nearly $30,000 (including the cost of his frequent first class airfares and five star hotel accommodations which the court deemed “reasonable”). It was one of the factors that drove me into a bankruptcy.

    Marty Rathbun is wrong about the vexatious litigant ruling. The church accomplished this in the Berry v. Cipriano case where the church’s vexatious litigant motion was not only lacking in factual and legal merit (which the judge conceded) but was a proceeding described by a number of observers as a “kangaroo court.” That saga is another tale.

    Marty is also wrong about President Clinton being a defendant in the Pattinson case where an injunction was sought to restrain the government from engaging in constitutional and other violations in connection with the Scientology-IRS secret tax settlement agreement (e.g. assisting the church in obtaining tax exempt status in other nations, avoiding Interpol action, and granting tax relief for commercial activities, etc.). The Clinton administration was named solely as a “relief defendant” in connection with the request for an injunction. Curiously, a little later, when engaged in a short conversation with then First Lady Clinton about my work against Scientology, she commented “I’m pleased you are on our side!”

    In 2011 and subsequently, I thought Marty was well on the road to recovery from his Scientology experience and abuse. However, in making the attacks and comments in his series of videos on Lawrence Wright and Going Clear, Marty appears to be reverting to the cult’s agenda, talking points, and revisionism. It’s sad but if true he would not be the first person that the cult has managed to flip, sometimes as part of a confidential settlement.

    Source, and comments:
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    John Brousseau: Marty Rathbun is putting words in my mouth about the FBI’s Scientology probe

    By Tony Ortega, June 20, 2017


    We tried to stay away from Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s sad videos, we really did. We got two whole days away from commenting on his bizarre turnaround, which has him trying to rewrite the historical record in order to smear people he once said glowing things about. But once again, he’s really stepped over a line and we felt compelled to say something.

    Continued at
  4. Mike Rinder has responded.

    Marty Rathbun's Videos

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The thing I find most reprehensible is to turn on those who had been friends – from Monique’s lawyers to virtually everyone he had connected with since leaving scientology. I find this sad and ugly, and I am not inclined to do the same with respect to him.

    I said above that I had no additional information – but now that he has made claims about me and Leah and Tony personally he has put me in a position where I DO because I know the details of which he speaks. I will respond simply: Marty is rewriting history (much of which he wrote himself in his earlier versions of events), recounting things that never happened and assigning motives to people that appear to be the fruits of his imagination. And he is laughably trying to create upset between me, Leah and Tony Ortega as if any of us would believe him. Beyond that I am not going to dignify his craziness with specific responses. And I still don’t have any information that sheds light on WHY he is doing what he is doing.

    That being said, I sincerely believe Marty should seek professional help. He has lost touch with reality. He appears delusional and is convinced the spiders he sees all over the walls are real — and that it is his duty to earnestly explain his imaginary spiders to the world. I am saddened to watch it happening, wishing there was something I could do to help him, like he once helped me.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  5. has this been posted?
  6. Lois Reisdorf responds to Marty Rathbun concerning Scientology, her son Brandon, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

    From Karen on ESMB:

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    Dropping in to debunk more fabrications and fraudulence.

    Lois Residorf was a senior messenger...Apollo days. Her son Brandon was spoken of in Attack Leah Remini by Rathbun video #2.

    Brandon was a staff member at San Diego Org. (3rd generation, his grandparents were the founders of the biggest Scn outfit in South Africa...they are still in and long since disconnected from Lois and family) Brandon was co-erced to give $60,000 as a donation to the cult. As a Staff member ! This was for future debt, he did not have $$$.

    With his brother Craig manipulated to disconnect from him, and now owing $60,000 and mind crushing 2 years of Objective processing ~~ 800 hours of it~~~~ Brandon had a meltdown.
    In the meltdown, Brandon drove 2 hours from San Diego to Los Angeles and through a hammer through window of LA Day Org. Caught on camera, the cult made this the crime of the week and Brandon now has criminal record. "Vandalising a place of worship."

    WORSHIP ???????

    Marty tried to pin this on Mike Rinder in Video #2 of attacks on Leah and Mike.

    Note how Marty omitted the $60,000 co-erced extortion and 800 hours of mind numbing objectives immediately prior to the hammer incident. The cult still is enjoying the $60,000 while pressing charges on him as a criminal. No refund of that !

    Lois posted this in Facebook Group "Outer Banks" and I got her permission to cross post.

