To Anons who are worried about derailing Chanology

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by this space blank, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. I have read a few comments from anons who are worried that the Wikileaks support is derailing the main purpose here of combating scientology.
    I just want to let you know that I came here about a month ago, drawn by the Wikileaks situation, and have stayed, and lurked, and read a lot here and elsewhere that completely changed my view of Scientology. I used to dismiss it as an unbelievably stupid cult, nothing more, as a lot of folks I know have. Now I realize it's a good bit more sinister, and I've been talking with a lot of folks about it.
    So: don't worry. Your message has a broader audience now. That can be nothing but good.
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  2. Miranda Member

    Thanks for this post. I had the same experience, though it was before the FoI initiative. I'm glad you took the time to read. It sinks in slowly, doesn't it? Sort of too much to believe all at once.

    Are anions related to onions, only anonymous?
  3. *ahem* oops :eek:
  4. Anonymous Member

    Anions=negatively charged ions. Silly.
    </science nerdery>
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  5. Miranda Member

    Negatively charged onions? Wow... That is exotic.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Quite. :)
  7. Shinythings Member

    that sounds way too sexy in cat's woman voice... say "meow" plox
  8. Miranda Member

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  9. Shinythings Member


  10. OTBT Member

    Thanks for posting that
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  11. Miranda Member

    Yes, thank you. I hope others feel the same.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I think this is an impo
  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I certainly do. But...

    ...Don't those explode into exotic rings? mmmm Exotic onion rings...
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  14. Miranda Member

    when mixed with positively charged ketchup... mmmmmm exotique!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    So long as the period of chemtrail herp derp conspiracyfags, textspeaking newfags and general assorted fail is short lived, i tink dat OP mite b rite.

    ┬┐You think this is right?

    (Still, looking forward to getting some chanology back on the front page)
  16. Shinythings Member

    I think this is actually exciting. There is a big influx of Spanish anons, its refreshing how they are working on the paperstorm op. A couple years back the spanish anons in this board were almost all gone. It's good to have new blood!

    Now the moonbats, well anon has its own tools to sort those out, I'm confident we will have not much of that.
  17. ZeroC Member

    Whilst I know there is work to be done, I'm more worried that the new site will alienate exisiting core members.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Its not "one big thing" (although the software change *is* a fairly big thing) but a whole slew of little things. Some are being fixed (slowly, as admins can get to them) but some are either low priority or "can't fix/won't fix".

    In the meantime, I'm sure our oldtimers will be glad to know that Moderators have finally come up with a viable replacement for the functionality of the former "Thunder Dome".
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  19. Miranda Member

    No, that's not a replacement for the dome. That was a decision made by a couple of us as an enjoyable thread was thoroughly derailed. I had planned on simply moving the derail to its own thread but couldn't find a way to do so on XF. I don't plan on doing a lot of deleting, though the admins have said to go ahead when the situation is extreme (as in NSFW or slapfights). In this case, I just couldn't find a better solution.

    EDIT: Deleted posts were restored and the thread was locked.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    ....implying the "derailure" was less enjoyable than the pre-derail thread.
    ok! carrion

  21. I was actually made aware of Project Chanology because of Anonymous' involvement with Wikileaks. I wanted to know a little bit more about them and so spent about three days thoroughly researching everything from its beginning's to now. I a not in total agreement with defending Assange, but my interest was peaked by Project Chanology. I knew Scientology was crazy and had heard a little bit about there more dangerous activities. So I decided to attend a protest and it was awesome so I plan to continue with Project Chanology, and not so much in defending Assange.
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  22. pedrofcuk Member

    Yay! I think...
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. veravendetter Member

    Is this a veiled threat to dox me? If not, pardon.

    Edit :My tinfoil hat had slipped over my eyes.
  25. Zak McKracken Member

    Perdon a me.

  26. veravendetter Member

    certain keywords have me suspicious

    Edit: disregard this, I suck tinfoil coated cocks. :)
  27. thevoxbox Member

    Thanks for saying so, OP. :) As one of the people who was kind of leery of the new, additional focuses, it's a relief to see that the two causes actually can (gasp) co-exist and sometimes intermingle and help out. I've learned a bit by lurking in the Wikileaks playground... cool to see it goes both ways.
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  28. Zak McKracken Member

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  29. veravendetter Member

    Sorry for the litter I left here. doh!
    To bump for the right reasons; I'm glad to hear the viewpoint of OP. I'm sure it's gonna take more than one example like this to convince the hardcore nay-sayers, but I appreciate OP voicing what I'm convinced will happen more and more.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to VSP(very suppressive persons)club!Xenu always prevails!
  31. Le Revisor Member

    In my point of view one of the main problems with assange is about secret.Diplomacy, since the beginning of humanity, needs secret.Why lacking state secrets, why not but why for?What do we learn about international policy by reading cables leaked by wikileaks: that diplomats say and write what they really think about different situations, so what? And i'm afraid that in the future we'll have"WIKIPEOPLE" etc...
  32. "WIKIPEOPLE"=Facebook! You are already to late.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I think chanology should be derailed anyway. A bunch of random losers who have never been Scientologists, nor have they ever been affected by Scientology, should just leave it to the exes and those personally affected, as it's pointless for them to continue the fight. And if you're so worried about how others are affected, perhaps you should also protest the Mormon and Catholic churches, but you're not doing that at all, are you? :)
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  34. veravendetter Member

    Someone found that old 78rpm again^^^ doesn't even deserve a reasoned rebuttal
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  35. Zak McKracken Member

    The New Chanology is all about protesting the crimes and human rights abuses of the Cult of Marble Cake.

    Derails aren't accidental. They're a virtual DDOS against mods; like a picket but without signs.
    Anon posting is the "mask" that hides us from mod fairgame, and socks are foot soldiers in the fight.

    Its going to be an uphill battle, but WE CAN DO IT. Take back WWP from mods, admins and herro.
    Let freedom reign.
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  36. et tu zak?
  37. Miranda Member

    You just keep on letting them think so, okay? I do like socks as foot soldiers ahahahaha
  38. Anonymous Member

    Zak is an honourable man.
  39. Miranda Member

    So are they all... honorable men.
  40. Herro Member

    Fuck you and your Courier New.
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