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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. AnonModz Member

    Same thing as in WWII when the nazis were on the verge of taking over the world, that's when the USA decided to step in... Right after 6 million others died and they were at stake is when they cared. Is that rational?
  2. Anonymous Member

    wow, you're a really sorry sack of shit
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  3. Anonymous Member

    LOL@your rendition of history.
  4. AnonModz Member

    And your really wasting your time typing that to get what point across exactly?
  5. AnonModz Member

    It's true, the USA wasn't shedding tears for all the Jews that got cooked, and only when their livelyhood was at stake is when they actually "cared" and became a part of the war. If that is even the right word to use.

    Let me guess, the USA was biting it's time waiting for the right moment to strike, as millions died, they just sat there.... It happened, there is not much to argue about there..
  6. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't a bunch of ships containing Jews seeking asylum turned back to Europe from the states about that time?
  7. AnonModz Member

    I guess I must be very misinformed about how many people died and approximately how long WWII lasted, I believe it was approx 1933-1945, so as Germany ransacked the world and invaded Russia the USA watched it like it was a fucking football game on TV and stepped in last minute. WWII must be just a big coverup to make you not look like a complete idiot?

    Why don't you tell me how it happened because all I know is what I read, I assume you must have been around during that time to give me an accurate analysis of what exactly went down and how 6 million people got toasted, while you sit there and tell me people care? That's a fucking funny joke man.

    I am not a sorry sack of shit, I just tell it how it is. Like it or not, your just a crybaby with sensitive feelings that you never actually do anything about except do just that, sit there and bitch about what I am saying.
  8. Anonymous Member

    The parents should look on the bright side, at least now they won't have to go x-mas shopping, they can save up and have another kid. It's a win win.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Now that was helpful, thanx.
  10. Missfit Member

    I hope you are unable to achieve orgasm for the rest of time. now THAT would be a win/win
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  11. AnonModz Member

    Wow.... Not even I would say something like that. You should get your head checked.
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  12. AnonModz Member

    Can we please get an ip trace on this guy because that was wrong to say and I am feeling bored.
  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. AnonModz Member

  15. Sonichu Moderator

    Well you can certainly try, I would recommend reporting a thread to bring it to a mods attention.

    BTW regular and Global Mods can't IP trace. I'm pretty sure that's limited to Sue. Don't quote me on that, but I'm fairly certain that's the case.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yet retards like you live on, life is sick sometimes.

    I don't think I could sum up in words how strongly offended I am by your post, let's just say cancer would be too good for you.
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  17. Tourniquet Member

    Please remove yourself voluntarily from the human gene pool kthxbai
  18. Anonymous Member

    Let's have yours first. I'm interested to see what's on your hard drive.
  19. Anonymous Member

    <derail>Just like the US government does, waging war on nations who cannot possibly defend themselves. It sets a certain example and precedent, IMO.</derail>
  20. Anonymous Member

    Just like some sick people abuse and kill animals for fun, has fuck all to do with what the thread is about so take your anti American propaganda and stick it where the sun dont shine!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Stop derailing every thread with your vitriol. If you want to discuss drones in Afghanistan or 9/11 or how much you hate Americans, feel free to start your own thread about your favorite topic.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I know who this is, and you know who I am.

    Problem? PM me, or make something out of it.
    If I'm violating TOS, ban me or whatever, but you otherwise you're not censoring me, so fuck off.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I don't know who you are and I don't want to know.
    I don't want to censor you and I certainly don't have any powers to ban you.
    All I want is for you to stop derailing threads.
    If you want to discuss Afghanistan or 9/11 or drones or whatnot, feel free to do so in an appropriate thread, or to start your own.
  24. Anonymous Member

    That's not who you think it is.
  25. Anonymous Member

    OK stop stalking me it isn't funny.
  26. Strange concept I have arrived at. Strange and new. New to me, too.

    Here it is:
    We are born from Faith, with Faith. No, not a belief. There is no any belief when we are born. Just Faith. Pure Faith.
    The same Faith newborn animals have. - They have Faith that THIS world has something interesting for them to offer.

    People, unlike any animals, tend to betray that initial Faith and go in various directions. Like create Beliefs and Belief Systems (BS) for their own satisfation (which they never achieve adhering to their BS).

    And then they have guns. - Guns to defend and protect their beliefs and their BS. (By this time everyone has already "forgotten" what Faith is).
    Guns for self-defense become "just guns" (i.e. assault and military-type guns are available... "Why not!"). - Then? - Well, you know the stories, don't you?
    The guy who killed peoplein Connectticut believed in something, tight? He had some seriously unusual BS (Belief System).

    Associating or Dissociating about this particular case is your choice.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Post fails at "faith" anything after that is just noise.
  28. Anonymous Member

    So why are you so anti taxes and won't take up your lovely arms when your country calls? You must think you are in some way better/special
  29. Anonymous Member

    'your country' is funny, it's not yours, you don't own any of it
  30. Anonymous Member

    it's only your country when some rich psychopath wants you for canon fodder
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  31. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ I lolled hard ^^^
  32. Anonymous Member

    Find the Vad sock and ignore those posts.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Guest account fail. Mods have been told, but... ?
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    o hai VaD
    The first part describes you to a fucking "T"

    How the fuck would you know?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard had no scientific credentials nor authority. He used to get high and drunk (kinda like you) and philosophize and carry on about thing he wot not of... also kinda like you, VaD.
  37. Have you known him? Personally?
    Not that I defend Hubbard, but get real! One doesn't have to deliver credentials or be an authority to talk about computer technologies.

    Also, it would be better if you tried to post without appealing to personality (Ad Hominem) but rather talked about the subject under discussion. I've posted here not with a purpose to call you names or make you feel miserable, have I?
  38. Anonymous Member

    We're tired of you and you're fucked-up mind. Are you unable to understand?
    And yes, you come off as being a cult apologist.
    OFF is STILL the general direction in which we'd like you to fuck.
  39. I'm curious.

    Why do you feel the "need" to talk about me, to make me talk about me?
    Is it beacuase you have nothing to contribute to the subject under discussion yet can't help but post something? Is it it?

    It's completely unnecessary to talk about me, about you, about other participants where the subject matter is not you, I, other member but something outside.
    IOW, stay on subject or do not post. :cool:
  40. Anonymous Member

    My contribution will be drilling into your think skull that you need to fuck off.
    LOL@ VaD-troll trying to enforce rules of his own making.
    You still live in the cult-world.

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