    Lois Reisdorf feeling disgusted.

    22 mins

    So sorry but I am going to go on a bit of a rant here. I just listened to Marty's Part 2 and it is now personal for me! Brandon Reisdorf did NOT have any contact with Mike Rinder or Leah Remini prior to throwing the hammer! In fact, he was still being a scn'st even tho he had left prior to him having a breakdown - also fact, he had hardly read anything on the internet by that time and especially not Leah's book. When Gary and I started filming with A&E there was NO plan for Brandon to even be on the show - he was in recovery from his breakdown. It was MUCH later that he made the decision to be on the show and they filmed his part MUCH later.Marty also says he threw a brick thru the window intending to harm someone and that is also NOT true - it was done at 2am in the morning into the the front window on LA Org when NOBODY was there. I just needed to set the record straight and vent to you all.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  8. Bert Leahy, who was instrumental in exposing the Scientology Squirrel Busters, has responded on the issue of Marty Rathbun:

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    Marty's blog is yo-yoing depending on where in the world you are and propagation delays.

    The Wordpress name servers (authoritative for the domain) don't have an IP address for it.

    What this looks like is that someone opened up the Wordpress control panel for the site, opened up the "advanced settings - experienced users only - change at your own risk" page and plinked with the settings, changing the working defaults set by Wordpress.

    The only reason that I can think for someone playing with those settings is to try to shift the site to an off-Wordpress webserver. (Where someone would have the base access logs. I don't think Marty is that technical.)

    It's back up for me now, and still points to Wordpress web servers.
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  11. One thing I know for sure now. THIS is the real Marty that belongs to Babbles.

    I really don't know why everyone is "shocked, I'm shocked!" at Rathbun these days. He is an arrogant piece of shit that was, and continues to be a professional liar. If we could all stop feeding the troll, then his name will go away. He loves the drama and being the center of attention. Always has, always will. The best action is to pay no mind. It will throw him into a narcissistic rage.
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    Update copy pasted from Mike.

    Part 6 has just appeared (I wonder if he has any other clothes) in which Marty proceeds to trash Amy Scobee. While calling her and Mat his “friends” and saying he has “nothing against her” he gives her the Marty friend treatment and calls her a liar and opportunist engaged in some grand conspiracy (he is sounding more and more like Alex Jones with his concocted theories of grand plots and long term plans).
    I guess he didnt actually WATCH the episode about Amy and her mom. Accusing her of taking advantage of the death of her mother to be a “TV star” and “get a job in Hollywood” is beneath disgusting.
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    Amy Scobee responds to Marty Rathbun

    By Tony Ortega, June 26, 2017


    Amy Scobee put out a self-published book in 2009, Abuse at the Top, about her experiences in the Sea Org and her escape from Scientology. It’s a fine book, but it reached a limited audience.

    She also spoke out on the “Truth Rundown,” an epic series in the St. Petersburg Times that also featured former church official Marty Rathbun. Although this was an effective newspaper series, it was a regional newspaper.

    Several years later, Amy’s mother Bonny Elliott was dying of cancer. Leah Remini had the foresight to send a camera crew to interview Bonny during her final weeks in order to get on tape her thoughts about being disconnected from Amy, and how the two of them had defied Scientology to defeat this toxic policy in 2010.

    Last year, Leah took that footage and convinced the A&E Network that it should be the seed for an entire series about how the Church of Scientology rips apart families and harms its members.

    Amy and her mother Bonny were featured in the opening episode of the series, which reached more than 2 million viewers nationally. It was the most-watched premiere for an A&E series in two years. And not only was the series a huge success, it literally changed the way Scientology is being talked about in the national media.

    Now, Marty Rathbun, as part of his bizarre series of videos attacking Remini and others who speak out about Scientology’s abuses, is saying that Amy Scobee and Leah Remini somehow foisted a sham on the American people. Why? Because, he says, Amy had already told her story in 2009 in her book, and so in 2016 when they presented her story on television, it was somehow manipulative and untrue.

    “It begins with episode one, which is literally from beginning to end a manufactured story,” Rathbun said on his most recent video segment. “Amy Scobee told her story in 2009. That’s seven years before that, OK? Amy Scobee wasn’t in need of somebody to do a program — she wrote a book in 2009. But according to episode one, Amy came to her to resolve this problem of being disconnected from her mother, in 2016. Except that Amy’s been connected with her mother since 2010. So in other words they literally manufactured and made up this story.”

