TO: Mosey Rathbun files multi-million dollar lawsuit against CoS for harassment

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by rickybobby, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Probably the same paranoid schizophrenic, conscience free con artist he is now. He saw in DM and LRH people who were like himself but powerful and financially successful. He tried to follow in their footsteps.

    Karen de la Carriere and Mike Rinder seem to have stopped promoting him.

    This is a good interview with Louis Theroux where he talks about how Rathbun is like Scientology with his volatile temper:

    Tony Ortega wrote:

    "And while it was great finally to meet Steve, and to tell Perez again how good his performance was (and to meet his mom!), we couldn’t help thinking that the person who really should have been there (as well as in London) was the star of the hour.

    Where was Marty Rathbun?

    We wondered the same thing last year when we were doing publicity in New York for HBO’s film Going Clear. Mike Rinder had flown up from Florida, and Larry Wright was in town from Austin. But Marty Rathbun, as much as anyone, had worked to make the story of “The Hole” and David Miscavige’s alleged brutality the dominant media narrative about Scientology since he first spoke publicly in 2009.

    Where was he for his victory lap?

    After the London screening, John Dower told the audience that he’d just received an email from Rathbun, who said he’d loved the film. This time, in the Q&A after the movie, Dower and Theroux joked about Marty’s response when an audience member asked about it, but they hinted that Rathbun is less happy with the movie today."

    [IMG] [IMG]
  2. Quentinanon Member

    I think schizophrenic for Rathbun is a false label. A more accurate one is paranoid, emotionally unstable narcissist. To his credit, he wasn't predatory enough to make money with the scientology racket like L. Ron and Davey Miscavige.
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  3. He tried to and maybe still is or has succeeded.
  4. You are both silly buthurt tossers.

  6. Marty Rathbun's best friend. He's conscience free, just like you and me!

    How's your nose?
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  7. anonysamvines Member

    For anyone who is sane and moral this is exactly right

    For someone who thinks they are smarter than the average or every other bear .....
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  8. anonysamvines Member


    He did make money from it.
    He was just doing it to the indies
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  9. BREAKING: Monique Rathbun blames her former attorneys as she plans to drop her Scientology lawsuit.

    This in from Tony Ortega.


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Monique Rathbun has asked the Texas Supreme Court to lift the stay in her harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology so she can dismiss the suit itself.

    In a bizarre document, Monique makes accusations that her former attorneys — Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, Elliott Cappuccio, and Leslie Hyman — had made it “abundantly clear” that the lawsuit was “not worth it financially,” and that the attorneys had filed defective paperwork that allowed Scientology’s attorneys to file appeals that caused delay. Also, she says that these defects were put into the complaint of her lawsuit, originally filed in Comal County in August 2013, over her “strong objections.”

    “I do not have the resources, the time, nor the motivation to litigate in the Supreme Court of Texas against Scientology’s army of lawyers in the defense of errors made by attorneys who subordinated my wishes in favor of interests inimical to my own,” Monique writes.

    This comes after Monique’s attorneys had actually been on a winning streak, with two major decisions against Scientology at the trial court and appellate court levels. Now, however, Monique says she wants to drop the matter because, she says, her lawyers had not listened to how she wanted the case to proceed.

    “I’m mystified by the references to their former attorneys,” Ray Jeffrey told us after we read the contents of the document to him. “And I strongly disagree with any implication that the lawyers were unwilling to go forward because there was not enough money in the case. We were fired, we didn’t abandon the case.”

    He added, “I will say that the case has put a lot of strain on the Rathbuns, and I wish them well.”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    Monique Rathbun's Request to Lift Stay in Texas Supreme Court
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  10. anonysamvines Member

    Now there is a load of bull right there
    Made it abundantly clear it wasn't worth it???
    Ray and co were doing it on contingency - they are out a lot of money they had invested in taking on the case. Ray made that clear when she dropped them. He filed with the court so that if Monique takes a payout for dropping the case they still get their cut. Tony reported on it at the time.

    Smells like Co$ is behind those words. Dead agenting at its finest

    I hope Ray J keeps an eye on the finances of both extended families in the future.
    No use taking the payoff if they can't use it.

    I never had a problem (but was disappoint) with Monique for giving up. It is a hellish pressure to go through and she had already been through way more than anyone could be expected to bear.

    But the smearing of those fine lawyers? Now that I do have a problem with
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  11. RightOn Member

    I will say it again, SHE MARRIED MARTY RATHBUN
    That should tell everyone a lot.
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  12. anonysamvines Member

    It does
    As does the fact that she started auditing others

    But I will say that Marty can turn on the charm when he wants. And people in love are often blinded.

    And she lost pretty much all the goodwill I held for her when she signed that document To the court.

