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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to United Workers Solidarity.

  2. LocalSP Member

    if the tea party is a grass roots political revival, why haven't they tried to reform wall street? follow the money. ------------------------------------------------------------------

    ------>Koch Bros.
  3. Anonymous Member

    They sux.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Wall street produces goods and services, Wall St is the made of the public. Play if you like without being put in jail if you choose to not participate. The government produces nothing and will put you in jail for not financially participating.

    You really need to get passed your envy of those who work harder and save more.
  5. Anonymous Member

    The biggest hitters on Wall St don't make anything, they just move money around while making a profit.
  6. Anonymous Member

    His curious use of syntax suggest that the OP you quoted is not a native speaker.
    Could he be one of those filthy foreigners who come here to steal our jobs and suck up resources only to funnel them outside the country, and bleed us dry?
  7. fallingspider Member

    The Koch Bros. are reportedly funding the tea party...they'd be biting the hand that feeds them.

    Also I'm wondering if it's possible to find that photo of the black woman that post about the ford company mentions.
  8. Scatman Member

    I have seen that as well. Scientologists, and many ex-scilons, often support corporate fascism.
    Then they claim that their views are "libertarian".
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't look like it.
    Can't find much trace of Mattie Woodson since. Surprising, as you'd think she would have earned celebrity of some sorts.
    Apparently involved in Detroit labor at least until 1945.

    I've found just a handful of references to that newspaper article (most are copypasta) and all seem to claim it was "never seen again".
    Detroit Times was a Hearst paper. It could be that the picture never ran, or that they pulped the paper before it was sent out for delivery,
    so there might have ever only been a few copies in existence.
    I would think that if there were any surviving facsimiles, that the attempt to censor it would have gone viral. If not back then, some time since.
    Gut feeling is- the photo and the newspaper may be apocryphal. Or the photo was taken, but never seen.

    the only photo I can find from the March itself:


    Joe DiBlasio's "head" stone.
    Mattie's stained dress could be buried here:

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  10. fallingspider Member

    that's really sad, a picture like that from that time would be poingent for multiple reasons.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Enjoy your iPhone
  12. eddieVroom Member

    But this is the kind of "big government" they like...
  13. eddieVroom Member

    "We are in your law, fixing liberties."


    I've always wondered what "easter eggs" various pissed off interns may have slipped into the laws. It's not like our legislators actually read any of them.
  14. Clever Name Member

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  15. subgenius Member

  16. subgenius Member

    View attachment oliver_twist_child_labor_abuse_judah_christian_sch
    Funny (I'm actually laughing out loud as I type.....thanks for noticing that), reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon by Chas. Addams.

    View of a slave galley (ship)....everyone pulling their oars in misery.
    Except for one guy with a big smile on his face.

    One miserable guy to another: "I can't stand his attitude."

    Edited to add: I can't stop laughing.
    And your punchline is brilliant.
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  17. subgenius Member

    "The kid on the left is a Scientologist."
    they should so use this picture and caption....
    (and no, I'm not blind to the look of desperation behind those smiling eyes)
    the essence of comedy
  18. Jsn Member

    I don't have an opinion. I just read all that and am at the beginning? Better pack another to make sure.
  19. Jsn Member

    yea herro is a dick!
  20. subgenius Member

  21. grebe Member

    We need checks and balances. If workers can't organize, they'll get totally raped while the fat cats game the system to get even fatter. And that's the path toward a system of hereditary wealth and a fixed aristocracy. Me no wants.

    On the other hand unions are self-serving and prone to corruption.

    So we need unions with transparency. We need management with transparency. I don't mean constant monitoring and "stats," but basic awareness of the company's finances.

    And we need to kill the fucking leadership woo the MBAs are taught. CEOs are not worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. I went to high school with these guys, so trust me on this.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    public service salaries are lower than private salaries
  23. Anonymous Member

    My son works for a county. If he were to do the same job in the private sector his pay would be a minimum of 2 to 3 times more than what he is making now.
  24. subgenius Member

    i suck
  25. Anonymous Member

    Deputy AG, or the Brothers "Grimm"?
    Serious question.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Agreed agreed agreed.
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. subgenius Member

    Well I wasn't expecting this. Smith and Williams on Fox telling the truth about Wisconsin:
  30. Anonymous Member

    Care to show some dox? Unions negotiate. When a contract is signed between a company and a union it, in a sense, means that this is a deal is made that both parties can live with. Unions in the last five years have made huge concessions to not only to stay working but to help the company survive, while the CEO's collect millions of dollars in salary and bonuses.

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  31. Anonymous Member

    I stand corrected: I just received this from my son:

    Names redacted

  32. Anonymous Member

    Just like we needed tough bank regulations back in the Savings and Loan crisis of the 80s and 90s. The industry learned from that and major institutions would never over-extend themselves with too much bad debt.

    Oh wait...
  33. Anonymous Member

    Lol, rightwingFaggots perplexed to find themselves hopelessly outnumbered on a PROTEST forum.
  34. Anonymous Member

    During the Bush years and the Dems were in control of the Congress, pressure was put on the banking industry by Congress to give lower income families greater access to mortgages. They did so knowing full well that many of these mortgages were going to be bad. They also knew that the housing market was good and if they foreclosed on a home that they wouldn't have to worry about selling it. But the economy took a dump and far more people defaulted on their mortgages than what was expected.

    So who's at fault, Congress or the banking industry? Or could it be the Federal Reserve who kept lowering interest rates?
  35. Anonymous Member

    Lol, blameitonAcorntech while omitting a few details:

    adjustable-rate mortgages resetting
    predatory lending, and speculation
    overbuilding during the boom period
    risky mortgage products
    high corporate debt levels
    financial products that distributed and concealed the risk of mortgage default
    bad monetary and housing policies
    inappropriate government regulation
    banks entering into the mortgage bond market
  36. Kilia Member

    Is there a 'Broadcasters Union' that Fox people belong to?
  37. Clever Name Member

    Yes, and there are two related but separate issues driving the conflict in Wisconsin, one being concessions from the unions, many of which they have already made, the other being the right to participate in collective bargaining, thus the accusations of union busting.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Good point:
    American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

    AFTRA is a national labor union that represents over 70,000 performers working in public and cable television programming, radio broadcasting, sound recording, audio books , voice overs, voice messaging, interactive games, internet technologies, digital media and other new media.

    There are many subcategories that these performers fall under including; actors, journalists, hosts, announcers, comedians, disc jockeys, voice over artists, non-broadcast, dancers, singers, recording artists, royalty artists, and many more.
  39. Anonymous Member

    fixed that.
  40. Kilia Member

    I'm wondering at this point, that Fox upholds the unions because they themselves belong to one, or more of them?

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