    Can you follow Rathbun’s logic? After Amy’s book came out, she reunited with her mother because the two of them were brave enough to defy Scientology. Leah Remini managed to get Bonny on camera to talk about that experience before she died in 2015. But Rathbun says it’s “manufactured and made up” to create a television show and present their story.

    We asked Amy about it, and she sent us this response:

    “Sad. Marty must have been paid a pretty penny to sell out his soul like this. My mom and I wanted to warn people of Scientology’s disconnection policy which destroys families. And we did.”

    To review: Bonny Elliott’s dying wish was to warn the public about how Scientology rips apart families. Thankfully, Leah Remini made that happen. And now, Marty Rathbun calls that a sham.

    Meanwhile, at his website, a few diehards who still support him are rooting him on.

    Imagine the warped mind that would write this:

    “How could Leah do anything for Amy, aside from just air her ‘story’? Disconnection stories are aired all the time and it doesn’t resolve them…. Why Amy would want to participate in a sham is something only she could answer. It’s really a shame.”

    Rathbun videos now featured on Scientology smear site — what a surprise


    And there it is, ladies and gentlemen. Rathbun’s series of videos about Leah Remini is now an official addition to the Church of Scientology’s site that is set up to smear Remini and her show guests. Also included is a brief segment from a home video of Rathbun’s wedding.

    Well, we suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised.

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  14. This screenshot just came across my Twitter feed. [I'm blocked by "Freedom Media Ethics" - @FreedomEthics - because they don't like my replies. Non-confront.]

    I'm sure we all know who the purported "insider" is -- which is funny given the fact that he was never an "insider" with respect to Leah's project.

    I am disgusted.

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  15. From Lulu Belle on ESMB. This is important.

    Emphasis in red added by me.

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    I got permission to repost this by the author who posted this in a private Facebook group.

    Wow! This is unbelievable. As many of you know I post as Grasshopper on the Wordpress blogs. I posted the following this morning knowing it would not be approved:

    "So, I'm on to you. Mark Rathbun is not running this blog anymore. I don't know what you did to him and his family, but I will tell you that despite these videos, which remind me of the North Korean propaganda videos from the Korean War, the overwhelming evidence of how corrupt the church is, and the destruction of the tech, will live on. In your case, you can't erase the idiocy of the "Squirrel Busters" hounding Rathbun for months and months, and the idiotic video of the SO execs hounding Rathbun at the airport, etc., etc. I don't know what you did to make Rathbun turn on people who were his friends, but I have to think it is far worse than the squirrel busters caper.

    But I'm on to you. You pushed it too far, and now these videos are just evidence of Mark's surrender. Cheers."

    Guess what happened? My comment was replaced by a long, long diatribe against Tony O and the Village Voice. It was not me who wrote that. But it's under my ID because they just deleted my text and replaced it with theirs.

    Unbelievable! What other proof do you need that Marty is no longer in charge of his blog?

    Cussing unbelievable.

    Tony, as you know I have my issues with you, but it wasn't me that posted that shit on Rathbun's blog under my ID. My lord.

    He told me the same thing had happened with at least two other posters, too.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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    Thanks IC.
    Whole lotta wtf in a hand basket these days.
    I did see a response to a poster on his blog from Mike (sorry no link) saying that he hadn't talked to Marty in 2 years.
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    Yeah. I see Rathbun having to kill a beloved family pet in front of his kid at some point. Because "soul cracking" or whatever fucked up magic shit Hubbard said. After that maybe they will make him blow his brains out.
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    HowdyCon: Aussie journalist Steve Cannane’s response to Marty Rathbun | The Underground Bunker

    Saturday night in Denver, those of us who were there had the privilege of hearing London-based Australian journalist Steve Cannane address the crowd at our annual gathering, HowdyCon. He had prepared remarks for his talk, and we obtained his permission to publish those notes here on the blog today. Here’s what Steve told us that night.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology Spokesman Marty Rathbun | SurvivingScientology

    Aaron Smith-Levin and Jeffrey Augustine discuss Marty Rathbun's video series in which he uses lies, distortions, and falsehoods to attack those who speak out against Scientology.

    Marty has no credibility according to the Church of Scientology itself. So why are Marty's videos on Scientology's website?
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    Fundraiser by Chris Elston : Get a New Suit for Marty Rathbun

    For 37 videos and counting Mark "Marty" Rathbun has worn the same ugly brown suit.