    They did a back door deal.
    No doubt about it

    And I hope Ray J finds proof and sues
    And then sues Co$ and their lawyers on his own behalf.

    And I have no doubts that no matter how many years it takes Ray J will do it.
    Remember how pissed he was when Co$'s layers tried to sanction him and impugned his integrity?

    He won't do or say anything publicly until his ducks are in a row, but he won't just take this lying down. The Rathbuns, Co$, Cos's lawyers and especially Slappy really have poked the tiger now.
    Slappy really has made it personal

    No matter how many years
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  13. I haz a mad
  14. anon8109 Member

    It seems a plausible explanation, though as of yet there is no proof.

    Neither is there an alternate explanation offered though that makes much sense, certainly not that the lawyers who were winning and whose fees would only be paid if the Rathbuns won, had purposely sabotaged the case.
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  15. There is an update:

    Full article w update ;

    Marty, you all are so dumb. It's like ky firing Tor. (google that shit)
  16. anonysamvines Member

    And I disagree with Tony O's last comment about the affidavit sounding just like Marty
    (Edit to add not the comment posted ^^^^ which is by the commentator Texas Laywer - but Tony O's comment about having read Marty's 3 books it sounds like his writing)

    It has Slappy and the slimey lawyer's fingerprints all over it.

    The settlement was conditional on her sliming the team as much as possible - despite the facts to the contrary.
    It had to be as derogatory to Ray J et al because ANY future case they may take against Co$ then Co$ will follow their usual playbook and bring it up and try to use it just because.

    Slappy and Marty sound alike because they are alike and worked so closely.
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  17. I ate a watermelon salad today.
  18. anonysamvines Member

    Nope there is no definitive proof

    But ....
  19. White Tara Global Moderator

    If her lawyers had not in actual fact been serving the CoS their asses, I would query someones complaint that they had felt their own unqualified legal opinion was somehow more valid than the professional opinion of the lawyers themselves. They were on a contingency, they had all the financial risk, and she thinks shes in a position to dictate to them how to do their job effectively? WTF.

    Its a bullshit. Money changed hands no doubt.
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  20. Random guy Member

    I'm not sure I agree on the speculation the Rathbuns had a secret deal with the cult. Remember, Monique's position is very different from her lawyers and channologists. She has the responsibility for a toddler and is directly in the line of fire from the cult. Taken at face value, her filing actually make sense in that light.

    Having said that, it is reasonable to expect some kind of shenanigans behind the scenes with the cult involved.
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  21. Your thoughts on this are very reasonable. What really troubles me is her throwing her attorneys under the bus. That makes me more suspicious because if there was no secret deal and no COS involvement, doing so was completely unnecessary for any legal or rational reasons. Monique could have simply said she wanted the stay lifted so she could dismiss the case.

    Then again, if (as appears likely) Marty drafted the document, Marty may have felt throwing his attorneys under the bus was necessary solely for psychological reasons in order to justify the decision to dismiss the case.
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  22. anon8109 Member

    Maybe all they got out of it was a vague promise from the scientology corporation to stop harassing them?
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  23. fishypants Moderator

    How odd.

    I thought they were doing quite well.

    Well that's got to be true.
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  24. Random guy Member

    This case is probably a lot more complex (aside from the juridical complexity which was mindbogglingly convoluted as it was) than we here would know about. There may be factors at work here that has slipped entirely under the radar. My personal opinion (i.e I may be way off) is that Marty's relationship to the cult has always been complicated and multi-layered. My guess that is a factor here too.
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ron Miscavige, his book ‘Ruthless,’ his nervous son, and Scientology Watching’s new reality

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, April 29, 2016


    We’re still recovering from last night’s shock to the system, when we learned that Monique Rathbun filed to end her harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology by trashing her former attorneys in outrageous terms. Obviously, we still have a lot to learn about what went into Monique’s decision (or her ghost writer’s) to backstab the legal team that had brought her through solid court victories only to be fired and then accused of incompetently writing her lawsuit so it would be vulnerable to Scientology’s delaying tactics.

    But whatever went into that decision, it seems obvious that Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s influence on the world of Scientology is now largely over. For years, we wrote that no one represented a greater threat to the continued existence of the Church of Scientology than Rathbun and his website. But this week’s court filing appears to end what had been a truly remarkable chapter in Scientology history, 2009-2016, when Rathbun and other top former executives made a bold move to challenge David Miscavige and change the narrative about how Scientology was described in the media. Beginning with the appearance of Rathbun’s blog and the “Truth Rundown” series in the Tampa Bay Times in 2009, through the filing of Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit in 2013, and with the publication of Janet Reitman’s Inside Scientology (2011) and Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear (2013), as well as Channel 4’s Scientologists at War (2013) and Alex Gibney’s film version of Going Clear (2015), the Rathbuns led a media tsunami that exposed and accelerated Scientology’s ongoing crisis in faith that was fueling an exodus of longtime members.

