This is why we fight for Iran (Hengameh)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Bugs Bunny, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. 1MHONA Member

    This IS a major reason the world has responded, will not forget, and are with Iranians in their fight for their rights. When an innocent civilian who has done nothing or acted in any way to harm, disrupt, disable or attack anyone or anything, but is without conscience gunned down, then it is all more reason for every human heart to become involved. This young woman could be member of any of our family and we must not forget she also had a life to live, as well the countless prisoners that have been arrested by the present Iranian Government. The peoples of Iran have lost more than their sacred right to vote. For those of us not in Iran, we feel your immediate issues and our hearts, our very souls are with you. We will not forget you or abandon you even in thought. You remain a constant in our lives and will remain so untill Iran is cleared of the present leadership and Iran is once more a country that is dedicated to the peoples of Iran. God be with each and everyone of you. God is Great and will not abandon you. Stay Strong and never give up!!!

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