TO: Mosey Rathbun files multi-million dollar lawsuit against CoS for harassment

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by rickybobby, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    And yet he says that he doesn't know the inside story.

    Marty doesn't add new posts to his blog, but continues to post replies in the comments of his posts. Arrogant Marty seems to be in control, lashing out, justifying himself (to himself): Enemies, Tony Ortega, cult leader, fair game, butt hurt...

    It's his blog, so he has other options:
    1. Delete the comment. (Probably does a lot of that.)
    2. A calm stock answer of "You don't know what's going on, but I don't want to talk about it and really can't talk about it right now, okay?"
    3. Stick his blog on hold, go smell the flowers.
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  2. anon8109 Member

    With comments like those, turning on his own supporters, there won't be many people left contributing to Rathbun's blog.
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    I think one can reasonably conclude that Marty Rathbun never recovered from scientology.
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  4. Let me address the 2 commenters quoted by DeathHamster and why Marty isn't necessarily turning on his supporters.

    Regarding the first one, the relationship between Marty and Tony has been and will continue to be complicated by Marty's dark past and Tony's direct profiting off of Marty's dark past. That's not to excuse him calling names, but it's an explanation for his opinion of Tony's readers.

    Regarding the 2nd one, I think the commenter (and perhaps you as well) have forgotten that the case was Monique's. To be entirely fair, we must remember that it's entirely tinfoil speculation that Marty is responsible for the direction the case has recently taken. In all possibility, it could have just as well been Monique's decision alone to fire her lawyers.
  5. RightOn Member

    I guess it needs repeating...
    That is all
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  6. anonysamvines Member

    Thanks DH - you finally tempted me to go look

    I did find this snippet hidden in the comments - oddly without any further remarks.

    Now I am going to presume it would have been removed asap, as it would have been here.

    It could have been OSA
    It could have been an idiotic Bunkerite

    That could easily have tripped Marty over the edge

    For someone trying to settle down with his new family in peace, no covert agreement with Co$, just trying to leave all the trauma and bs behind - it would be a massive trigger.

    For someone with a covert agreement with Co$ - it would be an even bigger trigger. Marty knows more than most that Co$ and $lappy are not to be trusted despite any agreement. Marty knows more than most the volatility of $lappy - regardless of his own basic character Marty is still suffering PTSD from his relationship with $lappy.

    Add to that Marty's dislike and distrust of Tony O. And that dislike and distrust is mutual - Tony O returns the favour. They both use each other as it suits. Tony O just puts a more "professional" mask of professed impartiality and detachment on it. But like with AmaX it does show through.

    Marty's paranoia and distrust may even have lead him to believe that Tony O planted the new address himself

    Pile all that on top of Tony O disclosing to the world that they had dropped the case and boom.

    It was ok for Tony O to report on the case while the Rathbun's were actively fighting Co$ but not when they want it dropped. We all know people and situations like that - and how angry they get when it isn't dropped.
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    This never happened:

    Monique: "Honey, I think I'll fire the lawyers, shitcan the legal case, and maybe leave myself open to being sued by CoS."
    Marty (reading paper): "That's nice dear."
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    The Rathbun's change of address was a legal matter of record. The moment that she fired the lawyers, their address was put on the public documents for the legal case as the contact address.
  9. anonysamvines Member

    So very true and so very funny
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  10. When you imagine how something would happen without evidence, it's not "true," it's called speculation.
  11. anonysamvines Member

    Of course it was. Any rational person knows that. No one ever accused Marty of being completely rational tho. And I doubt Marty actually reread the court doc Tony posted. He had already read it before it was posted at the court and when Moniques copy was sent to her by the court.

    The snippet did definitely say it was in the comments though. And no one at Marty's denied it - despite the bunkerites being out in force there that day.
  12. anonysamvines Member

    DH was illustrating how ludicrous it is to state that Monique made all the decisions entirely alone without any input at all from Marty as people are implying.

    Even if it was Monique's decision alone she would have at minimum have told him.
    He would have responded in some manner.
    At best he would have pointed out the consequences and then left the final decision to her.
    At worst he would have done as DH said in his funny reply

    Edit to add
    actually having rechecked DH was replying to YOUR admitted speculation.
  13. Random guy Member

  14. Random guy Member

    I's reasonable to assume the Rathbuns make their decisions together. They are a married couple after all. It is however also quite possible that the two of them disagree on some matters, and even more possible that their respective views have changed after they got their little son. I would not at all be surprised if it eventually turns out it was Monique that finally had enough and ordered Marty to make the case go away.

