This Forum Works! US Senators support /i/ban

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Baskerville, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Senator Al Franken!!!

    awesome chap! Not even my party but this is for human rights!!

    We need everyone to contact your newest US Senator, Al Franken, and convince him why his opening remarks to the floor should be about Iran and the search for truth and human rights!!! Go go go Senator Al Franken! Please be our man!!
    You're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darnit people like you!!!!!!!11

  2. lol Al Franken.
    "you're shoulding all over yourself"

  3. AnotherSP Member

    Yay Senators Charles E. Schumer (Democrat, New York) and Lindsey Graham (Republican, South Carolina)! At least this is one thing that both Republican and Democrat leaders can agree on. I hope it passes.
  4. PTS

    non stop comedy yall

    We know we have McCain's heroic support, probably we have Boxer and Feinstein, hopefully we can get Al Franken. We will if Minnesot'ns can just give him a phone call.
    Can anyone here light up the Minnesota phone tree? A facebook campaign titled "100000 Minnesot'ns to Phone Al Franken To Support Human Rights In Iran And Tell Friends To Do The Same".

    I doubt we'd ever get Byrd. I wish our only problem in this world was trying to push thru the bill that would require Senator Byrd to list his past with the KKK on his official website.
    public_enemy_flava_flav-1.jpg What's that, dog? You lookin' to get down? N0 LOVE 4 THa HATERz!

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