    Brown is not really a power color. You don't see Presidential candidates wearing brown to debates! So to help Marty smear everyone with more authority we are raising funds to buy him a nice blue suit and deliver it to him in person.
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    My reply to Marty Rathbun | Growing Up In Scientology

    This video is my reply to Marty (Mark) Rathbun's video titled "Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 16".

    In Marty's video he attempts to blow holes in the credibility of Scientology & The Aftermath S01 E06, which covers some important events in my life.

    In this video I reply to each point he brings up.


    - Aaron Smith-Levin
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    Pogo: Reverend Bob Tilton Handles Scientology & Pulls Marty Rathbun's Withhold | J. Swift

    TV On The Radio - DLZ (Breaking Bad)

    Congratulations on the mess you made of things
    On trying to reconstruct the air and all that brings
    And oxidation is the compromise you own
    But this is beginning to feel like the dog wants her bones saved

    You force your fire then you falsify your deeds
    Your methods dot the disconnect from all your creeds
    And fortune strives to fill the vacuum that it feeds
    But this is beginning to feel like the dog's lost her lead

    This is beginning to feel like the long
    winded blues of the never
    This is beginning to feel like it's curling up slowly
    and finding a throat to choke

    This is beginning to feel like the long
    winded blues of the never
    Barely controlled locomotive consuming the picture
    and blowing the crows, the smoke

    This is beginning to feel like the long
    winded blues of the never
    Static explosion devoted to crushing the broken
    and shoving their souls to ghost

    Eternalized, objectified
    You set your sights so high
    But this is beginning to feel like
    the bolt busted loose from the lever

    Never you mind
    Death professor
    Your structure's fine
    My dust is better
    Your victim flies so high
    All to catch a bird's eye view of who's next

    Never you mind
    Death professor
    Love is life
    My love is better
    Eyes could be the diamonds
    Confused with who's next

    Never you mind
    Death professor
    Your shocks are fine
    My struts are better
    Your fiction flies so high
    Y'all could use a doctor
    Who's sick, who's next?

    Never you mind
    Death professor
    Electrified, my love is better
    It's crystallized, so'm I
    All could be the diamond
    Fused with who's next

    This is beginning to feel like the dawn of a loser forever

    This is beginning to feel like the dawn of a loser forever

    This is beginning to feel like the dawn of a loser forever

    This is beginning to feel like the dawn of a loser forever
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  23. Sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind.
  24. Quentinanon Member

    That's actually a scientology process called R2-45.
  25. The Wrong Guy Member


    By Tony Ortega, July 24, 2017


    One of our court watchers in Texas stumbled on a stunning document: On July 5, Monique Rathbun’s former attorneys filed a petition in a San Antonio court, asking for an order to compel their former clients, Monique and Mark “Marty” Rathbun, to submit to depositions and turn over detailed financial records. The attorneys — Ray Jeffrey, Elliott Cappuccio, and Marc Wiegand — requested a July 25 hearing, but court records show it’s been set for August 29. We’ve put in a call to Jeffrey to find out more.

    We sent a message to the Rathbuns asking for comment, but we did not receive a response.

    Monique hired the three attorneys to represent her in a harassment lawsuit she filed against the Church of Scientology in August 2013. Monique alleged that she had suffered outrageous abuse because her husband, a former top Scientology official, had decided in 2009 to begin publicly criticizing his former boss, church leader David Miscavige. (Monique herself was never a member of the church.) In retaliation for Marty’s statements at his website, Miscavige had the Rathbuns followed, photographed, and harassed with pranks and intimidation, Monique alleged. She believed the church went so far as to have an adult toy mailed to her place of work, and had flowers sent to her female co-worker with a romantic message that was supposedly from Monique. On smear websites operated by Scientology, she said in her legal complaint, “They have even alleged that I am not even a woman, but a man who has had a secret sex-change operation. So, I have even had my womanhood questioned as part of this sick campaign to inflict maximum emotional distress on me.”

    Characteristically, the church pursued an aggressive strategy in court, throwing up roadblocks against the lawsuit including petitioning to have Monique’s attorneys disqualified. “Miscavige is not only attempting to deprive Monique of representation, in his inimitable style he is attempting to destroy her lawyers by having a court of law brand them as ‘unethical and immoral’,” Marty Rathbun wrote at his blog about the disqualification motion. “We hope we can direct a measure of your good wishes, intentions and prayers toward the only three lawyers in the state of Texas who are willing to put their careers on the line to right wrongs they just won’t cotton to happening in their great state.”

