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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I'll just leave this here.

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    Kill the bill - BE AT CAPITAL THIS WEEKEND
    If you are against the Scott Walker bill, you can help defeat it. BE AT THE CAPITAL this weekend. He said he thinks the protest is dwindling. It looked like it on Tue and Wed because most of us have to work.

    We need it to be like Cairo! If we don't get out at least a couple UW football game's worth (that's 80,000), it will look bad.

    It is safe. The crowd is peaceful. The cops are nice (most are union, yay). There are firefighters and prison guards and police protesting, so it doesn't look like it will turn bad at all. The more peaceful adults and kids the better!

    It is hard to park downtown when there is a crowd. Busses will be full, so come early. If you are coming in from out of town, the transfer points or the big malls should be good places to start. The one-way fare is
    Base Fare $2.00
    Youth Fare*(5-17 or still in high school) $1.25
    Disabled/Senior Citizen Fare* (65 and Over) $1.00
    Children (Children 4 and under - WITH Chaperone) FREE
    Check out
    for routes.
    Or, take a cab - Union Cab 242-2000

    You can sleep in the capital building. It is warm in there. There is water and bathrooms. The great Ian's Pizza and others are providing food and drinks but bring some energy food.

    Kill the bill!
    Day 11 - 2/24/11

    A few things I've learned.
    * State workers are not overpaid. Several recent studies show that total compensation (wages and benefits) for public employees is still slightly below that of workers in the private sector, but the gap has narrowed significantly in the past 50 years. In addition to economic benefits, unions won health, safety and workplace fairness protections that cost nothing to taxpayers but increased the efficiency and reliability of public services. Contrary to the widespread perception that unions transformed government workers into what Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has called "a new privileged class," the economic benefits of unionization have gone almost entirely to the lowest-paid employees. Roughly 60% of Wisconsin's public employees have a college degree, compared to 30% in the private sector. A recent study by the Economic Policy Institute found that college graduates earn 25% less in government jobs than they do in the private sector.
    * The new TV add is misleading. The Republicans are giving tax breaks to the rich and sticking it to the working people once again. The protest is not about raises and free pensions (the unions are willing to give in some on those), it is about busting the teacher and other unions as Gov. Walker has said. Police, fire, and prison workers unions are opposed, I think - at least some members are at the protest.
    * Walker: "The simple matter is I campaigned on this all throughout the election." FALSE. The Milwaukee WI Journal Sentinal could not find any such detailed discussion of collective bargaining changes as sweeping as Walker proposed. There is no dispute that Walker campaigned on getting concessions on health and pension benefits from state employees. Here is a summary of the changes from the JS:
    For public employee unions except those covering public safety workers, the measure would narrow collective bargaining to wage issues, and only then within specific limits. It would end bargaining on such things as health care costs, pensions and working conditions -- rights granted to the public unions more than 50 years ago.
    Additionally: Wage increases would be limited to inflation or less. Employees would be able to opt out of paying union dues. An annual certification vote on the existence of each union would be required. And public employers would be barred from withholding union dues from worker’s paychecks.
    Walker’s proposal also repeals all rights to collective bargaining for more than 30,000 University of Wisconsin employees, something granted in 2009.
    * The Hitler thing. I have seen both Walker = Hitler and Obama = Hitler + Stalin signs at the Capital. This is a distraction.
    * Walker’s proposed tax cuts will boost the size of the projected deficit in the next budget - a projected $140 million vs. this year's defecit of $137 million. Seems like his motives are not fiscal.
  3. A Challenger Member

    I feel silly for the times i thought world-wide sicentology protests might make a come back after enturb went down. There was a time, not long ago, where i sincerely came to this website for more than the lulz.
    Now, since daywatch left this faggotry, it is only people like Herro who make this place livable. that, and dumbass noobs.
    Fight da powa herro
  4. adhocrat Member

    Here's a much different view of the situation. It shows the underlying flaw in public sector unions.