    Or I may be dead wrong. Without inside knowledge, all we can do is offer speculations and see which one fits best with the few known facts.
  15. Here are some of the few known facts:

    • Marty is reacting like a cornered animal, going by his brief, barbed comments of late.
    • Marty's blog has all-but ceased to be.
    • CoS has gone to great lengths to make his life, and the lives of his family members, as miserable as possible.
    • CoS has attempted to turn ex-scilons (such as Mark Headley, by his accounts) or litigants (eg Bob Minton) so that they denounce their former allies, with varying degrees of success.
    • Marty has turned on Tony Ortega, who is by no stretch of the imagination an enemy.
    • Monique has spoken disparagingly about her pro bono attorneys.
    • CoS policy is to ruin utterly.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

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  17. Today Marty wrote:

  18. Random guy Member

  19. DeathHamster Member

    What method did you use to measure and weight the "general tone"?
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    • “Sympathy? I has none.
    • Monique, no respect. NONE. Sympathy? Nope. I never want to hear from these losers again
    • subservience , irrationality, and paranoia
    • Marty and Miscavige are cut from the same cloth. And Monique? Well, she did marry the guy.
    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rathbuns name would surface somewhere in the future when some stuff like the “Panama-papers” are leaked again.
    • classless and nasty (both)
    • Mosey has fallen under thrall of whatever fixed delusion he is living under.
    • Somehow they were turned, Whether from threats or payoffs or some combination of the two.
    • I hope like hell the next Rathbun post will be how Mosey blew the ranch and escaped from Marty.
    • Either Monique is drinking Marty’s kool aid or I think the next thing we will hear about is a divorce.
    • The Rathbuns are as mentally ill as Scientology.
    • I’m very much afraid that the one who is going to end up rueing the day is Monique.
    • Well, she does heve to wake up next to Mr Scilon Warrior every day… I don’t envy her that..
    • I find it hard to maintain any respect or trust for them at this point.”
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  20. Tony Ortega has reached the point of loving the smell of his own shit.
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  21. Unless the blog has been hacked
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  22. Know this kind of people ?

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  23. DeathHamster Member

    It would help if those slices had a link so people could check the poster and the full context. And it doesn't include the supportive message, of which there were many.
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  24. I know
  25. DeathHamster Member

    Some of Marty's posters are too crazy for Marty:
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  26. On the other hand, when did whe became so lazy ?
  27. Marty's assertion that TO has been carrying on any kind of campaign against Monique is...bizarre.

    There has never been such a campaign. The Bunkerites are a broad church, representing a very wide range of individual views and perspectives, much as you'd find anywhere. Marty knows this full well, and his rather pathetic attempts to smear Tony, having precisely nothing with which to back them up, is a non-starter.

    It's all oddly reminiscent of a certain cult's equally risible attempts to smear its myriad critics.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is all too crazy. I haven't wasted much time trying to understand Marty's reasoning, because that would be too much of a stretch.

    If I have ever said anything that could be remotely considered as being supportive of him, I take it back.

    Jesus. What an asshole.
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  29. rathbun-shitty-book_cover-smaller-jpg.203439.jpg

    Many decades of L. Ron Hubbard's intense insane processing has turned Mary Rathbun into a raving lunatic, imho. Marty's been abusing people mentally and some physically for decades including himself following Hubbard's abusive policies and bogus 'Tech'.

    The way this self-serving ingrate has attacked Tony Ortega who has helped him in many ways for years is disgraceful. TO has treated him with journalistic integrity and fairness. He has provided Marty with a forum to express his views for years. This shows Marty's true character or complete lack thereof, always attack never defend, LRH style. Marty pretends to be there to help exes but in reality he's always been about Marty and little else.

    This is the end result for the world's best auditor? It was all a scam, Marty, Hello? L. Ron Hubbard was a conman whose entire biography has been fully exposed as nothing but lies, no real accomplishments, a shitbag full of lies. It's Over!

    I feel sorry for his kid, I was hoping Marty would recover at some point with time away from Scientology, No chance, what a Prick! I see nothing but horror stories, scams and misery for all of Hubbard's 'elite', over-processed clears and OT's, none of the promised abilities and absolutely No freedom of any kind for any of them.

    Marty Rathbun's criminal conduct regarding the destruction of evidence and the brutal mistreatment of Lisa McPherson (Hubbard's Introspection Rundown that killed her) was despicable, he's never apologized or accepted full responsibility for his outrageous involvement in her agonizing, unnecessary, brutal death over 17 horrendous days in supervised lockdown at Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel.

    Hubbard's ''Bridge to Total Freedom'' is actually the ''Tunnel to Total Captivity'' in one way or another for all Scientologists.

