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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Shuddup Sub. Your mother doesn't love you.
    Guess I shall build! If I build it, they will come. Preferably, come, and not arrest me.
  2. hushpuppy Member

    Welcome to WWP!
    There's a thread on you leaving Scientology already here:
    I copied your post here to that thread. I hope you don't mind; it will get much more attention by veteran posters in a general forum than it will here in the Introduction thread.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Ah fuck, still getting the hang of this new board. I meant to say, above, that I think YHBT.
  5. hushpuppy Member

    That appears to be the consensus.... :)
  6. SwordBreaker Member

    What can a Writer of Advertising Poems do to help here? I.E. BUY SCIENTOLOGY!: Science Fictions' Religious APOLOgY!
    Or; Help to STAMP OUT WikiLeaks! Make YOURSELF less free to SPEAK!
  7. SwordBreaker Member

    Yes, my first posting was TOO LONG, forgot about the Modern "attention span" thing....
  8. SwordBreaker Member

    Oh, of course, as I support ANONYMOUS premise of FREEDOM OF USE, please use my Jingles☝2 cells up freely. 〠✌
    OK so I AM LONELY~ I am also a lone activist, howling for justice on Twitter and YouTube ( also a songwriter and learning digital editor ) Sigh, drums fingers...Guess I'll try to follow clues....Hmmm. A society of some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, so we'll guess they want evidences of smarts....hmmm.....OK I'll try, but my forte' is more a VERY LOUD MOUTH than great smarts. Later, Gators!
  9. SwordBreaker Member

    OH in re: Scientology, Bilder burrrr! gers, sha dow Gove rn meant, and ILL You MEN Naughty! Obviously first would recruit their ilk, Patholo gically supperioritee complex villains. You know, mass decimation of Human Population, recreation of quasi Ro YELLL TEE! and enslavement of the masses. Ho hum, the usual stuff I RESIST! Back to hunting clues, this is like finding Moe Be US!
  10. LocalSP Member

    Yes it is but the internet is a bunch of morons communicating.
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  11. Fuckeye Member

    There is an edit button for a reason, fuckwit.
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  12. ZeroC Member

    If 2 negatives make a positive, does that mean Muslims can drink bacon flavoured beer?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    /b/ nuff said
  14. Anonymous Member

    I stopped reading after seeing the word nation. Lurk moar muppet.
  15. WeRCattle Member

    <snort><g> K......
  16. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ^^^^^^^^ that noob is one offensive motherfucker

    [ETA: this post now makes absolutely no sense at all, since the post to which it was a reply is not here. In its original context, it was devastatingly witty. Well, mildly amusing.]
  17. thats horrible!
  18. Clearwater Member

    .:Waves:. back at anon612. Yep Clearwater. Love it here, never leaving. I will definitely check out the protest. I drive by FLAG everyday and it saddens me to see all the SO people being shuffled around from place to place.
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  19. New, too, just saw this thread now that the original one that first caught my attention's been closed. *sigh* Plenty of people still had valid things to say, but w/e. Hope you guys don't make a habit of letting the occasional troll force your hand.
  20. anonymous612 Member

    you sick masochistic person.
  21. So what's yer point.

  22. Clearwater Member

    LOL. It may be cult filled, hot as hell, and humid, but, wait, WTF am I doing here? Oh well, fuck it, Im already here.
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  23. anonymous612 Member

    is my point.

    The only really great thing about Clearwater is it's too much of a stubborn spiteful bastard to curl up and die already. <3
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Are u taking about the city or the new member?
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Neither, I'm talking about the small village in Nebraska.

    What do you THINK I'm talking about?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Why are u always so snippy?
  27. anonymous612 Member

    I'm not being snippy, I really did mean the small town in Nebraska. D:
    I mean, come on. It's a town of nearly 400 residents!


    Edit: By my calculations and Wiki's population breakdown statistics, there is one asian person in this entire town. The Moar You Know.
  28. Hmm, does this little burg have a backstory? Mutton busting.. lulz. I'm scared to ask. -.-
  29. anonymous612 Member

  30. Oh, THAT Clearwater. Duh.

    Pretty place to vacation, I guess, if you're like the locals and just ignore the nuts. My question is it that most people don't realize Scientology is a cult? Seriously. How is it people don't know?
  31. amaX Member

    Most of the people I know do know that Scientology is a cult. Part of the problem with protesting in Clearwater is that people have to keep marching which makes it impossible for the senior citizens to join us. The other part of the problem is that a lot of longtime residents are still very afraid of the cult. They remember the fair game tactics used on people like author Paulette Cooper, medical examiner Joan Wood, former mayor Gabe Cazares. They remember the cult donning Nazi uniforms and goose stepping downtown. They've watched the Sea Org zombie-walk through downtown for years. It was a creepy feeling when they used to swarm by the thousands. At least THAT doesn't happen anymore. :D

    I can see how someone who hasn't lived here that long would not know it's a cult, but if you live here long enough you find out.
  32. amaX Member

    Yes, that's the case during our monthly protests. Please see a PM I sent you, too.
  33. Clearwater Member

    Zak, in every protest vid ive seen where the police are called, that seems to be the law. You cant block the sidewalk, and you have to keep moving. I think an effective strat around that, is to maybe hand out flyers to passers by, with solid, relevant, informed information.

    PS-sorry for the chit chat.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    If we have under a particular number of people we can stand still (because AMA is a master negotiator). It's very much dependent on how much space on the sidewalk you take up and whether or not you have the good sense to get out of the way if someone needs to walk past.
  35. Zak McKracken Member

    and quite accomplished as a baiter, too.
    edit: i meant bull-baiter
  36. anonymous612 Member

    I can neither confirm nor deny.
  37. Perikles Member

    WHERE CAN I GET THIS ON A TSHIRT??? Or just the original file and upsize it?
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. lulzgasm Member

    I don't know about supporting her, but I'd certainly do her.
  40. Ugh she's embarrassing.

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