    But this year, things have changed. We’ve been featuring a remarkable set of new defectors and others who are once again adding to and altering the narrative about what Scientology is and where it’s going.
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  26. RightOn Member

    Throwing the lawyers under the bus is really just plain SHITTY.
    Whatever the reason.
    The lawyers were nice enough to take their case as a contingency case. Not to mention that the case was against a litigious and vicious cult which could have caused them MAJOR problems. And has caused them problems.
    Is this latest turn of events proving that THE RATHBUNS (have to include Monique now, sorry) are not the people they pretended to be? Or did hard times turn them into ultra desperate people searching for a way out?
    And back to Monique for a minute....
    Marrying and living with Marty can't be a picnic. I have to wonder if his temper and ego have or had negative affects in their relationship and if she is an emotionally battered wife who is raising a child with a nutcase and that she has nowhere to go or money if she left him and taking a settlement with the COS was a way for her to get out of shit town with Marty or at least the money can make it more bearable to live with him? Who knows?

    I just find it hard to believe that he can be a nice and normal husband. And I also think they may have hit some really tough times financially with his books in the dumper, a child to raise and her being the only one bringing in an income?
    Again, some day this will all come out. MAYBE.
    This case was such a huge disappointment (for getting the cult in hot water) and also reminds me of the anti climatic Debbie Cook case. It has the same WTF happened? ring to it.
    It seems to me that maybe the cult has won once again with their huge pockets. (well, more like the whale's pockets)
    Wonder what the clams still in would think if they knew the cult payed off Rathbun, (if true) so that he can sail off into the sunset? Giving money to a high profile known squirrel and SP? Well, after all they gave it to Debbie Cook too. Right?
    And I think Rinder distancing himself and not weighing in on this newest development (yet or may not ever) speaks volumes.
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  27. RightOn Member

    Perhaps we should start a list of all the people that COS has paid off?
    Including Narconon.
    Where is this money coming from? hmmm?
    Where would the COS say it is coming from?
    I think it would be an interesting list, don't you? Would love to know that total, although many cases have undisclosed totals.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    If they don't have a backdoor deal with CoS, then after dropping their case and burning their bridges with their lawyers, CoS has no reason to make it easy for them.

    If CoS can come up with any half-assed reason to sue the Rathbuns for costs, and keep them in court, they'll do it. They don't have to win, just harass.
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  29. anonysamvines Member

    It is always prudent to look for all possible reasons and not just jump onto knee jerk reactions.

    One thing we do know from the court document is that there has been contact between Monique and Co$ since they were last in court. Contact that hadn't been communicated to Ray J et al - they wouldn't have been so blindsided otherwise.

    That isn't conjecture. That is fact. It is explicitly stated in the court document. Yes we do not know exactly how much contact but contact there HAS DEFINITELY BEEN.

    Now add this to Marty's sudden, apparently inexplicable volte face re Louis Theroux's film Scientology and me and the timeline for that. In London he was happy to be exposing Co$ and Slappy. In the US ...

    And keep a thought too to how Bob Minton turned on Ken Dander once Co$ turned him. The afadavit he signed about Ken Dander. That Ken is still dealing with today.

    What are the implications re the injunction against the squirrel busters. Was that merely in place till the court case resolved it? Now there is no court case does it merely dissolve? Would they be able to ask for its repeal? - presumably with no objection by Monique.
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  30. anonysamvines Member

    That will be very telling indeed.

    As will what happens re the injunction against the squirrel busters.
    I would like to hear an expert lawyer's opinions on what the dropping of the case means for that.

    If the SB's and Co$ need to go to court to get it overturned, then the natural next step would be to do that.
    If for nothing else than to prevent its use by anyone else in a similar position asking for one and using Judge Waldrip's ruling as a precedent to block Co$'s lawfags shenanigans.
    The additional harassment and suffering of Monique being a bonus.
    Granted this particularly extreme use of the SB's isn't the norm. Using the individuals concerned is tho. Anyone being harassed by those individuals can use that injunction to show cause as to why a petitioner would be in fear and need of an injunction. And Co$ does like to use those particular individuals whenever and wherever. - and the pool of replacements is shrinking. The SB's cannot afford the legal costs - that money needs to pay for their services lol. If there is no agreement then Co$ only gain by paying for it. If there is an agreement ..... Not paying the SB's fees also risks alienating the SB's - hell may even cause them to blow and what then lol

    If Co$ do apply for it to be lifted and Monique doesn't object that will be very telling. And yet how could she object after dropping the case? Sue Co$ for breaking their agreement? She has already stated in the court doc's that she got what she wanted
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    At the time, people wondered if this was Marty withdrawing from things:
    • Now or Never April 27, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher
    Mind you, when Marty was going through his bong philosophy posts, it was hard to know where he was headed next.
  32. Random guy Member

    It's entirely possible both sides decided they'd had enough and struck a deal to withdraw from the battelefield. The cult would no doubt receive a shellacking if it ever went to court, and having a family with small children like the Rathbuns means you can't spend all your waking hour dedicated to a case that would drag on for years and years.