    “Hot, Blue, and Righteous,” he called them.

    Monique’s attorneys won that round and several more that came later, including a huge victory at the Texas Third Court of Appeals in November 2015. At that point, one of our legal experts told us, the Rathbuns were really in the driver’s seat and within a year might be “inflicting real pain” on the Church of Scientology — and perhaps could get David Miscavige into a witness chair. But then, just two months later, Monique Rathbun mysteriously fired her entire legal team “without cause,” complaining that they had disregarded her intentions, had written the original complaint poorly, and had advised her that there was little money in the lawsuit. Ray Jeffrey and Elliott Cappuccio each denied those allegations in public statements.

    A few months after firing her attorneys, Monique dropped the lawsuit entirely, and again blamed her former attorneys. At his website, Marty Rathbun responded to speculation about why his wife had dropped the lawsuit by denying that a settlement had been worked out with the church. (If some kind of agreement involving compensation had been reached, Monique’s former attorneys would be entitled to a percentage.)

    Four months later, in September 2016, Marty Rathbun began a series of attacks at his website — not against David Miscavige, but now against a fellow former church member (David’s father Ron Miscavige) and against filmmaker Louis Theroux, who had included Marty in his 2015 documentary, My Scientology Movie. Rathbun also attacked this website and former church members Chris Shelton and Karen de la Carriere. In January, a Scientology attorney in Israel said in open court that Rathbun had supplied the church with a private email by another former church member, Dani Lemberger, for use in litigation against Lemberger. Then, in June, Rathbun began putting out a series of videos attacking other former friends who had criticized David Miscavige, including Mike Rinder, Tom DeVocht, Amy Scobee, John Brousseau, and also Paul Haggis and Leah Remini.

    Marty Rathbun’s shocking U-turn — and Monique’s complete silence — has fueled a lot of speculation online, with many people wondering what was motivating Rathbun to turn on his former friends.

    And now, Monique’s former attorneys want to get some answers.

    In their petition, the attorneys have informed the Bexar County District Court that they anticipate filing a lawsuit, so they want the court to order the Rathbuns to submit to depositions and answer under oath whether they have been paid off.

    “The subject matter of the anticipated action is whether anything of value has been or will be, directly or indirectly, paid to or received by the Rathbuns in connection with their claims. Petitioners have a financial interest in any such settlement for their fees and expenses incurred on behalf of the Rathbuns,” the court petition reads.

    The petition adds that although there’s reason to believe the attorneys have a case against the Rathbuns, it’s prudent to question them first and examine their financial records before actually filing a lawsuit.

    “There is significant circumstantial evidence to indicate that Petitioners may have causes of action against the Rathbuns. However, it is a serious undertaking for attorneys to take legal action against former clients, and Petitioners have an obligation, under Rule 13 TRCP, to make a reasonable inquiry that the anticipated suit is well grounded.”

    So the attorneys have asked for the court to order both Monique and Marty to be questioned, separately, under oath, and for them to turn over a laundry list of financial records. Here’s just a glimpse of it:


    The Church of Scientology is mentioned in two of the numbered items:

    “19. All documents containing any communications between you and the Church of Scientology, its members, affiliates, agents, attorneys, or anyone acting in concert with them for the last three years.”

    “36. All documents containing any communications with any employee, agent, attorney, or member of the Church of Scientology or its affiliated organizations for the past three years.”

    According to the filing, the petition was submitted to the 288th Civil District Court of Bexar County, which is presided over by Judge Solomon J. Casseb III. However, the last time we were in that courthouse, on the Debbie Cook matter in 2012, we learned that a case like this is assigned a judge the morning it is heard. So we may have to wait until August 29 to find out who’s going to hear it.

    Wow. It’s time to buckle your seat belts.

