This Puts Legitimate Soldiers In Danger

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by BoxerBlake, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. derrick drew Member


    I agree with some of your points on the issues.....yet if leaks had of been released in the manner that WikiLeaks exposed this information while falsely claiming they had secured vital information that might have been damaging and then releasing the rest which has been exposed as a threat to security, then some of the communiques between Britain and France may have held insulting information that may have caused the United States to delay even more in extending their help and military power to the Allied Forces.

    In that note, such open press power is a threat, and Hitler would have had a hay-day without our military help. Just look how much power he gained when we withheld our help for as long as we did. If we had of kicked in early on as the war started originally back in the day, he would have been defeated much more rapidly and with far less loss of life.

    A leak in vital information that may have offended the US may have tragically altered history.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Quite the history scholar, Zak. Who knew?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Mods! Can we get the old troll format back?
  4. Zak McKracken Member

    That's pretty much exactly what I meant.
    Except that- it'd (probably) be less an issue of the US government being offended and butthurt, as it would be of ordinary US (and UK!) citizens being upset by the various secret deals being batted about. THAT pressure might have (as you suggested), delayed US involvement or simply reduced the level of commitment of various parties. Secret deals within the German civilian and military HQ, if released probably wouldn't have been as explosive (despite being much scarier in the long run)

    And that.... I don't think the *manner* or method of release of the documents would have been an issue so much.
    The meat's what matters.

    WikiLeaks isn't exposing any great conspiracy to overthrow the world, or any secret plans to thwart such a conspiracy. There isn't any "Word War 3" to avert or engage, apparently, at this time.

    The last time I can think of, when release of secret documents could have had an impact,
    might have been mid 2000-2001, when Clinton and his advisers were drawing up plans to deal with OBL and al-Qaeda. If dox had leaked that embarrassed the US and prompted us to cancel that engagement (leading to inaction.... leading to "redevelopment of NYC") that would have been pretty bad. But as it turned out, political considerations, namely not wanting to leave a messy military commitment hanging out over the incoming Administration to deal with, were what bottled it. And that incoming Admin wasn't very much interested in OBL or al-Qaeda, for the first 9 months or so....

    I have to agree with Herro.
    Same could arguably be said, of WWII.
    Difference being, the global threat posed by 1939 German army vs 2003 Iraq.
    Ambitious freeks intent on world domination are bad? But balance, yes, that too.
  5. Zak McKracken Member

    The biggest help to reconstructing the scale of the horror and devastation of the Holocaust wasn't.... eyewitness reports.
    It was the mounds of paperwork by bureaucrats more afraid of being disciplined for failing to follow procedures,
    than of the actual death and annihilation happening all around them. Or even the hangman waiting at the far end of N├╝rnberg.

    Its almost a pity they didn't start gassing jews in 1933. If they had, the DOX would have been out there, and their leakage could have stopped the nutty mess altogether.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Wait, it puts legitimate soldiers in danger? No it doesn't, and who are the illegitimate soldiers?
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. "cause they were too fat and had ingrown anus hairs.

    Sad, but true.

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