This will end well.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 13, 2011.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Now you're just trolling.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I agree. There is nothing in that exchange that makes me think Sabu was acting as a leader. Apparently the person who posted that totally missed the humor in it.
  4. haha we should make that our new slogan
    balls of steel
  5. Anonymous Member
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Also, there's a difference between 'goons' and 'g00ns'. The latter being actual hackers.
  7. Herro Member

    Here's a crazy idea, if you don't want to be lumped in with the "bad" Anonymous, ditch the EFG mask and stop calling yourself Anonymous. Problem solved.
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  8. GuyFox Member

    No U.

    AFAIK it's the haetfags who ditched the EFG mask and reverted to the Green Man, since the mask was too goody-two-shoes for their e-peens. We need a history book on this, LOL.
  9. Anonymous Member

    It seems only you needs such a book.
  10. CarltonBANKS Member

    Everyone should fuck with 'Anonymous' , that's what it's there for.

    Also, Anonymous isn't real folks. Twas a joke made to troll FoxNewsLocal, with the exploding yellow van.
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  11. i know i just really despise gwaker and all its hipster wanna be writters hahah
    i dont know why i just never took to gwaker....
  12. GuyFox Member

    It seems you're taking interwebs way too seriously.
  13. Herro Member

    Says the guy bitching about being associated with script kiddies because of a cheap plastic mask he just can't let go of.
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  14. GuyFox Member

    1. Making an observation.
    2. V masks are mostly shunned by script kiddies.
    3. Jog on.


    Oh, and
    4. :p

  15. grebe Member

    OMG don't get me started. I've been reading about Silva Mind Control, the Forum, Landmark, and Leadership seminars.

    I want all talk of "leadership" on planet earth to stop immediately. And I want to punch Harvard Business School in the face.
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  16. hushpuppy Member

    @ Grebe: Yep. Organizations like the Landmark Forum and Lifesprings would not survive if not for exploiting their followers' brain fatigue.

    These seminars require that the participants will be in session for over 30 hours from Friday after work hours to Sunday night. Any critical thoughts voiced by a participant will be torn apart by the group leader; any sad sop speaking up will be profoundly put in his place.

    These groups are the offsprings of EST, which was Erhard's scientology 'squirrel' group decades ago.

    Of the 5 people that I know personally that got involved in these 'life improvement seminars', all 5 initiated divorce proceedings within a short time - and in every single case the baffled spouses that was dropped blamed these third generation scientology offsprings for turning their spouses from being a caring spouse and parent and into a robotic narcissist :=(

  17. DailyKos: The HB Gary Email That Should Concern Us All

    Funny thing about the "Persona Management" system RFP .... I can just imagine what they budgeted for something like this ... probably $15-$20MILLION USD ... I actually do some Affiliate Marketing and there's a program called Link Liberation 2 which provides this EXACT capability via their browser-based SaaS console for just $397/Month! Too bad the AirForce doesn't know more about CPM/CPA/CPCs!

  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    From your link:
    A year and a half ago a Redskins cheerleader developed a strange neurological problem after getting a seasonal flu shot. Credulous reporters repeated her claims about what "the doctors" had said without investigation. Almost overnight several clips from Fox news were up on YouTube. Websites full of concerned comments appeared. The woman began a campaign to "raise awareness about the dangers of vaccines." Anti-vaccine trolls invaded popular medical blogs, apparently to create the appearance of widespread controversy.

    At best the cheerleader was suffering anxiety with somatic symptoms that others encouraged and exploited. At worst, she was in on the game. From the videos it was obvious her movement problems were not due to neurological injury. And the entire burst of publicity seemed staged to me. But how to prove it?

    In case you didn't know, vaccines are about the safest and most effective medical intervention ever invented. The anti-vaccine manufactroversy is a strategy used by alternative medicine proponents to break the confidence the pubic feel toward legitimate medical professionals.

    Maybe it is tinfoily, but I suspect there are PR firms experimenting with misinformation campaigns in order to hone their skills at manipulating public opinion. This is very dangerous, as most of us are not experts and we have to trust what appears to be settled opinion among genuine experts.
  20. anonymous612 Member

    Who the hell said your protests get priority over someone else's protests (especially when your protests don't at the moment have the support of the vast majority of Anonymous)? You don't think protesting a religion is bad pr for other subinterests of Anonymous?
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  21. Jiskastya Member

    ebaums world sucks it sucks c_ock i hate ebaums world and they probaly hate us but my quote to ebaums world would be stupid as f_ck website
  22. GuyFox Member

    Nobody's assuming priorities over anybody. Again, it was a mere observation of an unfortunate fact. Or are we reading different threads?

    So far protesting the cult has brought markedly good PR and support of numerous public figures, the general public, and occasionally even some authorities. But you're right, protesting a religion would be bad PR indeed.
  23. Anonymous Member

    "... when your protests don't at the moment have the support of the vast majority of anonymous"?

    So you're in possession of the report provided by the unofficial census-taker of the non-leaderless non-group of Anonymous?

    Oh shit, I lost my survey questionnaire.
  24. Anonymous Member

    oh, here its right in the middle of this copy of dianetics you left in the trash
  25. grebe Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Google: "ebaums goons" About 39,100 results (0.30 seconds)

    Google: "somethingawful goons" About 135,000 results (0.08 seconds)
  27. Nancy Beazley Member

    I wish I had fucking signed this.

    So ... did the FBI (and Barr?) similarly uncover Sabu and wreak revenge?

  28. PresidentShaw Member

    funny, coming from you.
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  29. GuyFox Member

  30. Silly433 Moderator

    You back. Me likes.
  31. Noooo....

    no le animes al imbecil XC

    peinsa en mi alma imortal LMFAO

    te he dicho que tqm?

    es verdad!
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. don't know what your talking about. What is the point your trying to make?
  34. Nancy Beazley Member

    Meant that by Sabu being so prominent in that IRC chat with Penny and Greg, he would have become a feeb target at that point (if he wasn't already a target).

    And also meant that following the Barr sting (well deserved, btw), Barr would have happily become a feeb resource, whether he was worth anything or not.
  35. MochaKush Member

    Sound like a bunch of fags in here.

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