    Dan Quayle's infamous quote to the NAACP can be applied to Scientology's effect on one Angry Marty Rathbun:
    'What a terrible thing to lose one's mind.''
    L. Ron Hubbard's finest contribution to mankind: The Marty-Tao!
    Thanks, Ron for this Auditor Extraordinaire...............
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  30. The Internet Member

    My tinfoil speculation of no value: Marty and Monique both had to strike a blow against a COS enemy. So Marty picked Ortega and made some half-assed vague noises about Ortega's hidden nefarious "game." And Monique said her lawyers were lame for not following her instructions so she fired them.

    Not exactly killing blows. If anything both strikes make Marty and Monique look like failtards. I will take that as a wink toward their fellow tribe members, the human tribe what doesn't want cults.

    tl;dr: I think the Rathbuns had the shit scared out of them. For that reason I am cutting both a lot of slack.
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  31. Quentinanon Member

    Needs moar Dan Sherman style cliche'.
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  32. anonysamvines Member

    And isn't that the point DH and I were making?

    I also remember when Co$ tried to get Judge Waldrip's to rule that Monique was not to discuss the case with Marty at all.

    I don't remember anyone then saying it was a possibility that it could be done even had
    Waldrip ruled so. All the talk was how impossible it would be and how ludicrous Co$ were to suggest it.
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  33. anonysamvines Member

    I liked the Occam's razor approach Alonzo took in the comment quoted by Marty as being deleted by Tony O - except he doesn't actually understand Occam's razor or how to test it.

    It doesn't mean the simplest explaination is the best and has to be taken at face value.
    " other things being equal, the simpler explaination is the best one"

    And even when it does it is a generality not a 100 garuntee of correctness

    "Other things being equal"

    It is absolutely not the case that Ray J et all thought the case wasn't financially viable, or that it was their actions unconscionably dragging out the case with the Anti Slapp suit The dragging out of the case is demonstrably down to Co$ .
    It is also absolutely worth remembering that the main reason for the case was not monetary but the stopping of the harassment by Co$ and the Squirrel Busters. That they cease contact with her and contact with others about her. That if Co$ did any of those things she would have legal remedy against them. Any monetary settlement was secondary to that.

    Without any back door settlement (with or without $) Monique has not gained any of those things.

    Is it completely viable that Monique and her family have been utterly ground down and no longer wanted to fight? That they just gave up?
    Absofuckinglutely it is possible. Possible but not definite .

    Does her claims of why she gave up stand up to scrutiny
    Absofuckinglutely NOT
    Monique's sworn declaration
    "While performing their retreat strategy from this lawsuit my lawyers ..."
    Ray J et al were not performing a retreat strategy. They were FIRED. out of the blue. Without any discussion or warning.

    Has she achieved her initial objectives
    Not without a back door settlement.
    The overt harassment by Co$ and the Squirrel Busters was only stopped by the temporary injunction until there had been a legal ruling as to whether Co$ and the SB's were within their legal right to act so.

    And for those who are still claiming that it could be Monique working and deciding on her own
    I give you Monique's own sworn declaration. (The request to lift the stay)

    b) my husband and I have effectively achieved the primary purpose the lawsuit was for by our own
    .independent efforts


    And granted that she attributed those words to her lawyers.
    But nor did she deny that her and Marty were acting in concert or emphasis that it is Her case not a joint case ( which would have demonstrated more incompetency on their part lol).

    Either way (laywers said it or Rathbun's made it up) it does point to Marty being involved as much as

    Nor has she given any indication of what those independent efforts were or what they had achieved. Or how they took place before she fired her team
    Especially since any contact between Co$, the SB's and Monique should have taken place through the lawyers acting for both parties - temporary injunction remember. The TEMPORARY injunction gained by Ray J ET AL.

    More evidence of how ill thought out their strategy was if they made it and wrote the request to stay alone as is claimed (no new law team named as assisting on the doc.)

    More evidence of how Co$ is still screwing them if Co$ assisted them in the drafting of it
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  34. Random guy Member

    It was indeed. It was my way of saying I agree. Sorry if that came across as contrarian.
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  35. BLiP Member

    I doubt Tony Ortega deleted Analzo's comments. That's really not his style. Far more likely is that Alanzo deleted his own comments.
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  36. fishypants Moderator

    What's he talking about?

    I read most of Tony's blog posts and I've not noticed any anti-Rathbun campaign.


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  37. snippy Member

    Tony Ortega Mod a day ago
    Regarding Marty Rathbun's accusations today, I did block Alanzo, and not because of the thread he's talking about.
    I blocked Alanzo when he attempted to intimidate Rachel Bernstein.
    As I have said numerous times, the quickest way to get blocked here at the Underground Bunker is when men intimidate the women involved with this website. I will not apologize for that.
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