This is an inside look at how LRH consulting/management firms gets clients on board.

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Super Power Entheta, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. 1. Telemarketer contacts practice, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors.

    2. Contact is rarely with Dr. on first contact as they are usually occupied.
    a. Telemarketer leaves message for dr. which is kept minimal and vague. They are trained to say: "I want to interview Dr. for Solutions Magazine on the challenges of owning a private practice."

    3. Telemarketer gets Dr. to volunteer for a "survey" which is intended to create "ruin" and get Dr. thinking about his shortcomings.

    3. Telemarketer ends call saying "thanks for your time. As compensation for your time we offer a complimentary practice analysis, I don't know anything about that, and I just work for the magazine. Hold on and I'll pass you to an 'analysis coordinator.' (transfers call)

    4. "Analysis coordinator" says: "what we're offering is a 'thorough practice analysis.' Our consultant will actually fly out to see you to conduct a thorough analysis of your practice. We look at everything from staff to patient flow..." More to build ruin. Typically a 20-30 minute cycle.

    5. "ACer" will get ruin and say, "OK great! All I need to schedule a time for you to speak with our analyst's assistant. She will be the one scheduling our visit with you at your practice. (anywhere in the US or Canada). "ACer" then schedules with Dr. To speak with her. She ruins him further, then schedules a concrete date for in-person analysis. Analysis consists of ruining him into a $30k/year long program. They encourage taking out big loans, will litigate until they are blue in the face to deny any refunds upon dissatisfaction.

    7. OT8 is dispatched to Dr.'s practice. His wife is usually there, nobody else, as to create 2D drama. These meetings/confessionals start in the evening and often go until two or three in the morning until the guy is tired, ruined, and...ruined. Then he goes for the kill! Gets contracts to sign and some financial assurance for services.

    6. Dr. and staff come to consulting firm to do comm course and more. At the mercy of supervisors, just like the org.

    7. Dr. is out 30K. Because they often want to get something out of services (even if unhappy) they give it everything they got. And his staff are pissed! Scared to lose their jobs.

    All involved in this are scientologists, with the possible exception of telemarketing posts (two first contacts).
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  2. Gonna infiltrate the org some more. So fun.
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  3. Go Deep, Super, but be careful. The $cilon mofos be dangerous! Very Dangerous!
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  4. "One of my greatest joys is to see our clients get on The Bridge"
    -Larry Silver of Hollander Consultants:

    • "I am a Consultant and have also helped thousands of people get introduced to Scientology and helped answer their questions so that they too can receive the benefits of this technology." -Larry Silver

      Bruce Johnson can testify to Dave Worthen's recruitment skills. After Hollander Consultants ''introduced" him to Scientology, it only took one consultation of Dave to have made a new scientologist. Bruce Johnson sold 4 years later his practice and home and moved to LA to study Scientology's bizarre alien beliefs.


      "Because of my consulting background I can help anyone expand their business or their personal life by working with them with Scientology."

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  5. Random guy Member

    Good Lord Xenu, what a weasel!

    Is there any way we can help put a spanner in this scheme?
  6. Spread the word, Random Guy. I'm looking for the right insertion point on one of Tony Ortega's Blog articles - Runnin' Scared. It's an O$A ronbot buster, imho.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Sterling Consultants is also a major consulting firm. Out of southern California.
  9. "Hollander Consultants is the publisher of Solutions Magazine. Recentely scientologist Matthew Bratschi took the position of Managing Editor for Solutions Online Magazine. Matt is also Director of Public Affairs for Hollander Consultants - Solutions' corporate parent. Matt Bratschi was once a member of the propaganda unit (Office of Special Affairs) of Scientology in Wasington DC. He was investigated by the Tampa Police in connection with a Scientology operation against Pasco County sheriff Lee Cannon."
  10. Alan Hollander, founder:

    "My objective is to get as much technology into the environment as possible because that is contributing to Clearing the Planet. In fact, our real product here is clients who are winning with L. Ron Hubbard's Technology and reaching for more. We have gotten literally hundreds of people on the lines [of Scientology] . In 1986 alone, we got 82 people started on the [Scientology] Bridge. From March 1986 to March 1987 the income to [Scientology] organizations from our clients has been $362,197. My feeling about this is that WISE members like ourselves can have a great impact on Clearing the Planet in terms of dissemination." (WISE 1987: 9)
    -- Managing to recruit: religious conversion in the workplace by Deana Hall, University of Alberta.
  11. Anonymous Member

