Three years ago, Grace McComas ended witness retaliation by committing suicide.

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    On Reddit:
    Grace McComas died three years ago today. She committed suicide. The year prior, her neighbor had drugged and raped her. The rape was eventually reported to school and county officials. No one would help her. The reported rapist harassed her endlessly in retaliation for reporting. Witness retaliation is illegal. He was never charged. Grace was a victim of rape, then a victim of witness retaliation, then a victim of misogyny. The neighbor now attends a Baltimore area university where no one has any warning of his history drugging, raping, and harassing females. Take the time to read her mother's blog and leave a kind word:

    She was 15.

    If I read the blog correctly, the police refused to take a rape report. Grace did not immediately call the attack a rape. Rape doesn't necessarily look like people expect it to look. This was rape. She told adults what happened. At the time of the rape, she had been watching her neighbor's house while they were away, and she showed an older teenage boy (a different neighbor) the alcohol at the house she was watching. He took it from there. The blog explains.

    After she told what happened, she was charged with a felony crime and ordered to pay to replace the mattress, bedspread and frame because she had bleed on them during the course of the attack, and the homeowners claimed the thought disguised them so much they threw away the raped-on bedding.

    The rapist used social media to harass Grace. The situation was quite severe and threatening. Some of the messages are in the mother's blog.

    School administrators treated her like garbage. They had a slime bucket lawyer on staff who must have thought his job was to bury abuse allegations. A comment on one page in the blog explains how the attorney gave the family misinformation. It seems like the school attorney and administrators enjoyed watching the abusive retaliation. After she committed suicide, school administrators removed all mention of her from the school yearbook. Two years later, in 2014, her friends wanted to wear small blue ribbon pins on their graduation gowns. School administrators threatened to not allow them to graduate on stage if they did. The graduation story made news, and school officials eventually gave in. If you Google her name, you'll see news stories about the graduation.

    Police treated her like garbage. The rapist's parents are well connected in the wealthy county (top five wealthiest counties in the USA, per Wikipedia -- I suppose some think they are above answering to allegations). The latest class of recruits lacks a mix of females that could help the department add perspective to situations:

    It's time to make some arrests for witness intimidation. She reported a rape. He threatened her life. That's a felony. Why has he not been charged? The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, filled with low-income people, while rich rapists enjoy their place above the law.

    Three years have passed. The county has a different police chief and a different county executive (mayor). Any tweets you send to #HoCoMD (for Howard County, Maryland) would be seen by area bloggers.
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    If Reddit wants to help, a law has already been passed in Maryland legislature, and you all can help make this go nationwide. It's named after Grace:

    You can't "get people arrested" for witness intimidation if there if no charges have been filed/there is no case on the court's dockets, unfortunately. First thing that would need to happen would be for the rapist to be charged with rape. You'd need to check the statute of limitations for Maryland, if that's where the rape occurred.
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    RavenEyes, thank you for the link. I will share as a new post on Reddit to keep her story around. The family takes comfort with the law, but I view it somewhat as pacifying them. One more law the county won't enforce. They did not enforce the rape law. They did not enforce the witness retaliation law. There is no statue of limitations on rape in Maryland. The thing is, even if authorities arrest him, the state's attorney's office has shown bias toward him. As for witness retaliation laws, you might be correct about what needs to be on the books. After you posted, I inquired about the actual law. I am still looking to see what is necessary for an arrest.

    The alleged rapist's family is connected to Leadership Howard County ( through his father's employment. The police chief, who would not document the rape, was also a member. Leadership Howard County sounds like a good organization, but its impact is the same as modified exclusive country club. Public officials with power to network with business and organizations leaders with money. One impact is those associated with the organization can misuse connections to avoid consequences for some crimes, such as rape. Had he been a black man with no affiliation to the chief of police through Leadership Howard County, they would have arrested him right away and probably even piled on additional crimes charges to ensure a plea bargain.

    The links below are for my reference to inquire into witness intimidation and retaliation. (Law Professor's research) (Laws on the books) (Focuses on drug crimes)
  5. Truth is Dario Braccalino, the SA for Howard County, is an arrogant prick who refers to himself as the Honorable... He's only interested in supporting the voting citizens. His staff runs a muck without guidance or over site.
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  7. I heard tell of this new invention called internet and it's purpose among other things is to assist in the search for information.
    You should try it and stop talking like a tit.
  8. I can't say I know all the facts of what happened but this article urks me. I've heard through the vine that the so-called 'rapist' was just the opposite. In fact it was the girl who manipulated the 'older teenage boy' (wasnt he only 1 year older?) into coming over to a house she was house-sitting. Additionally, I heard that the girl took the drugs on her own accord after finding them, and that the boy didn't take them because he wasn't comfortable doing drugs. This story seems to be the exact opposite... Further, it would appear the girls parents, especially mother, are using this boy as a scapegoat for their own failures. This is the belief of the entire community where these families are well known, so do not be fooled into joining this baseless cause. Respect to the girl's family for their loss, but even more respect for the poor boy who this family has tried to smeer ever since their daughter's own selfish decision. The reason the boy wasn't charged for rape should be apparent. The police did a full investigation into this and concluded that there was no rape. The boy's father did not play a role as this article describes, and the police chief was not tied to him as quoted. It appears the only people vomiting crimes are the family of the girl who vomited suicide...

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    Wow you sound like a bit of a bully yourself. Sounds pretty ridiculous to say she manipulated the older teenage boy. One year is a lot at the age of 15 so I have my doubts that he was manipulated by her. He was pretty straight forward when he was bullying her and why would a manipulator commit suicide? His parents must be very influential sounds that they have influenced an entire community how sad that is! What are they going to do when their son does this again? The odds are he will what will the community have to say then? Suicide happens when someone is unable to deal with unimaginable pain and the fear that it will never go away. A death occurred someone should be held accountable. I'm quite sure if this was your daughter you would feel differently, Vomiting crimes and vomiting suicide that is either a typo or the most ridiculous phrase I've ever heard. I don't see that this girl's family committed any crimes and who are you to judge another person's failures?
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  11. Wow! You sound like a real person composing this message. I didn't know artificial intelligence could write something that real and annoying.

    When are you going to spam?

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