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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Missfit Member

    Then I ask that you please register, so I can ignore your posts. There was a lot going on in here before you hopped in and now everything is a jumbled mess. You can do as you please dude, but do the rest of us a solid by allowing us to ignore you so we can discuss the topic at hand.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    We've tried to be nice: this hasn't worked.
    We've tried being hard on you: same result.
    What do we have to do to get you to go away?
  3. I believe you are tired of anyone who doesn't agree with you, who has POV different from yours, who posts not in ways you find acceptable, who understands things differently than you. Am I right?

    You consider me a "cult apologist" for having expressed my view? Is it because you can't stand Hubbard? Why is that?

    Anyway, I'm not gonna claim that Hubbard contributed anything to computer technologies. But he did great at telling a layman about parallels of workings of human mind having compared it to computers.
  4. Anonymous Member

    IOW you are just an ass with an opinion who expects others to read his mind.
    Now, explain how advertising a no gun zone would make people safer from psychos with guns.
    somehow I doubt the targets are 'irrationally picked.' Have you ever heard of a mass murderer targeting a cop bar?
  5. You think so? Why? Any DOX? No? Just feel it? - STFU then!
  6. Anonymous Member

    No, we're tired of you're attention-whoring, which manifests itself in fagged-up/derailed threads.

    You're a cult apologist. There is no further explanation needed, nor will one be given by this Anon.

    The human mind is nothing like a computer (if anything, the computer is a piss-poor emulation of the human mind). If it were, you wouldn't be so fucked up. We could just run McAfee VirusScan and Raxco defragmenter and you'd be good to go.
  7. Anonymous Member

    That you're still here, VaD, merely proves my point. Do what the fuck you want, since the hierarchy around here haven't yet seen fit to rid us of you.

    PLEASE violate the TOS kthxbai.
  8. There are some magic words that do the thing normally. I haven't heard them from you nor anybody else.
    If you see a mess and can't sort out what is what and who is who, it's YOUR problem. Not mine.
    Stop sniffing that stuff you've been sniffing. :cool:
  9. Act normal. Stop Ad Hominem (whether "nice" or "hard"). Post relevant things about subject rather than posters.
    Something like that.
  10. Anonymous Member

    OK, OK...we'll hire you a fucking Nanny, already, ya fucking bawling infant.
    Now... FUCK OFF
  11. Anonymous Member

    Post reported as follows:
    "Please ban VaD's IP kthxbai"
  12. Missfit Member

    So you got our attention. You come in to threads to seek attention. You know that people will derail there thoughts to take a swing at you. And then when we do you rub it in our faces. Congrats, you got us.

    But what I don't understand or respect is why you continue to do it, especially here. We get it, you want our attention. You got it. Now what?

    You can derail whatever you want, It's just a really shitty situation when someone like you can come in and have zero regards for the destruction of what was a very honest and informative discussion about how to help people. This will all be bumped to the derail graveyard soon enough, I just wish you would find a way to stop yourself before we all have to take time out to handle you like the 3 year old child that you are. Or at least allowing us to decide if we want to have your opinions thrown in our faces which usually have little to do with the topic at hand.

    Have a little common courtesy, you're still human.
  13. Thanks!
    Also, I believe you misunderstand the word "hierarchy". You'd better say "management" or "top brass".

    Also, how many here are able to tell you from outside WTF the shit is. - You got used to your cozy and comfortable mutual self-serving support of your views and POVs that are "just like mine". - That way you may lose what reality is and start feeling that you have wings. I'm one of those who tells you you don't have that (those "wings") and that you can't fly. Because you are just human. Like me.
  14. Anonymous Member

    No, I speak English. Word-clear and clay demo "hierarchy", clam.

    LOL@ your thinking you know something which you can teach us.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Would it be wrong of me to compare VaD to Babbles Schwarz?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Nope, but moar liek Sybil with the nineteen personalities ;)
  17. Misfit,
    While I tried to desensitize my emotions and feelings while dealing with WWP, you seem to have become more emotional and sensitive than before.
    Interesting! :)
  18. Anonymous Member

    VaD, I think you're a prime candidate for ECT. You should really talk with a psychiatrist about this.
  19. Mods, take note! It's not me who started pulling attention on myself. - See my posts in this thread and notice they were about the subject.

    I don't understand (yet) why my coments draw attention to me more than to the subject.

    As to talking to a psychiatrist, thanks. I'll follow your advice. One day. After those who I deal with IRL will tell me. But not you, distant, not knowing shit about me Anonymous.
    Don't pretend to know a person if you haven't met them IRL, you sack of shit! ;)
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Don't have to know you, spermsucker. Your mind is quite apparent from your postings.
  22. Anonymous Member

    V& plox kthxbai
  23. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Thanks for taking out the garbage. Would hate for this thread to become Domeward bound.
  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Pique Member

    OK now do I have this right? You two are now derailing the cleaned up thread, thereby requiring further cleanup. Would someone mind suggesting to me a methodology for stepping out of this vicious circle?
  26. Psychic? Advanced?
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Feel sorry to disappoint you but there are no OTs in this world. :cool:
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Then Target 2 is your destination. Hubbard knows. He'll give you all the answers to that, and more, MUCH more.
    Don't forget to report us your experiences when you come back. ;)
  32. "There's a sucker born every minute"

    It's not Hubbard, it's P.T. Barnum who said that. Well before Hubbard.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Barnum must've been close to your Mom :)
  34. DeathHamster Member

    Barnum didn't say that, it was one of his competitors. He was pissed off that people were going to see Barnum's fake Cardiff Giant, rather than his real fake Cardiff Giant.
  35. Anonymous Member

    The cliched 'American Dream' was not supposed to be about oppressing others to get ahead.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Right, that was the Soviet Dream.
  37. Who cares (whether it was P.T. Barnum or not?
    Who cares whether it was Hubbard or not about "Do not want to write a penny a word. Better to create a new religion"?

    People, hearing a quote about suckers tend to feel it was P.T. Barnum.
    People hearing a quote about religion for money tend to think of Hubbard.
    What else to say?
  38. Really?
    Tell me more about it!!! I want to know all about how American Dream is not about competition. And how it's all about "No, I want you to go first! I insist!"
  39. Anonymous Member

    The spirit of the notion was not intended to instruct an attitude of get ahead at all costs. It was a high minded notion meant to encourage initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, but not at the expense of basic human values.

    Victimising others, oppressing their rights to further ones own endeavours is morally wrong and flys in the face of the spirit of the notion.
  40. Guess who's back. Back again...

    I see you've been afraid or at least uncomfortable to deal with people who don't think the same way as you do. You found a place of like-minded, and countering POV disturbs you.

    I understand that CT event has created many negative emotons and feelings. - Deal with it, you "hard-skinned" Anonymous.
    And deal with me. I've heard your skin is so tough that no bullet can penetrate.:cool:
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