  5. SOJOA Member

    And pwned! hahahahaha
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    Call me nostalgic, Imma bump it.
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    CoD4UltraGasmask.png All Anons and Marcabs and etc! News Orders received! Full Mobilization of our troops as quickly as possible! We are already fighting, but we must spread out yet concentrate attacks in heavy waves. The picture above is supposed to tell you to get moving! Remember! We are Anonymous! We are Legion! We do not forgive! We do NOT forget! They will most certainly expect us! The picture shows a soldier fighting for us with superb bravery and luck. As he is also a Russian Spetsnaz Operator blending into the field, his branch's motto is "Any mission, any time, any place."

    Mod edit: WWP does not support any illegal activity
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    Marcab Fleet Command has just given new orders. It appears that the recent revolutions in Iran, Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia, have already started to grow increasingly violent over time so far. Although we have made attacks on some of their websites, this is not enough quite yet, as we must not only continue our fight against the Co$, but also increase our attacks on the websites and other important parts of the governments mentioned. Besides DDoS attacks, the Command believes that we need moar ways of attack. I believe that we must use our power to help the protesters in their crusade for freedom. We must all use the powers of the internet and possibly modify and use the "Low Orbit Ion Cannon" to strike the targets with intended effects. According to the Command, they prefer that we first focus an attack on our first target, Libya. The current Libyan Government, if it isn't corrupt enough already, has already been officially condemned by our friends at the United Nations, but yet this is still not enough to break their government. Marcabs, it is of utmost importance that we help the Libyan people oust the government from power, as many of the current governments in Africa and the Middle East are plagued by corruption, terrorism, and severe problems, which are moar than enough reasons why the people should most definitely revolt. Basically, what I am explaining is that Libya has the right to freedom of speech and etc. Also, the Command has also told us that while we 'rape' the Libyan Government, we must also do the same to the Iranian Government, as their government still somewhat poses a very serious threat to our allies and even Iran's own neighbors to a certain extent. Basically, what I am saying is that we should be trying to help our friends out with their struggle for freedom(s) moar than we are right now. We must simply increase our efforts in support the revolutions. Now, you can ask questions and reply to this messages while we wait for further instructions from the Marcabian Supreme Command. Also, enlist into the fleet as well, because we can't win this fight without soldiers. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do NOT forgive. We do NOT forget. They shall expect us.

    Mod edit: WWP does NOT support any illegal activities!
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    Wake me up when the Fleet gets here.

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    What are your thoughts on communism, liberty prime?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Dome this fucking shit
  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    What Dome?
  14. Anonymous Member

    OP makes me a sad panda :-(
  15. LibertyPrime Member

    To that bigass robot that kicks ass, he hates Comunists to the point of killing everyone of them
  16. Anonymous Member

    Went to the MoveOn.Union rally Sacramento, CA. FOUR anons sighted in EFG's -- 1 at the rally, 3 counter protesting.

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    Just curious, after the credits at the end of the video, is that a pig barbequing a mini Xenu in an exploding volcano?


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  21. I've loved this movie since I was a kid. Fuck Disney, this shit rocks. (Yeah, I was a weird kid. =P)
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    what this i hear about anonymous whining about sony?
    oh yeah, how have you all been?
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    who gives a fuck!

  24. HEY! I care about the rest of the world too!! Multitask or GTFO! (Especially in the Iran sup Forum.... GEez!)
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    This is the iran section dumbfuck, go back to your circlejerk
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    Fuck Iran...really, fuck them!
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    Long time Chesh. Been busy have we?
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    no thanks. bye.
  30. PSKL Member

    Don't worry. I've already gotten over it.
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    would you please be so kind to delete your two posts here, simply because this is just a Music thread, that is all.
    it would be polite to do so, so i thought i'd just ask you nicely. thank you and be well.
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    I made you no promises,
    I told you no lies.

    Go in Peace.
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    I'm pretty sure PSKL will be doxed and gone very shortly. And nothing of value will be lost.
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    Pot Kettle Black.
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    I've already been doxed and I'm still kicking.
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    I like the idea that Nick Nolte is on Anon. Kudos for making me chortle.
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