    Here is the petition that the attorneys filed in court on July 5:


    And the proposed order to take Marty Rathbun’s deposition, with the list of demands for financial records:


    And the same for Monique Rathbun:


    Previous Marty Rathbun coverage:

    March 14: Memories of a Scientology warrior: Marty Rathbun’s curious career as church rebel
    June 9: Thanks for the slick videos, Marty Rathbun. Here’s a not very slick one for you.
    June 14: Marty Rathbun tries to rewrite the record on Scientology spying. But we have the dox.
    June 15: Marty Rathbun, Victoria Britton has a question for you about Scientology and judges
    June 16: Marty Rathbun’s project becomes clear: Someone’s worried about Scientology & the IRS
    June 17: Paul Haggis: Marty Rathbun is using private info I gave him against Lawrence Wright
    June 20: John Brousseau: Marty Rathbun is putting words in my mouth about the FBI’s Scientology probe
    June 29: HowdyCon: Aussie journalist Steve Cannane’s response to Marty Rathbun

    More here, with open comments:
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  26. Quentinanon Member

    One of the risks of taking on a sociopath as a client.
    They're smart to depose scienazi Marty Rathbun but the possibility exists that money did not change hands if he is doing step 2 of Hubbard's Liability Formula. Also, since he destroyed records in the Lisa McPherson case, could he not destroy his own incriminating records?
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Rathbuns hire a lawyer, and Ray Jeffrey answers questions about his legal salvo

    By Tony Ortega, July 25, 2017


    We spoke to Ray Jeffrey yesterday about the petition he filed on July 5 along with Elliott Cappuccio and Marc Wiegand, asking the Bexar County District Court to order that their former clients, Mark “Marty” Rathbun and Monique Rathbun, sit for depositions and turn over financial records.

    In January 2016, Monique fired the three lawyers “without cause” and then dropped her 2013 harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. Since that time her husband Marty (who had also personally been represented by Jeffrey, Cappuccio, and Wiegand) has used his website to attack many of his former friends and supporters and has defended the church in a bewildering turnaround. According to the petition Jeffrey filed, he and his colleagues want to question the Rathbuns to investigate possible legal claims, suspecting that the Rathbuns may have entered some kind of secret agreement with the church.

    In their petition, the attorneys asked for a hearing on July 25, but we noticed that it had been pushed back to August 29. We asked Jeffrey why the hearing had been postponed. “We were contacted by an attorney, Rich Reynolds, who said he was retained to represent the Rathbuns, and he said he had scheduling conflicts. August 29 was the first date that all of us had available on our calendars,” he told us.

    Richard J. Reynolds III is managing member with the Texas law firm Thornton Biechlin Reynolds & Guerra. “He heads the firm’s Professional Liability Section with a substantial portion of his practice devoted to the representation of lawyers, accountants, financial and insurance professionals,” says his online bio. We reached out to Reynolds to confirm that he had been hired by the Rathbuns.

    “Yes, I have been retained by the Rathbuns to represent them in connection with the Petition referenced in your e-mail that has been filed in Bexar County District Court,” he wrote us. “At the appropriate time we will file a brief with the Court setting out our position. Ultimately, the Court will hold a hearing and it will make a determination whether the grounds stated in the petition filed on behalf of the three law firms are sufficient under the law to warrant the Court ordering that Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun appear for a deposition at this point or not.”

    We asked Ray Jeffrey what he knew about Reynolds, and we sent over several other questions as well.

    “I think it’s a smart choice. Rich is well known in San Antonio and he’s with an established law firm,” Jeffrey says. “A San Antonio legal insider would know that Rich is an excellent choice.”

    What are you hoping to get out of this legal petition?

    “I want some answers. We were winning an important case, our client fired us without any cause, and then dismissed the lawsuit. If anything of value was received from anyone associated with Scientology, we want to know. If not, we want to know that, as well. We have attempted to get answers informally, to no avail.”

    If the judge asks about the “circumstantial evidence” that you say in your petition suggests the Rathbuns have cut a deal, what will you say?

    “I’d rather present our evidence in court than in the press.”

    Continued at
  28. VIDEO: My Scientology Movie + Marty Rathbun EXPOSED!! Lana also has the best explanation of upper-level Scientology theology since South Park.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *


    Published on Jul 29, 2017

    Don't sue me i'm a minor. This video is basically me reviewing the my scientology movie as well as serving you the hottest tea about scientology rn and how crazy these people are. THIS IS NOT & NEVER WILL BE A POLITICAL CHANNEL!!

    Social Media:


    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    What’s at stake in Tuesday’s San Antonio court hearing with Scientology’s former enforcer

    By Tony Ortega, August 24, 2017


    On Tuesday morning, three attorneys who used to represent Monique and Mark “Marty” Rathbun are scheduled to go into a San Antonio courtroom and argue that the judge (who will be assigned to the case that morning) should order that the Rathbuns sit for sworn depositions and turn over a large number of financial records.

