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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

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    can we form a line?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Because they don't know anything; including - they don't know how to know. Kind of the antimatter equivalent of epistemology, if you know what I mean.
  5. Anonymous Member

    In an e-mail today, she told me that she has a yeast infection. [sigh]
  6. Anonymous Member

    Fuck that. Let's all dive in at the same time.
  7. 2na1u9l.jpg

    Just Saying..
  8. Zak McKracken Member

    Is that supposed to be G-Rex Palin?
  9. anonymous612 Member

    If you had read the thread you'd know that most people in Clearwater DO know it's a cult, but thanks for calling us all morons.
  10. Hmm, I think this was in response to my broader question about people in general.

    Having been raised in South Florida, I knew that Scientology was a cult, and also remember at some point reading a magazine interview with Hubbard's son where he admitted his father had made it all up. But I never heard about the death that had happened with the girl being imprisoned and later dying in the Clearwater location until I was actually there on a business trip. On the way to my hotel, the cab driver filled me in on all the details.

    My question was more a query about people not having been raised in the area, how it was that they didn't know, because I guess in my own egocentric way, I thought everyone knew this was a cult.

    Hope that helps.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Yes, it is in response to Flibberdygibbet's query. I meant no disrespect to Clearwater residents.
  12. anonymous612 Member

    My misunderstanding, then. I took "most people" as referring back to "locals" and assumed the question was specifically about the Tampa Bay area.
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  13. Why I am too cool for school...
    I told the Accadamy sup. that the course I was on was fucking bullshit and walked out and never been back since...
  14. Chugga Member

    By Associated Press, Saturday, April 2, 6:52 AM

    “I in no way feel like our church is responsible for what happened.” — Wayne Sapp, a pastor at Dove Outreach Center, as deadly violence broke out in Afghanistan for a second day Saturday in response to his small church in Florida burning a Quran last month.
    Hope someone fucks with this group.
  15. HOC Member

    Please keep the New Member introduction area for introductions. Thanks.
  16. new to the scene personal messages would be good
  17. dupeux Member

    Hi, I'm new here and... A would like to know more about "Anonymous' stuff" and understand the link between you guys and the hackers anonymous... Cause I don't really know all about you so... I'm a kind of Green hahaha :p I hope you can explain it to me so I get it at last... :) thanks
  18. dupeux Member

    Are you the Internet's hackers? :) your community is just... Great!!!! ;)
  19. Anonymous Member

    No. Most posters here can barely hack their way out of a wet paper bag.
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  20. dupeux Member

    SO who are The hackers? I mean, how can I get in touch with them? :p
  21. TheOnlyOne Member

    haha lol , dupeux: what makes you think that someone will tell you who are the hackers if they are anonymous -_-.
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  22. dupeux Member

  23. dupeux Member

    Hahaha very funny in fact! How can you tell the world you're open to others members and New arrivers? I made the effort to speak in your language and you just make fun at me, you're not even an Anonymous, just a nerd behind his PC which is downloading some porn for the "You tube Porn Day"! --" thanks guys!
  24. TheOnlyOne Member

    a Nerd? do you know even what is a nerd? yea and this "nerd" can teach you how to turn on the computer.. you are fool.
  25. dupeux Member

    You know what? I'm a journalist and you just missed an opportunity for an interview, so tomorrow in my article I'll write that you didn't want to respond my kind messages and that you've been rides and being acting silly and just like nerds...
  26. TheOnlyOne Member

    Yea yea I don't "buy" your bullshit.. haha a "Journalist" which is looking for computer hackers, idiot..
  27. dupeux Member

    Don't "buy" it cause it's just that here in France Anonymous ( the hackers) are fuc**** famous, and you are just borring me right now...
  28. dupeux Member

    I don't want to know if you're a hacker or anything, just if you could help me to get in touch with those hackers (tha Anonymous') cause I'm writing an article and an interview would be such a good thing!
  29. TheOnlyOne Member

    I didn't know that I'm a "toy" which needs to make you amused..
  30. Zak McKracken Member

    It is one thing to be "open" to newcomers.

    It is quite another, when newcomers have expectations and demands which we cannot fulfill.

    WWP is not going to tell you about hacking, or who hackers are or where to find hackers.
    WWP is not going to be "open" to queries on these subjects unless its to mock you.

    I have a small piece of actual information for you- which might contribute to your report.
    Anonymous are not hackers.

    There was a Fox News report several years ago, that confused the subject, and referred to Anonymous as "hackers on steroids". Anon thought it was funny, and so adopted that title. Do you find Fox to be a generally reputable and reliable source of information?

    Anonymous didn't "hack" Sony. Anonymous didn't "hack" Bank of America. Or the Church of Scientology. You may need to go back and do some basic research to find out what really happened, because it appears you have some severe misunderstandings.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Question: is the answer to this question "no"?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Can you guy's answer this? why did you guys steal 55.6 milloin credit cards? you know the FBI,CIA,british inteligence, & the chainese goverment is looking for us now
    57 of us have been arested and are facing up to 40+ years in prison.
    Im all for ddos'ing sony but we went to far credit card theft is a big deal... the people there arresting arn't even the ones who stole the cards just people who have ddod soft wear on the computers

    not to mention theres a 1.5 milloin doller reward for the wereabouts of anons leader...
  33. FORaTRUTHS Member

    O_O 1.5 milloin $ dear lord.
  34. HOC Member

    We here at WWP didn't steal anything. Also, WWP does not advocate ddos. The rest of what you say just sounds absolutely insane. 0/10
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  35. Anonymous Member

    compared with the bounty I collected on bin Laden, that's nothing!

  36. Anonymous Member

    If you say so.

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  37. quantify Member

    That's a very powerful image. Scientology laking any control over the situation:) I'm a noob (and understand the hazing) indeed, but when can we visit these criminal churches again? Then move the crowd in front of the banks and law firms? ...and by banks, I mean Goldman Sachs, and the criminal lawyers that protect them! I'd be getting ahead of myself if I said politicians:(
  38. Russell Rhine Member

    Hey, I'm Russell Rhine. This is an alias. I used to study parapsychology at my highschool in queens ny until the science research moderator forced me to switch topics based on her biased opinion on a topic that she had no knowledge about. I believe this is hampering scientific development of a new field. I believe a target of anonymous should be all critics of parapsychological research. Because we are Anonymous. And we promote the spread of information.

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