    If I were to guess what kind of deal was struck, it would have been a "we leave you alone, you leave us alone" type of deal with no money paid out by either part. That way the financial burden would be a Jeffrey & Co, since they had the case on contingency. With such a deal the cult would ensure a very costly and embarrassing case go away, and hurt a legal opponent financially as much as they could reasonably hope to achieve.

    I'm not a legal expert though.
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  33. 111

    To sue a good law firm for malpractice=hard.
  34. Random guy Member

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  35. anonysamvines Member

    Absolutely it could be that and that alone. We are all just speculating and thinking aloud the various possibilities. I like your input greatly as it makes me think deeper and wider.

    Tho Co$ rarely worry about getting a shellacking in court. To them it just means another appeal,and another and more harm to their enemies as they drag it out for years and years.
    They don't EVER just settle for leave each other alone.
    AnonSparrow won his case against Co$ and still ended up agreeing to no longer protesting not only in his home city but also Clearwater in order for the cult to stop taking him to court - and no right thinking anon would ever blame him for that or hold it against him. There does come a time when enough is enough. It is the same reason why AmaX doesn't want to PERSONALLY fight the LMT injunction and only idiots think she should and hold it against her.

    Marty also knows that WHEN it is being really harmful to them they will pay out the big bucks to drop it ala Debbie Cook. Ray et all know this too - they too got paid out handsomely then.(and that really riles Slappy).

    Marty is also well aware of the details of the Bob Minton and Ken Dandar case. He was intimately involved with Slappy then. (I wonder if Ray knows about that info about Bob- I wonder if Rinder does too. And if they ever speak). We don't know if Bob took money or if he just settled for being left alone. We do know Bob did the whole smear his lawyer through an afadavit thing.

    Which also, along with all the rest of the possibilities, begs the question of the details of the contract between Monique and Ray J and co. As I presume it also covers the normally unlikely situation of the client withdrawing without settlement of the case through agreement (Debbie cook), loss or winning. Lawyers do try to cover all possible outcomes when writing contracts. The client just dropping the case is not ever going to cover their costs and is factored in. Lawyers need the client to be as invested as they are in seeing it through come what may. On a contingency contract the client doesn't pay if the case is lost but there is usually insurance taken out to cover the expenses (but not profit) incurred. That insurance will not pay out for the client just dropping the case

    Now it IS possible that Marty thinks that smearing and blaming Ray J and co will cover that and stop them from following through on the charges accrued.

    But as you and 111 pointed out already, it is is extremely hard to sue a good law firm for malpractice. And Ray J et al is a very good law firm indeed. They take their honesty and integrity very seriously. They do not like it being impugned. Not forgetting There Was No Malpractice.

    I wonder how Marty is going to support himself and his family from now on. No income from the supporters of his blogs. No income from his involvement from documentaries (if he got paid). No income from doing auditing etc. No income from being a witness or providing assistance on legal cases.
    Add to that where is he going to get his ego fed? No anti Co$ blogs, books, media - he needed and enjoyed the adulation as much as the $, tho I presume that too was waning already. No contact with ex's and activists. (Hmmm I wonder if Mike R still speaks to him?) Maybe Monique and their son make up for that. ...

    It will be very interesting to see how it developes.

    We may never know

    But generally stuff does leak or get exposed in time.

    Edit to add the Indemnity Insurance is paid for by the client but pays out to the lawyer
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  36. anonysamvines Member

    Oh and let us not forget that if it indeed was just a case of Marty and Monique just wanting it all to stop so they could live a quiet life with their son - that puts them in a very weak position with Co$ and Slappy.
    And showing the slightest sign of weakness, or in $ceino terms RUIN, means what to Co$?
    Stamp on it, crush it, use it to their advantage but never ever show compassion.
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  37. DeathHamster Member
    Hoping that Scientology will cross him off their "ruin utterly" list because he's out it now might be wishful thinking. More likely they'll take it as a sign of weakness and press the attack. It's just their nature. I hope I'm wrong, but...
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  38. anonysamvines Member

    Ooh thanks for that DH
    I only see the comments that are there when I initially read the blog. And I don't always read those either

    And obviously I agree with your assesment
  39. Random guy Member

    Thanks DeatHamster!

    Rinder's more likely to be in the know than any of us, and his conclusion is fairly close to my suggestion. My guess it the real situation is somewhere in the vicinity of this.

    Then again, it's a cult that take its cloak & dagger stuff very seriously.

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