    The attorneys — Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio — filed a petition with the court in July, explaining that they had been fired “without cause” by Monique Rathbun in January 2016 while they were representing her in a harassment lawsuit she filed against the Church of Scientology in August 2013. After firing her legal team, Monique handled the lawsuit on her own for a few months before dropping it altogether in May 2016.

    Since that time, her husband Marty Rathbun has used his website to attack many of the people who used to be his supporters as he spent years exposing Scientology’s abuses. Rathbun also denied that a cash settlement had been worked out with the Church of Scientology to end Monique’s lawsuit. (For an overview of Rathbun’s interesting arc from chief Scientology enforcer to church rebel and then back to church defender, please see our previous timeline.)

    If there is an agreement involving compensation, because they were fired “without cause” Monique’s former attorneys would be entitled to a percentage since they had taken up the 2013 lawsuit on a contingency basis.

    Jeffrey, in the petition he filed in July, indicated that he and his colleagues are prepared to present evidence in court which suggests that Marty Rathbun’s behavior since the firing indicates that the couple has worked out some kind of secret deal with the church, and that the lawyers therefore have a legitimate claim to part of it.

    Rather than file a lawsuit, however, the attorneys are asking the judge to have the Rathbuns sit for sworn depositions first. As Jeffrey put it to us recently:

    “I want some answers. We were winning an important case, our client fired us without any cause, and then dismissed the lawsuit. If anything of value was received from anyone associated with Scientology, we want to know. If not, we want to know that, as well. We have attempted to get answers informally, to no avail.”

    For help understanding the legal basis of the petition and what’s likely to happen in court Tuesday, we’ve turned to our expert, a Texas litigation attorney who goes by the handle TX Lawyer.

    Continued at
  30. The Wrong Guy Member Ingleside"501 Sunset" Ingleside TX

    Who Lives at 501 Sunset, Ingleside, TX 78362 | Spokeo

    Ingleside Weather - AccuWeather Forecast for TX 78362
    Today: "Hurricane Harvey will approach the area today; heavy rainfall will lead to flooding"
    Tomorrow: "Hurricane Harvey; torrential rain and strong winds; heavy tropical rainfall will lead to flooding" Harvey Harvey
  31. Just fucking read his blog
  32. Yes, he's even more nonsensical than you and LRH.
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    LIVE FROM SAN ANTONIO: Will a former Scientology enforcer be compelled to testify?

    By Tony Ortega, August 29, 2017


    Although half of Texas is underwater, your proprietor managed to get himself to the Lone Star State in time for this morning’s portentous court hearing in San Antonio, where we hope to be providing live updates direct from the courtroom.

    Later this morning attorneys Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio will be arguing their petition to the Bexar County court, asking that a judge order their former clients, Monique and Mark “Marty” Rathbun, to turn over financial records and sit for sworn depositions to get to the bottom of what’s been more than a year of puzzling behavior.

    We’re excited to be here for what might be a pretty fascinating hearing, and we want to take a moment to thank our readers who chip in their hard earned cash to help us keep up this online endeavor. Those donations allow us to make reporting trips like this one, so we can bring you coverage on the spot. So again, we thank you most sincerely.

    It’s been five years since we were in the Bexar County courthouse. We were here in February 2012 for an epic day of testimony by Debbie Cook. One thing we learned that morning is that a case like Debbie’s — as well as today’s petition — isn’t assigned to a judge until the morning it’s heard. So the first thing we’ll be trying to learn this morning is which judge gets to hear Ray Jeffrey’s filing.

    For their part, the Rathbuns have hired a highly-regarded San Antonio attorney, Rich Reynolds. Reynolds had told us he planned to file a response to the petition, but as of yesterday he still hadn’t done so.

    Ingleside, the Texas coastal town where the Rathbuns live, was hammered by Hurricane Harvey on Friday night, and we hope their home came through it all right. We don’t know if that makes it less likely that the Rathbuns will actually appear in court with their attorney Reynolds this morning.

    If you’re new to the Rathbun matter, we’ll post this recap of how we got here.

    Continued at
  34. Quentinanon Member

    I would not object if Hurricane Harvey washed away the creepy chunk of feces known as Marty Rathbun.
    The world would be a better place.

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