    South San Francisco Bay Area.
  12. Oh? Well fuck them anyway!
  13. Tangerine Member

    Everything okay here?
  14. On December 6, 1998, John Miranda placed a job offer on a Scientologist mailing list for an opening at Hollanders. The prerequisite was "Hollander Consultants needs very capable, theta consultants" and went on how the company "get many, many clients onto and up the Bridge." Which is of course Scientology's supposed bridge to freedom. The job offer was place because of expansion and one of the Hollander "consultants will be leaving for Flag within a few months to do OT 6 and onto 7. The Tech Sec who also does some consulting is planning to the same within the next year. Four of the other 6 consultants have OT levels paid for and are going to be doing them in sequence, the first one leaving for AOLA in February."
  15. Always. ahahaaah
  16. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't look like it, based on the RED WOT Dot in post #16.
  17. Didn't notice that. My bad. You can put me in the freewinds chain locker for a few days now.
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  18. Tangerine Member

    Hi Super Power, would you mind posting sources in posts? That would be a great reference for readers.
  19. Yes, but I'm being cautious about linking sites. I understand and value the importance of citations, as I am in the habit of doing. I will cite them. Let me figure out how I want to do it. Thanks.
  20. Tangerine Member

    Okie dokie.
  21. Anonymous Member

    More people have to go after WISE
    I have been saying this over and over for years now
    It is one of COS's most stealthiest front groups and a HUGE money maker.
    They have many ways of sneaking into several businesses without being detected as attatched to COS.
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  22. And 10% of all income goes to WISE. LRH is mentioned through comm to reg the prospect. But it's played off as very benign and based solely on business tech. Green vols.
  23. Anonymous Member

    and that 10% goes to RTC?
    wonder what the break down actually is
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I kind of worry about my dentist. His practice has gotten a lot more slick the past two years. They are more efficient at selling services to max out what the insurance covers each year, and they have you go to a little office where you can talk about credit plans before you check out. The walls are covered in glowing patient testimonials. Last time I was in, the hygienist said he and his wife were away "taking a course" and "that Dr. X, he's always trying to improve himself." Plus she said the laser gum treatment she was recommending would "reduce toxins."
  25. Anonymous Member

    All I know is that we should be afraid....very afraid...
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  26. Gotta love that WISE member's list eh?
  27. hollander.jpg

    Bruce Posner is their main reg. Along with Murray Marvin. Posner had a heart attack not too long ago. And he's an OT8. Seems like a theme now with them.
    Here's Marvin talking about "defying gravity"

    "Hello, my name is Murray Marvin and I’m the PSC at Silkin Management Group. Silkin Management Group was established in Portland, Oregon in 1983. Since that time the company has focused on delivering consulting and training services to doctors in private practice. Now an international leader in practice management, Silkin has a long standing track record of providing assistance to its clientele that consistently exceeds their expectations." -Silkin site

    Lies, lies, lies.

    I actually like Murray. He is a really mellow dude. Never did me wrong.
    Here is the biggest bitch in the universe, Kathy Korb: korb.jpg

    The building above was bought collectively by several execs. The Korbs played a big role in this.

  28. Anonymous Member

    Can we get an inside look at some faggot's spread asshole instead?
  29. Fuck, you're such a fucking woggish slut!
  30. But I still love you.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. OK, I looked in the space that was the org today and It is already filled with a call center. I'm going to go and take pics tonight and figure this out. Seems like a very rapidly, coordinated move. Reminds me of the movie "Boiler Room" and something smells fishy. More to come. Under the cover of dark darkness. I looked for surveillance cameras but couldn't spot any. If this is a WISE group, I'm still neighbors with the scns. ;(
  33. cam1.jpg
    ribisi.jpg Ribisi, of the Ribisi scn clan.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Did you get this call or ...? Dox?
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. I made these calls. I know how they operate, hence the title of thread. Was there for a long time. So, cite me.
  37. Anonymous Member

    You were a scilon for a long time?
  38. A considerable amount of time.
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